Always be with me: Swasan (chapter 13)


After Sanskar sees off the doctor, he comes to Swara. He holds her hand.
Sanskar: hey Swara! I was very happy that you accepted me but I don’t know that who is evil eyeing our love. Please don’t lose your courage. Take strength from our love. I would never let tears come in your eyes. I will always keep you happy but please open your eyes. (He falls on his knees and starts crying)
Cook comes and sees him.
Cook: sir! I have cooked the dishes which mam ordered. Please wake her up.
Sanskar: just shut your face! She is unconscious from the past one hour and you are talking non-sense.

Cook: oh! I am so sorry sir. But what happened?
Sanskar: I don’t know. When I came here, I saw her unconscious lying on the floor and doctor said that she would gain consciousness till the next day or two days.
Cook: don’t worry sir! She is a very good lady. Your love will not let her droop.
Sanskar: I hope so! You go. I want to spend time alone.
Cook: ok sir! (Goes from there)
Sanskar is continuously sitting beside Swara and staring at her blankly.

Sanskar: from the first time, I saw you, I had been waiting for this moment. I will never let you go far away from me. I know that you are listening.
He suddenly stands upright and storms out of the room. After some time, he comes to the room with interior decoration team and orders to decorate whole room with lilies and roses. Head of the team is Joel. He sees Swara lying on the bed and the posters covering the walls of the room.
Joel: who is this lady sir? Is she your wife?
Sanskar: (looks blankly at him) my would-be-wife.
Joel: it seems that you love her lot sir!
Sanskar: how do you know?

Joel: it is so obvious sir! Your whole house is decorated with her pictures. I want to ask you something if you don’t mind.
Sanskar: yeah! Ask.
Joel: why is she at your house and she is sleeping.
Sanskar: she suffered from a very bad accident and she is unconscious. She needed special care and that is why I brought her to my house. I want that when she gains consciousness, she finds herself in a place like heaven. Lilies are her favourite flowers.
Joel: I am so sorry about that sir!
Sanskar: please concentrate on your work.
They start decorating the room and after sometime whole room is full of lilies and roses. After they go, DP comes.
DP: Sanskar! Go and rest for a while.
Sanskar: no dad! I am not tired at all.

DP: don’t worry Sanskar. Remember what the doctor said? He said that she would gain consciousness till tomorrow.
Sanskar: yeah! I know that.
DP: then why are you so tensed?
Sanskar: you know what? Whenever there is a moment of happiness in my life, God always snatches it from me. I have waited a lot for this time and when this time came, see what happened!
DP: I don’t get you? What type of moment were you expecting?
Sanskar: dad! She accepted me. She said that she loves me. And you know what dad? Before the doctor came, she was in semiconscious state and was calling my name repeatedly. She said that never forget me. She didn’t have the hope that she would survive. She was saying that she was having problem in breathing!
DP: don’t worry! Only one day and she will be with you. I am so happy for you my son! Did she have any family? We will have to seek their permission also.
Sanskar: yeah dad! I have called her elder brother and he will be on the way. Suddenly they hear shouting of Swara. Sanskar runs towards his room.
Swara: (shouts) Sanskar! Sanskar! Sanskar!
Sanskar: (comes and holds her close) Swara! I am here. What happened?
Swara: (hugs him suddenly and is still shouting) Sanskar! Sanskar! You are safe. Don’t go anywhere. Sanskar…

Sanskar: hey Swara! (Rubs her shoulders) I am here. Nothing happened to me. I am fine. Calm down!
Swara: (holds his hands tightly) no Sanskar! Don’t go there, please don…..
Sanskar: (shakes her with force) Swara! I am not going anywhere! I am here with you. Be conscious!
Swara: (looks blankly at him and after some time, starts crying and hugs Sanskar) I am sorry Sanskar!
Sanskar: no Swara, I am sorry for my behaviour but I am helpless. I get upset when I see you in trouble.
Swara: I love you!
Sanskar: hey Swara! What happened? Did you saw bad dreams?

Swara: yeah! (Sanskar removes a stray of hairs from her face and she burries her head in the chest of Sanskar) I saw that you were going to a tree and you reached a cliff. Someone pushed you and you fell down that cliff. Sanskar! It was so scary. I was feeling as if I was going to lose my life. Promise me that you will never take any risk on your life. Promise me Sanskar!
Sanskar: I promise you!
Swara: and promise me that you will never break your promise.
Sanskar: (laughs) I promise you.
Swara: never break your promise!
Sanskar: yes mam! Any other order?

Swara: no, at this time, I am done! (starts coughing)
Sanskar: (runs to jug and brings water for her) drink it!
Swara drinks water.
Sanskar: Now, you need rest and take care of yourself, at least for me.
Swara: wow! Who decorated this room?
Sanskar: what do you think? Well, I ordered interior decorators to decorate the room with all these flowers.
Swara: it looks very beautiful!
Sanskar: yeah mam! But I forgot in all this that we had a project to do. So, I would have to go to university tomorrow to know about our studies condition.
Swara: I want to go to university.
Sanskar: no ways, never ever think of that at least for one week.
Swara: ok! Now go and prepare the model.

Sanskar: I will prepare it, don’t worry!
Sanskar goes from there. DP was listening to their entire conversation. He feels happy seeing both of them together.
Sanskar prepares the model and goes to Swara and shows it to her.
Swara: wow Sanskar! You are amazing.
Sanskar: whole work is complete and the report is ready to be submitted. I will go to university and submit the report and model. We will be first to submit the project and that too before the time.
Swara: that’s good!
Sanskar: but before all this, I have to appoint two nurses who would look after you.
Swara: there is no need of all this!
Sanskar: I want to see you fine and safe.
Swara: ok!

Sanskar: now, I would have to go. You take care of yourself and bye. I love you (touches her cheeks fondly)
Swara: bye!
Sanskar receives phone of Adarsh and sends two servants to bring him from the station. When Adarsh reaches his house, he is stunned to see such a big house. Sanskar comes to greet him.
Sanskar: hi Mr. Adarsh! How are you?
Adarsh: I am fine sir!
Sanskar: oh please! Don’t be so much formal. Call me with my name. I am Sanskar Maheshwari.
Adarsh: that’s so sweet of you because most of the rich people don’t allow us to come to their house.
Sanskar: no, we all are equal. Please come inside. Sharfu! Sharfu! Where are you? What would you like to have Mr. Adarsh? Some food or coffee?

Adarsh: nothing sir! I just wanted to see Swara.
Sanskar: Sharfu! Lead sir to guest drawing room. I am going to inform Swara. And tell the cook to cook something delicious for Mr. Adarsh. He goes from there and reaches his room.
Sanskar: hey Swara! There is a surprise for you.
Swara: what surprise?
Sanskar: well, that’s a secret!
He goes from there and orders Sharfu to bring Adarsh to meet Swara.

Precap: Adrash agreeing for SwaSan wedding

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