Always be with me: Swasan (chapter 16)


Nurse is instructing Swara to walk slowly and is standing at distance. Its ten minutes to 2 o’clock. Swara goes towards window and stares outside. Just then, DP enters.
DP: it’s good to see you recovering. I am very happy.
Swara: thank you uncle!
DP: don’t call me that! Call me dad! That’s what Sanskar calls me. Now you two are equal in my eyes.
Swara: yeah! Sometimes I think that I am lucky to have a friend like Sanskar.
DP: much time has passed. Now he should me more than a friend in your life.
Swara: yeah! I consider him as angel in my life. He introduced such a beautiful way of life to me. He gave me a family like you. (Tears start flowing from her eyes)
DP: ok! Now keep your practice on, I have to go for an important meeting. Bye!
Swara: bye dad! (DP smiles seeing her obeying him)
DP: nurse! Take care of her. She should not feel any difficulty here.
Nurse: yes sir! I will try my best to keep her happy and hopeful.

DP: good! (Goes out)
Swara sits on bed and after some time, starts walking towards door. Nurse is preparing for her medicines. Swara stumbles on the way and falls down. She is struggling to get up when Sanskar enters the room. He sees Swara struggling to get up. He runs to Swara.
Sanskar: Swara! Swara! What happened? (Picks her up in his arms)
Swara: nothing Sanskar! I was just practicing when I fell down.
Sanskar: what? (Drops her on the bed and covers her with blanket and burst in anger and shouts at nurse)
Sanskar: (screaming) what the hell? How could you be so careless? Are you blind or deaf or some other problem? Tell me. I asked you to take care of her. Is this your care?
Nurse: no sir! I was just…
Sanskar: just what? Tell me just what? I will get you out of the house right now. I wonder how you became nurse. You cannot handle one patient? Is this your ability?
Swara: Sanskar! Just stop it…
Sanskar: no Swara! Not this time. I will not tolerate any kind of carelessness in your case. I cannot take any risk. You are my life. And you! Miss no knowledge nurse! Now get out and don’t show me your face.

Nurse: (confused and stunned) but Sir I…
Sanskar: (throws vase towards her, it breaks in her feet. Sanskar shouts) I said get out! Can’t you understand what I am saying?
Swara: Sanskar please! She was preparing for my medicines and I was walking myself. Why are you over reacting? Control yourself and why are you insulting her and for what?
Sanskar: but she is so….
Swara: Sanskar! She is a human like us! It was not her mistake; I didn’t tell her that I would practice more. That’s why, she was relaxed. Now cool down and sit here! (Sees towards nurse) you can go and leave us alone for some time. Come after 10 minutes!
Nurse: thank you so much mam! (Goes out)
Swara: (looks at Sanskar. He has tightened his fist and still angry. She holds both his fists) Sanskar! Calm down, calm down Sanskar! Hey! Look at me. Look at me! I am fine in front of you. You are over reacting. (Sanskar opens his fists slowly and looks towards Swara. He has a gloomy expression plastered at his face)

Sanskar: over reacting? Swara! Maybe you don’t understand what you are for me and how much do you matter to me. You can’t imagine the level of my love. Every time I see you like this, I feel that I am going to lose you. I am afraid that if I lose you, how I could survive. (Holds both her hands and keeps on his face)
Swara: hey Sanskar! You are not going to lose me. I assure you that I am yours, only yours. Nothing can separate us. I am very happy that I got someone like you. You are the reason for my life and happiness. I love you Sanskar!
Sanskar: I know that and I love you too. (Hugs her) promise me that you will never go leaving me alone. Promise me Swara that you will take care of yourself. Promise me!
Swara: (breaks the hug and interlocks her fingers with him. She then looks at him and smiles) I promise you Sanskar that I will never go anywhere leaving you alone. I promise you that I will take care of myself. But you also have to promise!
Sanskar: tell me!
Swara: promise me that you will never forget me or my love. If a situation arises when I am not with you or far from you, you will never doubt on my love. You will not forget me. You will love me to the same level as this time.
Sanskar: I promise!

Swara: (smiles and tears of happiness flow from her eyes and she hugs him tightly.
Sanskar: you always keep crying; I wonder how you manage all these tears! (Laughs sarcastically)
Swara: you! (Just then Adarsh enters)
Adarsh: hello Swara! How are you feeling now? (Sees Sanskar) oh I am so sorry! I disturbed you.
Sanskar: no brother! No one could disturb us. Any ways, what would you like to have for lunch? Swara!
Swara: yeah!

Sanskar: order that thing which your brother likes the most. I would like to have it. I am going and will send the cook to you! (Goes out)
Adarsh: sometimes, I feel very lucky that I admitted you to this university and you met Sanskar. He is a diamond. He can give you any happiness of the world. What is the thing which he did not have? I mean he is handsome, attractive, young, one of rich most persons of India, a good human! List of girls who admire him will be very long but see how he is mad about you!
Swara: yeah! He is almost complete but I fear from one thing!
Adarsh: and what is that?
Swara: his madness for me.
Adarsh: oh come on, don’t you feel happy that his world starts at you and ends on you. His love is his madness and he can do anything for this love!
Swara: yeah! I know but what happened a while ago, I cannot expect this from him.
Adarsh: what happened? Did he hurt you?
Swara: how can you even think like that? He can never hurt me. But instead, if I am hurt, he will lose control over him. (Points towards the broken pieces of vase which Sanskar threw towards the nurse.)
Adarsh: now what is this?
Swara: I was practicing to walk without informing nurse. She was busy preparing for my medicines. I walked a few steps and fell down. I could not get up without anyone’s help. I was struggling to get up when Sanskar entered. He saw me like this and first dropped me to the bed and then burst in anger and insulted the nurse very much. He threw this vase towards her and thank God it didn’t hurt her. He was continuously shouting at her and beyond any one’s control. If I had not controlled him, he had murdered that nurse. For the first time, I saw him in this much anger otherwise he is very calm and polite.
Adarsh: maybe this is called love! He cannot tolerate seeing you in any bad condition.
Swara: but I fear from this much love. If I lose him, how will I live? I will die brother! (Cries) I will die (hugs him)

Adarsh: hey you stupid girl! Keep hope that nothing is going to be bad.
Swara: yeah. Bhai! Please stop him before his love turns into obsession.
Adarsh: hey don’t worry… (Cook enters)
cook: mam! What would sir like to have? Sanskar sir told me that today’s menu will consist of his favorite dishes.
Swara: (dictates him dishes)
Cook: what is this? (Points at broken vase)
Swara: I was walking when I stumbled on the way and this broke!
Cook: I will tell the sweeper, he will clean it up! (He goes and Swara looks at him tensed)
Adarsh: (keeps hands over her head) don’t worry! Everything will be fine.
Swara: yeah! And we all would have lunch together. Ok?
Adarsh: ok! Now I am going. You please take care of yourself.
Swara: yeah, bye!

Adarsh: bye! (Goes outside)
Swara is reading a magazine. She gets bored and rests for a while. She then looks at window and feels sad that she can’t walk. She looks outside with teary eyes. Just then, Sanskar enters the room.
Sanskar: hey Swara! I am back. How did your time pass?
Swara: (tries to hide her tears and smiles) fine!
Sanskar: (Notices her tears) I will tell you something. Whenever you have tears in your eyes, never try to smile. It looks awkward.
Swara: no Sanskar! My eyes got irritated….
Sanskar: when we love someone, we can understand their feelings. Now tell me why are you sad? I can’t bear to see tears in your eyes. You can not only share your happiness with me but also your pains. Ok?
Swara: (nods) yeah! (Looks at window sadly) the world is very beautiful! See, how trees are standing in lawn. But I cannot walk.
Sanskar: so this is the problem! I thought that you were going from this world! And who said that you can’t walk? Although it’s difficult but I will help you and by the way, you will be able to walk till next two to three days but bed rest is for complete one week.
Swara: you will help me? Ok fine. (Tries to get up and Sanskar holds her)
Sanskar: you should walk after the lunch. It will be good for your health. After all how many days you will lay on bed? You will surely get fat! (Laughs sarcastically)
Swara: you will surely get beatings!
Sanskar: I am honoured!
Swara: you are senseless!
Sanskar: because all my senses are with you only! And I think it would be enough for us! What do you think?

Precap: SwaSan engagement date fixed!

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