FOR YOU? ALWAYS (part 6) An Ishqbazz FF


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First of all you guyz are great! I mean I wasn’t expecting this kind of support and appreciation. I am really honored. A huge thank you to those who are commenting and also the silent readers, you guyz are also amazing. But please do share your views with me so that I have a better idea about my work. Thank you for your lovely comments. Keep supporting me like this.
So lets move towards the sixth part…

Anika opened her eyes and felt a hand covering her forehead. It took her few minutes to realize her position. She was sleeping in Shivay’s lap and her hands were around his waist. The last thing she remembered was that she was descending from the bed and he was trying to hold her but after that she didn’t remembered anything. Shivay on the other hand was sleeping calmly. His head was rested against the bed rest and his one hand was on her forehead while his other hand was holding her arm tightly. The fear of loosing her was visible through his actions. Anika tried to free herself and while doing this Shivay opened his eyed In fear. He looked at the embarrassed Anika and felt guilty. She was adjusting her shirt and was definitely feeling awkward. Shivay sat straight and he opened his mouth to say something but words betrayed him. And awkward silence was flowing between them, just when Shivay was about to say something to disturb the silence, someone knocked on the door. Shivay immediately stood from the bed and Anika on the other hand adjusted her hair. With another knock Rudra and Pinky entered the room.

PINKY: O MY MATA SHIAVY! (Pinkey’s tone was loud enough to wake up a whole city, Shivay who was feeling a little dizzy was now totally alarmed) Remember you said that today you will cooks?
RUDRA: Choti ma, I bet Bhaiya is cooking something. Something sweet…right Bhaiya? (Rudra asked him with a wink)

Shivay gave him a deadly glance. Why do he never thinks before speaking…
PINKY: Shivay come on, its your duty. Go and cook something and please also take this duffer with you (she pointed towards Rudra who was sitting with Anika on the bed)
And with his he pulled Rudra’s hand and almost dragging him out of the bed he started walking towards the door. Anika was still sitting on the bed and was looking at both of them.
PINKY: Shivay! What kind of friend are you?

He turned around and saw Pinky standing next to Anika, she was showing him her fake anger and Shivay was unable to understand the reason. He looked at Anika who was also confused on this question. Still holding Rudra’s hand he questioned “what? Why are you asking this mom?”
PINKY: Your friend is getting bore in this rooms and you are leaving her behind. (Pinky said by pointing at Anika) takes her also with you. She will feel betters if she will goes out from this borings rooms.

And with that Pinky held Anika hand and make her stood up. Anika had no other option left so she just stood up and Pinky directed her towards the door where Shivay was standing. She took Shivay’s hand and placed it on Anika’s hand which she was holding. “Now, all of you go towards the kitchen” she ordered them and Shivay and other two started walking towards the kitchen. Before going Rudra turned his head back and looked at Pinky, he winked at her and she showed him the thumbs up sign. The task was half completed.

In the kitchen Rudra was irritating Shivay like a small naughty kid and Anika was sitting near the slab like a innocent child. She was chopping the vegetables, “Bhaiya! I think we should leave this business and should start our restaurant chain, you can be the cook and I will be the model, pretty girls will come to the restaurants and I will flirt them all day. How is the idea?” he looked at Shivay for approval and Shivay looked at him with poker face.
RUDRA: Bhaiya?

SHIVAY: Rudra stop eating my brain. Let me concentrate on my recipe and secondly what kind of fantasy is this?
RUDRA: O bhaiya is youngsters stuff, you wont understand this. You are to old for it.
SHIVAY: Wait I will show you who is old and who is young.
Shivay started running after him as Rudra was running ahead by saying “billu became budha”
SHIVAY: Rudra stop saying this or I will….

But Rudra being Rudra was trying his best to tease him and while saying this he ran out of the kitchen. “WATCH OUT FOR YOUR PIZZA” he said out loud and disappeared into the corridor. Anika was looking both of them with a slight smile on her face. Shivay saw that smile and when he looked at her she again engaged herself in cutting the vegetables. Rudra went down and reported to Pinky “Both are alone in the kitchen”

Shivay and Anika were working in dead silence and the only sound which came out was the beeping of oven. Pizza was ready and baked, Shivay went towards the oven and he forgot to wear the gloves. The moment he touched the Pizza pan a burning sensation pierced through his fingers, immediately he pushed his hand back. He was jerking his hand and the tips of his fingers were getting red, just then he felt a pair of soft hands holding his hand. By looking upwards he saw Anika standing close to him holding his hand with worry. She was blowing on his fingertips and Shivay felt the most pure moment of relief.

His hand which was burning before was now totally ok. She was rubbing his hand and was blowing it again and again. Both looked at each other for a moment. Shivay released his hand from her and held both of her hands, “Anika! you got worried on this slight burn of mine and just imagine how do I feel when I look at you in this condition” Anika tried to release her hand but his grip was far more stronger. How many times he has asked her to tell him but she would just ignore this question. There is a limit to everything, cant she see that he cares for her. Shivay held her by her shoulder and this time he shook her a little “Anika! speak up, please stop torturing me” Anika was shocked on his behavior, few minutes before he was ok and now he was being impatient and harsh. Shivay saw her and loosen his grip on her, her eyes were full of fear. He felt so bad and guilty, “I am sorry Anika…” he was saying something but Anika released herself from his grip and ran towards the room. Shivay stood there and his heart was burning more than his hand. “idiot” he said to himself, he was angry on himself for making her sad.

Omkara and Gauri and were sitting there like two lifeless bodies. Mother Ria had tears in her eyes which she was trying to control. “ I know this must have been hard for you to believe but imagine that poor soul who had suffered from all this” Mother Ria said this. Om has never felt so helpless he wanted to do something, he wanted to fix things, he wanted to go back into the future and save her. After an hour Mother Ria stood from his chair and said “ I told you everything I knew, you said that there is a way to make her happy that’s why I told you everything, now please save her.” by saying this she went out of the office and with this Gauri stood up and start walking towards the carparking. Omkara followed her like a robot. Both were not talking to each other. There was only one car in the parking.

It was almost evening and the sky was full of dark gloomy clouds. Om stood near the car and Gauri also stood next to him. Both were standing like wooden figures then Gauri broke up, with a thud she hugged him and held his shirt tight in her small hands. She tried to hide her face in thedepth of his neck. Her breathless sobs were making him feel more helpless. “Om she is such a sweet girl…why, why this happened to her?” she was questioning him and Om had no answer to that. With cold hands Om held her shoulders and he was trying so hard to stop his tears by looking upwards, he felt a ball of tears was stuck in his throat. Gauri on the other hand was crying badly, it was the first time that Om was seeing her crying this badly. She was a sensitive girl, once her fish died and she didn’t ate for two days until Tej gifted her a new one, but this time it was not about a fish, this time it was about a girl whose life was being robbed. “Om why this happened to her? why?” Om felt a sharp pain on her every question. What should he tell her? he didn’t had and answer. He was holding her tight in his arms, so tight that he could feel her uneven heartbeat against his chest.

OMKARA: Gauri, be strong! We have to be strong for her. We cannot change the past but we can surely change the future. So we have to be strong.
Gauri stood there holding him tight for some minutes the she came out of the hug and looked at him. He was looking so worried and she felt that he will cry on any moment. She felt bad for him. Omkara cupped her face in his hands and with his thumb he wiped her tears and by bringing her face close to him he said “from know you have to act strong, understand?” she nodded her head in yes like a child. Her eyes were again getting watery, Om once again with all his strength, gulped her into another hug and they stayed like this for few moments. Then both gathered up their courage and started moving towards home. Om had many thoughts in his mind but the most difficult was to tell Shivay everything. He couldn’t hide anything from Shivay and he was looking for words. “how will I tell everything to Shivay?” he was thinking the same thing again and again.

Anika tells everything to Shivay, some hard emotional moments but after that things will start getting better.

I know it was a bit emotional but it was needed, I want to convey every single emotion in detail. This will take time and story will unfold itself slowly but believe me it will be worth reading. So please feel free to comment and criticize. See you soon
Thank you

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