Always be with me: Swasan (chapter 2)

Girl collides with boy and she scolds him.
Boy: I am sorry for all this. (Smiles at her)
Girl: What are you enjoying man? Am I joking? Oh God! This guy is still smiling. Are you mad?
Boy: don’t know, may be!
Girl: This is ridiculous. Seriously! And why I am wasting time with you. I have more important work to do. Bye and don’t you dare show me your face again. Dumbo! You spoiled my day. Oh God! You found only that weirdo to meet me at the very first day of college.
Boy: it is my luck!
Girl: then watch out whose luck is good or bad! (Goes from there in anger)
Boy (to him): she doesn’t accept her mistake. She is strict but cute.
He also goes in the same direction. Both reach in the class. She is surprised to see him behind her. She gets angry.
Girl: hey Mr. Dumbo! I mean Mr. Weak body! Now you got the guts to follow me. You will surely get beatings from me. What do you want?
Boy: oh really?
Girl: really mister! You are such goofs that you d…. (Teacher comes and greets them)

Teacher: oh hello students! Would you like to step inside the class or chatting is more important for you people. (points to Boy) You are from a well-off family but you girl are distracting my student? How dare you….
Boy: sir sir sir! Don’t get this much angry. It’s our first day at university so we fell into discussion just like that. She didn’t distracted neither bothered me.
Teacher: ok Mr. Maheshwari! If you are saying so… and you girl go and take a seat quick…
Boy: Sir! Can I go?
Teacher: yeah sure! Why not! You don’t need permission for this. (The girl looks at the teacher in awe and then looks at boy in anger and moves from there hastily. Boy follows her to the bench. Girl is irritated)
Girl: you freak! What are you doing here?
Boy: I am a student of this class.
Girl: oh really?
Boy: yes, really!
Girl: (smiles sarcastically) but you look like his son not a student. Why are you so dear to him?
Boy: actually, he is our fa….
Girl: whatever! I asked you to stay away from me but you don’t pay any heed. And I got insulted because of you. I am not going to spare you.
Boy: Why are you getting angry on me? What have I done? What is my fault in all this? Why are you blaming me?
Girl: Shut up and sit quietly. Don’t irritate me and don’t eat my brains.
Boy: oh you have brains? It’s good. I thought you don’t have any because your upper story is empty.
Girl: same to you.
Boy: thanks!

Girl: oh God! Where am I trapped? From tomorrow onwards, don’t you dare sit with me?
Boy: happily accepted!
Girl: good (she starts writing on notebook and he keeps staring at her)
Boy (to him): why is she so much arrogant? What secret is she hiding? I want her to not hate me but why I am affected by her. Do I fell in love? But how can this happen?
The bell is over and she goes outside. He sees that she is sitting alone on the bench. He goes near her.
Boy: so, don’t you have any friends?
Girl: what are you doing here?
Boy: just like that. I was wandering here and there and I saw you sitting here alone. Why are you sitting alone?
Girl: I like to be alone because…
Boy: Ah! Now I understand.

Girl: No! Don’t you dare say like that again? You can never understand. (Tears roll down her cheeks) nobody could understand. Nobody! Who are you to question me (Shouts) who are you to me? I was always alone and I will always remain alone. Nobody will ever come to share this loneliness. Get lost!
He gets worried seeing her condition. She falls on the floor and cries bitterly. He holds her.
Boy: what happened?
Girl: Nothing. I am fine.
Boy: Are you sure?
Girl: yeah!
Boy: No, you are not fine. Come, I will go to doctor with you.
Girl: leave me and go away.
Boy: but your condition…
Girl (shouts): what condition? Ha what condition? I said I am fine. Can’t you understand what I am saying? I said leave me. (Jerks his hands away) I don’t need any sympathies. So don’t act to be good. Just leave me alone.
She runs from there. He is left dumbstruck.

Boy (to himself): why I felt so much pain seeing her tears? I don’t even know her name. For the first time I am feeling for someone in this way. So this is the strength of love. She is so much lonely. I need to find out about her.
He sees the girl running through the corridor. He thinks to follow her. She comes to a lonely place and falls on her knees. She shouts no! And keeps her hands on her ears. She is crying bitterly when he comes.
Girl: why did you do this to me? Why? What was my fault? I can’t live in this world. I am all alone here. People only know to humiliate. There is no one who is affected by my miseries. She faints. Warden comes.
Warden: Swara! What happened? Oh my God! No, not again. Why are you doing all this to yourself? You will never get anything but pain. Somebody help!
Boy comes and says let me help you.
Warden: thank God! You are very kind my son. Please lift her up and come with me.
Warden: ok mam! You go ahead. I will follow you.
Warden: what is your name my son?

Boy: my name is Sanskar Maheshwari. I am son of Durgaprasad Maheshwari.
Warden: oh! He is a top-class business man. You are not an arrogant personality as we think that children of rich families are spoiled and irresponsible. You are just like your name.
Sanskar: no mam! It is not like that. We are also among normal humans and the thing which makes us human is humanity.
Warden: see, the room has come. Put her on this bed.
He puts her on that bed.
Sanskar: mam! Her body has become cold. Please do something.
Warden: yes, I will call the doctor. It is not her first time. I don’t know what this girl is up to?
Sanskar: what do you mean?

Warden: her life is full of miseries. She has got so much pain that she has forgot to laugh and enjoy the life. Anyways I have to call a doctor. She goes to call the doctor. Sanskar looks at Swara and once again gets lost in her beauty and stares at her blankly. He removes a stray of hairs from her face and touches her cheeks fondly.
Sanskar: you are Swara, my Swara. You melted this heart which never melts for anyone. You are the one for whom I can do anything. I will teach you to laugh and enjoy the life. I will not let you go far from me. I don’t care what your past was. You are my present and my future.
He sees warden coming and moves away from her. In haste, he hits the drawer and it opens and things fall on the floor. When he picks them up, he sees some pictures. These were the pictures of Swara. He keeps a picture with him.
Warden: what are you doing?
Sanskar: sorry mam! Actually, I strike the side table and these things fell down.
Warden: it’s okay son! Doctor is coming. You must go.
Sanskar: no mam! Here you will need someone as you can’t handle all this alone.
Warden: oh, so sweet of you!

Precap: Swara’s half past revealed. jelan trying to inquire the reason for Sanskar’s changed behaviour!

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