Always be with me: Swasan (chapter 27)


Swara wakes up and finds Sanskar near her. she observes him keenly trying to remember.
Swara: (sees him and tries to remember. She again gets the flashes of Sanskar removing piece of glass from her back. She thinks of him as killer and gets frightened and cries)
Sanskar: what happened Swara? (cups her face and moves closer to her but she moves away) why are you crying? Don’t worry.
Swara: (thinks: who is he) you? Who are you? No, leave me. You are a killer.
Sanskar: (stunned. After a while composes himself) ah! Now I get it. You are playing a prank on me, right?

Swara: (gets up quickly and runs to a corner) don’t kill me. Please! You are a killer.
Sanskar: (goes towards her) what are you saying?
Swara: you … why are you coming towards me? Just stay away from me!
Sanskar: what happened Swara?
Swara: please leave me. I don’t know you. I have never met you before so why are you after me. Please (folds hands)
Sanskar: (comes towards her) why will I kill you?
Swara: (shouts) I don’t remember anything. I don’t know why you want to kill me. I have never thought bad about anyone. (cries) stay away from me. Don’t come near me. Help! Help! Anybody here! Save me please. (Tries to run but Sanskar catches hold of her wrist and pulls her towards him and she falls on his chest. She again tries to go but he holds her waist tightly. She gets frightened and starts shaking due to fear. Sanskar notices this and moves away.)

Sanskar: you will have to listen to me.
Swara: I don’t want to listen to anyone. I only know that I never came to this place. I don’t know you. Please let me go. (cries) please!
Sanskar: (thinks) why is she behaving like this? Why is she calling me killer and don’t recognize me? I will have to call dad! (to Swara) you sit here.
Swara: (protests) leave me. Don’t touch me. I know you have brought here to kill me. Leave me. (beats him but it does not affect him. She gets angry) don’t think that I will fall in your trap. I know your real face and will file complaint against you.
Sanskar: (irked and shouts) shut up! Just shut up! (she sits there frightened and he goes outside and locks the room. She suddenly gets up and goes to open the door but it is locked. She bangs at the door continuously. Sanskar goes to DP and hugs him and starts crying.)
DP: (shock) what happened Sanskar? Is everything ok?

Sanskar: dad! Swara…. Swara….
DP: what happened to Swara?
Sanskar: dad! Swara gained consciousness.
DP: are you mad? Then why are you crying idiot? It is very good news.
Sanskar: dad! she is not recognizing me. She is saying that she has never seen this place. Why is she behaving strangely?
DP: what? But how can it happen?
Sanskar: dad! she is terrified from me because she thinks that I will try to kill her. She calls me a killer dad!
DP: (worried) I will call the doctor.
Sanskar: (cries) please dad! do something. I can’t see her hatred towards me.
DP: we will do something but you should thank God that at least she became alright.
Sanskar: but I can’t see hatred in those eyes in which there was love for me once.
DP: calm down Sanskar. I have called the doctor. Have the patience.
Sanskar: (shattered) yeah! (tears flow from his eyes and he thinks about all the happy moments with Swara. He gets up and goes out and sit in rain. After some time, doctor comes and they head towards the room of Swara. She is still banging the door and continuously shouting.

Swara: hey you killer! I know your intentions. But I would not let you succeed in your plans. Let me come out. Open the door. I said open the door. (bangs at door more hardly and Sanskar feels hurt. Doctor comes and DP opens the door. Swara suddenly gets happy seeing them.
Swara: thank God uncle that you came. A killer kidnapped me and locked me here. Please save me. (comes out and stands beside DP. Just then she sees Sanskar and gets hyper) uncle! Uncle save me. He will kill me uncle. (DP looks at her in disbelief) uncle please help me. Don’t you have any daughter? (Sanskar starts walking towards her and she gets more terrified and shouts) you…stop there. don’t you dare to come near me. Just stay away (moves back and hits a vase but before it could fall on her, he pulls her close to him. Her hairs are spread on his face. she hits him and he steps back.) how dare you touch me? (just then vase falls) you are senseless.
Sanskar: I don’t want to kill you? What would I get killing you?
Swara: you are the one who tried to kill me. Uncle call the police uncle! Immediately!
DP: look Swara! He did not try to kill you.

Swara: so you are also with him. Oh God! I am trapped. (panics and tries to run but Sanskar catches her and pins her to the wall and holds both her hands on the head level. She is struggling to free herself.) leave me! (shouts) I said leave me.
Sanskar: for that, you will have to listen me.
Swara: listen mister, I am not scared of you and I am not going to fall in your trap. Ok?
Sanskar: what has happened to you Swara. Listen! I will tell you everything in detail but later. I have brought doctor for your check-up. Let it happen!
Swara: it is another trap for me, right? No ways! (rolls her eyes)
Sanskar: don’t you trust me.
Swara: (shouts) no. I will never trust that person who tried to kill me.
Sanskar: I never tried to kill you Swara.
Swara: (bites on his hand and gets free from his grip and runs from there. He runs behind her and instructs the guards to close the main gate. They do and she stands there confused what to do. She sees Sanskar coming towards her and panics. Suddenly she sees an iron rod and plans something in mind. He holds her and shouts.
Sanskar: Swara! What are you doing? Why can’t you understand that I can’t harm you even in my dreams. Do you know how much I…
Swara: (shouts) shut up and leave me. I don’t want to listen to all your rubbish. Just stay away from me. (pushes him and quickly picks the rod)
Sanskar: (shocked and teary eyed) Swara! You would beat me with this rod?
Swara: if you try to come near me, I will kill you. (attacks him and his head starts bleeding. Just then DP comes with doctor and doctors gives her sleep injection. Sanskar picks her up and puts her on his bed and asks doctor to examine her. He suggests her CT scan. They head towards the hospital and her CT scan is done. He orders doctor to come with reports the next day. He agrees.

Doctor: I can say well after seeing her reports but one thing I observed in her brain displayed in computer that she had a head injury and that is why she lost her memory. It is the reason why she is not recognizing you all people.
Sanskar: (teary eyes and broken voice) but doctor! Why she considers me as her killer. What does she remember about me?
Doctor: I can’t say anything about it. She only can tell you when she gets consciousness. But please! Keep her away from all the stress and don’t force her to recollect memories as it is very dangerous for her as she has brain tumor.
Sanskar: (shattered)what?
Doctor: but don’t let her know about all this. Else she will get disturbed. Now you can take her home. She is still unconscious.
Sanskar: yeah sure doctor! Thank you!

Doctor: you should get your head bandaged.
Sanskar: don’t worry. I will be fine.
DP was listening to all this conversation. He gets tensed. Sanskar comes out side and hugs him.
DP: have patience my son. You will have to look after Swara. Don’t let her know about her disease. You have to be strong my son.
Sanskar: (breaks the hug and wipes his tears) yeah!
DP: (smiles) that’s like my tiger son. Let’s go. They go from there and Sanskar picks up Swara in his arms.
Sanskar: dad! you go in other car as Swara needs to lay down on back seat. I will drive.
DP: oh yeah! Best of luck.

Sanskar: thanks dad!
DP: now go!
Sanskar: ok! (places Swara on back seat and asks driver to start the car. Both leave toward the Maheshwari mansion. Sanskar brings her to his room. He lays her on the bed. His eyes are full of tears.
Sanskar: how much Swara? How much you have to suffer more? You know what if that would have happened with me, I would not be this much sad but seeing you suffering, I feel like dying every moment. (caresses her cheeks and hugs her) but I will not let anything happen to you. I can go to any extent to save you. You are my life. I am sure you will get your memory back.
Swara: (opens her eyes slowly when tears of Sanskar fall on her face) ah! (holds her head)
Sanskar: (wipes his tears and Swara notices it. He goes running and brings water for her and makes her drink the water. She is watching him continuously. Suddenly she starts coughing and he pacifies her makes her lie down.
Sanskar: Swara! Take care of yourself.

precap: heartless Swara and helpless Sanskar!!!!!

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