Always be with me: Swasan (chapter 28)

Sanskar cries and his tears fall on Swara’s face. She gains consciousness and sees him. He takes care of her.
Swara: (in mind) why was he crying and why is he so much caring towards me (to him) what happened to me?
Sanskar: (feels relieved as she did not misbehave with him) you became unconscious. Anyways (touches her face fondly and goes to kiss her forehead), tell me how are you feeling? I mean are you fine?
Swara: (feels weird and recalls him removing piece of glass from her back and suddenly pushes him) you killer. Don’t you dare take advantage of me. Don’t you feel shame while touching a girl. You are only in search of opportunity. How opportunistic.
Sanskar: (disappointed and teary eyes) how can you even think of this Swara? Why can’t you trust me?
Swara: (shouts) because you are a blo*dy murderer!
Sanskar: (hurt) how can you say that? Have you seen me attacking you?
Swara: yes! I remember the time when you were removing a big piece of glass from my body after piercing it into my body.
Sanskar: no Swara! You are misunderstanding me. Actually, our accident happened and piece of car’s windscreen pierced into your body. I just removed it. Believe me.
Swara: I can’t believe a killer!
DP: he is not a killer.
Swara: (panics) you… you are also his partner. I don’t want to talk to anyone of you! Just let me go.
DP: listen to us with cool and calm mind. First of all, he is not a murderer or killer. He is my son. His name is Sanskar Maheshwari and I am DP Maheshwari and you are …
Swara: (irked and cuts him) so what? I have to do nothing to you people. I have not met you people even once. Please let me go.
DP: where would you go? Tell us!
Swara: (tries to remember but fails) I don’t remember anything.
DP: you are directly related to us Swara. Sanskar loves you very much.
Swara: (shocked) now I understand why he is seeking opportunities to touch me.
DP: shut up and listen silently. You are his wife. He married you eight years ago.
Swara: (shocked and panics) this killer is my husband? No, you all are lying. This all is a trap for me. But listen carefully, I am not going to fall in your trap.
Sanskar: this is not a lie Swara. This is the biggest truth of my life. We were going for honeymoon in Paris when we met with accident and you slipped into coma. I have waited eight years for this moment. Please don’t do this.

Swara: (pushes him) you liar!
DP: he is not a liar. See around yourself. (she is shocked to see her posters all around. On the bedside, a very big picture of their marriage is hanging. She goes near it and touches it. She tries to remember but fails. She gets teary eyed and looks towards Sanskar)
Swara: (looks down) I can’t remember anything.
Sanskar: (comes to him and hugs her) don’t worry! We will make new memories.
Swara: (pushes him and shouts) I don’t want to make any memories with you. Understood?
DP: what are you saying my daughter. Come here. (takes her outside and shows her pics) these all are the pics of your sweet moments with Sanskar. See this. This is the picture before your engagement. When he gave you a surprise birthday party and this when he was teasing you and you were running behind him. And this (gets teary eyed) is the picture of day of your engagement. Now listen (holds her shoulders) he loves you very much. We have many videos which can prove that you are his wife, Mrs. Sanskar Maheshwari. He can show you. He has waited for you these eight years. He tried to commit suicide many times. I even have the video of that. Swara! Please don’t doubt on his love else he will break. He was very happy that you will gain consciousness but he will be shattered if you don’t accept him. He loves you more than his life and we don’t have much time as I thought to throw a grand party as a celebration of your recovery. Please don’t leave him and be with him.
Swara: (teary eyes and looks towards Sanskar) I don’t want to believe you but I don’t know why but my heart says that you are saying the truth. We will sort our matters after the party. (she goes inside) I want to rest for some time. You should get ready for the party. I will get ready after one hour.
Sanskar: (happy and excited tone) really. So, you accepted me (starts coming near her but she stops him. He is disappointed)
Swara: don’t think that I will accept you. Don’t you dare hug me or touch me. Got it? I will stay here but as a guest till I get my memory back and then I will decide whether to stay with you or not.

Sanskar: (disappointed look and teary eyes) ok Swara. Nothing is more important for me than your happiness. Do what you want. I have full faith that I will win my old Swara back. Have a nice day! (goes from there and Swara recalls his words and is confused)
Swara: why I feel strange when he talks to me? Sometimes I feel that he is saying truth but how could I believe him. I remember him taking the piece of glass from my body. She again recalls his explanation for this) ah! I would get mad thinking about him. I need to rest. (she lays down and closes her eyes. Sanskar was observing her secretly and smiles)
Sanskar: Swara! You feel strange because you love me and I am sure one day, you will remember your past and then we will unite. I love you. He goes from there and calls someone.)
Sanskar: hello! … yeah, I want you here right now bye. (in mind) I know Swara, it seems awkward but I have to do this for your safety. After sometime a man comes and he orders him to fix hidden cameras in his room. He does and goes. Sanskar goes to his room and sees Swara sleeping. He goes to wardrobe and gets ready. He thinks to wake her up so he goes and kisses on her forehead.
Sanskar: (caresses her hairs) Swara! Wake up my love. It is time to get ready. See what I brought for you!
Swara: (wakes up and gets frightened seeing his closeness and pushes him) what are you doing? Don’t ever think of taking advantage of my situation. You….
Sanskar: Swara! I know that you don’t remember anything but we are husband and wife. At least consider this fact! Why you always…
Swara: look Mr. Maheshwari! Don’t you dare try to be near me. Don’t think that if I agreed to stay here means I accepted you. I am staying here because I don’t remember anything. When I get my memory back, I will go to my house.
Sanskar: (touches her face but she jerks his hands away) please…
Swara: (shouts) are you dumb or any other problem. I said I am not your wife. Don’t you dare touch me and please stay away from me. And this… (goes towards the gift box and smiles sarcastically) you were saying that you brought it. Let me check…
Sanskar: (gets happy) thank you!
Swara: (looks at him in anger and tears the sheet and opens the box. There is a very beautiful dress with matching jewelry, purse, shoes) what is this?
Sanskar: (smiles) it is a great day for all of us and you are very special. So, I thought to bring it for you as you have woken up today so how can you wear eight years old clothes. You needed something fresh. Now tell me how is it. Actually ….
Swara: (cuts him) oh really (sarcastically) what do you think of yourself? Tell me. (shouts) you think that you can buy me with your money. How cheap! I am not going to fall in your trap. (Gets up and goes towards the drawers and brings out a match box. Sanskar is shocked. she goes towards the balcony)
Sanskar: what are you trying to do Swara? (runs behind her) tell me where are you going?
Swara: (irked and does not answer. She brings petrol and throws the box on the floor with full force. Sanskar is confused and continuously asks her what is she doing but she does not reply. She sprinkles petrol on the things and lightens the matchstick and throws towards the box. It catches fire.) you wanted to know what I was trying to do? (shouts) I wanted to do this. Got your answer?
Sanskar: (looks at her shocked and tears roll down his cheeks. He says in broken voice) Swara! What have you done?
Swara: (screams in anger) I don’t want to see your face. (comes towards him and stands in front of him and shouts) I hate you from the core of my heart. You know what? I hate your face. I hate your voice. Whenever you come near me, I want to kill you. You are the one responsible for this condition of me. For how much time, you would keep me locked in this room? (grabs his collar) you are a killer and a killer could not be my husband, got it? If you come near me again, I will burn you along with this house. Stay away from me. I would not repeat this again.
Sanskar: (teary eyes and holds her hands with which she has clutched his collar. Broken voice) Swara! You can hate me. Hate me as much you can but… (places her hands on his cheeks and kisses her hands) I can never hate you. I will wait till you get your memory back. But tell me one thing?
Swara: (irked and rolls her eyes) now what?
Sanskar: we have to go downstairs for party but you burnt your dress. How will you get ready?
Swara: (tries to free her hands but he firmly holds her) leave me. Do you think I need anything to get ready? I don’t need expensive dresses and jewelry. Got it? And how I will get ready, it is none of your business.
Sanskar: but media will also be there.

Swara: (irked) I don’t care. (shouts) I said leave me (struggles and frees herself from his grip. She goes from there stamping her feet. As soon as she goes, expressions of Sanskar suddenly change. He cries bitterly and falls on the floor. He tries to blow fire but in vain. He burns his hand while taking things.)
Sanskar: only one thing was right which you said Swara that I am responsible for this condition of you. For saving me, you risked your own life. If I would have listened to you at that time, we would have been together. But what could I do now? Why do you hate me? I can live without your love but can’t live with your hatred. Please Swara! I will die. (shouts) I will die Swara! Please come back! (he sits there blankly for some time. Then he picks up all the things and places them in drawer. He cries and talks to the poster of Swara.) I know there is no use of keeping these burnt things with me but I can’t ignore anything that belongs to you. (he recalls Swara shouting that she hates him and will kill him if he tries to go near her) how can you say that you hate me? How can you Swara? (cries loudly and shouts) you are my craziness Swara! You are my whole world. I am sure you will remember me and our love. (wipes his tears and sits there waiting for Swara.)

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