Always be with me: Swasan (chapter 29)


Swara comes dressed in ordinary clothes but looks beautiful. Sanskar gets mesmerized and she gets irked by his continuous staring.
Swara: hey you, Mister nobody! What are you staring at me? (Sanskar remains unaware) hey you Mr. weak body! (snaps fingers) where are you lost. Come out of your trance world!
Sanskar: (gets shocked hearing her calling him Mr. weak body. He remembers their first meeting and her calling him weak body. He repeats and smiles) weak body?
Swara: (suddenly gets uncomfortable and gets blurred memories of calling Sanskar as weak body. She feels pain in her head) ah! Ouch! (falls on Sanskar’s shoulder and tries to open her eyes. Sanskar gets worried and makes her sit on couch and brings water. She drinks water and feels good.)
Sanskar: what happened?

Swara: I was calling someone weak body. I think it was a boy but I can’t see anything clearly. Ah! (holds her head)
Sanskar: (hugs her) don’t worry! You will be fine till I am here.
Swara: yeah! (reciprocates to his hug and Sanskar feels relieved. He thanks God that she didn’t got hyper. He smiles thinking that she is getting her memory back slowly. Once she remembers clear images, everything will be fine. He hugs her more tightly and she burries her head in his chest. Suddenly she comes to her senses and moves back.)
Sanskar: what happened?
Swara: (nervous) nothing (lowers her eyes) all people will be waiting for us down stairs. Let’s go!
Sanskar: let’s go! (forwards his hands for Swara but she does not put her hand in his hand. Sanskar looks on disappointed. They both go downstairs. All people come one by one ad greet them. Every one addresses her as Mrs. Maheshwari and specially asks Swara about her health. She gets irked and whispers to Sanskar.)
Swara: hey you… why are all these people addressing me as Mrs. Maheshwari. I am tired listening to their silly talks. Don’t consider me as a toy.

Sanskar: if you were tired, you could have told me earlier. Nothing is more important for me than your happiness. I will tell dad and take you to room. Ok?
Swara: don’t show fake concern. I must say you are a good actor. You stay here. I am going. (just when she is about to go, owner of another company along with his wife comes and greets them.)
Mr. Malhotra and Mrs. Malhotra: hello Mr. and Mrs. Maheshwari! And how are you Mrs. Roy?
Swara: (irked, turns and shows fake smile) feeling better. I wanted to…
Sanskar: (notices her uneasiness and holds her waist and pulls her closer. She struggles to free herself but he is holding her firmly) actually Mr. Malhotra, she woke up after eight years so we talked very much and after that this party. I hope you understand that she is tired very much. Doctor said that she needs rest. (kisses her hand and caresses her hairs)
Mrs. Malhotra: I only want to say that Mrs. Maheshwari is very lucky to have you as her life partner. You waited her for more than eight years. He loves you very much.
Sanskar: yeah! And now excuse us please.
Mr. Malhotra: yeah sure sir!

Sanskar: thank you (places his other hand on her shoulder and she tries to jerk it) come my love. Have rest.
Swara: (fakes a smile) yeah!
Sanskar: (goes and informs DP and comes back to her, again holds her and takes her upstairs. Just as they reach the room, she jerks him away) what happened?
Swara: what do you think of yourself? Han? You always search for an opportunity to touch me. You are a very cheap man. A big flirt!
Sanskar: everyone does not get a chance to flirt his own wife. So how can I miss the chance.
Swara: don’t call me your wife ok? And do I look like a fool to you?
Sanskar: I love you!
Swara: but I don’t love you. In fact, I hate you. Just go away. (turns and faces away from him) you are a killer.
Sanskar: (holds her by her shoulders and turns her towards him) how can you think that I can try to kill you? I love you Swara. I want to spend my whole life with you. You are my life. How can anyone take his own life? Please try to understand. You have a very big misunderstanding. I told you again and again. Only I know how each moment passed in these eight years for me. This wait looks like the wait of decades to me.
Swara: oh, please! Keep your dialogues with you. I don’t need any filmy dialogues. I am not interested to talk with any killer.

Sanskar: (teary eyes) you always call me a killer but have you thought once that if I wanted to kill you, how come you are alive from previous eight years. If I was a killer, I would not have tolerated this kind of behavior of you.
Swara: (confused) I don’t know whom to trust or not. (shouts) I don’t know what to do. (falls on floor)
Sanskar: (feels bad and goes towards her and wraps dupatta on her head. She looks at him teary eyed) I would never force you. You can take as much time as you want but please don’t go away from me. I will die. Please (holds her hand)
Swara: (keeps her hand on his hand. Just then she gets flashes of her past. Everything is blurred. Someone is keeping dupatta on her head and she is making some model. She feels pain and shouts. Sanskar pacifies her and makes her sit on the bed.)
Sanskar: what happened?
Swara: someone was keeping dupatta on my head. The place was looking like some educational institution.
Sanskar: (thinks that she is getting flashes of her past with me.) don’t worry. You need some rest. Lay down.
Swara: (tears flow from her eyes) why can’t I remember anything?
Sanskar: (wipes her tears) don’t worry. You will remember all things slowly. Don’t take any stress. Now lay down and sleep. Lay down. (lays down) good girl. (wraps blanket on her and goes. Swara thinks why is he caring for me this much. He goes to DP.)
DP: what happened to her?

Sanskar: she was having head ache. The best part is that she did not misbehaved with me now. (smiles) I was scared if I go to her, she will scold me.
DP: don’t worry my son! She will remember everything slowly.
Sanskar: she is remembering slowly dad but her memories are blurred. She can’t see that it was me with her.
DP: don’t worry, everything will be fine.
Sanskar: yeah! (media comes to him)
Reporter: sir! What would you like to say?
Sanskar: today is the biggest day of my life. As you all know Mrs. Maheshwari was in coma till eight years and she woke up today. I am very happy. After a long time, I got my life back.
Reporter: sir! Everyone wants to meet Mrs. Maheshwari.
Sanskar: I am extremely sorry guys! Actually, she was not feeling well. So, I took her to the room and she is resting now. She does not want to come on media.
Reporter: good luck sir! And congratulations once again.
Sanskar: thank you! (media goes and he gets busy with guests. At night, he gets tired and sits in his personal living room. Sharfu comes.

Sharfu: sir! What would you like to have for dinner? Should I order you favorite?
Sanskar: today’s menu should consist of Swara’s favorite dishes. You remember?
Sharfu: of course, sir! How can I forget? I would order.
Sanskar: and one more thing! When food gets ready, give it to me. Ok?
Sharfu: yes, sir!
Sanskar: and yeah! Go to the room and check if Swara woke up, ask her if she needs anything. And also, order some dresses from her favorite shop. And then report me.
Sharfu: ok sir!
Sanskar: go!! (sharfu goes and Sanskar sits there. He recalls Swara’s behavior when she woke up. Then he recalls his last conversation. He says Swara has started trusting me. I will make her love me. He thinks to win her trust. He decides to go to Swara. He goes towards the room and slowly peeps inside. He sees Swara watching TV and sits beside her. She is watching news.
Sanskar: so my princess is watching news! So many things have changed in these eight years except me. I am still yours and only yours.

Swara: shut up and don’t disturb me.
Sanskar: you know what? I used to watch news at this time but I always missed you… (suddenly Sanskar’s video is played and they say that Mrs. Maheshwari has woke up from coma after eight years and she will speak to media soon. Swara becomes angry. They play the video in which Sanskar accepts that he got his life back. She starts shaking due to anger. Sanskar notices this and gets worried.) (in mind) oh God! It is not good for her to take stress. I have to do something. But before he could speak, Swara gets up and throws remote on TV screen with full force and it breaks. She starts shouting)
Swara: (shouting loudly) what do you think of yourself Mr. Maheshwari! You would be strict for the whole world but you can’t show your strictness over me because I am not your puppet understand. I told you several times that don’t call me your wife. I don’t love you.
Sanskar: (shows fake anger and pins her to the wall and starts coming near her) you are my wife and it is a fact. You can’t change it and I don’t care whether you accept it or not. (brings his lips near her lips. She gets frightened and cries)

Swara: (pleading) please leave me. (struggles) I said leave me. I told you to stay away from me. (a drop of tear escapes her eye and she starts crying bitterly. Sanskar gets worried and immediately moves away from her. She goes to bed almost running. Sanskar sits on her feet and turns her face towards him)
Sanskar: (teary eyes) hey Swara! Please don’t cry. I was just teasing you. Believe me.
Swara: (jerks his hand) I don’t trust you. I was right about you. You are the topmost business tycoon but still you have no moral values. (shouts angrily) you are cheap!
Sanskar: (tears flow from his eyes) no Swara, I was just kidding. I am sorry. Ok, don’t cry. I can’t see you crying.
Swara: (looks at him in disbelief) why you care …
Sanskar: I am sorry Swara! I don’t want to hurt you. If you say, I can fall on your feet. Swara holds him and makes him sit on bed)
Swara: I am not that bad. You will have to understand my condition. I cannot believe that you are my husband. So just stay away from me. I can’t accept it. Don’t force me…

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