Always be with me: Swasan (chapter 19)

Swara tells Sanskar that she will keep her hairs open.
Sanskar: wow! (just then Adarsh enters her room with her cousin)
Adarsh: hey my princess! Wish you best of luck! Now you are engaged. My responsibility is about over.
Sanskar: so now family talk. I will go and see off the guests. You both enjoy. (leaves from there)
Cousin: Swara! I must say, you have caught a big fish!
Swara: what do you mean? Say clearly….
Cousin: I mean engagement with Sanskar Maheshwari. The richest bachelor of India.
Swara: you are getting me wrong! When I accepted his proposal, I didn’t know much about him, so how can you say that? I did not force him for all this. In fact, he was behind me and I accepted his proposal because he loves me and love is much more important to me than money.

Cousin: very clever…. (Adarsh interrupts)
Adarsh: enough of your witty talks cousin! I brought you here doesn’t mean that you would be allowed to do anything you want. You are a guest here so please behave like guest. Don’t disturb my sister else I will not spare you. Now go and keep your luggage ready. We are going from here right now!
Swara: no brother! Don’t leave me like this!

Adarsh: no Swara! I am not going to spare this woman. What does she think of herself? I will not allow her to hurt you. (storms out of the room with holding cousin’s hand) Swara starts crying. Sanskar was listening to their conversation and fumes in anger. He clenches his fists and remembers his promise to Swara that he will control himself. His heart started beating hard and he wanted to kill that cousin who suspected her love. He wanted to see Swara so went in her room. When he enters her room, he sees Swara crying bitterly.)
Sanskar: hey Swara! Why are you crying. (he did not want to tell her that he was eavesdropping and knows the reason for her tears.)

Swara: Sanskar! (grabs his collar) Sanskar! Cousin said that I am behind your money. Sanskar! How can she say so? Please believe me, I don’t want your money, I only….
Sanskar: (cuts her) hey Swara! Just relax; I know you love me. Don’t pay heed to what others say. Ok?
Swara: is money this much influential thing that for getting it, people can fake love with anyone? But I am not faking love with you. Sanskar, I don’t want any money. I (sees her jewellery and goes to get it) take this, take all this, please believe me. I am not behind your money.
Sanskar: (tears roll down his cheeks) I completely believe you. I know you love me. I know that you are not behind my money. Please don’t panic. I will never allow anyone to come in between us. (hugs her) I love you Swara, I love you! You are my life!!

Swara: (cries bitterly) why is this wall of status between both of us. I wish to die! I wish to die! I am fed up of all this (pulls her hairs) I don’t want anything! (falls on floor) I don’t want anything. I want to go from here.
Sanskar: stop it Swara! I said I trust you completely. (hugs her again) and tell me where would you go
Swara: (pushes him) wherever my heart says and who are you to interrupt. Just leave me. Maybe I am destined to be alone always.

Sanskar: (realises that she is in a state of shock and calls servants and nurses. He asks the nurse to give sleep injection to Swara. After Swara falls asleep, he lifts her up in his arms)
Sanskar: hurry up! Call the doctor and get her routine check-up done.
Nurse: but sir! She will be fine by the time she regains consciousness.
Sanskar: the hell with your advices. Just do what I say!
Nurse: sorry sir!
Sanskar: (places her on the bed) I want her completely fit. Get that straight into your brains. (shouts) call the doctor!
Nurse: yes, sir! (calls doctor)

After some time, doctor comes and does check-up of Swara. Sanskar is tensed.
Sanskar: anything serious doctor?
Doctor: yes, sir! Can we talk in privacy?
Sanskar: (disappointed) yeah sure (his voice seemed to be coming from a deep ravine)
Doctor: why are you so pale? She is out of danger. I just wanted to tell that she is in very much stress. She was taking relaxing pills from a long span of time. Maybe she was in stress before. She is also taking sleeping pills. Anything that causes stress for her is very dangerous for her as she is at a verge to nervous breakdown. Please take care of her. Keep her as happy as possible.
Sanskar: thank you doctor!
Doctor: now I take your leave! Bye

Sanskar: yeah! (gets angry and goes to Swara) Swara! I promise I will not leave that person who causes you stress. (He calls Ghafoor and asks to get information about Kavitha (cousin). After sometime, he gets her address and drives to her residence. He is so much angry that he is driving the car rashly. He thinks to finish her story right now. He reaches outside her residence and storms in. Gatekeeper tries to stop him but he scolds him in return.
Sanskar: (reaches lawn) Kavitha! Kavitha! Kavitha! Where are you? Come out right now!
Kavitha: (coming out) who is this illiterate person who dared come to my house and is calling me like this? (sees Sanskar and is shocked) Sanskar!
Sanskar: now what happened? Are you shocked or frightened? Tell me!
Kavitha: what happened Mr. Maheshwari?
Sanskar: (in humiliating tone) Mr. Maheshwari, hanh! So this is your real face?
Kavitha: what are you saying? I am not getting it. Please say clearly and why are you standing here? Come inside (gets aside)

Sanskar: (kicks the chair in lawn) the hell with your words! I have no wish to enter your house. What did you say to Swara? You said that she is behind my money. But the truth is that you are behind my money. (shouts) you are just respecting me because of my status in society. Swara is your cousin but you humiliate her. (in loud voice) you know what? You are greedy! You are responsible for this condition of Swara. If something happens to my Swara, then, I will turn your life to hell. Mark my words. (takes out his gun and Kavitha is sweating because of fear) see this. If something happens with my Swara, I will fire all this metal to your body! Got it?
Kavitha: (frightened) but why are…

Sanskar: (cuts her and shouts very loud) just shut up! Shut up! You just wait and watch what will I do if you again use your cheap and witty talks for Swara. I just hate you, your voice, your face and everything which is related to you. I cancel all my invitations for you. You are not allowed to come in my house for any functions. I cut all the relations with you on the behalf of Swara! I don’t want to waste my time here. Never show me your blo*dy ugly face in life! (storms out after keeping his gun in jacket)

Kavitha: (shocked) he is mad! He is completely mad! What has Swara done with him? I am sure she is doing black magic on Sanskar. I will never contact Swara! (goes inside)
Sanskar comes and sits in his car. He is thinking about Swara.
Sanskar: (angry expression on face) if she does anything wrong with you, I swear I will fire all the bullets of this gun to her body. I cannot bear anything wrong happening to you. (thinks to cool down himself and stops the car near a lonely place and gets outside. He remembers his time spent with Swara and remembers all the accidents happening with Swara. He remembers Swara asking to calm down. He says I broke promise today. I am sorry Swara. He drives the car and reaches home. DP comes to him worried.)
DP: where were you Sanskar? Do you have any idea how much I was worried?
Sanskar: I am sorry dad! this will not happen again (he thanks God that DP does not came to know what happened with Swara. He thinks to see Swara) Sharfu! Sharfu! Come here!
Sharfu: yes, sir!
Sanskar: how is your madam?
Sharfu: when you went out, she was repeating your name in semi-conscious state. But she is asleep in your room now!
Sanskar: thank you for taking care of her.
Sharfu: no sir! It is our duty.
Sanskar: ok, I am going to her. Please bring soup for me and don’t inform dad about all this.
Sharfu: what should I say to cook for you?
Sanskar: I am not hungry. (goes from there and reaches her room. He sits beside her and runs his fingers in her hairs) I am sorry Swara! I am really very sorry! But now, you will never see her and get tensed. No one has the right to say anything wrong to you. (holds her hand) I will always be there for you. Love you (kisses on her forehead and goes to his room)

The next day Swara wakes up but does not remember anything about night incident. Sharfu comes to her and greets her good morning. He goes and informs Sanskar. Sanskar comes to her.
Sanskar: hey Swara! Good morning my love!
Swara: good morning (smiles)
Sanskar: how are you feeling now?
Swara: what do you mean? You are saying as if I was very ill last night. Chill yar! I am absolutely fine. I am very happy for the previous day! It was very nice.
Sanskar: (realises that she does not remember anything after their engagement ceremony) yeah! I am also happy! (says to himself in mind) thank God she does not remember last night otherwise her happiness must have destroyed. She looks happy and I am happy seeing her like this.
Swara: hey man! where are you lost?
Sanskar: nothing Swara! Let’s have breakfast.
Swara: yeah! Let’s go to dad.
Sanskar: OK (they both go downstairs and meet DP)

Sanskar and Swara: good morning dad!
DP: good morning my children! Welcome.
Sanskar: what’s the menu dad! I am feeling very much hungry.
DP: that does not matter. Tell the chef what you want to eat and he will serve it.
Sanskar: so Swara, what would you like to have? Come on, hurry up!
Swara: simple fried egg with mango jam and sandwich.
Sanskar: only this Swara? I think that by being ill, you forgot to eat.
DP: ah Sanskar! Don’t tease my daughter. Let her eat what she wants. She didn’t say anything about your eating habits then why are you teasing her?
Sanskar: what dad! you are supporting her instead of me? Crap!
DP: don’t forget she is my daughter now. For these many years, I used to pamper you but now it’s the turn of my daughter!
Swara: yeah! (smiles sarcastically towards Sanskar)
Sanskar: I am getting jealous. Watch out!
DP: ok now concentrate on your breakfast and yeah! Take Swara to dress designer for selecting wedding dress.
Sanskar: wonderful!

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  1. Balaji

    sanskar love starts to turn obsession. take care of him and also urself and superb chappy

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    Nice….hope swara tone down his anger

  3. Sammykapoor sanskae suffering from any disorder????

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    Sanskar chill baby

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  7. Both are afraid of loosing love based on past experiences.

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    Sankyyy, anger is not good for health*doctor me, huhhh??…I hope swara will cure it???…loved the chappy dear… Keep going dear… Waiting for nxt..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

  9. I read ur story it is really good love obsession and drama though felt like a separation is on the way and even felt it is going to have a tragic ending . feeling some where Swara will leave Sanskar and he will be sad and obsessed in the end. yeha daal nahi puri daal hi kaali lag ti hai . Will it have happy ending ? i wont be able to see a tragic ending sorry but i wont be able to take it. so i might refrain from reading

    sorry to hurt you but felt like that

  10. Mind blowing

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