It was always you !!!!! (Part 9)


Hllllooo guys I am back again but sorry I was supposed to post on 7 but my account was verifying and I have to register again that’s the problem but whenever I upload the ff it don’t get posted I had kept my promise to write daily but it was not getting posted and again sorry because my left hand is fractured as I have fallen from stairs while playing pakdam pakdai ( nursery ki game hai but kya karoon dil to bacha hai ji) and I have fractured my left hand and it is quite well now but on 14 the plaster was going to be removed and plz forgive me as I am a head girl of my school so have to prepare a speech on 15 august so that pressure also

And one gud news my school is going to kanyakumari for trip and ne also

Now thanking ceremony

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Fan: thanx so so much sweetie for ur comment
Baby: awww koi itna cute kaise likha Sakta hai bilkul aapne nam ki tarah

Sujina: glad u liked my silly games ??
Anisha: I feel so so happy when a silent reader comments on ur ff and u have asked me abt my bio DAT a
So Herr it goes

I am in 10 standerd

Baki ka agle episode main
And this eposde is quite shirt plz forgive me

Tw woke up from her hangover she feeling so so exhausted but she woke up and sat on her bed

I woke up due to the sunrays but wait wait I am having a headache oh god !!! But wait a minute I am in my room but how come

I remember I was drunk
( she remembers all yesterday night events its not necessary guys to forgot everything)

Oh gosh !!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have kissed kunj oh god what he will think of me he will surely tease me now
But whatever I curse my fate for not being in a stable state to cherish that moment

Shut up tw what are u thinking just keep ur gutter thoughts till u only

End of POV

She quickly freashen up and dressed in a white and red patiyala suit and hair left open with matching earrings

She went downstairs and greeted everyone
( guys they have booked the whole hotel till their marriage )

Tw was continuously searching for him but she unable to find him
Le: are tw kunj ko dhundh thi ho
Tw( unknowingly) han …………non nhi ma
Le( smiles) putter he went to his office early in morning as their was am emergency
Tw: ok ma


What the hell !!!!!!!!!!!!
He always do this when I want to talk to him he is not even present here and I am not like those typical fiancée’s who go to their would be husband office with tiffin in their hand huh I am tw taneja ……..soon going to be tw taneja sarna

And I will not talk to him until or unless he made me talk to him

End of POV

Whole day passes but ku had not yet returned home and tw was getting worried now

Its was 11:30
Ku is in the corridor of hotel he looked completely stressed and exhausted
He goes towards his room and opened it

And got shocked

Yup yup tw was sitting on his bed
Ku: tw u here
Tw: so finally the great kunj sarna is here finally u got time to came back
Ku: I am sorry but can’t inform as my phone battery was dead
And I was so busy
Tw: oho him to bele baithen hain na yahn o’er kunj tum hi kam karte ho sirf

Ku: its not like that tw plz understand na I am sorry and olz kal jitna chahe utna dant lena but now plz for some time leave me alone
Tw: kun Mr. Sarna main tumhe bewakoof lagti gun ki main tumhara wait karonn han bolo
Ku( sitting on the bed with his hands in his hair )
Plz tw maf karde kal lad lio mujhse plz
He leans on the bed with his back was facing the ceiling
Tw: Mr. Sarna aapko kya lagta hai ki sorry koi
Football hai Jo kick ki or goal han bolo
( by shaking him )
Tw: now get up
No response
Get up kunj
Ni response
Now tw worries she shakes him and saw some blood stains on his shirt near his arm
She panicks and started to worry she makes kunj lie comfortably and sensed that kunj is unconscious

But still blood was coming out from the wound
She dresses up the wound
And calls the doctor ,doctor examines him and said

Miss.taneja Mr sarna is undergoing from so much stress and by examining him I came to know that he has met with an accident but olz make sure don’t give him any kind of stress
Tw thanx the doc and doc leaves

Tw was shocked
She sits beside kunj and caress his hair
Tw : kun kitne aache hon han or kun itni stress let’s ho u are so dumb kunj that u care for others and not urself but now u have to be stress free and mention free it’s my promise
She kisses both his cheeks
And slept beside him

@Next morning

Ku wakes up as his sleep was disturbed by sunrays he examine his state
Tw was sitting and holding his hand and sleeping
He smiled
Tw is sleeping beside me but why
Oh gosh I had fainted yesterday night I was so stressed and exhausted and that accident injury
I hope I have not said anything to her which might hurt her I should ask for sorry

End of POV
He was mumbling at this time and this broke tw sleep
Tw : u r awake
Ku(guilty)I am rely sorry tw I don’t know wt I have said to u yesterday night but olz forgive me I was so stressed and that’s why ……………

Tw kept her hand on his mouth not anythingelse
( sajna ve plays in BG )

They had an deep eyelock

Still in eyleock
Yr eyock ka feel bhi to aana chahiye

So now their eyelock breaks
Tw: ufff kitne bye ho tum kunj or mujhe bokte ho ki main bolti hoon Ab dekho kon b RHA hai
Or tumhe mafi mangne ki koi zarurat nhi hai ok
Removes her hand
Even I am sorry for not listening to u

Aacha ab mujhe btao ki tumhara accident kaise hua

Ku: wo I was in so stress that I banged my car with a tree
Tw: tell me kunj at kind of stress

Ku: non…..nothing just business matter
Tw( not convinced)
Are u sure
Ku: han
Tw: ok then get ready and come down ok
She gets up and started to leave but on the nick of time he holds her hand

Sjana ve … Plays

Ku( smilingly) thankyou
Tw (smiles) pagal !!!

And she leaves leaving a smiling kunj behind

Kunj POV
Hmmm tw I am sorry for hiding this truth from u but I am sorry

Screen ends on his tensed face

Precap: wedding preparations began finally

So guys how’s it I know bad but kya karoon
Sorry and plz tell me ur valuable comments


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