Always be with me: Swasan (chapter 23)


Sanskar gains consciousness and is normal because DP fed him medicine. He prepares to go to office when DP enters.
DP: hey! I want to talk about something really important.
Sanskar: yeah!
DP: you know that eight years has passed after that accident happened and there is no progress in her condition. So much time has passed but you are still living in your past. I have grown old and there is no hope in my life.
Sanskar: don’t confuse things dad! say clearly what you want to say. Otherwise I have to go.
DP: for these eight years, I have not seen you smiling even for once. Why are you destroying your life my son? Do you want me to die without seeing my grandchildren faces? Please Sanskar!
Sanskar: what do you want me to do? When Swara will become fine, you will also see your grandchildren faces soon.
DP: Swara cannot be fine. She is in coma for eight years. I want you to marry and move on! …I want to….
Sanskar: (cuts him and shouts) how can you say like this? you know very well about how much I love her. I cannot suppose my life without her. Don’t you have any soft corner for her? Don’t you said that she is like your daughter?
DP: yeah I accept that I gave her the position of my daughter but I also love you as my son. I can’t see you dying every moment. You show that you are very strong in front of the whole world but I know that you are totally broken from inside. You can fool the whole world but not me. I know you since childhood.
Sanskar: you know me since childhood and you should also know that I am very stubborn and I won’t accept defeat easily. I cannot forget her that easily. Although she is in coma but still I have her in my life. She is my life and no one could survive without life. Swara is in my heart, my mind, my soul! (tears roll down his cheeks) I see her everywhere. I see her in office when I am busy with my work. She is present everywhere in my surroundings. For eight years, she has been around me. She would be in coma for you and the whole world but not for me. She is my inspiration and strength and no one could take her place in my life…

DP: (cuts him) Sanskar, just calm down and please try to understand my point of view. Why are you destroying your life? You have full right to live your life happily.
Sanskar: my happiness and all emotions are connected with Swara’s.
DP: if she does not come out of coma then what would you do?
Sanskar: I will wait for her my whole life and I will never get tired.
DP: don’t you have any right of happiness in your life?
Sanskar: (irked. Stands up and shouts) how many times I have to tell you that Swara is madness. No girl can never take her place in my life and get that straight into your head else I will forget who are you to me. (points finger at him) mind it! (goes from there)
DP: (stands there confused and shocked) I cannot believe it! What is the level of his love? His love for her would destroy all the lives.
Sanskar reaches office where all candidates are waiting for him. He asks his PA to call them one by one. He gets tired by taking all the interviews. He decides to call off all the interviews. Just when he goes near the intercom, a girl enters his room by force while PA is asking her to go out.
Girl: sir please! Look I came here from very far. This job is very much important for me.
PA: hey! You cannot come here. No more interviews are going to be held. Leave!
Sanskar: hold on! What is going on? And who are you?
Girl: I am Kavya. I came here for the interview and got late.
Sanskar: but you still came here and that too in my cabin without my permission!
Kavya: I am sorry but I had no other option.
Sanskar: this is good. I mean first do a blunder and then say sorry. How easy is that!
Girl: please sir! I need only one chance and I will prove myself! Please sir! Please please please!
Sanskar: if you are insisting, then…. You should come for interview.
Kavya: sure!

Sanskar takes her interview and asks her to wait outside. Kavya agrees and he thinks about all the interviews he has taken. He finds the interview of Kavya as most acceptable so he asks his personal secretary to make an appointment letter for Kavya and inform her. He obeys his order and Kavya gets happy. She thinks to thank him personally, so goes to his room. Sanskar is sitting with closed eyes and is hugging picture of Swara. Just as she enters, he keeps the picture on the side and wipes his tears.
Kavya: (notices his actions) sir! Actually I came here to thank you as I was in severe need of this job. You have done a very big favour to me.
Sanskar: (rude tone) don’t you know to knock at the door before entering. I don’t want ill-mannered people in my company and second thing is that I gave this job to you as you deserve it. I did not do any favour to you. Now you can leave and be on time. I want punctual people to work in my company and as a secretory, you will have to handle a very big responsibility.
Kavya: I am sorry sir! (notices pics of Swara all over the wall and is shocked) bye!
Sanskar: best of luck!
Kavya: (turns) thank you sir! (suddenly, wind blows and she sees the pic which Sanskar was hugging. It is the picture of Swara. She is confused and goes outside)
Kavya: don’t know who is she. I think she is the one one whom he loves but why was he was looking sad while seeing her pics? I am sure that girl must have betrayed him. He is very strict but I would ask him.
Sanskar is sitting in his cabin and calls his PA.
PA: yes sir!
Sanskar: do make a list of all the duties of general secretary and give it to Kavya when she comes tomorrow and make her understand that I want full concentration on work. And if she does not obey my orders, I will fire her. I don’t tolerate any mistake in my work. Got it?
PA: yes, sir!
Sanskar: thank you, you may go now!
PA: yeah sure! (goes from there) Sanskar keeps looking at the photos of Swara.
Sanskar: please Swara, it is very necessary for me that you become fine because now dad is also losing hope. He is forcing me to marry. I know that I cannot resist him for much time. Please Swara, wake up, wake up for our love! (closes his eyes) PA informs him that he has to go for award ceremony on intercom. He takes his things and goes. In the ceremony, he is given the award of India’s topmost businessman. He takes it with a stern face and comes down stage without sharing his views. He is very tensed as he is thinking of DP’s words. He is remembering his happy moments with Swara just then he bumps into a lady.
Sanskar: I am sorry! (looks at the lady stunned) Kavya!
Kavya: yes!
Sanskar: what are you doing here.
Kavya: actually, I thought that you appointed me as general secretary of your company so I should come here to see you. By the way, nice experience. Congratulations! (extends her hand)
Sanskar: (looks away and rolls his eyes and don’t shake hands with her) thanks!
Kavya: (irked) sir! Do you always have an angry young man expressions on your face? (Sanskar looks at her angrily) I mean today is a great day for you. At least smile a little!
Sanskar: thanks for your suggestion but I don’t need it so keep it for someone else. And who are you to teach me how I have to behave with everyone. You are general secretary in my company so better cope with it. Don’t interfere in my personal life. Else I would forget that you are a lady.
Kavya: sorry sir if I hurt you. I didn’t mean that!
Sanskar: I have no concern to what you mean or not. Just leave my way. (signs her to move aside and his wallet falls in feet of Kavya. He goes from there.
Kavya: (picks up his wallet and sees pics of Swara and thinks to ask him) excuse me sir!
Sanskar: (irritated) now what?
Kavya: your wallet (gives him) sir! I wanted to ask you something!
Sanskar: yeah! I am listening.
Kavya: is this the girl you love?
Sanskar: (with a gloomy expression) yes!
Kavya: sir! There is no use of being sad on what she did with you. If she betrayed you, that does not mean that it was your fault. Actually….
Sanskar: (fumes in anger and shouts) don’t you dare say a word about my Swara. If you don’t know anything, then just keep quiet. And how dare you say that she betrayed me? (hits the jug on the table and it falls down. He then clutches a curtain and it also falls down. Kavya is scared) she is my life. If you were not a lady, I would have taught you a lesson that what is the punishment of speaking all this rubbish! Just stay away from my personal life.
Kavya: (frightened and confused) I am sorry sir! I di…
Sanskar: what sorry! (shouts) what sorry! (teary eyes and Kavya notices it) You know only to do wrong things and then easily say sorry. I hate your face. Just leave me alone. no, I should leave you alone. Good bye! (quickly leaves)

Kavya: (shocked) the great Sanskar Maheshwari had tears in his eyes? I know sir, you are weak from inside. And I would try to inquire the reason for your sadness. If she did not betray you, then, what happened to you? Why I am feeling this much attracted to you. (she leaves)
Sanskar: (reaches home and heads towards his room. He reaches near Swara and tears fall down his eyes. He tries to bring a smile on his face) hey Swara! Look, I won another trophee. Please wake up and see how much lonely I have become without you. People are trying to take advantage of me. It is very necessary for me that you wake up and say Sanskar! I am back and hug me. My all loneliness would end. (hugs her) I will be back! (he goes to the office and comes home late and sleeps in Swara’s feet as usual. In morning, Kavya comes office early as it is her first day at office. PA comes and briefs her about her work. Her first assignment is to take signs on papers by Sanskar, so she decides to go to his house. When she reaches his house, she looks at his house open mouthed.
Kavya: Oh my God! Is this a house or palace? What a great and nice taste. Whole city could live in this mansion. (just then gate keeper comes and asks her)
Gate keeper: yes mam! What can I do for you?
Kavya: I am new general secretary of Maheshwari Industries. I am here for some office work. It’s urgent, so please inform him.
Gate keeper: he has not wake up, so I would inform his father. (he does conversation on intercom and allows her to go. She goes inside and is shocked to see so many servants working. Cooks comes out and sees her. He inquires.
Cook: hello madam! What can I do for you?
Kavya: hello, I am Kavya, general secretary of Maheshwari industries. Could you please call Mr. Maheshwari?
Cook: no madam, I can’t dare to because he would kill me. He never bears anyone spoiling his sleep. You should wait for him.
Kavya: I have to do many work after this.
Cook: no no madam, if you want so go yourself. His room is on second story.
Kavya: ok thank you! (starts climbing the stairs) don’t know why this man always acts as Dracula! I am sure that he will drink my blood if… (stairs end and she sees whole house decorated with Swara’s pics and is stunned) Oh my God! This man is crazy behind this girl. Where to find him? (She decides to search him in every room. While searching, she finds the door of Swara’s room half open. She thinks to go inside) that Dracula could not leave his room’s door open. (she peeps inside and is shocked to see posters of Swara. On the front wall, there is a big poster of Swara and Sanskar’s marriage. On the other walls, there are posters of Sanskar’s sweet moments with Swara like he running behind her, feeding cake to her and she spitting it on his mouth. She then sees Sanskar sleeping on some lady’s feet. She is hell shocked) this Dracula is sleeping like beggars. I mean the owner of Maheshwari industries and the topmost business tycoon of India is sleeping like this? am I dreaming or is it real. And who is that lady? She comes close and is shocked to find Swara. This girl? What is she doing here in this condition? Oh God! I will die of this much confusion. (Suddenly, she realizes that she has to take his signatures on the papers. She hesitantly wakes him up. He wakes up with a jerk and is shocked to find her)
Sanskar: you? I told you that I don’t want to see your face and that too in the morning. How dare you come to my room without my permission. Is it your habit? If you want to work with me, you must have to be patient and well behaved. Got it?
Kavya: sorry sir! Actually I had a lot of work to do and for that I needed your signatures. You didn’t come to office so I thought…
Sanskar: (cuts her) and you thought to peep into my room secretly?
Kavya: (stammering) sir! I didn’t mean that.
Sanskar: (shouts) show me the papers!
Kavya: (boggled) what?
Sanskar: have you become deaf also? Can’t you hear what I am saying?
Kavya: (terrified) yes sir! (shows him the file and he signs the papers)
Sanskar: done?
Kavya: yeah!
Sanskar: then don’t expect that I would invite you to have breakfast with me. You can leave!
Kavya: ok sir! Have a good day!
Sanskar: the day that starts by seeing you can never be a good day!

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