Always be with me: Swasan (chapter 24)


Kavya wishes Sanskar good day.
Sanskar: the day that starts by seeing you can never be a good day!
Kavya: (irked and leaves. She comes out) what does this Dracula think of himself? Well, he was quite well mannered today. He did not shout at me although I was expecting that he will not spare any drop of blood in my body. He is strange. (she suddenly remembers the pics on walls) I never thought that this Dracula could love anyone. He was not like that before. Those pictures show that he was enjoying his life very much. Then what happened? (she remembers Sanskar sleeping in the feet of Swara) I thought him as an arrogant boss but I never thought that he will be going through this much pain. That is why he became furious when I said that she betrayed him. He loves her very much. (she gets teary eyed) but why I am so much concerned for him? Why I am feeling bad that he loves her? (she jerks her head and reaches office. She decides to ask someone about his previous life. She decides to talk to some females and goes to them.)
Kavya: hello mam! I got that you are working here for a very long time ago. So I came here. Actually, I wanted to ask you something?
Mam: yeah!
Kavya: who is that girl whose pictures are hanging in the office of sir! I mean her pictures are seen everywhere. In his cabin, in his wallet and in his house also.
Mam: oh! So you are asking about Swara Maheshwari! She is the girl whom Sanskar loved very much. He wanted to marry her.
Kavya: but mam! I think he married her as a big poster was hanging in his room which showed the day of their marriage.
Mam: yeah! She is Mrs. Maheshwari. It was a love marriage. Swara has suffered very much. Sanskar loved her dearly but…
Kavya: but what mam? What happened to her?
Mam: poor Swara! Just one day after their marriage, they were going to Paris for honeymoon when they had an accident. Wind screen of car damaged fully and before it could peirce in body of Sanskar, Swara came in front of him and it pierced into her body. Her spinal cord got damaged and she slipped into coma. Eight years are passed but still Sanskar cannot move on. At first, Sanskar was not ready to accept the reality. He was in deep shock for eight months and then he recovered but still he feels guilty for Swara’s condition. His condition was so much deteriorated that he was shifted to medicines and doctors said that he would undergo nervous breakdown. But he is very lucky that he recovered soon. He is still waiting for her. He has faced so much difficulties in love that he has become stone hearted.
Kavya: (shocked) eight years? Am I listening wrong? I mean he is mad? Why is he destroying his life? I mean what thing he does not have. A big palace like mansion, luxurious cars, big office, money…
Mam: but these things don’t matter for him. Only Swara matters for him. He was crazy for her and can do anything for her. He still loves her to death. He will die waiting for her but can’t think anything else in his life!
Kavya: no one asked him to move on in life and marry?
Mam: he always got furious when someone tried to realize him the reality. His world starts and ends at Swara. In fact, he has tried to commit suicide many times. But every time, DP sir saved him. He says that he has become a living dead without Swara and there is no use of his life without Swara. (PA comes and informs mam that DP has called her. She goes)

Kavya: I can’t believe that this Dracula could love anyone to that extent! Mrs. Maheshwari is very lucky but still I think that he is a psycho! I mean eight years? He passed them waiting for his love? Crazy guy! (goes from there) but I must say that Mrs. Maheshwari is very lucky that Mr. Maheshwari is still waiting for her. Well I have to do my work. (goes and is doing her work. PA comes and asks her to look after his work as he has to go due to health issue of his grandfather. She agrees and he goes) after sometime, she takes the file given by PA. It contains the details of important works of Sanskar for today. There is a meeting of Sanskar in next half hour. She keeps the file aside and waits for Sanskar. After sometime, she sees Sanskar going to his cabin. She gets up and goes behind him and reaches the door of his cabin. She hesitantly knocks at the door and then goes inside. Seeing her, Sanskar gets furious.
Sanskar: you again? You will not allow me to take a breath even? Now what do you want?
Kavya: actually, your PA is on leave and he instructed me to handle your things.
Sanskar: what the hell! Anyways, so tell me the details of my today’s timetable.
Kavya: you have a meeting in the next half an hour.
Sanskar: ok! You may leave now.
Kavya: yes sir! (leaves)
Sanskar: oh my God! The more I hate this girl, the more I have to see her face and that too daily. Anyways, (opens the wallet and sees Swara’s pic) you know Swara, eight years are passed but still nothing can give soothing effect to my eyes except you. You are the one made for me and I will wait for you till the end of world. Before doing anything important, I always talk with you. This lightens my burden. You are my everything, if I lose you, I will die and not be able to live or breath. I am yours and only yours till my last breath. Only you have right over my feelings, my heart, my mind and everything that belongs to me. Ok now I need to go but I will be with you after some time. Please don’t mind. (kisses her picture and closes his wallet and stands up to go. Kavya who was observing him secretly goes from there running.)
Kavya: (breathing heavily) my goodness! He loves her to death. I mean like lost lover that is just seen in movies, oh my God! (jumps in excitement) so I was right? My boring boss is not that much boring but yeah he is too much arrogant but I will set his brains right! I have got an adventure. Yes! (She goes running to Sanskar) sir! Sir please listen to me. First check all the details of that company. It would be better for the deal.
Sanskar: don’t teach me. I am mature enough to handle all these things and please (looks at her sternly) stay away from me.
Kavya: (says in mind) arrogant monster, according to his will, we will have to breath according to his instructions in this office. Why don’t he name this office as Maheshwari jails and every prisoner would be paid regularly for spending 7 hours a day in this jail. All the accused persons would love to come.
Sanskar: what are you thinking. Leave all tensions behind the gate of this office! Got it?
Kavya: yeah!
Sanskar: now leave!
Kavya: (in her mind) he knows only two words. “How dare you” and “leave”. (leaves from there)

Sanskar attends the meeting and he succeeds. He again comes to his cabin and rocks himself in the chair. He closes his eyes and images of past flash in his mind. He bumping into Swara for the first time, they becoming friends, his love declaration, her accident, their engagement, her birthday celebrations, their marriage, her happiness and then their accident when Swara comes in front of him to protect him, her slipping into coma. His head is bursting and he is unable to bear the pain. He shouts Swara and falls on his knees. He is still shouting. Kavya decides to irk him by going to his cabin without permission. She enjoys teasing him. When she reaches near his cabin, she hears him shouting.
Kavya: (irritated) now what this Dracula is up to? (she tries to listen carefully and is shocked to hear the name of Swara. She rushes inside and holds him) sir! Sir! Please look at me sir! What happened? Sir! Get up! (shouts) I said get up sir! Please sit on chair, please! (he keeps on murmuring Swara’s name and falls on her shoulder being unconscious) sir! What happened? (feels that he is unconscious and drags him towards the sofa and lays him down. She calls mam and DP. DP is very much worried about Sanskar. Kavya is confused as he is continuously taking Swara’s name even in unconscious state. She is lost in her thoughts when mam interrupts her.
Mam: Kavya! What are you thinking?
Kavya: nothing mam. I am just a little confused about what happened with him. When I entered his cabin, he was shouting Mrs. Maheshwari’s name and he was having very much pain in his head. Then suddenly he fell unconscious.
Mam: actually this condition of Mr. Maheshwari is since previous eight years. When her accident happened, he had a serious shock for six months. Doctors said that he will have nervous breakdown if he does not recover. So with the help of her brother Adarsh, Mr. DP helped him recovering from shock. Although he recovered from shock but still he had fits. They reduced with time but whenever Sanskar thinks very much about Swara, he gets fits. And he remains in shock from next two to three days. You would have to take care of the work these days. Ok! Am I overburdening you?
Kavya: no no mam, it’s alright! I will manage. (leaves. She is feeling bad for Sanskar.) I know he is too much arrogant but there is a reason behind this. He is stressed due to his love. I wish I could do something for him. The next day, she comes to see him on the pre-text of some office work. She goes towards his room but does not finds him there. servant informs her that he is kept in guest room. She is confused and goes to guest room. She hears some noise and peeps inside. She is shocked to find Sanskar in that condition. He is tied with ropes and he is struggling to free himself. DP is standing near him with teary eyes.
DP: Sanskar! Control yourself. Come into your senses.
Sanskar: (shouts) who are you? Why have you tied me here? Leave me.
DP: (comes with medicine) have this!
Sanskar: (strikes him and he gets hurt. Medicine falls) I hate you people. Just get out of my sight!
DP: (shouts) Sanskar! Behave yourself….
Sanskar: I don’t need your lectures. Just free me from all this. (succeeds and frees him from ropes. DP tries to catch him but he warns him of consequence) stop there else it will not be good for you. (goes towards the bowl containing knife and takes knife. He points knife towards DP. All are shocked. he suddenly cuts his wrist. DP shouts and Sanskar cuts his other wrist. He starts laughing and shouts Swara! I love you. Kavya starts crying seeing his condition. She runs to him.
Kavya: sir! What have you done sir? What do you think of yourself?
DP: what are you doing here?
Sanskar: (murmuring in semiconscious state) Swara! Ah Swara! Forgive me. I am coming to you.
Kavya: (wipes her tears) actually I came here to inform him about office work as his PA can’t come today so I was performing his duty also.
DP: ok! Please don’t tell anyone about this (points towards Sanskar and asks ghafoor to call the doctor.)
Kavya: sir! Till doctor comes, we have to take some remedial steps. I will do his bandage because stopping blood is most important.
DP: thank you so much!
Kavya: no need of thanks. It is our duty to save any life if we can (smiles)
DP: you really deserve it.
Kavya: sir! You all please go out. I will come after the bandage.
DP: sure! (goes out with all the servants)

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