Its always you…swaragini (episode 1)

Hii friends…Iam Neena Jacob..
I have told you that i will reveal the pairs in the first you will get to know about the pairs in this episode..I hope you all will enjoy this episode.
Episode 1
Its morning
A girl is shown sleeping.She is wearing loose pants and T-shirt.She looks so cute in that attire just like a kitten.
suddenly a sound arises(Shekhar):wake up my princess..
The girl woke up.
Shekhar:good morning Rags……
“Yes…Ragini is our heroine”

Ragini:Good morning dad.
Ragini :Dad,I will get fresh and come.
After sometimes
Sumi:Ragini,come down and have your breakfast.Shekhar,why she is not coming down…I will go and check.
Shekhar:Offo..sumi..You will never change..Ragini is not a first standard student …she will come..
Ragini is coming down.
Ragini:You both morning itself started..?
Shekhar:As usual…Your mother will never change..Anyway come and have breakfast..
Ragini:Sorry papa..i have to go now..its already late..
Sumi:Ragini…breakfast is necessary for our health…you must have it.. can pack it and give.

Ragini takes the breakfast and leaves from there.
Sumi:Oh..she forgot to take her lunch…what to do now..
Shekhar:sumi,Dont get much tensed on small things.She will have from canteen.
In office,all the staffs are busy in talking.Its so noisy everywhere.
The sound of footsteps of someone can be heard now.
Suddenly everyone stopped talking and start doing their works.
“Ofcourse,its the entry of our dashing hero”
He is walking to his cabin.Every staffs standup and said:Good morning..sir
He gives them an angry look and leaves to his cabin.
Now,he is talking to someone in his phone.

Suddenly a lady enters his cabin.
He cuts the call.
Lady:Sanskar…you didn’t take your file from home..right?Here is it.
“Yes..sanskar ..he is our man.And it is ragsan ff”
Sanskar:mom..You could have send any of the workers for it ..
Annapurna:Its okay..sanky..Anyway iam leaving now.Take care.
Sanskar:Bye mom.

Annapurna sees ragini entering the office.
Annapurna:How are you ..ragini?…and you?Annapurna:iam also fine.Do everything is fine between you and sanskar ?
Ragini’s tensed face.

Precap:An officer is shouting at Ragini for coming late.Suddenly sanskar comes and said:How dare you shout at her?You are fired..

So is my ff.?
Hope you liked it.
Sorry for short update.

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