It was always you !!!!! (Part 8)


Hi guys I am back again but yr so bad so so bad sirf 11 comments or aise hi RHA then I will surely end my ff without any note

And did rocked on jdj he got 23 out of 30 a good start and guys his birth date and marks are same I was waiting to watch him again and again and also on gold awards
# twinj # last time

And back to the episode

Twinj are now engaged but still the night is yet not over

All people were enjoying the party and food and now only the dear people or thier friend
Kunjs friend and tw friends

when kunjs best friend least call him abhay goes on the stage attention please said abhay everybody now started to focus on stage
Ab: as u all know that today my boss urff by best friend got engaged so want all of u to play a game
Everybody : game!!!!
Abhay: yes game
We have to go to the lawn first

They went to the lawn so only
Chinki abhay dev sonakshi shivay anika om ishana rudraa soumaya and twinj were their
{Sorry guys but I love these pairs so thought to add them too}

Girls are tw friends and boys r ku friends

Abhi: so guys we will play a kind of truth or dare
Rudra:kind of ???

Abhay: yes let me explain
So we will spin the bottle and it land on someone then he or she will choose a chit from the bowl in which we have written our dares so isn’t it interesting

Soumaya: yessss

Abhay: let’s play

{ abhi for abhay ,so for soumaya RU for rudra om for omkara ,ish for ishana ..,shi for shivay ani for anika }

They got seated in a circle

Ku – tw -RU -so- – ani – shi – om – ish – abh-

Abhay give them chits and they write their dares
And fills the bowl with chits

So the bottle spins and lands on RU
Ru takes out a chit
It was written
Share ur biggest secret

Ru : my biggest secret is that…………….
So: say na
Ru: I was 150 kg in my teenage
Everyone;?: shocked at????
Ru: yes guys

So again the bottle spins and lands on ish
Ish ; I have to dance on dance basnti song

She dances so well and in some steps she involved om also

Again it landed on others with silly dares and others laughing out loud but two beautiful eyes were staring someone

Yup yup tw was staring at kunj

Kitne cute lagta hai hate hue
Bilkul bache jaisa mann karta hai ki use dekhti hi rahoon bas kabhi kabhi iski cuteness dekh ke lgata hai isko Jake cheeks pull karoon or kha janu

Kha jaun hain too pgl hai kya agr use pata bhi Chal na ki tu aise soch ri hai to chose gai ni wo tujhe but kuch bhi keh lo hai to cute

Cute sadu sarna kahin ka

Ani: are tw chit uthao baithi kun ho

Tw comes out of her thoughts
Tw: han han yes
U have to propose the person sitting in left of u

Tw eyes literally popes out at this

Because ku was sitting in left of her
Tw stands up and kunj also

Tw took his hands in hers
I don’t know when where how but I had started to fall for u don’t know but u seemed the beautiful creation of god who was made for me only and I dont want to loose this creation not in this brith so mr. Kunj sarna will u accept me as ur wife
Ku ( smilingly) yes
And they hug each other
Ku( whispering ) waise manna padega ki acting aachi kar lwti hai
Tw : shut up kunj and start the game

And now it lands on kunj
U have to kiss the person sitting in right of ur

And it was tw

Shi: aaj lagta hai ki hamare lovebirds ka poora poora sath de thi hai kismat humesha romantic task

Both blushed hard and their faces turned crimson red

Ku ask for her hand she gives him her hand both were nervous tw closed her eyes as their noses touch each others

Sajna ve play in BG

Ku smiles watching her nervousness but he shifts his direction and kissed her on her cheeks
And tw who was expecting a kiss on her lips opens her eyes and saw him kissing her cheek and he kissed her on the other cheek also but these two kisses were juicy enough to send shivers down in her spine

Ru: ye to cheating hai
Ku: are kaisi cheating bat kiss ki hui thi per kahan per
And I have fulfilled my task

Both sat down tw touches her cheek and blushes hard

Ru: ur now this is so boring let’s play something else
Shi: like wt
Om: like shots game.
Girls: shots game
Shi: yes
All we will go to the hotel bar and consume shots who drank much will be the winner

Ani: but if we drank than how we will drive
Ku: no worries today all of us are staying in this hotel only
Ru: perfect let’s go

They all go in the hotel bar
Itbwas a long table and all of them except twinj sat on the chairs facing the counter

Ku was sitting on a table and watching his friends having shots
Tw: tum kun yahan but bane baithe ho jao
Ku: main nahi jaunga kunki main nahi pita
Tw( shocked) nahi pita mtlb
Ku: nahi pita main
Tw: kun nhi pite
Ku: mtlb had hai yr Ab mainnhi pita to nhi pita
Tw: per tum to ladke ho too………
Ku( irritated) mtlb mere kya face pe likha hai ki main ladka hoon or mujhe pina zaruri hai
Tw: nhi but kahin tum apni image bnane ke liye to nhi MNA kar rhe

Ku: oh common mujhe at least tere samne image bnanae ka koi shock nahi hai
Tw: han han theek hai …………………………………
Ummm ………kunj……kya ………main try kar loon plzz

Ku: han kar le but only few shots not more than 5 ok
Tw : ( smilingly ) ok

Tw also joins them she have total 9 shots full talli
And other couples are also near abt 20
Ku came to them and saw them behaving like insanes
Shivay and anika were kissing each other on cheeks
Omkara and ishana were only hugging each other
Rudra and soumaya were arguing on their no. Of shots

And our siyappa queen is no where this made kunj more tensed he firstly with the help of some waiters send the three couples to their respective rooms
Ku: ye sab to chale gye per ye tw kahan hai yr or AGR ye nhi mili or koi siyappa kiya hoga to meri aj sach main lg jaegi

He searches her in the hotel but she was nowhere he then go outside in the lawn and saw her lying on the ground facing sky

Ku came and lie down beside her
Ku: kya ke thi hai siyappa queen …………………tare to ni gin ri
Tw(childish ) shut up kunj let me concentrate
Kunj 31 ke bad kya AATa hai
Ku: mujhe bhi ni pta
Tw ( faking tear) khaye babji kaisa hone wala pati diya hai jisko counting bhi ni aati
So bad kunj aise to bade hi mahan bne phorte ho han
Ku: aacha BA’s kar 31 ke bad 32 aata hai
Tw: nahi ……………………bilkul nahi 31 naya month aata hai
Ku was smiling looking at her innocense her smile
Tw: aacha kunj ek bat btao tumne mujhe kiss kun kiya
Ku: maine kab tujhe kiss kiya
Tw: hawwwwwww……..babji mera pati to sach bhulakad hai bar bar bhool jata hai
Ku: maine kab kiya tujhe kiss
Tw: kunj tumne hi to jab wo game khel rhe the tab kiss kiya tha
Ku: aacha theek hai per maine tujhe khan kiss kiya
Tw: tumne mujhe yahan ( pointing towards her cheeks ) yahan kiss kiya aise
She gets up and kiss his left cheek and then right cheek
{ kunj is still lying on ground while tw is upon him }
Tw: tumne mujhe aise kiss kiya tha
Ku was all shocked by her this action he was just teasing her but he never knew that tw will do something like this
And he knew if he will tease her more than anything can happen so he decide to take her to her room
He looks at tw and saw her sleeping peace fully on his chest his chest was a very good pillow for her that she was sleeping by hugging him tightly just like a small baby
He smiles looking at her
Ishq bulava plays in BG

Ishq bulava Jane kab aave
Ishq duava ….. Aave …….jab aave.

Main tan kop tere rwhnana
Main ta kol tere rehna

Main tan baithan
Kol tere …..e…………
Tainu takda rhwa
Naina CH tere
Basda rhwa

Pgl main khud nun bnanda rhwan
Tu hasdi rhwe main hasanda rhwan

Tainu take da rhwa
Tune starts tobplay

Kunj carefully carries her to her room and places her gentely on bed and covered her with duvet

He removes some hair starnds from her forehead
Ku: siyappa quenn ( smiles)

He gets up and leaves to his room

He got changed first and sleeps on the bed

Both these pure souls were dreaming abt each other and their coming future

Days ends and so my episode I know ke bahut hi bura tha but sorry my empty head can’t think more and my comments and decreased so so badly so plz try to give me some ideas ok bbye stay blessed

. BA’s comment akr dena plzzz kuch bhi aacha lage to and most imp. My school is opening tomorrow so can’t be able to post within this week bbbye be happy and comment plz criticism is welcomed but in + ve way

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  1. Jiya_Ani

    Are TU ki bulbul..this was just like the song of bulbul..ekdum sweet and awesome …
    And yes keep writing.. And if you r still sick then dear get well soon.

    1. Bulbul23

      Thanx lovely
      I liked the title tu ki bulbul
      But love u and keep commenting ??

  2. Angita

    Greatttt dear….it was a moxtrue of emotions
    Loved it

    1. Bulbul23

      Thanx xxxxxxx angu
      And keep commenting and love u??

  3. Jisha

    Such a sweet episode…ohh…I love that song…ishq bulawa….u literally reminded me the scenes of Twinj in tei…u wrote it so well…????

    1. Bulbul23

      Thanku thanku so so much jisha di
      And I am glad that I am able to rremind of u abt our tei moments
      Love u keep commenting ??

  4. Nice epi

  5. Kritika14

    it was amazing! continue soon x

  6. Mahi

    Sweet episode dear
    And ya don’t blackmail us sweetheart we all love u nd ur ff soon much
    Keep writing dear

    1. Bulbul23

      Hey thanx mahi and this is a friendship wala blackmail exclusively for tu friends
      But glad that u commented keep reading love u ???

      1. Mahi

        I know it dear so & I also have one
        If u say it again we don’t reply

  7. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome epi…Amazing….eagerly waiting for next part….

  8. Kruti

    Lovely epi

  9. Aishwarya.twinjfan

    Bulbul superb epi
    Btw Y wud anyone criticise ur ff?ur ff is evergreen awesome

    1. Bulbul23

      Hey thanx aishu can I call u this
      And I think my ff is ???
      But glad u commented and plz plz post ur ff soon
      Love u ??

      1. Aishwarya.twinjfan

        Ur welx bulbul
        And ya u can call me aishu after all my ff readers nd the TU family call me lyk this so i am glad u called me aishu.
        Nd ya i will post my ff after few days.
        Nd i need suggestion abt one matter.
        I will reveal wht it is in my epi.
        Nd thnx for reading my ff

      2. Aishwarya.twinjfan

        Nd ya luv u too???

  10. Fan

    Awesome epi…lobed it..can’t wait for the next epi..plz post asap

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