Always be with me: Swasan (chapter 30)


Swara talks to him nicely and pleads him to understand his condition and asks him not to force her.
Sanskar: I said I am sorry! Ok, I never forced you to accept and will never force you. Now happy!
Swara: thank you.
Sanskar: (wipes her tears and she looks at him blankly) I am really sorry Swara! Actually, I wanted to ask you for something.
Swara: yes!
Sanskar: I know that you don’t remember anything. But please don’t think of me as your enemy. You don’t love me and I respect your feelings but at least we can remain friends.
Swara: (in shock) what?

Sanskar: look Swara, as you don’t remember anything so you will have to live with me till you get your memory back. So, you cannot live with me like this. Consider me as your friend. I promise you that I will take care of you every moment.
Swara: no, actually I…
Sanskar: am I that bad that you can’t befriend me. Swara! You can trust me. If I were your enemy, I would not have tolerated you even for a minute. I would not have cared for you. Please think about.
Swara: (confused) yeah! Ok, friends from now onwards!
Sanskar: (gets happy and suddenly hugs her) thank you Swara! I promise you will never regret your decision. I don’t know how to express my feelings! (tears of happiness flow from his eyes)
Swara: (stern face) but I need some time. It will be good if you talk less to me.
Sanskar: (disappointed) yeah! I will keep in my mind. Actually, I came to inform you that we will have dinner together.
Swara: (confused) who?
Sanskar: just you and me. Actually, I think that you should join university from tomorrow.
Swara: (hell shocked) what?
Sanskar: you must complete your education. Actually, eight years back, we both were studying Zoology. So I will take you tomorrow.

And if you need any kind of help, I will be there for you. You can call me or talk to me any time and at any place even at my office. I will never mind. Ok!
Swara: (smiles) ok and thank you!
Sanskar: no need of thanks. You are my responsibility!
Swara: (smiles and looks down) I need rest.
Sanskar: yeah sure! (tries to keep his hands on her face but she moves back. He goes from there disappointed and teary eyes. On the way, he meets DP.
DP: (notices condition of Sanskar) what happened?

Sanskar: (tears flowing from his eyes) dad! dad she… (hugs him and cries bitterly)
DP: (worried and caresses his hairs) my son! Tell me. (holds his hands and brings in his personal drawing room and makes him sit on sofa) Sanskar! Speak something man.
Sanskar: (bursts into tears) dad! she does not remember me. She says she can’t trust me. I cannot see hatred for me in her eyes. Dad! she always tries to avoid me. I… I cannot live without her. You please tell her that how much I love her. You have seen this dad! please do something. I love her very much and she is my whole world. I cannot kill her.

DP: (tries to pacify him) I know…
Sanskar: (shouts) do something! You know what? See this! (takes his wallet from pocket and shows to him which is full of her pictures) see dad! in these eight years, no day passed when I did not see her pics thousand times.
DP: I know Sanskar! But we can’t do anything. Let her take some time. Try to understand her condition and don’t lose hope. Make her remember all the moments spent with you. I am sure you can do it.

Sanskar: (wipes his tears) yeah! I will not lose hope. I know well that if I lose hope, I will lose Swara and I won’t let it happen. I will make her remember each and every moment she spent with me. (determined face) yeah! (goes from there. he stands in the lawn and calls university authorities and makes arrangements for Swara’s admission to college. He gets all work done. Ghafoor comes and tells him that dinner is ready.
Sanskar: serve it to mam! I will eat later.
Ghafoor: but sir you only ….
Sanskar: just do what I say. I don’t need your lectures and I hate people who poke their nose into unnecessary things.
Ghafoor: sorry sir!

Sanskar: (stern face) now go and serve Swara. She should not have any problem here. Ok?
Ghafoor: yes sir! (goes from there. Sanskar sits there again. After one hour, he goes to the room. Swara is examining his books in the rack. He comes making no noise and sits on the bed and observes her.
Swara: (sees a big book and shocked) (to herself) oh my God! So, this killer reads these boring books. No no, he is not killer, now he is my friend. (Sanskar smiles) but how could I handle this Dracula. He always searches an opportunity to be with me. (sees the poetry book) oh my favorite! So, Mr. Maheshwari also had interest in poetry, strange! (opens the book and suddenly a picture falls) hmmm! If someone keeps a photo in the books like this, what would that person mean to him. Does he love some other girl? Wow! Now, I will get proof that he is trapping me. (takes photo and is shocked to see her own picture) my goodness, he is keeping my picture? That means he… (jerks her head and turns. She is shocked to see Sanskar on bed. He smiles and says.
Sanskar: this book is not my favorite. This is your favorite book because I had no interest in poetry or love before meeting you.
Swara: you? What are you doing here?

Sanskar: you had your dinner? I had ordered all your favorite dishes.
Swara: (irked) yeah, now tell me what are you doing here?
Sanskar: you forgot? For whole world, we are in husband wife relationship, so I have to sleep here.
Swara: (angry tone) what? You freak! What do you think of yourself? Get off the bed else…
Sanskar: (smiles) else what? Tell me.
Swara: leave it. I can sleep on floor.

Sanskar: (holds her hand form back) I am sorry!
Swara: what? I can’t hear properly!
Sanskar: (loudly) I am sorry Swara!
Swara: (smirks) now it is good.
Sanskar: (gets up with disappointed face) I was just trying to tease you. I am sorry if you felt bad. I promise you that you will have no problems living with me. Just trust me.
Swara: (looks away) where would you sleep?
Sanskar: (teary eyes) in these eight years, I have always slept in your feet. Could you please allow me to sleep at least in your feet?
Swara: (shocked) are you out of your mind? What are you saying? You are crazy, seriously dude! ok fine, but only after I sleep else I will not be comfortable.
Sanskar: how can I say no to you?
Swara: thank you and now move. I am feeling sleepy. (Sanskar moves from there and she sleeps. After she sleeps, he covers her with blanket and goes to pick the same book of poetry. He keeps her picture in it and kisses on the book and smells it.)
Sanskar: (to himself) same smell, same feeling, same touch! You are just like eight years old Swara who used to laugh with me, study with me and had fun with me. You don’t know Swara how much I love you. I have worshipped you every moment. (keeps the book back in the rack and comes to Swara and sits in her feet. After sometime, he sleeps. In the morning, Swara wakes up and sees Sanskar sleeping in her feet.)
Swara: (shocked) (to herself) oh my God! Was he serious? I considered it as his joke but this… (gets up and goes towards washroom. She comes after taking shower. Her hairs are wet but Sanskar has not got up so she thinks to wake him up.)
Swara: Mr. Maheshwari! Mr. Maheshwari! (water from her hairs fall on his face and he wakes up and smiles at her)

Sanskar: good morning!
Swara: (moves back) not a good morning!
Sanskar: come, let’s have breakfast!
Swara: I am not hungry!
Sanskar: it is important for your good health.
Swara: why are you behaving as if I have brain tumor? What non-sense!
Sanskar: (remembers doctor saying that she has brain tumor) no no Swara, actually you have woken up after eight years so you would be weak and you need to take care of yourself and moreover, you will have to join university today itself.
Swara: what? So, you could have told me earlier. We will get late. You go, I will come after freshening up.

Sanskar: don’t panic. Nothing will happen if you get late. Calm down and prepare yourself. We will eat together. (goes from there and she immediately runs to washroom. After sometime she comes down stairs wearing a full dark blue gown. She is looking gorgeous. Sanskar stands up and offers her to sit. She sits and DP joins them.
DP: good morning my children!

Swara and Sanskar: good morning dad! (Swara looks at Sanskar and he smiles. She thinks why she called him dad. she suddenly remembers when she was having breakfast with Sanskar and they greeted DP in same way but she can’t see anything clearly. She holds her head.)
Sanskar: Swara! Are you ok?
Swara: (confused and with great difficulty) yeah (tries to smile and starts coughing. Sanskar gets worried)
Sanskar: you stubborn girl, who said you to lie to me. (gives her water) have this. (makes her drink the water. She is fine)
Swara: thank you, I am fine now.
Sanskar: are you sure?

Swara: yeah!
DP: Sanskar was telling me that you would join university from today.
Swara: yeah uncle, actually, it was his idea. He asked me to complete my studies. (they all do breakfast and Sanskar takes her to university.)

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