It was always you !!!!! (Part 4)


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So let’s continue
Tw reached home and went to her room and started cursing Maya
Samjhti kha hai khud ko han badi aao best friend kahi ki or wo sadu sarna badam chippak RHA tha uske sath huh so ja tw warna to pgl ho jaegi
Next morng
Tw woke up through alrm and checks her phone she saw some messages on whatsapp
There was a message from sadu sarna it was written
Thankyou and gd morg
A smile captured her lips she quickly saved his dashing and charming Dp and changed his name to kunj from sadu sarna
She wear her teach suit and went for jogging with her headphones and Iphone

She reaches near a park
But to her shock
Kunj was sitting with Maya on the bench and laughing and chatting
She felt so jealous
She quickly went towards them to hear their convoy.
Maya: so this marriage is under pressure
Ku: yup kind of
Ma: why don’t u cancel it and she also blames u
Ku: I know I can’t change her opinion and she is madly in love with uv and he is so cheap and if somebody said anything against him than she will not leave him
Ma : wt!!!! she loves someone else and u know it and she …omg kunj how can u be so nice
Ku: leave all this maya this is in my fate leave all this
Tell me something else
Ma: hmm u r right and I was in London for higher studies
Ku: okk so let’s leave today is my roka and u are coming ok
Ma: ok as u wish
Kunj leaves

Tw who was listening all this became so upset and sad and jealous too and later she also leaves

Evening roka
Sranas have arrived in taneja mansion and
Ku is wearing silver kurta and salwar and maya is wearing blue and silver anarkali

Tw is in her room wearing her jewellery then suddenly uv came in her room through window
Tw : wt are u doing here uv just get lost
Uv : ohooo babydoll wait na u r looking so stunimg and amzing I felt like kissing u ( coming towards her)
Tw( pushed him) door re mujhe mere parivar se or meere hone wale pati se samjha tu

Le: are ye kudi bhi na itni der LGA di kunj putter ja tu use bula LA
Ku: ji
Ku is on stairs

Tw room
Uv: are itna pyar aagya uspe tujhe hain kahin sach me pyar to ni hyga han or wqisee bhi ye rishta hai kha sirk ek samjhota hai or kuch nahi

Ku now is on her door and door is open
Tw : ha ha nahi karti main kunj se pyar nahi karti or yeah shaadi me sirf ma ke liye kar rahi hoon or nahi uske or mere beech me koi pyar kaosa kuch rishta hai

Ku hears only tw part and feels betrayed
Ku thinks : I kno tw that u don’t want this marriage bit smwhere I had started thinking that u will move on but u proved me wrong

He leaves from her room without informing anyone
Tw : but kunj ka or mera rishta bharose ka hai dosti ka hai Jo here is jhutehe rishte se kayi huna bada or jaroori hai mere liye
Uv : wah wah wah wah kaya dialogue bolti hai ti tw majak aagya

Ku came back and lies that she is getting ready

Tw room
Tw : Chali ja yahan se warna aacha nahi yoga
Uv: okok babaydoll
Tw : main koi Teri babaydoll nahi hoon or aaj se or abhi se mera or tera eishta khatam BA’s Th nikal yahan se
UB smirks and went out

Tw broke down and cries
After some time she compose herself and went downstairs
Le : are puter intna time kun lgya bechara kunj tujhe bulake bhi aata
Tw : ma kunj mujhe bulane aaya tha
Le : are han putter tune hi to use kha tha ki tujhe time lgega
Tw understands that ku had misunderstood her
Tw faked a smile
And sat beside kunj on sofa
Tw is wearing a pink and silver coloured lehanga with little puff and open hair with light makeup
Pandit puts tilak on their foreheads and did all other rasams ( sorry guys I don’t know Roka rasams )
Srans leaves after the rasams

Tw went in her room
And thinks why babaji why only me ku pakka mujhe or uv ko sath me samjhega of god me kha karoon

Suddenly she gets an idea and leaves her room in midnight

She reached his hall through window and went upstairs and heard usha and manohar talking she listens their convo and became shocked she quickly leaves for his room

She reached his room and saw him working on his laptop with around 5 cups of coffee she checked time and it was 1:30 she thought that he is so hardworking mannaa padega kunj sarna

Kunj took his last sip and gets up to make a new coffee he saw her standing on his room gate
Just then her phone rings its of leela tw picks it up tw : hello ma le: Kahn hai Th putter tw : ummm a main chinki ke ghar gun le : per kun tw: wo ma uski tabiyat kaharb ho gayi thi or uske parents bhi ghar par nahi the to main aagyai le: ok but bata to deti aacha use phone de tw became shocked she asked kunj to help through actions he told her the action of sleeping tw : ma wo so rahi hai aacha bye
Tw : shukra hai babaji bacha liya aaj to
Ku: at r u doing here at this time
Tw : kunj sarna nobody told u the manners to invite a guest in the room
Ku rolls his eyes
Tw entered his room
Ku: now tell me that wt r u doing here
Tw : wo actually I came here to tell sorry and thankyou
Ku: sorry and thankyou????????
Tw : yes umm thankyou for not telling ma abt uv and sorry bcoz………
Ku: it ok I heard ur convo and u don’t have to be sorry to me especially bco this marriage is we both know how imp. It is
Tw : u are taking me wrong kunj I swear their is nothing left between me and uv and I have break uped with him plz believe me kunj
Ku: breakup !!! Like seriously tw that how many times u have break uped with him han
Tw : I know at that time I was so engrost in that false relationship. That I forget to saw the reality
Plz believe me kunj know he is no more part of my life and I am ready to move on in my life so plz trust me
Ku: ok I believe u
Tw : are u aur na not joking na
Ku: I don’t joke when my own life is a joke ok so
Tw : okok bhadak kun rahe ho and gd nt and bye
She started to leave
He hold her wrist
Ku: khan ja rahi hai chinki ke ghar aaj hai na tu
Tw bites her tounge a bit
Tw : han han wo to main BA’s aise hi
He leaves her hand

And he again si ts on couch and started his work
Tw : tum aise hi jagoge poor I rat
Ku : han shaadi ki wjah se company pe dhyan nahi de pa RHA hoon isisliye raat ko jag kar kam poor a karta hoon or upper se TERE uv ne hath me bhi LGA di hai

But he understood wt he speaks
Tw : tumhe maine bola na ki wo mera kuch nahi lagta to taunt kun mar rahe ho
Ku: I am sorry wo bus muh se nikal gya mera intention tujhe hurt karne ka ni tha
I am sorry
Tw: it ok

Now the time is 2:45 tw started to sleep but kunj was still engrost in his work
Ku: so ja tu main bahar balcony me ja RHA hoon ok
Tw grabs his hand
Sajna ve plays
Tw : bahar to thand hai
Ku: to kya waise bhi tujhe neend aarhi hai or me ander hounga to tu to soyegi nahi ye sochke ki main phir kuch there sath na karoon to isiliye
Tw started to speak but he freed his hand and went to balcony

Ku from balcony : or han 6 baje uth Jana or some se pehle chinki ko phone kar de kunki tu bhool jayegi or balcony ka darwaja bander se band akr le ok main nahi khol saku isliye

Tw thinks
Babaji I always wanted not to hurt him but always I do it

She sleeps on the bed and calls chinki informs her everything
At morning she woke up at 6 and opened the balcony door and saw him sleeping on the chair

She checks his phone and it showed last message sent at 4:45
Awwww he was awake at so late site hue kitne cute lagta hai sadu sarna kahin ka
She sits beside him and remove the hair strands from his forehead and kissed him on his cheek

Bye sadu sarna urff mera sadu sarna ( it echo’s) sajnave plays in BG

She leaves for her room

**** to be continued***
So how’s it
Bad na sorry and my mamma is scolding me so have to wrap up bye bye love so sos souch and don’t forget to comment


Credit to: bulbul

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