Always be with me: Swasan (chapter 25)


Kavya: (teary eyes) for the first time, I am feeling like this for you. I always used to hate you but… (doing bandage of his right hand) from inside I had a special place for you in my heart. I never realized it but whenever I see you in trouble, my heart says that do something for you. I know you are not listening to my rubbish talks but I want to lighten my heart. Always remember that time never stops. It keeps on moving and I also want you to move on in life. It is not good to stop yourself for someone who cannot return. Please sir! (starts doing bandage of his left hand) come out of your trance world. I know that you love her very much and can’t give her place to anyone but there are many more things to do in life. I have not seen you smiling even once. (bandage is completed and she holds his hand) your life is precious so don’t let it go for any one. (crying) bye! (gets up and starts going towards the door. Turns and sees him and comes out. DP asks her and she tells him that there is no need to worry.)

Kavya: sir! What is all this? actually I mean …
DP: he gets attacks when he remembers his wife very much. He tries to commit suicide and that is why we tie him with ropes. You please don’t tell this to anyone.
Kavya: no no sir! How can you even think of that? Don’t worry, I will never discuss it with anyone but till how long you would be able to hide this matter from the world.
DP: we cannot do anything because he crazily loves her. He will get well only if she wakes up and we all know that it is impossible.
Kavya: don’t leave him alone. We can slowly turn his thoughts positive by talking to him or we can consult any specialist.
DP: ok, I will think about it. But you saw yourself, he is not well and can’t come to office for some days.
Kavya: I will try to manage but I will come here to seek your guidance for work.
DP: yeah sure! Anytime.
Kavya: thank you! (smiles and goes from there. as soon as she comes out, her smile fades and she gets worried thinking about Sanskar)
Kavya: (in her mind) I had never felt like this. what is happening. (remembers Sanskar cutting his wrist) oh my God! I always thought that why he is never happy as he has all the things. He is young, wealthy, handsome then what he needs but now I get it. I never thought that he loves her to that extent that he will try to take his own life. But why I am thinking of him this much. Every time I think about him that how to make him realize that time has passed and he should move on. Kavya! Don’t fall for him else you will be declared world’s most dumb girl! (pats on her head) don’t you know he is crazy for Swara. He can give his life for her. He can’t see anything except Swara. Walks from there irked)
The next day she comes on the pretext of work and goes to see Sanskar and sees him unconscious. She goes to DP and asks

Kavya: sir! Why is Mr. Maheshwari still unconscious? Is there anything complicated?
DP: no no! I ordered nurse to give him sleep injections as he lost very much blood so he needs some rest but he will wake up anytime.
Kavya: (becomes happy) that’s good. Ok I am going to do my work. (comes out and heads towards Sanskar’s room. She sees him getting conscious slowly and sits beside him)
Sanskar: (murmuring) Swara! Swara!
Kavya: (feels sad) I have not seen him doing anything except remembering Swara and taking her name every time. Sometimes I wonder how is he alive?
Sanskar: (wakes up with a jerk) Swara!
Kavya: calm down sir! Calm down. It’s me. How are you feeling now?

Sanskar: (frowns in anger and shouts) you? What are you doing here? How dare you…
Kavya: I came here for office work and I was told that you are not feeling well these days so you will not come to office for some days. So, I came here to say get well soon.
Sanskar: I asked you to not show me your face again and again and you … (picks up a vase but hurts his hand and yells in pain. His wrist starts bleeding and Kavya holds his hand)
Kavya: sir! Your hand is bleeding sir! What are you staring at? Do something. (panics and shakes him vigorously)
Sanskar: go from here!
Kavya: no
Sanskar: (shouts) just get lost. Go away!
Kavya: no sir! I won’t let you die.
Sanskar: who are you to interfere…
Kavya: (yells) everything does not end with one person. Time does not stop. You have to move on.
Sanskar: (starts shaking due to anger) how dare you ask me to forget Swara! It is impossible. (shouts)impossible and what do you know about love? I can give my life for my love. (holds her arms so tightly that his fingers incorporate in her skin) come with me. (starts dragging her)
Kavya: (teary eyes and is hell shocked) sir! It is hurting me. Please leave me.
Sanskar: (sarcastically) oh really, the great tigress scared of this small pain. I bear very big pains every day. Do you know what pain is? (reach Swara’s room and he throws her inside) see, look at her. She is my Swara! I can do anything for her. You want to see.
Kavya: (terrified and crying) why are you doing all this sir?
Sanskar: (rushes to his room and brings gun. Kavya is shocked and tries to pacify him) you want to see what can I do?
Kavya: I am sorry sir! I will never show my face to you. Please leave the gun.
Sanskar: you will surely get punishment for this. (points gun at her) I will never forgive you. I will never forgive the person who tries to distance me from Swara.
Kavya: sir! I am not trying to distance you from your wife. I am just saying that …
Sanskar: yes! You are not trying to distance me from my Swara. You can never do that. If I kill you, your family would not be able to live. I cannot live without Swara. (turns gun towards his head) so…

Kavya: no sir please (cries vigorously. Suddenly she sees a vase and throws towards him. Gun falls down and Kavya picks it and throws out. She goes and holds Sanskar) sir! Please come out of your trance sir! This will give you nothing but destruction of many lives. If Swara mam were alive, would she had allowed to do you all this? she loved you dearly and nothing was more important for her than your happiness. Please sir! Try to understand.
Sanskar: (falls on his knees) it is very easy to say that Kavya! But very difficult to do. You can never understand my pain. Have you loved someone?

Kavya: (in mind) I can’t tell you sir that how much I love you! (looks blankly at him)
Sanskar: if you had loved someone, you would have known how difficult is to live your life without your love. (tears roll down his cheeks and he gets up and goes. Kavya tries to stop him but in vain. He turns towards her) and one more thing, you can never understand me and the level of my love. Get that? So, don’t try to interfere in my life. You are my general secretary so just focus on your job. I will not control myself again and you can’t imagine what can I do with you if I get angry (points finger at her) never forget. Mind it?
Kavya: (teary eyes) sir please try to understand. You can’t stay alone all your life. At least make someone your friend. Please don’t take me wrong.
Sanskar: (irked) you are impossible girl. I never talked to you nicely but still you are giving lecture on my life? What do you know about me? I am fine and I don’t need anyone.
Kavya: sir! I am a human and I feel bad when I see you like this. On the basis of humanity, I am offering you hand of friendship. I am ready to help you.
Sanskar: thank you for all your concern but trust me I don’t need anyone in my life. I am fine. (tears in eyes) I…I am just… just fine. Yeah! (heads towards his room and locks the door) I know dad is forcing her to bring me out of memories of Swara. So, I will tackle her in my way. I will have to befriend her else she will irk me more. (smirks) so miss Kavya! Get ready for the upcoming storm in your life. I will do such thing with you that you will never be able to ask any one for friendship. I will destroy you. How dare you talk like this about my Swara? I will never forgive you. No one can distance me from my Swara. (grinds teeth in anger and throws vase at the wall) after some time, he goes to Swara and sits beside her.

Sanskar: (caresses her face) how are you my princess? I know you will get well soon. See what dad did? He always used to say that you are a daughter to him but that all was a lie. He has hired that girl Kavya to make me forget you. But no one knows that you are my heart beat. You are in my every breath. Then how can someone forget to take breath or heart beats. But don’t worry, I promise that I will never forget you. (suddenly she starts breathing heavily and machines connected to her start beeping randomly. He gets worried and shouts. Ghafur! Sharfu! Care taker, anybody come please. Dad! (cries loudly and his face is full of tears. Suddenly comes to senses and calls doctor.) doctor, Swara’s condition is worsening. Please come fast.)
DP: (worried) what happened Sanskar?

Sanskar: (hugs him and cries) see na dad! what is happening. Swara is in very bad condition. Her body has started turning pale. I can’t live without her. Please do something! (doctor enters and Sanskar runs towards him) doctor! Doctor! Please do something. (grabs his collar) please save her. (shouts) you will have to save her.
Doctor: calm down Mr. Maheshwari! I will try my best to save Mrs. Maheshwari. Please have some patience.

Sanskar: (broken voice) yeah! (doctor rushes inside and starts treating Swara. Sanskar looks on tensed and Kavya comes hearing noise. She is shocked to see Swara being treated by doctor and understands the situation. She fears if Sanskar again gets fits. She goes near him.) dad! what is happening dad! please do something dad! nothing should happen to Swara. (shakes him) save my life dad! I cannot live without her.
DP: (cries and hugs him) Sanskar! Sanskar! Calm down. I assure you I will not let anything happen to Swara.
Sanskar: is this truth?

DP: yes my son!
Sanskar: do anything dad! but save her. (falls in his feet and cries) else I could not live without her. I will die dad!
DP: (makes him stand) Sanskar! What are you saying? Never ever think like that? (they see doctor coming. Sanskar comes running.)

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