Always be with me: Swasan (chapter 17)


Swara: you are senseless!
Sanskar: because all my senses are with you only! And I think it would be enough for us! What do you think?
Swara: I think that…. (Shouts) we reached the lawn.
Sanskar: slowly Swara! My eardrums are going to be burst. You ruined the whole mood. Ok now sit here. (Helps her to sit on chair and himself sits on another chair)
Swara: it’s good to have fresh air. And the scene is beautiful!
Sanskar: not more than you!
Swara: oh really! Have a look there (points to flowers) they are amazing. I feel energy seeing them.
Sanskar: if so, then..(helps Swara get up) you should see them closely. (brings her towards the other side and holds her hands) now feel them.
Swara: (closes her eyes) I am very lucky to have you!
Sanskar: I am luckier to have you. (takes her hands towards the branch of flowers) the way you are feeling by touching these flowers, I feel every day when I see you.
Swara: (laughs and moves away) you are very dramatic!
Sanskar: see, you can walk for some time!
Swara: oh yeah!
Sanskar: Always be happy Swara!
Swara: promise me that you will always remain happy even if sad moments come! You will always smile for me…
Sanskar: I promise you but tell me one thing that why you always keep taking promises from me?
Swara: loving someone so much is very dangerous Sanskar and I don’t want your love to turn into an obsession for me. When we love someone, our happiness and sadness gets associated with that person. I don’t want that if anything wrong happens with us, you get sad. I only want your happiness and that’s it. Believe me, love is very different feeling and its path is full of thorns and I have chosen this path once before. I don’t want to ruin your happiness.
Sanskar: you can never ruin my happiness and why are you talking about all this? what fear is haunting you?
Swara: love makes us timid Sanskar! Every time, I get a wrong feeling. May be this is because of Lakshya. I always fear losing you!
Sanskar: ah Swara! Swara! Look here (cups her face) don’t think about the things which are not going to happen anymore. If you lost Lakshya, that was not your fault. So, chill and don’t be sad! And thank God that you are not with him else I don’t know what would I have done to get you. I know you must be thinking of me as selfish but seriously I can’t imagine my life without you. You may name it as obsession, extremity or selfishness but I claim that I love you. We will never part and I promise you that I will never let anything wrong happen with anyone of us! you are my life!
Swara: yeah, I know! (hugs him) (Adarsh comes and coughs loud. They leave each other.)
Adarsh: hey love birds! Be patient. Anyways I came to tell you that I and Mr. Maheshwari have decided that you two would get engaged the next week!
Sanskar: wow! This is very good news. Thank you so much!
Swara: (shocked) what? How can this happen?
Sanskar: what happened Swara? If you are not happy, it’s fine. We will get engaged when you will say!
Swara: no Sanskar! I didn’t mean this; you are getting me wrong.
Sanskar: anything serious?
Swara: may be because I am not feeling well these days. Even I can’t walk properly and in this situation, I don’t want you to get embarrassed in front of guests!
Sanskar: no, this is not a good excuse. I don’t care about anyone and you would be able to walk after three to four days and see, you can walk even now!
Swara: (smiles) yeah!
Sanskar: so it is confirmed that our marriage ceremony… (looks at Swara sarcastically. She gestures him not to) I mean engagement ceremony will take place after one week. It will be hard to wait Mr. Adarsh!
Adarsh: (laughs) so impatient, han?
Sanskar: call every one you want to attend this party. I especially invite you and your whole family for our engagement party. It will be very nice of you to come. And I offer you one more thing. You guys will travel at my expense. Two cars are in garage so take them along with you and bring whole family. You must have to reach two days earlier!
Swara: Sanskar! Stop; you are dictating each and everything as if he does not know anything.
Sanskar: no, I just want to give as much facilities as I can.
Adarsh: ok fine. Now I will have to go as I have to inform our family about all this and we will have to do a lot of preparation.
DP: what type of preparations my son? We are doing all the preparations here so no need to worry. Ok?
Adarsh: yeah! But actually, Swara is our responsibility.
DP: I have said that she is my daughter and being my daughter, she is my responsibility.
Adarsh: I feel very lucky for Swara. She has got such a nice family that no one could get. She got her dad!
Sanskar: ok fine! Time up for your emotional drama. I feel exhausted after listening to all of your dialogues. Now come and have lunch. Swara is very tired!
Swara: (holds to arm of Sanskar and smiles) yeah!
DP: ok fine! (they all head towards DP’s personal dining hall. After lunch, Adarsh bids bye to all of them and Sanskar brings Swara to her room.
Sanskar: so my to be miss Swara Maheshwari! How are you feeling?
Swara: much better!
Sanskar: good (covers her with blanket and sits at the cot near the bed) at that time, all were present so I could not ask you but now you will have to tell me everything clearly. Ok?
Swara: yeah! But what are you talking about?
Sanskar: are you satisfied with this decision? Are you ready? I mean you were hesitating….
Swara: no Sanskar! How could you think that I will not be satisfied? I love you Sanskar and I have no reservations regarding this decision. Trust me… I was hesitating because of this condition but after you supported me, I was happy.
Sanskar: are you sure?
Swara: yeah!
Sanskar: Swara! I only want your happiness. My wish is that you stay happy all the time. I cannot see you worried!
Swara: nobody has taken so much care of me. Thank you so much Sanskar! I love you.
Sanskar: no need to thank me. You are my responsibility and I am performing my duty.
Swara: yeah! You know what Sanskar? For the first time, I came to know the real meaning of family. You taught me to experience the feeling of love from the core of heart. You taught me to smile. You are everything for me. (hugs him)
Sanskar: (smiles) ok, now you need rest. Lay down! I will send nurse after one hour to help you in practice of walking! And one more thing!
Swara: yeah!
Sanskar: I got this for you. (shows her the phone)
Swara: (takes the phone and examines it) this is very costly; I cannot take it!
Sanskar: oh, Swara! Nothing is costlier than you. So, what is this phone in front of you? Take it and it belongs to you. I have feed my number in this. In case if you need anything, call me. You can call me any time, even it is 3 o’clock at night. Ok! And don’t think that you would be disturbing me.
Swara: but Sanskar, I don’t need it.
Sanskar: shhh. (keeps finger on her lips) you need it. It is yours. And I have contacted the dress designer. She will come and you will choose dress for yourself and please don’t care about money. Ok?
Swara: ok! (laughs)
Sanskar: I love your laugh and you!
Swara: yeah! I know that…
Sanskar: very good! Ok now, I have to go so bye! Take care!
Swara: (laughs) bye bye! (after some time, nurse comes and gives injection. After that, she takes tablets and goes to rest.)
When Swara wakes up, she sees nurse sitting near the window. She thinks to walk and gets up. She succeeds and gets happy. Nurse sees her.
Nurse: (surprised) wow mam! You are recovering very fast.
Swara: yeah! I want to become well as soon as possible.

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