It was always you !!!!! (Part 7)

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And again let’s start

Tw came out of the trial room in her older suit and selected a dress for herself and kunj does the same

Both were tired and went back to their homes

Next day engagement day
It was evening around 5 the lawn of a hotel was well decorated with flowers and lights tiny bulbs light purple and darker shade curtains the trees were covered with tiny bulbs it was a perfect atmosphere for a wedding or any occasion to happen
The time for the engagement is for 9:30 and time is 5 so as usual the bride and groom are getting ready in their room

Tw room
Tw entered her room it was spacious room and well decorated with flowers and some lights
She removed the dress from her bag which she was going to wear tonight but spotted a packet on the bed she took it and saw it was a beautiful lehanga of baby pink color with cream border and cream coloured chili where roses of babypink colour were emberoided and it has light pink chunni which was attached to a bracelet that is to be hung on wrist and choli is without sleave
Tw: it is beautiful so lovely ( sorry lovely di)
By rotating it
Omg this is so nice I just love this and she found a note their
Plz wear this tonight I have selected this for u hope u don’t mind wearing it tonight if u don’t like it then don’t wear it
Sadu sarna

Tw: awwwwwwww???so cute sadu sarna itni pretty dress deke bolte ho ki na pehnu
And she kisses the dress and went to change it

Ku entered the room thinking that weather she likes the dress or not but to his surprise he found a box on the bed
He opened it and saw a light pink or we can say faded pink coloured sherwani with white pants

And a note
I have buyer this for u when we were shopping I don’t know that u will like it or not but like it then wear it and not then don’t ok but I hope u will like it
Siyappa queen

By reading this letter kunj had a 440 vt wala smile on his face
Ku: itni aachi dress deke bolti hai ki na pehnu pagl ladki and he smiles and go to change

It is 8 : 30 now tw is all ready with her special lehanga she had left her hair open with a stylish braide in the front and heavy earings of silver and bangles few strands of her hair are curled and she had wore a silver necklace which had a simple chain and and a small sa cute sa chotu sa heart shaped pendent she had done light make up and looking not less than a angel from heaven

Ku room
Ku was wearing the same sherwani which she had gifted him and looking as hot as always
His hair are lightly rough to give him a hot wala look and he was looking as a Greek god
( guys koi sambhalo mujhe main gir na jaun )

Time is 9 chinki and tw are chatting
Chinki is wearing orange and pink lehanga

Ku room
Ku decided to call her to tell her thankyou and ask her abt the dress he calls her
Tw room
Tw phone was on silent and chinki accidently placed her hand on green button and kunj was on the line now
And he can hear them
CH: tw aacha ek baat poochun sirf as a dost
Tw: are pooch na
Ch: here dil main kha Ab bhi UV ke liye pyar wali feelings hain

After this question kunj was desperate to know the answer while tw has a smile on her face
Tw: payr wali feelings………….. Hhuh pyar or us cheap insan se uski wajah se main kitne din kitne sal andhere main thi uske liye to mere dil main sirf or sirf nafrat hai
Ch: that’s like my sherni

Ku on the other hand was beyond happy
Ku: agar tu loyal rehe sakti hai to main bhi is relationship ko nibhane ke liya apna poor a contribution doonga

He cuts the call

@wedding lawn
The place was not looking less then heaven
It has two stage
Ist one has red carpet and in background their was flower wall and their a big ethnic and beautiful sofa was placed in the middle

And second stage was round who has fencing which is covered with roses and the stage was also big

Time is 9:30
Our groom is coming in the lawn with full tashan and handsome wala look he proceed towards the first stage and sits on the sofa and was confused abt the second stage

Time is 9:40
Ku is desperately waiting for her to come and finally the girl of his dream ( nowadays) has come
She is looking breathtaking gorgeous no one in the whole wide universe can beat her today and the glow on her face and special lehanga are just a cheery on top of a cake

Tw was accompanied with some girls and chinki and she proceed towards him

Both were happy as both of them wear those dresses which they have chosen for each other both passes a smile to each other

Ku forward his hand as a perfect gentleman and she readily gives it to him and climbed on the stage
Both share an eyelock
There sang yara play in BG

Ho karam khudaya hai
Tujhe mujhe se milaya hai

Tujhpe marks hi to
Mujhe jina aaya hai

Hoo tere sang yara aaa
Kush rang bhara

Tu raat diwani
Main jarad sitara

Ho tere sang yara
Kush rang bhara

Main tera hojaaunn
Jo tu kar de Isha ra

Tune is still playing

Both break eyelock now its time for why they have come here
But they were told to go on the second stage
Ku climbed down and forwarded his hand she keeps her hand and both proceeds towards the second stage

The second stage was covered with red roses

Both climb the stairs together and reached at the center

Ch: tw and jiju plz hold each other tightly
Tw: y ????
Ch: that’s y
She asks a worker to start
He switches on a button and the stage started to go upwards
Tw(scared ) aaaaa
Ku haum gir jayenge babaji aaj ke din mat mari mujhe plz main itni jaldi nahi marna chahti
Ku holds her wrist tightly and said main hoon tere sath darr mat ok
Tw: aaaahhhhhh
Ku: aaaa to samajh aata hai per aaah kun
Tw : aaah kunj its paining very badly
Ku: paining???
Tw : she shows her wrist which was covered with bangles she sides the bangles and shows fingermarks
Ku( tensed ) ye kaise LGA tujhe kisne kiya ye bata mujhe main use nahi chodunga
Tw: flashback
Tw was in her room alone she sent chinki to bring water
Then suddenly UV enters
UV: Ohio babydoll looking so so hot and s**y
Tw: just shut up ok
And leaves from here otherwise I will call somebody
Uv came forward and twist her hand and said
Tujhe pyar se bolun to samajh nahi aata kya bolatha na ki mat kar us kunj se sagai but tune to meri bat sunnni hi ni hai
Tw( crying) mujhe dard ho RHA hai uv chodo mujhe
Uv: card ho rga hai or mera kha han
Just then chinki enters
Uv leaves her pushes her due to which her palm get an cut

Ch: tw tu theek hai na
Tw: ha. Chinki main theek ho niche chale hain ma bula thi hain

Flashback ends
Ku: tune mujhe bulaya kun nahi main iska muh tod deta
Tw: isiliye nahi bulaya kunki mainnahi chahati ki aaj ke din kuch galat ho
Ku: aacha theek hai
( theuly are on the height of approx.13 or 15 feet )
And their conversation can’t be heard
Now both take their rings from the boxes
Ku ask for her hand she gives it and he make her wear that ring and tw does the same

Their rings were like two hearts when both rings will kept together they will show that two hearts are entwined with each other
Now the rises petals were showering on them
Tw and ku feels so so happy

( guys their image can be seen on the monitors kept in the lawn )
No its time to come down
And tw started to feel goosebumbs due to fear
And she holds his arm tightly and he screamed in pain
Ku: aao oooo
Tw: Ab tumhe bhi dar lag RHA hai
Ku: are yr dar bhi dard lag RHA hai
Tw; kha
Ku: mera matalb hai dard ho RHA hai
Tw: kaise or kahan
Ku: kunj shows her his arm which have serious wound on it
Tw : at happened to u tell this is so big wound when did u got it
Ku: its a long story bad main bataunga Ab niche chale

Tw: ok
Ku gets down from stage and tw was on behind
Twchunni stuck on her heels
Tw: aaaaa
But why fear when our hero is hear he catches her before she falls
He was carrying her in bridal style
Tw has closed her eyes in fear but slowly she opens them
Ku and tw share a cute wala eyelock
Sajna ve plays in BG

Ku carries her till the stage and places her gently on the sofa
When he bend down to place her tw kisses him on the cheeks unnoticed by all other guests

Ku : ( shocked) sitting beside her
Wt was that tw
Tw: jyada Sochi mat it was treat for giving this such an adorable dress
Ku:: thankyou
Tw: for wt
Ku: for my dress
Tw: ur wlcm
Now the guests started to congratulate by gifts and wishes ku waved his hand towrd chinki and ask her to come she came and he whispered something in her ear
Ch : ok kunj oops sorry jiju
Ku smiles

Twinj are sent towards a room

BA’s aaj ke liye itna hi
Mmmm or chahiye Chalo aj thoda or
Twinj were in room chinki came in with some food and first aid kit
Tw smiles as she knew that ku has asked her to come
Ch leaves

Tw and kunj sits on bed facing each other
Hath de apna
Tw: ok
Ku: kitni jyada gehri cut hai us ko to main chodunga nahi
Tw : relax or aj ke din iska nam mat lo ppz
Ku; ok fine
Ku removes some cotton from the box and wipes the blood and put ointment on that cut
Tw wincese in pain

Ku(concerned) sorry sorry
He blew air on her cut and she adores him
Sajna ve palys in BG

And he pit bandage on it

Ku: apne bangles khol
Tw : nahi abhi nahi mujhe bahut card hoga main ni kar sakti
Ku: theek hai de main karta hoon agr tu sahi samjhe to
Tw : ek condition pe
Ku: kaisi condition
Tw: ( like a child ) dard to nahi karoge
Ku smiles and said nahi karoonga kush

He slowly removes her bangles

A song plays in BG

Ye moh moh ke daghe
Teri ungliyon se ja uljhe

Flute plays

Ku is removing the bangles with care and tw was just staring at him

Koi toh toh na lage
Is tarah giriha ye suljhe

Hai ROM ROM ik Tara
Jo badlon main se guzre …….
Ye moh moh ke dhage
Teri ungliyon se ja uljhe

Tw lands in her imagination world she gets up from her seat and sits on his lap and wraps her arma around his neck

She speaks
Tum kitne aache kun ho kunj
Ku: kunki tu itni aachi hai
Tw smiles
Ku kisses her left cheek
She smiles
She kisses his forhead then both his cheeks
Now both are really close to each other and soon their lips meet each other
It was a slow and sweet kiss full of of love trust and wt not both were enjoying it
After sometime both parted away

Tw hugs him tightly and ku wraps his arms around her waist

But in reality kunj shakes her and she came out from her dreamland
Tw thinks
Wt was I thinking
Babji plz help me
Ku: khan kho gayi hai le ho nikal di bangles maine

But they hears a clapping sound
Uv : wah to aj marham lagaye ja rhe hain
Ku:( hell angry) tu yah kha akr RHA hai
Uv : are mujhe to practice hai khidki se bander aapne ki hain na tw
Uv winks at her
Tw turns her face away in disgust
This adds fuel to kunjs anger

Ku: tu chala ja yahan se issue pehle ki main apna aapa ko baithun
Uv : hey look who’s talking
Tere kaise log apna aapa hi kho sakte hai kabhi gussa main to kabhi ladki pe

Waise is me tera koi kusur nahi hai yeah tere blood main hain jaisa bap waisa beta

Now this was enough for kunj he punches him hard on his face that his lips started to blew
He starts beating him blue and black
He holds him from his shoulder

Agar tutune aj ke bad tw uski family ya meri family ke bare main kuch bhi kha to tu zinda nahi milega samjha

Or aj ke bad tw ke as pas bhi nazr aaya ya use chot pahunchane ki koshish ki to maujhse bura koi nahi hoga due rehe USSR samajh a hone wali biwi hai wo meri

And uv leaves from their
Ku bangs his arm on the wall in anger due to which his wound started to bleed
Tw : kunj kunj wt did u do han look at ur hand
Ku: tw tu ja or apni dressing karle mujhe akele rehe de

Tw: nahi tum ander Chalo wrna main apni dressing nahi karoongi
Ku: zid mat kar ander ja
Tw : tum zid mat karo or bander Chalo
Ku: fine!!!!!!
Tw makes him sit and apply medicine on his wound
He winces in pain
Tw: kha zariorat thi itna gussa karna ki han
Ab chip kun ho
Ku : mujhe nahi pata ki mere papa kaise the but mere liye wo mere hero the
Tw : cupping his face
Maine tumse koi explanation mangi nahi na I trust u ok

Waise ek bat btao ye lgi kaose
Ku: ummn wo actually

Jab bhi main stressed hota gun ya gussa hita hun to pahari ke pass ek race hoti hai cars ki jahn ya to hum death race le safer race le ya phir injury wali race le

To main injury wali race main part leta hoon taking maroon bhi na or gussa bhi naiakl jaegi

Tw was in tears now
Kunj promise me that u will not take part in it

Ku : I can’t promise but I will try
Tw : ok

Now kunj dresses her wound and both went in the lawn

Ku office members announces for couple dance

Twinj were also on stage

Nazdekiyan from shandar plays

While dancing
Tw : plz kunj tum us race main kabhi part nahi loge promise me
Ku: tw I can’t
Tw : not for me plz tumhe meri kasam
Ku: yr tw

Ok fine main us race main kabhi part nahi loonga

Tw jumps in excitment
She gives a quick peck on his lips
Tw: thankyou thankyou so so much
Ku was all stunned by her act
Tw: are chonko mat excitement main ho gya galti se

Ku smiles within
Twinj were really happy from inside but not showing it outer

Ku: control ur emotions tw u are in public place
Tw : shut up na kunj

Ku: aacha aacha ok

Now twinj are engaged

Precap : wedding preparations began

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