Always be with me: Swasan (chapter 14)


When Adarsh steps on the second floor of house, he is stunned to see pictures of Swara hanging all over the walls. When he enters the room, he is stunned to see the pictures of Swara covering the whole walls of the room. Swara sees him and is shocked. She gets emotional seeing Adarsh.
Swara: (shocked and very much happy) brother! Brother? How you came here? (tears roll down her cheek and she tries to get up from the bed and stumbles)
Adarsh: (holds her to prevent her from falling) lay down Swara! You are not fine at all. How did this happen?
Swara: I had an accident after which I became unconscious. Then Sanskar came and he took great care of mine. He brought me to his house. He is really a good guy. You know what? When I saw him first, I always used to scold him. Every time, I tried my best to insult him but he never hated me.
Adarsh: and what is all this madness? (Points to her pictures) why is his house full of your pictures?
Swara: I came to know about all this a few days ago. He told me that he fell in love with me when he saw me for the first time. At first, I started hating him but when I spent some time with him, I came to know that he really loves me. Very few people get the love of their life and that’s why, I accepted him.
Adarsh: are you sure?
Swara: yeah brother!
Adarsh: ok! If your happiness is with him, I will not come in between you two. I am very happy that you forgot Lakshya.
Always remember that when someone dies, we cannot die with him.

Swara: no brother! This time, you are wrong! I have not forgotten Lakshya neither I can forget him. But Sanskar has made a special place for him in my heart and now I love him. I will never allow my past to take over my future.
Adarsh: you will remain happy with him but I am not satisfied.
Swara: but why brother?
Adarsh: Swara! I am your elder brother and I have seen the world. There is a big difference in our class and Sanskar’s class. Would you be able to cope up with this problem?
Swara: I don’t know but if our love is pure, we will never have any problem!
Adarsh: I hope so Swara!
Sanskar is standing behind the door and listening to entire conversation and smiles. He thinks that Swara has started loving him truly. He feels overjoyed and goes from there.
Adarsh: Swara! You need rest. Now lay down and sleep. Ok?
Swara: ok!
Adarsh: I will go to Sanskar and talk to him. He leaves the room and is confused where to go. He accidentally bumps into the door of Sanskar’s personal dining hall where he is busy eating the meal.
Adarsh: sorry sir!
Sanskar: ah! Please come and as I said earlier, no need to be formal. What would you like to have?
Adarsh: I am not hungry!

Sanskar: oh come on! Sharfu! Sharfu!
Sharfu: yes sir!
Sanskar: sharfu! Bring some Italian dish for sir as he is not much hungry and make sure that cook does not exceed anything in it. Ok?
Sharfu: ok sir! Anything else?
Sanskar: yeah! What about drinks? (looks towards Adarsh)
Adarsh: I just want simple water!
Sanskar: bring some water and soft drink for sir and apple juice for me.
Sharfu: yes sir! (goes from there)
Adarsh: I saw that your whole house is decorated by pictures of Swara and walls of your room are covered with her posters.
Sanskar: yeah! Actually, I should have told about this to you earlier but I feared and that’s why I decided not to tell you anything on the phone. It is good to talk face to face.
Adarsh: yeah!
Sanskar: actually! I love your sister Swara. Believe me, I am not that type of guy! Before meeting Swara, I had no belief in love. But when I first time saw Swara, all my beliefs were proved wrong. I really love Swara and want to marry her.

Just then, DP enters the room.
DP: Sanskar! Mr. Roy is waiting for meeting. Please come. (sees Adarsh) who is this guy?
Sanskar: welcome dad! I told you that Swara’s elder brother is coming? So come and meet elder brother of Swara, Mr. Adarsh Gagodia.
DP: oh, I am so sorry Mr. Adarsh! How are you?
Adarsh: I am good! How are you sir?
DP: don’t call me sir! We are relatives now. Sanskar! You didn’t tell him?
Sanskar: no dad! I have told him the whole situation and I am waiting for his answer.
DP: Mr. Adarsh! If you have any reservations, we will remove them but please, don’t say no.
Adarsh: how can I say no to such a nice guy? I know that he will keep my sister very happy but there is a lot of difference between our status! I have not much dowry to give her as I never thought that she will love anyone else after Lakshya!
DP: we don’t want anything except your Swara. Happiness of my son is with Swara, not with her things. So don’t worry!
Adarsh: yeah of course! Why would I worry? When I was coming, I had many things in my mind. I was so tensed that what will happen to Swara? How would she live? But now I will have no worries as I know that she found someone that would take care of her and keep her happy.
Sanskar: thank you so much! This is a great thing. You cannot understand what does that means to me.

Adarsh: how much time would Swara take to recover?
Sanskar: doctor said that this process would take at least one week.
Adarsh: I would have to go now!
Sanskar: no ways, you can’t go like this!
DP: yeah! You will have to stay here at least for two days.
Adarsh: but I have important work. I have to see my family.
DP: why don’t you call your family here? They will also be waiting to meet Swara!
Sanskar: yeah and Swara would also feel better.
Adarsh: no Mr. Maheshwari! I would live here for one day and then I will go.
DP: ok! Sanskar!
Sanskar: yeah dad!
DP: show Mr. Adarsh his room. Come on!
Sanskar: ok dad! Come Mr. Adarsh!
DP: bye!
Sanskar and Adarsh: bye!
Sanskar leads Adarsh to one of the guest rooms on first storey.

After that, he comes to Swara. She is sleeping.
Sanskar: (touches her cheeks fondly) Swara! Swara! Wake up.
Swara: yeah Sanskar! What happened?
Sanskar: it’s time for your medicines!
Swara: you are not my nurse!
Sanskar: yeah! I know that but I feel happy working for you. And I will be more satisfied that I am taking care of you by my own. Now take this! (Gives tablet to her)
Swara: (Sits upright and smiles seeing him) I love you!
Sanskar: (Laughs sarcastically) don’t distract me. I know you don’t want to take medicines.
Swara: (drinks water after tablet) I am proud of my choice.
Suddenly the intercom buzzes and Swara is stunned.
Sanskar: I am so sorry! Actually this is intercom, whenever someone comes to meet me, guard informs me. I forgot to take it to my new room.
Swara: it’s okay. Let’s see who has come to meet Sanskar Maheshwari!
Sanskar: (presses the button) yeah!
Guard: sir! There are two ladies. They are saying that they are appointed for nursing of Swara mam!
Sanskar: oh yeah! It’s true. Send them and ask Sharfu to bring them to my room (looks at Swara and smiles) sorry! Swara madam’s room, am I right?
Swara: stop it. (Laughs loudly)
Sanskar: (disconnects intercom and starts going out)
Swara: now where are you going?
Sanskar: I am going to fit this in my new room. I will be there in a few seconds!

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