Always be with me: Swasan (chapter 10)


Swara is in hospital while Sanskar went to mandir to pray for Swara. On the way back to the hospital, he sees a flower stall and goes to but flowers. He buys all the flower buckeyes and carries them to the room of Swara. He decorates the whole room with flower and sits beside her. After some time, he goes outside and he is very much tired. DP comes.
DP: Sanskar! You look very tired. Go to house and take rest. I am here to take care of Swara.

Sanskar: no, you go! I will remain here until she gains consciousness. And please don’t force me because I will not obey you at least in this matter.
DP: ok! You win and I lose. But I am alarming you that please take care of yourself too.
Sanskar: my health is not more important than her and her life.
DP: (with a helpless look) ok bye!
Sanskar: bye dad!
Sanskar sits on the bench and falls asleep. When he awakes, he goes to Swara. She is still unconscious. He holds her hand.
Sanskar: please Swara! Don’t do this to me. I can’t afford to lose you. Please get up! Get up for me. Take strength from my love. Please Swara! (tears flow from his eyes and fall on the face of Swara)
She starts gaining consciousness and mutters name Lakshya many time.
Swara: Lakshya! Please don’t go. Please don’t leave me like this and go. I cannot survive without you.
Sanskar: Swara! Who is Lakshya? What are you talking about?
Swara: Lakshya! No, you can’t leave me like this. Lakshya!
(shouts and gets up with a jerk and hugs Sanskar tightly)
Sanskar is stunned by her actions.
Sanskar: Swara! I am not going anywhere. You are fine, completely fine and all is well.
Swara: Lakshya! Why did you leave me? (she is crying bitterly) never go like this. promise me that you will never leave me like this and go.
Sanskar: (thinks) she is considering me as Lakshya (breaks the hug sadly)
Sanskar: Swara! Who is Lakshya?
Swara: (shocked) you! How dare you? I asked you to not show me your face again and again.

Sanskar: I am sorry Swara! But I had no other option to do. Your condition was deteriorating and you needed medical treatment.
Swara looks here and there and gets angry seeing flowers. She unstraps her hands and stands up.
Swara: you think that by decorating my room, you can gain what you want? Never, I hate you (shouts) I hate you so much (throws flower buckeyes on the floor. Sanskar comes and holds her tightly)
Sanskar: you need rest. Ok fine! If you hate me, I will throw all the flowers outside but please lie down the bed.
Swara: leave me! (shouts) I said leave me!

Sanskar: first you have to promise that you will take care of yourself and will take rest.
Swara: (angrily) get lost! Who are you to dictate me all this?
Sanskar: I am your only friend!
Swara: you destroyed our friendship Mr. Maheshwari. You broke my trust!
Sanskar: no Swara! This is not like that! If you do not love me, I will never force you. I will never ask for your love and I will never talk about it. Please forget what you saw at my home and let us start fresh. We can remain good friends.
Swara: ok! I need time. But nothing would be like it used to be before.

Sanskar: no Swara! Nothing is changed even now. Just consider me as your friend. I only want your happiness and if your happiness is in that way, I will not force you.
Swara: please leave me alone!
Sanskar: I had promised you to never leave you alone.
Swara: (grinding teeth) I said leave me alone. Please go outside. If I need anything, I will take it myself and I can take care of myself.

Sanskar: ok fine! Take care.
He comes outside. He remembers his dad’s saying that never love her to that much craze. It will only give you pains and nothing else. He then remembers his saying that if she would give him pains, he will happily accept it because how can he refuse to Swara when she gives him something. Tears flow from his eyes and he says that I will happily accept your pains because I love you. I will be with you always and I have full faith that one day, you will understand my love and that day would be the best day of my life and after that I will have no sorrows even if I die. I only pray for one thing that you understand my love before my death. He falls on his knees and remembers the moments he spent with Swara. Suddenly he remembers her calling him Lakshya. He stands up and says so that was the person who gave you pains. I will find him even from down the earth and I will not forgive him. He is responsible for your this condition. He brings fruits for Swara and puts them on the side table. She wakes up and finds him sitting on stool.
Swara: you are still here.
Sanskar: I will never break my promise till my death.
Swara: you are trying to impress me? I am not among that girls which get impressed by all this. so, no need of all this!
Sanskar: I am not trying to impress you. I am just doing my duty as a friend.
Swara: whatever!
Sanskar: I wanted to ask you something

Swara: no please! I am not in the mood to listen all your rubbish talks and lectures.
Sanskar: this is your problem that you never try to understand me! You always misunderstand me. I wanted to ask you that who is this Lakshya.
Swara: how do you know?
Sanskar: because you were continuously calling his name in semi-conscious state.
Swara: (avoiding eye contact) he is just madness.
Sanskar: is he the person whom you love?

Swara: unfortunately!
Sanskar: where is he?
Swara: he is where no one can go. He will never come. (tears flow from her eyes)
Sanskar: why he will never come? I will bring him.
Swara: (shouts) when you don’t know anything, don’t speak about that. You only know to give pains. You can never find him.
Sanskar: why? He is the reason for your sadness and I am not going to leave him.
Swara: shut up! Just shut your face and don’t you dare talk like this again about him.
Sanskar: you are still supporting him! I wonder…
Swara: no more arguments! Please go and leave me alone!
Sanskar stands still in front of her. She shouts at him to get lost but he did not move.
Swara: ok fine! You stay here and I am going.
Sanskar: but where? You need complete bed rest!

Swara: shut up and don’t you dare touch me.
She rushes outside.
Sanskar wonders where she is going in this state. He decides to secretly follow her so that she does not get harmed. He goes behind her. She reaches a graveyard and sits beside a grave. She rubs her hand on the name plate and Sanskar watches her. She falls on her knees and cries bitterly.

Swara: why did you leave me and go! That stupid Sanskar talks ill about you and I can’t bear it. I am all alone here. There is no one with whom I can share my pains. After sometime, she goes from there and Sanskar comes. He is shocked to see the name of Lakshya on the name plate. He says so that’s why Swara became angry when I talked bad about him. Oh my God! How many secrets is she hiding? He rushes from there.
On his way back to hospital, he finds Swara lying unconscious. He lifts her up and reaches hospital and calls the doctor. After her check-up, doctor informs him that she is suffering from depression and taking stress. She needs peace of the mind. Please make sure that she does not see the things which cause stress for her. Sanskar assures him to take care of her.

When she wakes up, she finds herself in her room. She sees Sanskar sleeping on the side of her bed. She thinks why he is taking so much care of her. He did not sleep properly. Whenever I look at him, I only see loyalty and truth in him but my heart only beats for Lakshya, then why I am feeling guilty? Tears flow from her eyes and fall on the face of Sanskar and he wakes up. He sees Swara weeping and goes towards her.
Sanskar: Swara! When did you wake up and why didn’t you told me that you have woke up from the sleep?
Swara: (wiping her tears)why are you here?
Sanskar: because I care for you and I want friendship from you.
Swara: you think that showing concern for me, you can win my heart.
Sanskar: I will never try that because I know that it beats for only one person and I also know that at least I am not that lucky person.
Swara: I need to be left alone.
Sanskar: not this time!
Swara: how dare you….
Sanskar: I know all that what you want to say but I promised you to never leave you alone so I am just trying to fulfil my promise.
Swara: please go!
Sanskar: first you eat this (points towards the fruit) then, I can think of going for somewhere!
Swara: I will never eat these fruits as I don’t need all this.

Precap: Swara: (cries) I can’t do that Sanskar. I don’t love you and I can never love you because love happens only once and my turn is complete. I only want you as a friend in my life. I am not doubting on your love. Please try to understand my condition. (Sanskar looks at her helplessly)

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