Always be with me: Swasan (chapter 11)

Sanskar offers swara fruits and she refuses.
Sanskar: how can you say this? I mean if you will not eat this, you will not be able to take medicines and when you will not eat medicines, how could you become fine and when you can’t be healthy, how could you manage our project?
Swara: (panics) Oh My God! I forgot that I had a project to do. And you are standing and still looking at me and smiling. Does my face look like the model of Arthropoda to you or something else?
Sanskar: it’s good to have you back Swara! I mean you are back to the normal mode.
Swara: I have not asked for your comments. Go and do something about the project. We have to submit it on next upcoming week. We are running out of time. (Sanskar is still lost in her and she shouts at him angrily) Now what are you enjoying man?
Sanskar: project will be completed. Don’t worry, I’ll do that. But first you need to be healthy, so eat this (gives her an apple)
Swara: ok fine! (Takes apple from Sanskar) but tell me till where is the project reached?
Sanskar: you are mad! Here is the question of your life and you are still thinking about the project.
Swara: I have no life. My life started with Lakshya and ended with Lakshya and now it is just my body. I have lost my feelings. So it does not matter for me that I am feeling well or not. I am not able to feel anything!
Sanskar: (becomes sad hearing the name of Lakshya) your life does not matter to you but you do matter to me. Think of me at least! If anything happens to you, I will be in the same condition as you.
Swara: what? You…
Sanskar: just as a friend!
Swara: you are ridiculous! Seriously
Sanskar: not as much as you think of!
Swara: shut up!
Sanskar: are you always like this or you do this only with me?
Swara: I will throw you out of the window!
Sanskar: for that you will have to eat alot! Oh, you have finished apple. (Goes and brings tablets) now have these!
Swara: ok fine (she puts the tablets one by one into her mouth and Sanskar makes her drink water) don’t look after me this much!
Sanskar: why Swara?
Swara: why are you so stubborn Lakshya (suddenly realizes that she is with Sanskar. Tears start flowing from her eyes. Sanskar moves back in disappointment but when he sees Swara weeping, he goes to wipe her tears) I am sorry Sanskar! I am really very sorry!
Sanskar: (wipes her tears and cups her face in his hands) hey Swara! Look here (she does not look up) look at me please! (She looks at him) how much do you know me?

Swara: I don’t know!
Sanskar: hey! Look at me, look into my eyes and tell me do you trust me?
Swara: what? But how y…..
Sanskar: just forget all things and do what I say!
Swara: but….
Sanskar: do you trust me?
Swara: (looks into his eyes deeply) I think yes! (She starts crying and hugs him suddenly)
Sanskar: (shocked at her reaction but happily embraces her tightly) Swara! Calm down, I am here and I will not go anywhere leaving you. Don’t cry! Please, I cannot see tears in your eyes!
Swara: what is in you that I forget myself? Who are you?
Sanskar: I am the one who wants to fill your life with colours of happiness.
Swara: (suddenly becomes conscious) what are you doing Sanskar?
Sanskar: what happened Swara? You were talking about your feelings for me?
Swara: no, it can never happen! (Shouts) never!
Sanskar: but you were saying that you l…
Swara: oh shut up and stay away from me! I don’t need anyone. Are you listening? (Shouts) I don’t need anyone, I can handle myself ok!
Sanskar: at least tell me what happened?
Swara: don’t act innocent! Don’t you know what happened a while ago or that is a normal thing for you? May be it is normal for you but not for me? I was always alone and will always be alone!
Sanskar: no Swara! You are wrong; I will never leave you alone!
Swara: Lakshya also said the same thing but see what happened!
Sanskar: I know Swara, he is no more!
Swara: what? But how do you know?
Sanskar: because I have gone to his grave.
Swara: (cries bitterly) and now you will show pity on me. (looks at him sarcastically) See Mr. Maheshwari! How pitiful I am. A helpless and all alone girl. Right?
Sanskar: no Swara! I love you and I am not telling a lie. First time when I saw you, I fell in love. Even my dad was mocking me because I never believed in love but seeing you my all beliefs were proved wrong.
Swara: (shouts) can’t you talk except of love?
Sanskar: why are you avoiding all this Swara? I feel that you are undergoing through the same feelings as me. Don’t you…
Swara: stop it! (Shouts) just stop all this non-sense. I was sharing my pain with you because I considered you as my friend.
Sanskar: ok! Thank you so much for considering me at least your friend.

Swara: now you go! I want to sleep.
Sanskar: you will not allow me to look at you while you are sleeping?
Swara: why are you doing all this?
Sanskar: because I feel, it will be safe for you.
Swara: I am feeling sleepy.
Sanskar: ok fine! (He covers her with the blanket and wishes her good sleep. He lies down on bench and pretends to sleep. When Swara sleeps, he goes and sits near her on the stool and slowly takes his phone out and clicks her pictures. He thinks) I know you will never allow me this but I have no control over myself!
Swara wakes up and sees Sanskar sleeping peacefully at the cot. She gets up and stumbles on the way but does not stop. She reaches the window and stares outside. She thinks about all the moments spent with Sanskar. She remembers when they met first time and he tried to speak to her and she kept insulting him many times. Then, they became good friends. She thinks that first time, she found such a friend who really cares for her. Suddenly she remembers seeing her pictures in the house of Sanskar and his room fully covered with her posters.
Swara: (confused face) why did you do this Sanskar? I have no clue that you really love me or not. I am so much confused. Whenever I see you, I always undergo a strange type of feeling. Why is it? (Suddenly she sees a child weeping and his father trying to cheer him up. She thinks of his father and her eyes become tearful. She turns and finds Sanskar sitting on the cot. She tries to bring her hand to wipe tears but Sanskar reaches there.)
Sanskar: you are very precious! So don’t let your precious tears to fall on the ground.
Swara: stop your childish behaviour and…
Sanskar: childish behaviour? Swara! Children don’t know what is love?
Swara: I want to go to hostel. I am fine…(Stumbles and Sanskar holds her) at all
Sanskar: fine? You can’t walk properly. (His phone rings) sorry but I have to attend the call. It’s dad!
Swara: yeah!
Sanskar: excuse me (goes to a corner) yeah dad!
DP: what happened little boy? You have forgotten your father. Don’t remain with her this much otherwise you will forget that you have a father.
Sanskar: dad! There is no fault of Swara in all this. Actually, she is recovering from a very bad accident and as a friend I am here to make her realize that she is not all alone.
DP: how is she? I mean any progress?
Sanskar: yeah dad! She has almost recovered but she can’t walk properly due to weakness. But she is normal and scolding me time to time!
DP: it’s good that she is recovering fast and that’s all because of you.
Sanskar: ah! It’s her medicine time and I’ll have to go.
DP: bye!

Sanskar: bye dad! I will come home soon.
DP: I hope so!
Sanskar goes and finds Swara nowhere. He gets upset and goes to look into corridor. He sees Swara sitting on the benches and crying. He rushes to her.
Sanskar: Swara! Swara! I became so upset, you can’t walk properly and if you will do like this you can never recover fast.
Swara: why does this matter to you?
Sanskar: because… I want to ask you something.
Swara: I know it will be your same stupid question.
Sanskar: no Swara! I want to ask you that is there no other way that you will accept that I love you. Look into my eyes and tell me that you don’t believe me.
Swara: (cries) I can’t do that Sanskar. You know all this (hugs him). I have full trust on you and I know that you love me and that’s why I am here otherwise there is no one who could dominate me and force me. But you also know that I don’t love you and I can never love you because love happens only once and my turn is complete. I only want you as a friend in my life. I am not doubting on your love. Please try to understand my condition. (Sanskar looks at her helplessly)

Precap: Swara in danger!!!!!!!…..

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