Always be with me: Swasan (chapter 22)


Hello huys! Do you remember me? I am so sorry for this much delay. I know you people will be really angry on me and ready to pounce on me but I didn’t do that deliberately. Actually, I suddenly had to go to a place where internet connection was not available. I was so busy that I didn’t even eat properly. Sorry guys! I was busy with my project.

Maheshwari mansion is extended and it looks like a palace. Whole lawn is full with reporters from media. All are waiting for Sanskar Maheshwari. He has become topmost business tycoon and very strict. DP explains that he will come in 10-15 minutes. After some time, Sanskar comes in a luxury car. All the reporters surround his car. His bodyguards come and take them aside. He goes and greets DP with a stern face and inquires about Swara.
Sanskar: any progress in Swara’s condition?
DP: (sadly) no Sanskar! Can’t you talk about anything else except her name but anyways I am glad that you are taking our empire to the heights of sky. You are doing all that I could not do. You are very hardworking. As a boss, you spend 18-20 hours in the office.
Sanskar: any ways, what are these people doing here?
DP: because you have achieved great success in a short span of time. They are here to know about your views about the life.
Sanskar: oh please dad! you know well about my views on all this rubbish!
DP: don’t let anyone know about your inner condition. Be strong and go my son!
Sanskar: send them out!
DP: you have to be in front of them as Sanskar Maheshwari who is top-class business tycoon. Not that Sanskar who is crazy for Swara! Now go (pushes him)
Sanskar: (angry tone) ok fine! (Goes towards the lawn.)
Reporter: sir! You have achieved a great success. What would you like to say to our youth?
Sanskar: actually, I wanted to say that our youth is very competent. They must do what is in their heart. They must exert all their efforts in the work they are interested and I assure them that they will be able to achieve success. Hard work is the first step towards success.
Reporter: sir! What plans do you have about your upcoming life? I mean any marriage proposal?

Sanskar: (sudden change of expression) what do you mean? I am married and I am happy with my life. Don’t you dare ask any personal questions from me. I always forbid media to put up any question regarding my personal life.
Reporter: sorry sir!
Sanskar: you shouldn’t do anything due to which you have to say sorry to someone. (shouts) guards! Throw him out of the gate right now! (guards come and he goes out. Sanskar is enraged) No more questions please! You all shall leave now!
Sanskar goes inside.
DP: why do you lose control over yourself?
Sanskar: because I don’t want to discuss about marriage. Dad! I am about to be thirty and usually when men reach this age, no one asks them to marry someone. In fact, their proposals are very rare but all this is opposite in my case. People still want me to marry. The hell with their wish! I love Swara and no one could take her position in my life.
DP: calm down my son!

Sanskar: no! why should I calm down. People bring proposals to me because I am rich. If I would not have been a rich guy, they wouldn’t have a look at me even for one time.
DP: this is your point of view my son! But people don’t know that you don’t need anyone. Only I know that why you spend 18-20 hours of your day in office. This is because you want to lessen your heart. You want to lessen your grief by keeping yourself busy all the time. Am I right?

Sanskar: yeah! And you know what dad? You are the only person in the world who understands me and my emotions. I am grateful to you! (hugs DP)
DP: yes Sanskar! After all you are my son and I love you.
Sanskar: (sees time on his wrist watch) ok now! I have to go to Swara! Bye!
DP: (with sad face) bye. (Sanskar goes and DP thinks)
DP: I also wants my son to be out of grief now. It has been for eight years he is living like a robot. Sanskar must understand that Swara cannot return. He has to move on. After all, he also wants to see his grand sons and daughters before dying. Oh God! Did he took medicines? I am sure he would not have taken his medicines. Such a careless fellow! He went out for three days and forgot.

Sanskar comes to his room. He sees Swara and sits beside her. He has tears in his eyes.
Sanskar: (holds her hands) Swara! Look I have come. You know what? Tomorrow is the national award ceremony and I am nominated. Maybe I will get that award. I am winning this award from past five years and every year I expect you to accompany me. Look at these (points at all the trophies won by him) they are of no use if you are not with me. Eight years are passed and only I know that how I passed every moment without you. Life is like hell for me. Please Swara! I am losing hope. Please come back! I promise I will listen to you always. You know what? Everyone was forcing me to marry again as they believe that you will never come back. But I have full faith on my love and I know that you will come back. I asked you to give me a sign and I am waiting for you since that time. Please Swara! (goes towards the awards) this all is nothing if you are not with me. These all things don’t matter for me. Only and only your presence matters for me. I will go crazy Swara! (goes and keeps his head besides her feet) If I don’t sleep near your feet, I never feel sleepy. I am very tired Swara. You are my madness (tears roll down his cheeks and after some time, he falls asleep. DP comes to see Swara when he sees Sanskar.

DP: (with sad expression) I don’t know when you will come out of past. Eight years have been passed but you are still standing there where you were living eight years back. I want my old Sanskar back who always scattered happiness everywhere. I want happiness in my home. you also need someone who would take care of you when you come home all exhausted. (caresses his hairs)
Sanskar: (comes downstairs and sees DP having breakfast) Good morning dad!
DP: good morning! Why are you in a hurry?
Sanskar: dad! I told you some days ago that I am going to hold interviews for general secretary post of our company. I am going to take interviews today, so I need to go. Where is Swara?
DP: (shocked) Sanskar…. What are you talking?
Sanskar: dad! Please wake her up else I will punish her. I don’t want her to acquire bad habits of sleeping for long time.
DP: did you take your medicines?

Sanskar: why do I have to take medicines? I am fit and fine in front of you. (DP calls Sharfu and feeds him medicines. He sleeps with effect of those medicines. DP goes into flashback)
After a week passes when Swara slipped into coma, one day, Sanskar becomes uncontrollable seeing Swara. He goes unconscious. When he gains consciousness, he sees illusion of Swara.

Sanskar: (teary eyes) Swara! You are fine?
Swara: yeah! When you are with me, how could anything happen to me?
Sanskar: then coma….
Swara: I am here for you. I will always be with you, every time.
Sanskar: (crying) I was very afraid. Never leave me.
Swara: never!
Sanskar: (childish tone) promise?
Swara: (smiles) promise!
Sanskar: (happily) thank you! (tries to hug her but illusion disappears. He tries to find her all over and acts hysterical. DP and doctors come)
Sanskar: (crying) Swara! Where are you? Stop playing and come out. (shouts) I said come out. This was a very bad prank….
DP: why are you shouting my son? Swara is not here. (holds him)
Sanskar: (wipes his tears) no, she was here. Swar! Swara! Come and meet dad. Swara!
DP: (crying) Sanskar! Come to your senses.
Sanskar: (shouts and jerks him) stop it! She was here. My Swara is back. She is back for me. She came here when I opened my eyes. She held my hands. (DP holds him)
DP: calm down my son!
Sanskar: no dad! She was here only. She herself told me that she is back!
DP: (strict tone) calm down Sanskar!
Sanskar: (happy tears) she promised that she will never leave me.
DP: (shouts) Sanskar!
Sanskar: no dad! I am saying truth.
DP: doctor!

Sanskar: (moves back) no dad! Please! (DP signs doctor to give injection and Sanskar tries his best to escape but ward boys hold him tightly. He wiggles to get free of their hold but in vain.) Dad! I am telling truth. (doctor injects him and he starts to feel dizzy but still manages to shout) please believe me dad! I am not lying. (shouts at the top of his lungs) she is back. She is mine and I am hers. I am not lying. She came to me. She…..(falls unconscious and DP wipes his tears)
DP: doctor! Please do something.
Doctor: look Mr. Maheshwari! I told you to keep him away from his wife. Anyways, we will have to do some tests.

DP: anything serious?
Doctor: we can’t give you false hopes. Be prepared! (goes out and DP breaks down)
DP: I lost my daughter and now I am going to lose my son. No! (determined) I will do anything to save my son.
Tests are done and DP is in doctor’s cabin.
Doctor: as I told you earlier that his love has become an obsession. He could not accept the reality and is in shockdue to which his brain is affected. He is hallucinating.
DP: what do you mean?
Doctor: it is condition in which patient sees what he wants but actually there are no such things.
DP: is there any way to cure him?

Doctor: it does not have any permanent cure but I will prescribe some medicines. Make sure he haves his medicines at time else he will hallucinate and will start living in his own world of fantasies. And please don’t do any strictness.
DP: I cannot see my son like this!
Doctor: I understand but please help him with your love. He might have nervous breakdown and other complications if you force him to accept reality.
DP: fine and thank you doctor! (Sanskar comes out of his shock after eight months but he has to take medicines lifelong else his condition will deteriorate. Whenever he misses his medicines, he again forgets all about the accident and hallucinates his life with Swara. Flashback ends)

Guys! Please pray for me as final exams are coming near. Guys! I know how it feels when any of authors leave their stories incomplete. But I was helpless due to unavailability of internet. I even lost my contact with my family. They were also complaining. But now! I am back. And the first thing I did is to post the story. Don’t worry! I will complete my story. I will not leave it in middle. Sorry once again! I know my sorry could not help it but I am really grateful to you guys for supporting me this much. Thank you! Now no more bakbak and have a nice day!

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