Always be with me: Swasan (chapter 3)

Sanskar insists to stay with Swara and warden agrees. She goes to check on other rooms and Sanskar comes to the room. He sees a plait of hairs on her cheek and goes to remove it. He says how peaceful are you looking. Always remain like this because I always want to see you peaceful. Please forget your miseries and move on your life. He fondly touches her cheek and says that I will give you so much happiness that you will forget everything. Warden comes inside with the doctor just then. He moves away and doctor checks her. Sanskar gets tensed and goes outside. He listens to warden and doctor’s conversation.
Doctor: please mam! Take as much care of her as you can. I hope you understand her situation.
Warden: yes doctor! I completely understand that it’s very critical situation. But I am helpless because that accident has very badly affected her. She is still in the past.
Doctor: whatever madam! But it is very necessary for her to recover from that shock. Otherwise she might have nervous breakdown and please remove all the things that remind her of her past.
Warden: yeah sure doctor.
Doctor: keep her happy and make sure that she does not take stress.
Warden: I will always take care of her. She is like my daughter but she does not smile even for a while. She has stopped living. She is living just because of us. She has tried to attempt suicide many times.
Doctor: oh! This is a very serious case. Anyways, I have to go.
Warden: I will drop you to the door. (They both go outside)
Sanskar becomes upset hearing this. He thinks that what thought troubles Swara and why she wants to die. I cannot ask from her because it would renew her old wounds and I don’t want to become the reason for her sadness.
He decides to inquire from the warden. He sees warden coming and goes towards her.
Sanskar: excuse me mam! Actually I want to ask you something.
Warden: yes son! I am listening.
Sanskar: mam actually this is about Swara. Do you know anything about her past?
Warden: yes! Actually her past is very much sad and dreadful. But I cannot tell you anything.
Sanskar: please mam! I will not tell this to her. Please tell me.
Warden: I myself don’t know much. You will have to find out the truth by yourself.
Sanskar: ok
Warden: she is a very sensitive girl. On her sixteenth birth day, her father committed suicide in front of her own eyes. When she was going to cut the cake, she saw that her father was nowhere to be seen. So, she went to his room, her father was holding a gun in his hand. Before she could call him, he fired the gun and dead. She could not forget that scene. She remained insane for two months and after that she was in shock for three months. She still feels guilty that her father attempted suicide in front of her and she cannot do anything for him. And when she recovered from that shock, her mother had an accident and she is in coma till now. Her brother sent her to the college hostel so that she could forget all the happenings and hostel environment may encourage her but in vain. She was so much affected by all this that she could not sleep well. She saw that incident repeatedly in her dreams. By seeing her condition, I think that she will never be able to forget all this. She is very sensitive and she is unable to recover from the shock.
Sanskar: No, she will recover. She will definitely recover from the shock. If you need any kind of help from me, just call me on this number and I will be there for you.
Warden: thank you
Sanskar goes from there. He reaches home.
DP: where were you roaming at this time?
Sanskar: I was with friends.
DP: which friends? According to my memory, I remember that today was your first day at the university.
Sanskar: yes dad! Of course it was my first day at university. But I met many good people and some of them became my friends.
DP: ok, if you say so…. anyways, why are you so upset? What happened?
Sanskar: nothing special dad!
DP: do I look like a fool to you?
Sanskar: okay, if your friend will be very much depressed, then what would you do?
DP: now what type of questions are you asking? In one day, you met a person that became your friend and now all of the sudden you are worried that what you should do to cheer him up. I don’t understand.
Sanskar: no no dad! I am not worried. Why would I be upset for a person whom I met only once?
DP: exactly what I mean. I am your father not you are my father, get that straight into your brains, ok!
Sanskar: what do you mean?
DP: don’t act innocent. I understand all this. Now will you please tell me or I should investigate myself?
Sanskar: What are you talking about dad?
DP: oye donkey! Don’t act smart and tell me who is she? What is her name?
Sanskar:! what ggg.ggirl? nnn..nothing like that? Waht ttt…type of questions are you asking from me? Yyy…you know me very well.
DP: I caught you and I know you very well. You never behave like this. It only happens when someone has fallen in love.
Sanskar: what? Llll… love?
DP: yes my dear! You are in lll…love. (Laughs loudly)
Sanskar: how you came to know dad?
DP: eh! What were you thinking that you will run your first love affair and I would not know anything? Am I this level Dumbo? You are caught red handed my dear son.
Sanskar: no dad! this is my first and last love. If this does not goes successful, then, I will be no more in this world.
DP: oh! So you are really serious. I mean the guy who hates women, who hates the sound of anklets and bangles, who is very rude to girls has finally fallen in love. So finally that girl is born who had melted the stone hearted Sanskar. (Laughs sarcastically) I mean where is your commitment (mimics) that you will never fall in love and that day will never come.
Sanskar: oh please Dad! Don’t pull my legs. I am really very serious and this is the question of my life. So please!
DP: ok ok, so now my son is in the way to love. So dear! Who is that lucky girl who dared to make this warrior her lover?
Sanskar: the worst part is that she is suffering from great emotional shock.
DP: what? So you did your work! Well, only this could be expected from your type of guys. What you did to that innocent girl? You punished her?
Sanskar: Dad! One more word and you will be over. When you will be serious? You only wanted me to fall in love and when your wish has fulfilled, you are poking fun at my love.
DP: ok! Tell me what type of shock?
Sanskar: she lost her dad on her sixteenth birthday and after one year, she lost her mom. She feels guilty that’s why her brother admitted her to the hostel and for the past three years, she has been living in hostels but still she is not able to accept all this and she is living in state of shock.
DP: oh! I am really very sorry. So go and help her.
Sanskar: no dad! She is very much sensitive and reserved. She does not share her pains with anyone. And she will not allow anyone to interfere in her life especially me.
DP: but why? What have you done?
Sanskar: she hates me and this is the mercy of your dear prof. Aarav. We both reached the door of class room at the same time. I was introducing myself to her when he came and spoiled everything. He insulted her for distracting me.
DP: oh very serious case! Actually, you have got someone of your level. She is the remaining piece of your personality. Wish you best of luck my son.
Precap: Sanskar’s growing love for Swara

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