Always be with me: Swasan (chapter 12)


Swara tells Sanskar that she can’t love him and begs to understand her situation.
Sanskar: (breaks hug in disappointment) situation is not always the same Swara! One time you lost your love doesn’t mean that you will never get your love again.

Swara: but I am very afraid of this love Sanskar. Whenever I loved anyone in my life, it got separated from me. I loved my father, he suicided. I loved my mother, she died in accident and I loved Lakshya, he died too. When I will start loving you, you will also die. My luck had been very bitter to me always.
Sanskar: that was just a co-incidence! Nothing will happen wrong! I promise.
Swara: I don’t know Sanskar that I am capable of loving or not.
Sanskar: If I am capable of loving, then, anyone could love.
Swara: I want juice (gets up and goes towards the room)

Sanskar: (looks at her going) I am sure, one day, you will accept me. (He goes to canteen and orders two mango juices. Swara is in her room when nurse enters and checks her record and writes fresh medicines for her.)
Nurse: its first time that Mr. Maheshwari admit any lady from his side to our hospital. I think you are very special to him.
Swara: no, he is very caring towards his friends, that is why!
Nurse: oh, so you are his friend! I thought you are his would-be wife. He is so caring towards you. He wanted your treatment by the army of doctors but we suggested him to consult one doctor because it will be good for you and where are all the flowers.
Swara: flowers? But when?
Nurse: he decorated whole room on his own for you. He was saying that lilies were your favourite flowers and seeing them, you would feel better and happy.
Swara: what? He did all this on his own? (remembers when she got angry on him and threw flowers on the floor)
Nurse: yeah mam! You are very lucky. I think that he is in love with you. If he proposes you later on, accept him. He will always keep you happy.
Swara: but how could you say that? I consider him just a good friend of mine and I have no such feelings for him. Maybe you are mistaken.

Nurse: no mam! It reflects from his eyes and actions that he loves you. I saw with my own eyes that he was crying holding your hands when you were unconscious. He even fought with his own dad because of your treatment. He has not slept for the past three days and was very tensed….
Sanskar enters the room suddenly.
Sanskar: look Swara! What I bought? Your favourite mango juice without added sugar. Now I will not listen to your rubbish arguments. I want my best friend to become completely fine. (sits with her but don’t notice nurse) You are going with me to my house for a week where specialists would take care of you and only after that I would allow you to go to hostel.

Swara: stop your rubbish discussion. Nurse is here (Sanskar sees nurse and moves away from Swara.)
Nurse: sir! Mam is alright but she needs some care which I think you will do.
Sanskar: obviously, it is my duty as she has only one friend that is me. If I would not take care of you, then who else? You can go now. (Nurse goes and Sanskar sits on the stool.)
Swara: I have drunk juice. And what were you saying that you will keep me in your house. You think that I would agree?
Sanskar: I don’t need your permission for all this. Good care would be taken of you.
Swara: and your dad!
Sanskar: he has given me full permission to take care of you.
Swara: ok!
Sanskar: good
Swara: but what about hostel warden?
Sanskar: I will handle all this. don’t worry and do preparations to go to my house.
Swara: I need no preparations.
Sanskar: true! (gets lost in Swara)
Swara: what are you staring at man? don’t look at me like that ok?
Sanskar: sorry! I have to talk to doctor. Then we will go to our house.
Swara: our house?
Sanskar: of course, Swara! Everything that belongs to me is yours except my name and that will belong to you after you accept me with my love.
Swara: (glare at him) stop all this rubbish and go to doctor!
Sanskar: fine!

(just when he turns to go, Swara feels dizzy and falls on the side table. Sanskar turns when he hears the sound of

falling. He sees Swara in the pool of blood as when she fell on the table, knife penetrated into her neck and it started bleeding vigorously. He shouts Swara’s name and runs to her.)
Sanskar: Swara! You will be fine. Nothing will happen to you.
Swara: Sanskar! I cannot see your face. Sanskar!
Sanskar: yeah Swara! I am here. He sees her unconscious. Doctor! Doctor! Nurse! Is there anyone?
(A nurse comes and informs him that doctor has a special case for treatment and it will take some time.)
Sanskar: there is nothing special than Swara’s case. She was recovering from previous injuries and got a new one. I don’t know anything. I just know that she is badly injured and needs instant treatment. (shouts) If doctor does not come within five minutes, I will set this hospital on fire along with you all, understood?
Nurse: yes, sir! But till doctor comes, we need to stop the blood. I will do her first aid. She does her first aid.
Sanskar: (Holds hands of Swara) Swara! Swara! Please wake up. He keeps his eyes on her hand and closes eyes.
Swara: (wakes up and sees Sanskar in front of her. She wants to withdraw her hands but Sanskar is holding her hands firmly.

Suddenly, Sanskar senses movement in her hands and looks up) Sanskar! I am fine.
Sanskar: Swara, you are fine. I was so upset but now, it’s all ok.
Swara: when will we go out of this hospital?
Sanskar: (laughs) you are strange! I mean there is a serious cut on your neck and you are worried of going out of the hospital.
Swara: no, I am fine! I can walk. See, (she tries to get up and walk but fails and again falls on the floor)
Sanskar: Swara! Be careful. You are weak because of loss of blood. You need a complete bed rest for at least one week. You are going with me to my house.
Swara: I can take care of myself.
Sanskar: of course, I agree to it but there is a great benefit to you by this.
Swara: what type of benefit?

Sanskar: remember our model… and that project?
Swara: oh yeah! We have only three days to submit our report.
Sanskar: Swara, Swara! Don’t worry! This is your problem that you get upset by small things. We will do it. I will construct the model and you will have to tell me the colours and other designs. Ok!
Swara: thank you so much Sanskar. You are overburdened, I mean composing the report and now this model. I am really very sorry about it that I can’t help you because of my health.
Sanskar: no Swara! You have no need to say sorry about all this because there is no fault of you in all this. The best part is that you are completely fine and that is enough for me. And the work is not difficult. I mean I can do all this.
Swara: so when are we going?
Sanskar: now!
Swara: what?
Sanskar: let’s go! (he holds her by hands and helps her getting up)
Swara: I would walk myself.

Sanskar: I would like to help you mam! I know you can’t walk on your own. You will feel dizzy because a heavy amount of blood is lost. He holds her hand and gives support to her and brings her to the car.
Driver: good evening mam! I hope you will get well soon!
Swara: thank you uncle!
Sanskar: he is our old driver. I also use to call him uncle. He is very sweet. When I informed him about you, he was very worried for you and has prayed for you very much.
Driver: mam! You look very weak. Sir! Make her sit in the car.
Swara: uncle! You don’t look good while calling me mam. Call me with my name. My name is Swara.
Driver: ok (Sanskar lifts her up to make her sit in the back seat)
Sanskar: Swara! Sit as you wish or if you are tired, lay down. Be careful. I will sit on front seat. In case if you need anything, tell me or uncle ok?
Swara: yeah! Thank you so much!
Sanskar: will I need to remind you always that we are friends and it is my duty to take care of you? You don’t need to thank me. Ok!

Sanskar goes and sits on front seat. They drive from there. When they reach home, DP is standing in the lawn. Sanskar takes Swara out of the car and brings towards DP.
DP: how are you feeling Swara?
Swara: I am fine uncle. (looks at DP shocked) you are the same uncle who came to offer scholarship.
DP: (covering up) beta voh… han! Actually I am one of the trustees of your university.
Swara: You are very good people. I am sorry that I am troubling you.
DP: no no, nothing is like that! In fact, you are like my daughter. I feel good to have you for some time in our house. Now this house will look like a perfect home.
Sanskar: home sweet home!
DP: (laughs loudly) of course my son! Feel at home my daughter!
Swara: that’s really sweet of you uncle!
Sanskar: dad! Doctor said she needs complete rest.
DP: (sees injury on neck of Swara) oh my God! How did this happen.
Sanskar: today itself! I will give you details after I drop Swara to her room.
DP: ok

When Sanskar enters the house, all the servants on the duty attend to him.
Sanskar: sharfu!
Sharfu: yes sir!
Sanskar: go and get my personal bedroom ready for mam Swara.
Sharfu looks at him in disbelief. Swara looks at Sanskar dumbstruck.
Sanskar: sharfu! What are you waiting for man? My dinner or any business meeting?
Sharfu: sorry sir! (Goes towards Sanskar’s room)
Sanskar puts Swara on the cot.
Sanskar: where is the cook?
Cook: yes sir! I am here.
Sanskar: very good. Your mam would decide today’s menu.
Swara: what? No, it’s your house. You have to decide.
Sanskar: it is now yours.
Cook: what would you like to have in dinner mam?
Swara: (looks at Sanskar confused and he gestures her to order fast) I am confused. What does Sanskar like? Cook that dish.
Sanskar: no ways! From now onwards till you are here, you will decide what is to be cooked for meals. Ok?
Swara: (laughs) ok!

Sanskar: you look cute while laughing. Never lose this smile.
Swara: (ignores him) I want some Chinese dish for dinner.
Cook: it’s amazing mam! Our sir also likes Chinese dishes.
Sanskar: you are here for cooking, not for comparing likes and dislikes of people.
Swara: (irritated) what’s wrong with you Sanskar? Why are you scolding the servants? I don’t like it. Have you brought me to your house to show that you are a stone hearted man?
Sanskar: I am sorry Swara.
Swara: no!
Sanskar: what?
Swara: yeah! If you want to say sorry, then say sorry to Sharfu and cook.
Sanskar: what are you saying?
Swara: I said what you listened. Is there any defect in your ears? (all the servants look at each other in surprise)
Sanskar: (to Sharfu and cook) I am sorry.
Sharfu: it’s okay sir!
Cook: I never mind it sir!
Sanskar: thank you!

Swara: you are so good Sanskar. (Starts coughing)
Sanskar: what happened Swara?
Swara can’t talk due to coughing. Sanskar gets upset and starts yelling at servants.
Sanskar: why are you people staring at me? Go and get some water for her. Sharfu! Please…. Swara! Please talk to me. (Sharfu brings water and she drinks it.)
Swara: I am fine but you don’t learn anything. I asked you to behave nicely to all the servants.
Sanskar: sorry! I become upset seeing you in trouble.
Sharfu: (whispers to cook) mam is very nice! I am seeing for the first time that somebody has come to rule over sir!
Cook: yeah! Even DP sir was unable to dominate him.
Another servant comes and informs Sanskar that DP has called him.
Sanskar: Sharfu! Lead mam to her room. I will come after sometime and it’s your duty to check that she is not bored.

Take her to my personal TV Lounge. If she feels good, then, show her the house.
Sharfu: sure sir!
Sanskar: (points to cook) when the food is ready, serve it to mam if I did not come for 10 minutes.
Cook: ok sir!
Sanskar: good.
He goes from there and reaches in the study room where DP is busy with arranging the books.
Sanskar: same as me!
DP: what?
Sanskar: I also use to arrange the books in my spare time. Anyways, servant informed me that you wanted to talk to me.
DP: yeah! I wanted to ask you something.
Sanskar: yeah dad! I am listening.
DP: are you happy?
Sanskar: what do you mean?
DP: I mean what happened with Swara? What was her reaction when she saw your portion full of her pictures?
Sanskar: she was very angry and she scolded me. She ran from there and then I saw her in the pool of blood. At first she started hating me for all this, but I managed to make friends with her again.
DP: I always used to advise you that don’t love her to that extent but you never listened to me. Now see what happened!
Sanskar: and I always used to tell you that I will never allow her to go far away from me.
DP: but how?
Sanskar: I can’t answer your questions right now but let me clear one thing that one day will come when she will understand my feelings and accept me.
DP: now, where is she?
Sanskar: I asked Sharfu to lead her to my room. She will live there.
DP: (panics and shouts) what? But why? Do you have any idea what have you done?
Sanskar: what happened dad? Why are you over reacting?
DP: over reacting? Did you remove her posters from your room?
Sanskar: no, I…. oh my God! Shit! Why this happens with me always? I will have to stop Swara. (He runs from there)
DP: Sanskar! Listen to me Sanskar! (he does not listen and keeps running)

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