Always be with me: Swasan (chapter 18)


Swara wants to get well soon and DP enters and gets happy seeing her standing on her own feet.
DP: that’s like my daughter. You have proved that we can do anything if we are willing to do it.
Swara: yeah dad! actually I want to recover soon.
DP: anyways, I came here to inform you that the card maker will come to you and you will have to select card design by yourself for engagement.
Swara: why everyone is assigning all the duties to me. I mean first Sanskar said that dress designer will come and now you said that I will have to select engagement cards!
DP: this is because it is your engagement so everything must be of your choice. Even Sanskar wants to wear the dress chosen by you!!
Swara: but dad! I have full faith in you and I believe that whatever you select would also be my choice.
DP: oh Swara! In which era are you living? This is 21st century and I want my daughter to look after all her engagement preparations. I want to give you full freedom. You can go to shopping or for some fun and you don’t need to take permission from me or Sanskar. Just inform any of the servants and then leave for outside. I will tell drivers. Ok?
Swara: ok dad! (with teary eyes) I always thought that I would never get the love of my mom and dad but seeing you, it looks like I got back my mom and dad! thank you so much for everything dad!
DP: (happily hugs her) ah Swara! Don’t cry. It is the moment of happiness so you should enjoy. Go anywhere you want to.
Swara: but I have never gone outside the hostel. So I don’t know about any place in the city.
DP: ok wait! When Sanskar comes, I will inform him. He will take you to a good place.
Swara: yeah sure!
DP: be happy my daughter; God bless you! (goes from there)

After sometime, Sanskar enters her room.
Sanskar: (excited) hey Swara! Dad informed me that you can walk now. I am so glad for you that you are recovering so soon.
Swara: (sits properly) yeah! I am satisfied now.
Sanskar: and he also informed me that you want to go out for fun.
Swara: no, I just want to stay here for some more time. Our engagement ceremony is after some days. We will have to do preparations for it also.
Sanskar: Swara! You don’t need to work here. There are dozens of servants to do work. You just need to order them. And don’t think about preparations. One week is a lot of time.
Swara: no Sanskar! I don’t want to go anywhere. You just stay with me here only. I will be happier!
Sanskar: is there any problem?
Swara: no, not at all.
Sanskar: then what happened?
Swara: nothing Sanskar! I am not in mood of going out and that’s it.
Sanskar: are you sure?
Swara: absolutely yes!
Sanskar: ok! I forgot to tell you that I have got some romantic movie CDs. We will watch it together.
Swara: yeah!
Sanskar: ok tell me what you would like to have for lunch!
Swara: I need something light.
Sanskar: should I order soup for you?
Swara: yeah!
Sanskar: ok! I would also like to have soup.
(calls cook)
Cook: yes sir!
Sanskar: you need to make delicious soup for me and madam.
Cook: and for Mr. Maheshwari?
Sanskar: cook anything he likes. Now go and work fast (cook goes)
Swara: why you ordered soup for yourself?
Sanskar: because I love to have soup in my lunch and especially when you are also having it. (Swara hugs him and he hugs her back) ok now rest for a while. I will come when soup is ready. (he goes from there and Swara thinks that I got someone who really cares for me)

Maheshwari mansion is decorated fully by beautiful flowers and lights. The situation seems to be lively as all people are engaged in work. Sanskar is seen talking on phone. He cancels all the meetings for next three days and informs that his engagement ceremony is going on. Cook comes with his assistants and tells that refreshment arrangements are done. He appreciates their arrangements and goes to see decorations. He goes to interior decorator team.
Sanskar: oh hello mister! My engagement is today. When will all this complete. Guest will be coming after half an hour.
Head: sorry sir! But this will get completed within 15 minutes.
Sanskar: ok (just then, Adarsh comes with his elder sister)
Adarsh: Mr. Maheshwari! Why are you so restless? Don’t worry everything will be fine. Don’t scold the servants.
Sanskar: (in a hurry) I have to see if beautician has done her work complete or not.
Adarsh: Mr. Maheshwari! I know that you are eager to watch Swara but let me clear one thing that three days before, I and your father have told you that you cannot meet her before engagement. It is just the matter of half an hour. After that you can meet Swara anytime. I will go and check Swara if she is ready or not.
Sanskar: ok. (feels disappointed when his plan of having a look at Swara does not work) he sees DP and rushes towards him.
DP: good morning son!
Sanskar: not a good morning dad! Is Swara ready?
DP: Ah! I got it. So you are waiting for Swara. She will be here in next fifteen minutes.
Sanskar: yeah!
DP: I am very happy for you both. The way she recovered so fast is unexplainable. I truly admire her for this. I wanted to ask you that when do you both are joining university?
Sanskar: After three days, I and Swara would join university again. I have told administrative authorities about it.
DP: very good. See, guests have started to come. Go, greet them.
Sanskar: ok (goes and meet guests)
Swara is sitting in her dressing room. Beautician is giving final touches to her hairstyle. She places small shawl on her shoulder. She is looking very pretty in less make up. Swara looks herself in the mirror. Beautician admires her beauty. Just then DP enters her room.
DP: Swara! Swara! My daughter, where are you?
Swara: (turns and speaks in loud voice) yeah dad! I am here in dressing room.
DP: (enters dressing room and Swara stands for his respect) my daughter! You are looking like a fairy! (kisses on her forehead) I always wished that if I had a daughter, I will do all these things on her engagement and see, my wish is fulfilled in the form of you. You are my angel (with teary eyes) God bless you!
Swara: (wipes his eyes) uffo dad! you are behaving as if I am going far away from you. Chill dad! I will be here only for my whole life. I have two roles in your life. First I am daughter to you and second I am daughter-in-law to you. Ok?
DP: yeah! Anyways I came to inform you that party has started and you should come down. Are you ready?
Swara: yeah dad! see my makeup. She is the best beautician.
Beautician: thank you very much mam! I did what I was assigned to do.
DP: thank you for giving a look of fairy to my daughter. Shall we? (signs Swara to go ahead)
Swara: no, actually we both must go like this (holds to DP’s arm) now (they both come downstairs)

Sanskar is mesmerized and is continuously staring at her without blinking his eyes. Adarsh sees this and goes to him.
Adarsh: (shakes Sanskar) come out of your dream world. Your dream girl is standing next to you! And don’t stare at her like this. all the guests are noticing you.
Sanskar: (embarrassed)no Mr. Adarsh. (takes his eyes off from Swara)
Swara: (smiles seeing Sanskar) so Mr. Maheshwari! How am I looking?
Sanskar: mesmerizing, splendid, beautiful…. I can’t explain!
Swara: this is nothing, when you will see me on wedding day, you will faint!
Sanskar: I am already about to faint! (acts as falling on her shoulders)
Swara: Sanskar! What are you doing? All the people are seeing us.
Sanskar: oh! I got lost in your beauty. Sorry!
Swara: (laughs) it’s okay…
DP comes and announces that it is engagement party of my son and then takes out the boxes of rings and asks them to exchange the rings. They do so and whole crowd applauds. They are very happy. After exchanging rings, all guests come one by one and greet them. Corridor is full of gifts. DP calls everyone for photo session. At the end Sanskar calls Swara as he wants to capture his photos alone with Swara. Swara gets tired.
Swara: Ah Sanskar! Now stop all this. I am very tired due to this heavy dress and heavy jewellery.
Sanskar: ok, just a minute. (goes to DP)
Sanskar: dad! whole day is passed and Swara is feeling very tired. She wants to rest.
DP: so take her to her room. Why are you asking me?
Sanskar: thanks dad! I thought you would not like it as some of the guests are still here!
DP: common, hurry up and go. She will be waiting for you. (Sanskar goes to Swara)
Sanskar: (puts his arm around shoulders of Swara) hey Swara, come I will drop you to your room.
Swara: yeah sure. (he carries Swara avoiding media) after some time, they reach the room of Swara.
Sanskar: seeing your face, it feels like you are very much tired. Ok now sit here. I will help you in removing jewellery.
Swara: no, I would do it myself.
Sanskar: oh Swara, don’t be shy and let me do it.
Swara: yeah (continuously stares at Sanskar with love)
Sanskar: (removes all her jewellery and looks at her) hey lady! Why are you looking at me? You should look at mirror. See how beautiful you look. One thing I want to do.
Swara: what?
Sanskar: (goes near her and unpins her hair) this (shows pins to Swara) I wonder why you always keep your hairs pinned up. You look good while keeping your hairs open. (catches a stray of hairs from Swara’s face) I wish you always keep them open and I always keep these strays in my hands.
Swara: ok, so from now on, I will keep my hairs open.

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