Always be with me: Swasan (chapter 12 original)


Sanskar runs to stop Swara while Swara steps in the corridor of second floor, she sees her pictures all over the wall. She tightens her fist and closes her eyes trying to control her emotions. Sharfu opens the door of Sanskar’s bedroom and she gets in. Sharfu sees her pics and then sees her in amazement.
Swara: please leave me alone! I want to rest for some time.
Just then Sanskar enters the room and is shocked to see Swara sitting in his room. He thinks that now she will scold him and get angry. He remembers doctor saying that Swara must not take any stress. He wonders what to do. He decides to leave the room but just then, Swara calls her.
Swara: Sanskar!
Sanskar: (surprised) yeah! Do you need anything?
Swara: I don’t think that friends ask such type of questions. Do friends talk of only these things? They cannot talk on any other topic.
Sanskar: (stunned at her words) no. I didn’t mean that! Actually, I thought that you will be tired and shocked seeing these (points to her posters).
Swara: I didn’t look at them.
Sanskar: I am sorry Swara!
Swara: no, it’s okay. I understand
Sanskar: oh really!
Swara: yeah! I am serious.
Sanskar: what? (funny tone) You are cracking a joke?
Swara: my sense of humour is very bad! I never crack jokes
Sanskar: I am so happy today!
Swara: don’t be so happy Sanskar! I want to say something.
Sanskar: I am so happy that I would do as you say. If you want something, ask me, I will give you everything that you want!
Swara: I just want one promise from you!
Sanskar: (holds both her hands) Swara! Look at me…. please look at me. Hey… (tears roll down her cheeks) why are you crying. Trust me! Nothing wrong will happen.
Swara: no Sanskar! If something happens to you, I will lose my life partner and more than that I will lose my best friend forever.
Sanskar: (tears start flowing from his eyes) Swara! Please look at me (Swara looks at him and he bends in his knees) Swara! I want to say that you are my life and I don’t want to lose you at any cost. Swara! (Tear roll down his cheek) I love you. I love you Swara! I love you more than my life and everything in this world.
Swara: (cries bitterly and hugs Sanskar tightly) I never thought that I would be able to love someone again. You proved me wrong Sanskar. Your love was pure. I am sorry for my previous reaction! (They both sit on the floor and are still holding each other’s hands and interlocked fingers)
Sanskar: I promise you that we will never separate! Never! And if anyone tries to come in between us, I would not tolerate it and he will get punishment. (Sees Swara crying) hey! You are still crying foolish lady! It is the time to celebrate this moment. I got my dream girl. And where is the cook? I will see… (Goes to check if cook is coming or not)
Sanskar: is the dish ready?
Cook: yeah sir! Just final touches
Sanskar: good! When it is ready, bring it to my room. I and Swara will eat together. No, bring it to my personal dining room. And listen!
Cook: yes sir?
Sanskar: decorate the lounge and dining room. No, the whole house should be decorated.
Cook: but why sir? I mean is there any party?
Sanskar: yeah! And do it fast.
Cook: ok!

Sanskar goes from there. when he reaches the room, he is shocked to see Swara lying on the floor unconscious. He runs to her and shouts.
Sanskar: Swara! Swara! Hey Swara! (Keeps her head in his lap and starts shaking her) Swara! What happened Swara? Please open your eyes? (Shouts) I said open your eyes Swara! Are you listening me? Can you hear me Swara? (panics seeing no response from her) Sharfu! Nizam! Where are you people? Come here fast! (Picks up Swara and lays her on the bed) he sees Swara shaking vigorously and covers her with blanket. Nizam comes.
Nizam: yes, sir! You were calling me?
Sanskar: thank God someone came. Where were you? Anyways, go and call our family doctor fast for her check-up.
Nizam: yes sir! But what happened to mam!
Sanskar: I don’t know. Call the doctor fast!
Sanskar runs to inform DP. DP is still in the study room studying some book when Sanskar storms in.
Sanskar: (tears roll down his cheek) dad! Dad! Swara…
DP: what happened with Swara? Tell me!
Sanskar: she… she has gone unconscious. I don’t know what to do!
DP: you called the doctor?
Sanskar: I have asked nizam to inform our family doctor.
DP: good! Come with me.
They both reach Sanskar’s room. DP sees Swara lying unconscious on Sanskar’s bed. Sanskar goes outside and thinks what he can do to cheer up Swara. He calls the warden and inquiries about Swara’s brother. She gives him the contact number of Swara’s brother. He calls on his number.
Sanskar: hello! Is there Adarsh on the line?
Adarsh: yeah! Who is there?
Sanskar: I am Sanskar, I study in the same university as your sister Swara. Her condition is very serious. I have called the doctor. Could you please come? I think that by seeing you, she will recover fast?

Adarsh: (worried and shouts) what? What happened? Where is she and who are you? is she fine? Answer me damn it!
Sanskar: calm down Mr. Gagodiya. She is fine but needs someone close to her. Please come.
Adarsh: yeah sure! Where would I come?
Sanskar: oh I am so sorry! I forgot to give you my address. (Dictates him the address).
Adarsh: she is in your house right now?
Sanskar: yeah! Actually I thought that it would be good for her health and if she stays in the hostel, good care of her could not be taken. I will give you details after you come here.
Adarsh: yeah sure!
Sanskar: ok bye and come fast!
Adarsh: yeah!
Sanskar goes inside and sits beside Swara.
Sanskar: I want to spend some time with Swara alone.
DP: yeah sure, until doctor comes, you can be with her. He goes from there.
He sees Swara in semiconscious state.
Sanskar: Swara! Always remember that you are not alone. I will be with you forever. (Touches her cheeks fondly) you are my Swara and it is my promise that I will never allow any bad thing happen to you.
Swara: (semiconscious state)Sanskar! Sanskar! Sanskar!
Sanskar: I am here only Swara.
Swara: (holds his hands and breathes heavily) I…. I…(Can’t speak)
Sanskar: Swara! Please try to speak. Try to open your eyes Swara!
Swara: I can’t breathe Sanskar, I can’t breathe!
Sanskar: calm down! I am with you.
Swara: Sanskar! I want to say that (tears roll down her cheeks and she breathes heavily) I… I love you. I love you very much Sanskar.
Sanskar: (cries seeing her condition) yeah I know Swara, don’t leave hope.
Swara: Sanskar! It’s paining very much. Ah (shouts) Ah!
Sanskar: what is happening here? (shouts) what happened Swara?
Swara: Sanskar! Never forget me. I… (becomes unconscious again)
Sanskar: (shouts) how dare you say like that? You are not going anywhere leaving me alone. Did you hear? You can’t leave me like this. (Realizes that she is unconscious) no Swara.
He gets up and goes towards the window. He unravels the curtains and there is a big poster attached of Swara. He opens the window and looks outside the window. He watches doctor coming. Doctor comes and checks Swara. When he finishes his work, Sanskar comes to him.
Sanskar: doctor! What happened?

Doctor: she has brain trauma and these are the side effects of heavy dosage of medicines she takes. She is very much weak and that’s why, her blood pressure dropped very much low. But still I prefer different tests for her. When she becomes well, after one week, bring her to hospital and we will do special tests for her.
Sanskar: what type of tests? Speak clearly.
Doctor: it’s just a precautionary measure. You would not understand it Mr. Maheshwari. We can’t say anything right now.
Sanskar: thank you so much doctor but do clear one thing that after how much time, Swara would gain consciousness.
Doctor: I think it would take a day or two.
Sanskar: what? But why? I mean is there any complication?
Doctor: no no Mr. Maheshwari! It is just because her body is very weak and can’t handle pressure. She will be fine but she needs special care and treatment as she is very weak but don’t inform her about this because if she is told about her condition, it would become a hurdle in her recovery process.
Sanskar: I would take special care of her and would not tell her about all this. Thank you so much!
Doctor goes from there and he goes with him to see off.

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