Always be with me: Swasan (chapter 15)


After sometime, Sanskar comes to the room of Swara.
Sanskar: so now, I have appointed two nurses for you and they would take care of you when I am at university.
Swara: Sanskar! I can take care of myself, please.
Sanskar: yeah! I know which type of care you have taken of yourself till now. You can’t dominate me in this matter. I will not take any risk! And please don’t be stressed. They are just nurses. You can order them to leave you alone.
Swara: ok fine!
Sanskar: thank you very much!
Swara: for what?
Sanskar: for agreeing!
Swara: I am very tired Sanskar! Please leave me alone!
Sanskar: what happened Swara? Is there any problem? You can share it with me. Or I did something wrong? You can punish me in any way but please don’t act like this!
Swara: no Sanskar! There is nothing like that. I am sorry, I didn’t mean that. But I want to spend some time alone. please!
Sanskar: (disappointed) ok! Take care of yourself. I will meet you in morning.
Swara: good night!
Sanskar: good night! And the water is in my mini fridge! There (points towards his mini fridge)
Swara: thank you! (Sanskar goes from there)

When Sanskar goes, Swara gets up and slowly walks towards the window. Both the nurses enter her room.
Nurses: hello mam! Sir informed us that you want to stay alone for some time but we came here to meet you. We will go after sometime. (see her posters and wonder what is the matter) mam! If you don’t mind, can I ask you a question?
Swara: yeah sure!
Nurse: who are you to sir! I mean everybody knows that Sanskar Maheshwari is the only son of DP Maheshwari! And all his house is decorated with your pictures. He loves you?
Swara: (purses her lips) hmm… actually… yeah!
Nurse: you are very lucky that you got someone who loves you and the best part is that he is not flirty type. He did not even see towards other girls.
Swara: yeah! I know.
Nurse: mam! It looks like a gent’s room not that of any lady’s. Is this the room of Sanskar Maheshwari?
Swara: yeah! But how did you know?
Nurse: because no lady decorates her room with her own pictures.
Swara: yeah.
Nurse: you took all medicines? (suddenly, Sanskar enters the room)
Sanskar: sisters! Please, now come with me, I will show you your room. Swara needs to be left alone this time! It’s already 11 o’clock.
Nurses: yes, sir!
Sanskar: Swara! Now sleep, I have made your project and I will submit it tomorrow. Ok? Don’t worry!
Swara: yeah! When you will get up for breakfast, please wake me up. We will do breakfast here!
Sanskar: ok! Now sleep, should I turn off the lights.
Swara: yeah!
They go from there.

Nurse: sir! Mam has taken medicines?
Sanskar: don’t worry! I gave her tablets.
Nurse: mam is very lucky to have you sir!
Sanskar: no, I am very lucky to have her! See, here is your room. Good night!
In morning, Sanskar comes to Swara’s room. He sees nurses on duty.
Sanskar: good morning!
Nurses: good morning sir!
Sanskar: it’s good that you took your responsibilities without being called. I am impressed! Anyways, you wake her up?
Nurse: no sir!
Sanskar: (goes to Swara and gently caresses her face) Swara! Swara!
Swara: yeah! (Opens her eyes and smiles at him) you came!
Sanskar: yeah! (To nurse) go and order the cook to bring our breakfast.
Nurse: yeah! (Goes out)
Sanskar: good morning my princess! How are you feeling?
Swara: good! I feel good to see you. But I advise you one thing!
Sanskar: what?
Swara: please remove my pictures from your house. Don’t you get tired seeing them again and again?
Sanskar: I would never feel tired seeing your pictures even for whole life! And by the way, why are you saying this?
Swara: because whenever someone comes to this portion of your house, he or she questions about all this. First brother and then these nurses!
Sanskar: oh Swara! Don’t bother about anyone else. (Cook along with nurses enters the room). I will change these pictures but they will remain under the new pictures.
Swara: ok fine! See, cook has come.
Cook: good morning sir! Have your black coffee sir and mam! What a couple! I mean your choices match in everything!
Sanskar: yeah! (Moves towards Swara and kisses her forehead) I love you.
Swara: (Closes eyes for some time) I love you too!
Sanskar: (smiles) now see! I have only ten minutes for you because I have to get ready for university.
Swara: oh yeah! I forgot. I wish that I could go with you as we were partners for model.
Sanskar: you have to take complete bed rest! After all, it’s just only a week. After that, you will be able to attend the classes with me.
Nurse: Is she your class fellow sir?

Sanskar: yeah! We are class fellows and moreover, we are members of the same group. (Adarsh enters)
Adarsh: good morning Swara! (Goes and hugs her)
Sanskar and Swara: good morning brother!
Swara: brother! We were assigned to make a model of phylum Arthropoda and he is going to submit that today. Sanskar! Go and bring the model.
Sanskar: yeah (goes and brings the model) sir! This is the model.
Adarsh: wow, that’s great!
Sanskar: (sees time) oh God! I will get late. Ok bye! Bye Swara!
Swara: bye Sanskar (smiles)
Adarsh: after a long time, I saw you smiling. Always keep smiling. You look good!
Swara: yeah! I never expected all this happiness from life.
Adarsh: Sanskar is really nice guy! Never lose him.
Swara: yeah! Anyways, have breakfast!
After sometime, Sanskar calls Swara.
Swara: yeah Sanskar!
Sanskar: nothing special! Just wanted to hear your voice. Speak something!
Swara: (laughs) you are funny Sanskar!
Sanskar: always keep smiling like this! Your voice gives peace to my heart.
Swara: did you submit our model?
Sanskar: oh sorry! I forgot. Yeah, I submitted model and report.
Swara: what did sir say?
Sanskar: he was very happy and said that our model was the best. We are going to represent our university in inter-university representation.
Swara: that’s good but I am bound to bed rest for one week.
Sanskar: no problem, I would ask him to delay it.
Swara: what? That’s great. So when are you coming? (Nurse enters her room)
Nurse: mam! You took medicines or not?
Swara: yeah Sanskar, when will you come?
Sanskar: Swara! You took your medicines or not?
Swara: (pouts) I am caught between three nurses.
Sanskar: very funny! Take your medicines and stop pouting like this else I will eat you.
Swara: (her eyes get wide listening to this) haw! How do you know?
Sanskar: I know each and every action of yours my jaan-e-mann.
Swara: ok fine (takes medicines from nurse)
Sanskar: good!
Swara: tell me when will you come?
Sanskar: after 2 o’clock, I will be there.
Swara: and now it’s 11 o’clock!
Sanskar: I know!
Swara: yeah! Of course, but how will my time pass?
Sanskar: you should practice walking, give phone to nurse
Nurse: yes sir!
Sanskar: please help mam with her walking practice. Bring her towards the window and the door. Remember she must not go towards stairs. Ask her if she likes to eat something, order the cook. Understood!

Nurse: yeah sure sir! (Gives phone back to Swara)
Sanskar: hey Swara! Would you like to eat something?
Swara: no Sanskar! What about studies?
Sanskar: nothing special! Actually two professors were on leave. Any ways, get well soon and come to university.
Swara: you are saying as if you will not return.
Sanskar: no, I just want you to recover soon.
Swara: ok fine! Good bye and have a nice day!
Sanskar: you too! (Cuts the call and smiles)

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