Always be with me: Swasan (chapter 20)

They complete their breakfast and leave for designer’s shop. Swara selects a wedding dress. Sanskar asks her to also select a dress for him. She does and Sanskar appreciates her choice. He kisses her forehead and says this was my last wish to marry you. I don’t need anything else now!

Maheshwari Mansion is decorated like bride. A large number of people are walking here and there. Situations seems to be very lively. Sanskar comes all dressed up as a groom. He is searching for DP. At last he finds DP.
Sanskar: oh, dad! where were you. You know what you are very careless.
DP: don’t blame me. I know you are in a hurry to go to Swara. I called Adarsh and he informed that they all are in marriage venue. So let’s go.
Sanskar: you are great!
DP: I was careless a while ago and now I am great! Well done my son!
Sanskar: now come. We have to reach earlier!
DP: yeah!
They instruct Sharfu to serve the guests and leave from there. They have booked the topmost Ellet class marriage venue. They reach the venue in grand style. They are welcomed warmly. After sometime, their marriage is completed. Sanskar is seated in separate room. Till now, he has not seen Swara because she was wearing a ghunghat as per rituals. He is eager to watch Swara but couldn’t. After sometime, Adarsh brings Swara and she sits with Sanskar. Her face is veiled but he can see her through transparent veil. He gets mesmerized by her beauty.
Swara: what are you staring at?
Sanskar: you are beautiful Mrs. Maheshwari! Now we are officially wedded.
Swara: you are also looking very handsome (turns towards him trying to suppress smile) Mr. Maheshwari!
Sanskar: well, Mrs. Maheshwari! Would you like to come to your house? Our guests would be eager to see their Mrs. Maheshwari!
Swara: of course, Mr. Maheshwari! After all I am so important for them that they forgot you and are eagerly waiting for me.
Sanskar: that’s great! So now, let’s go!
Swara: first ask dad!
Sanskar: ok (goes to DP) Dad! I think we must leave now! Guests must be waiting for us.
DP: oh yeah! I forgot. Come.

Sanskar: (goes to Swara) it’s time to leave (holds her hands) come!
Swara: (goes with him and sits next to him in the car) thank you Mr. Maheshwari!
Sanskar: for what?
Swara: for giving me such beautiful moments in my life as I had never thought that I will be able to live like this!
Sanskar: oh Swara! You live here (points to his chest) in my heart, in my soul, in my brains, in my head! You live in every moment of my life! And now (unveils her face) your gift!
Swara: wow Mr. Maheshwari! You are amazing. I mean you were not supposed to unveil my face till we reach our house!
Sanskar: (places the diamond ring in her finger) no problem! I am more important than those guests so it is my right to see my wife’s face before anyone else.
Swara: (laughs) this is beautiful and you (pats on his head gently) are very clever!
Sanskar: yeah! Actually, from childhood and now… (puts veil again on her face) like this, simple!
Sanskar: Mr. Maheshwari! Can’t you keep some patience for some time?
Sanskar: no (both start laughing loudly. DP comes)
DP: it’s good to see you both happy. You both enjoy and go in this car ahead. I and Swara’s family would travel in other cars.
Sanskar: yeah sure! (drives the car)
After sometime, they all reach Maheshwari mansion and start enjoying the party. Photo session takes place and finally they consummate their marriage. She sleeps comfortably in his embrace by burying her head in his chest. He looks at her lovingly and thinks today I became complete. He removes a stray of hair from her face and kisses on her cheek. He thinks that I am so happy today that nothing can spoil my happiness. I wish this moment stops here for my whole life. Suddenly he feels Swara sweating severely. She is murmuring something. He gets tensed.
Swara: Sanskar! Nothing would happen to you till I am here!
Sanskar: (tries to wake up her) Swara! Nothing would happen to me. I am here with you! (she keeps murmuring and he shakes her with force and shouts) Swara! Calm down, just relax! I am here! Nothing bad is going to happen!
Swara: Sanskar! (holds his arms tightly) I am feeling very bad. I am very much scared (starts crying vigorously and hugs him)

Sanskar: (hugs her back and slowly turns her face towards him and wipes her tears) what happened Swara? Did you saw bad dreams again?
Swara: (nods) yeah! I saw we had a car accident and you are injured very badly! I cannot see you like this Sanskar. I am seeing this dream again and again. Something wrong is going to happen. (holds his collar) If something happens to you, I would not be able to take it. I would not allow anything bad happen to you. It would have to pass me before reaching you. I promise I will be your shield always!
Sanskar: hey Swara! You are worried for no reason. These are just dreams so forget it. Start afresh. Ok?
Swara: ok!
Sanskar: now just relax and come here. (he opens his arms and she goes in his embrace. He keeps his head on Swara’s back when she sleeps. After sometime, they both are sleeping. Next day, they come to DP on breakfast table.)
Sanskar and Swara: good morning dad!
DP: good morning my children. It looks so good to see you both together. I have a surprise for you both.
Sanskar: wow! I am so excited!
Swara: dad! what is your surprise?
DP: where are you going for your honeymoon?
Sanskar: we have not decided yet!
DP: good! I was expecting this from you. Well, I have got these tickets for you. You are going to Paris for honeymoon and your flight is today at 2 o’clock!
Swara: what dad! it’s our first day after marriage and you are planning to throw us out of our house.
Sanskar: yeah dad! what is all this crap?
DP: you two are over reacting. It is the time to make your moments memorable. So please accept my gift!
Swara and Sanskar: ok!
DP: very good! After the breakfast, you will have to do the packing. You will leave from here sharp at 12 o’clock.
Sanskar: yeah dad!

After sometime, they pack their bags and are about to leave.
DP: I will miss you both. I cannot live without you for one day, don’t know how I will live for whole one week. Bye!
Sanskar: one week is small time dad! it will pass and you will keep wondering how it passed. Ok bye!
They both leave. While driving the car, Swara looks towards Sanskar tensedly.
Sanskar: what happened?
Swara: nothing. My heart is not getting a good feeling. I feel that we should postpone our trip.
Sanskar: oh Swara! You get tensed by these small things. Keep trust that nothing is going to happen bad, ok?
Swara: yeah! But that dreams?
Sanskar: (holds the hand of Swara) oh Mrs. Maheshwari! You are acting like typical wives and I don’t believe in all these rubbish superstitions.
Swara: yeah I know but….
Sanskar: (cuts her) I don’t know anything. Just you and me….
Swara: (frightened expressions and shouts) Sanskar! Drive carefully! See!
Sanskar: (boggled and looks at front of car. A heavy truck is coming close. He tries to control the speed but fails) Oh my God! It is beyond my control!
Swara: I told you. Just stop

Precap: suspense!!!!

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