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A huge thank you to those who are taking their precious time to comment on my ff. seriously its only because of you guyz that I am writing this story. Your comments are like my inspirational power so thankyou soo much for them, I love you all. Ok so now lets jump into the fourth part of my story.

Part 4
Shivay was standing in the kitchen and he was making breakfast. His hands were engaged in his work but mind was totally somewhere else. Last night was a very strange night. She cried allot in front of him, she asked him to stay there while she cry, one thing was clear to him that she wanted a friend and Shivay was obviously there for her. Definitely something horrible must have happened to her but what? How many times he asked her that what happened but she always ignore the question or she would just cry.

After making a perfect breakfast he went towards his room. Without knocking he entered the room and found her standing next to the window. “Anika, you woke up this early?” he questioned her by placing the breakfast on the bed. She didn’t answer his question and just stood there by the window. Shivay looked at her pale face and her red eyes, she was looking so weak because of the whole night crying. He went near her and stood behind her. Now both were standing next to the window and the sweet dim light of sun was warming their faces. Anika was looking outside while Shivay was looking at her.

“Anika! breakfast’s ready” he said this by gently placing his hand on her shoulder and Anika suddenly jerked his hand back. She turned back and saw him looking at her in disbelief. Anika took at step away from him and looked at him. Shivay was a little shocked but he controlled his emotion and said “Anika, come on! You should have your breakfast on time, remember what the doctor said?” he was treating her like a small kid. Anika moved her head a little and saw her breakfast on the bed, “Alu puri” so he still remembered that she use to love Alu puri. Shivay directed her towards the bed and he was about to hold her hand but, this time he was afraid that she will again push him back and this was something which he couldn’t understand.
ANIKA: Why are you doing all this for me?

He was lost in her thoughts when these words hit his ears. What kind of question was this. Didn’t she knew that he is her friend.
SHIVAY: Why do you think I am doing all this for you? And why is everyone in my family is taking care of you?
This time Shivay questioned her back. It was a stupid question from her side and he became a little angry. Is she dumb or is she blind, cant she see that everyone loves her that’s why everyone is taking care of her.
ANIKA: Because I use to be a good person.

She said this by looking down at her feet. She knew that her question must have hurt him but still she want all of them to realize that she is not the same Anika anymore.
SHIVAY: What do you mean by “ use to be”? you are still a good person and for your kind information… we are all hare for you because we all love you and we all care for you. You idiot!
Anika looked at him and in his blue eyes she found his friend begging for her to come back. Does she deserve all this care and concern? Does she deserve his friendship? She dragged herself towards the bed and stood there like a lifeless body. She started eating the breakfast like a robot and Shivay let out a sigh by looking at her in this condition.

SHIVAY: Anika! I don’t know what happened, and if you don’t want to tell me then its ok but please stop thinking these things. We are all hare for you because we want to be with you ok?
She again didn’t gave any answer and a was still eating like a robot, without any expressions. How can she tell him, what if he starts hating her by knowing her truth. What if all of them will throw her out of this house. What if…. And there were many iffs she could think of. Shivay on the other hand was getting restless with every passing second. He knew that Om and Gauri went to orphanage to found out about her past. He knew that if Anika will know that he is trying to dig in her past she would become angry but he had no other option left. He insisted allot to join both of then but they requested him to stay back with Anika. because after yesterday’s night Om thought that Shuvay should spend some more time with Anika.

When she finished her breakfast Shivay gave her the medicines and some of them were very strong due to which Anika started feeling dizzy. Shivay sensed this and he went near her because she was about to fall from the bed. He immediately moved towards her and scoped her body in his strong arms. She was entering into deep sleep but still she caught hold of his collar and when Shivay was shifting her onto the bed she encircled her one arm around his neck and placed her face close to nape of his neck. For a moment Shivay felt a sensational current in his body when her slow breath touched his skin. He tightened his hold on her and by placing his knee on the bed he gently placed her on the bed. He was holding her with such care and delicacy as if she was a fragile flower. He placed his one hand behind her head and held a pillow from the bed, then he gently took his hand back and adjusted a pillow under her head. He looked at her sleeping, it was the first time that Shivay was noticing her from so close.

She was still holding his collar tightly and Shivay was mesmerized by her beauty. There was no makeup on her face, her hair were also a little messy and her eyelids were swollen but still Shivay thought that nothing could be more prettier then her. this girl was making him insane, he forgets every thing when it comes to her. shivay gently tried to free his collar from her hand and while doing this he was constantly looking at her. Her grip was tight but he somehow managed to free himself and he sat straight on the bed. He was about to go when he felt two hands encircling him from his waist, he looked down and found that Anika placed her head on his lap. Her hands were around his waist and her was head was resting in his lap. She was also started murmuring a little in her sleep. Shivay could not understood what she was saying but now surely he was not going to go away. He looked at her sleeping like a child. He placed his hand on her head and started moving his hand in her hair, what a perfect moment it was for him, he had imagined many moments like this in his head before but right now sitting so close to her was a total different and amazing feeling. How much he wished that time should stop here in this moment. He was stroking her hair and a small smile crept on his face. Anika on the other hand was in her dream but after a long time she saw a dream which was not bad, after a long time she was in a deep peaceful sleep.

On the other hand Om and Gauri entered the orphanage office. Before leaving they called Mother Ria and asked for her time. When they entered Mother Ria was talking to a child. The small girl was crying and she was continuously nodding her head in no. “no I want her back, where is she?” the small girl questioned by rubbing her eyes with her small hands.
MOTHER RIA: My dear, don’t worry. She went on a vacation and she will be back soon. Ok?
But the small girl was not convinced. She turned and saw Om and Gauri standing in the entrance door. The girl ran towards Gauri and got hold of her frock.
GIRL: You took her away! I saw it from the window. You two were placing her in the car and after that she never came back. Where is my Anika didi?

The girl was sobbing and she was angry on Om and Gauri for taking her did away. Gauri didn’t knew how to answer that girl and she was standing there confused while the girl was still crying. Mother Ria signaled the secretary to take out the girl but that small girl ran and went behind Om, she was trying to hide herself behind him. Om bent down and picked up the girl in his hands. He wiped her tears with his hand and kissed her cheeks. “Where is my Anika did?” the girl questioned again in her innocent sweet tone but this time she was not angry anymore.
OM: Your Anika didi was not well, that why we have to take her to the doctor. But the moment she will get better she will come to see you. But If you keep crying like this then your didi will feel bad. You want your Anika did to feel bad?

This time Om was questioning the girl who was looking at him with wide open eyes. She immediately nodded her head in no. she definitely didn’t want her did to be sad because of her.
OM: Good girl! (om again kissed her cheek,) Now don’t cry. Your Anika did will come to see you soon but only if you promise me not to cry. Primrose?

Omkara directed his hand towards the small girl and she crossed her small finger with his small finger and said “Pinky Promise”. There was a reason that Shivay fell madly in love with Anika (Om thought at that moment) she was such a beautiful person. Om gently placed the girl on the floor and she ran towards the door feeling hopeful and happy. Gauri at that time was feeling so proud of him. She really wanted to hug him tight. Some times he was so adorable and nice, she has never seen such and understanding and kindhearted person before. She was looking at him with allot of praise and proud in her eyes. Om felt her gaze on him and he tilted his head near her and almost whispered “ don’t look at me like this Gauri! You will fell in love with me” Gauri widened her eyes at this statement. Both looked at each other for once but this moment was broken by the interruption of Mother Ria who was observing both of them with a smile on her face.
MOTHER RIA: So Mr Oboroi! What did you wanted to know about the orphanage?
She sat on her chair and directed Om and Gauri to the front chairs.

OM: Actually mother we came to ask about Anika. (he turned his head and looked at Gauri who was looking at mother with hopeful eyes)
MOTHER RIA: Anika? I thought you wanted to know more about the orphanage dear.
GAURI: Mother… we almost know everything about this school and it would be an honor for us to help this school, it’s a brilliant and selfless organization and Oboroi Industries will do its best to help you in every way but…today we came hare for some personal information. (Mother Ria was a now a little worried, she knew that Anika was staying with them and to her satisfaction she also called Anika and found that she was safe with them)

OM: Mother we are Anika’s friend. We call our self friends but we use to be more than friends, she was like a family member to us but one day she just got disappeared and now after four years we found her, we cant be more happy to found her but she has been acting a little weird. I mean she is nothing like the old Anika and we don’t know what happened to her in past four years and believe me mother we just want to help her and for doing this, we need to understand the reason behind her disturbance.

MOTHER RIA: My dear I wish I could help you but we are not allow to give any personal information and specially about Anika! she is like a daughter to me. if she has not told you anything then I should also respect her decision. I am sorry I wished I could help.
Gauri was disappointed, she looked at Mother Ria with pleading eyes and both of them tried to convince her but all went in vain. This conversation lasted for one hour but Mother Ria was not agreeing to tell them anything. At last Gauri and Om stood up and both were looking disappointed. Before leaving Om turned towards Mother Ria and said “Thank you for your precious time Mother, but before leaving I just want to say that few years back my younger brother fell in love with Anika and when she was disappeared his love for her grew even more. He is the “Shivay Singh Oboroi”, world knows him by a successful businessman but I know that he was heartbroken after Anika’s disappearance.

By leaving his business and industry he is staying in the house and is taking care of her and I know that he will do anything to make her happy, even we are trying to do the same. You called Anika your daughter and I am telling you that my brother is probably the last hope of Anika’s happiness. By helping us a little you can save someone’s life. Please Mother! Think about this, there is a way to bring back happiness in Anika’s life. For her sake, please help us. “
They both stood there for a moment and looked at her, she wasn’t looking at them. In fact she pretended to engaged herself in her work. Gauri placed her hand on Om’s shoulder and with scattered hopes they both started to walk towards the door. When they were about to cross the door they both heard a voice. “Three and a half years ago I was travelling to Mumbai by road, I was driving on my way when I found a girl lying unconscious on the road”

Om and Gauri both turned backwards and looked at Mother Ria who was looking out of the window. Her eyes were seeing something far behind in the times. Om and Gauri both adjusted themselves in the seats, both were ready to listen to the untold bitter truth.

Gauri hugged Om tightly and she was bitterly crying. Shivay and Rudra were making Pasta with Anika in the kitchen.

So hare was another piece of my imagination. Do comment. Anything which you feel interesting, let me know. Anything you feel boring, let me know. Your comments gave me a better idea for my next piece so please feel free to comment.
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