Always be with me: Swasan (chapter 26)


Doctor comes out and Sanskar comes to him running.
Sanskar: what happened doctor? Is she conscious? Is she safe?
Doctor: look Mr. Maheshwari! You will have to keep patience. Her condition is very critical and she has very less time. You can see her.
Sanskar: (shocked) what? No, this can’t happen. My Swara can’t go leaving me alone. (shouts) she can’t break her promise. (grabs collar of doctor) I said you that save her. Do anything you want but save her. Didn’t I? but now everything is over. (screams) everything ended.
Doctor: I am sorry sir!

Sanskar: no no doctor! Why are you saying sorry? You don’t need to. Swara is fine. She will be fine. (goes to DP) she is just a little ill. But I will take care of her. She will be fine. (just then they hear Swara shouting. Sanskar gets happy.) dad! didn’t I told you that she will wake up. She is back for me. (rushes inside)
Swara: Sanskar! Sanskar! I am not able to breath Sanskar.
Sanskar: (smiles) do you trust me?
Swara: more than myself Sanskar! I love you. And why are you like this? glasses and looking like a man of 32.
Sanskar: (hugs her and kisses on her forehead) Swara! Eight years have been passed.
Swara: (breath heavily) Sanskar (touches his cheek fondly) thank you for waiting for me.
Sanskar: no need to say thanks.
Swara: (with great difficulty) but you…(unable to bear the pain and closes her eyes) you will have to move on. Yeah!
Sanskar: what are you saying?

Swara: (keeps her head in his lap) life does not end with one person. Time never stops Sanskar. You…
Sanskar: don’t say like this Swara. You will be fine.
Swara: (cries) I love you Sanskar.
Sanskar: (cries) no Swara, I will not let you go away from me.
Swara: (kisses him and shouts) I love you Sanskar! I love you so much.
Sanskar: (shouts) no!
Swara: yeah! I…(her hand falls from Sanskar face and she has closed her eyes and smiles. After sometime, she becomes still)
Sanskar cries loudly and Kavya sees him and feels bad. Sanskar acts hysterical and continuously urges her to get up. When she does not wake up, he gets up and rushes to his room and brings out the gun. All are shocked to see him.
DP: he is unable to accept that Swara has passed away.
Kavya: but what will he do with this gun. Is he thinking to kill doctor?
DP: I don’t know. Sanskar! Sanskar! Please listen to me.
Sanskar: (stern expression) I told you to save her. I told you that I can’t live without her.
DP: yeah but…

Sanskar: (shouts and points gun at him) but she left me. Nobody could bring her back.
Kavya: (cries) sir! What is the fault of Mr. DP in all this?
Sanskar: (laughs) yeah! You are right. But what about me? Tell me how can I live without her. This life is nothing without her. I don’t need any life which I have to live without her. (turns gun towards his head) I can give my life for her. (closes eyes) I love you to death Swara! (just when he is about to pull the trigger, she comes and snatches the gun. He gets hyper and throws vase at her hurting her. After some time, he gets unconscious. DP takes him to his room and places him on the bed.) (to doctor) I think he again got fits.
On the other hand, Kavya goes near Swara and realizes that she is still alive. She goes running to DP and informs him. He gets happy and tell the doctor.

Doctor: it means she is completely fine. She is just a little unconscious.
DP: (tears of happiness flow from his eyes) oh God! Thank God! Now my old Sanskar will be back. Thank you Swara for returning.
Kavya: (feels happy but then becomes sad thinking that Sanskar will be with Swara) yes sir! I am very happy for you. Now your family is complete.
DP: Kavya! You are not less than a member of my family. You have always supported me even after the harsh behavior of Sanskar.
Kavya: no no sir! I can understand his condition. Ok bye! Now I will have to go.
DP: come, have your lunch with us. I want you to meet with Swara.
Kavya: (smiles) any other time! (goes from there and she gets teary eyed)
DP is very happy. He exclaims.
DP: you saw Ghafoor! My daughter is back. She is alive.

Ghafoor: yes sir! After so many years of struggle, she is back.
DP: Sanskar’s wait is over. His love won. He did right by waiting for her. I always kept thinking that he wasted all these years. But I was wrong. His love was pure. Now he will also be fine. He will not get fits ever again.
Ghafoor: I am very happy sir! Now we will get our old Sanskar sir back.
DP: yeah! After so many years, the biggest happiness has come to us. Decorate whole house and arrange for a grand party. Arrangements must show the level of our happiness. I want to celebrate these auspicious moments.
Ghafoor: yes sir! (goes from there. DP thinks to keep check on Sanskar as he is not aware that Swara is alive. DP comes to his room and sees Sanskar still unconscious. He thinks.
DP: (in his mind) see my son. You have won. You always said that you cannot live without Swara. Please get up so that I can tell you that your life is back. Swara came back to live with you. (caresses his hairs. Just then he hears him murmuring.)

Sanskar: Swara! Swara! Why did you leave me alone? why?
DP: Sanskar! Wake up Sanskar. She is back.
Sanskar: (shouts in semi-conscious state) Swara! Please don’t go. (gets up with a jerk)
DP: (tries to pacify) Sanskar! Sanskar! Come to your senses.
Sanskar: (cries) she left me dad! I will not live without her. Yeah! (DP tries to calm him down and he gets hyper)
DP: come out of shock!
Sanskar: (screams with very loud voice) I am in my senses and I know what am I doing. You shut your face. you only wanted me to forget her. (opens the drawer and takes the gun and turns it towards his own head) If I cannot spend my life with Swara, if I could not live with Swara, at least I can die with her. Please do my funeral along with her.
DP: listen to me Sanskar.
Sanskar: (ignores DP and closes his eyes. Just then DP comes and snatches the gun and slaps him so hard that he falls on his bed)

DP: just shut up and listen to me carefully. Ok?
Sanskar: (holds his cheek where DP slapped him and looks at him in disbelief) yeah!
DP: there is no need to worry as Swara is alive.
Sanskar: (shock) you are joking, right?
DP: do you think that I will joke with you and that too in the matter of Swara.
Sanskar: (disbelief) are you saying truth?
DP: yeah my son! And why would I lie to you?
Sanskar: I want to see Swara and if I find that you were lying, then I will first kill you and then I would commit suicide.

DP: she is unconscious but may gain it anytime. Go! (points towards the door)
Sanskar: (reaches Swara’s room almost running and sees her alive. He gets hysterical with very much happiness and goes towards DP and screams with joy) you were right dad! (smiles) my life is back. She is back. She is back for me dad! (runs fingers through his hairs) Swara, my Swara dad! She is mine and I am hers. We will live our lives together. Oh God! (excited) how am I looking? I will go and check. She may gain consciousness anytime. I am very happy dad! I don’t know what to do? He falls on the ground and cries bitterly but this time, tears of happiness are flowing from his eyes. DP is also crying seeing his condition but with happy expressions. He screams) yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! (gets up and goes running and DP goes laughing)
Sanskar goes towards his room and stands in front of mirror.
Sanskar: (smiling) so Mrs. Maheshwari is back and I have to look like a hero. Finally my love gave you the strength. (combing his hair) I love you very much Swara. I have waited for this moment for eight years and my wait is over now. I am very happy Swara. Thank you very much! (after some time he gets ready and goes towards the room of Swara and sits beside her. He calls Ghafoor.
Sanskar: Ghafoor! Ghafoor!
Ghafoor: yes sir!

Sanskar: do romantic arrangements in my room. Decorate whole room along with balcony. I and Swara would have dinner together at night.
Ghafoor: but sir! DP sir kept a celebration party.
Sanskar: (irked) I don’t care. Change the time of party but I will have dinner with Swara at night. Arrange party in daytime.
Ghafoor: but sir! What about preparations?
Sanskar: I don’t care. It is your job so use your brains but let me clear one thing that I have waited for this moment for eight years and I won’t let anyone spoil my happiness. Got that?
Ghafoor: yes sir! Sorry!
Sanskar: good!
Ghafoor goes from there and Sanskar sits beside Swara and caresses her face and hairs. Suddenly, she starts shaking and murmuring.
Swara: (gets flashes of Sanskar and her being in the car and their accident. She sees Sanskar removing piece of glass from her back. She feels pain) ah! Ouch!
Sanskar: (gets worried) Swara! What happened? Are you feeling pain. Tell me.
Swara: (opens her eyes slowly and gets up with a jerk and shouts) no!
Sanskar: Swara! You are safe here.

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