It was always you !!!!! (Part 3)


Hiiiiiiiii zyada lamba ho gya na but kha karoon bolna? PDA kunki 2 din se post ni kiya and …….
Let’s proceed baaki baaten epi ke baad

Tw after freeing herself from uv quickly ran towards kunj
She saw the place was more crowded than before
Somehow she find a place to escape from the crowd
The scene which she saw was more shocking to her eventually her heart skipped a beat
She saw kunj lying in pool of blood and some people are trying to carry him
She quickly sat beside him and take his head in her lap
Tw : open your eyes kunj
Kunj apni Aankhen kholo plz kunj utho
( patting his cheeks )

Plz kunj plz open ur eyes
Ku(in so much pain)
Tw..innkle……….. Mmainne……… Tera ……….faida….nnahi uth………uthaya……..hai…….and he faints
Tw: kunj utho plz kunj

With the help of some persons she took him to city hospital
He was on OT
She immediately called all other family members to hospital
And they reached after half an hour
Le : twinkle
Tw : ma ( started crying )
Ma dekho na kunj ko kha ho gya hai plz ma use bolo ke mujhe baat karne mujhe Dante per chip na baithe
Le: putter Rona band kar or mainu e bata ke e sab hua kaise

Tw told them the whole story
Usha: mujhe pata hi tha is sab ke pichhe iska hi haath hai there us phsycho aashiq ne kha galat kar di hai kunj ki
LA tried to speak but usha interrupts
Usha: leelaji kehdijiye apni beti se ki Chali jaye yahn se mere bete se door
Just then the doctor comes
Doc: excuse who is twinkle here
Tw : I am tw and how is kunj
Doc : he is fine but he has loosed so much blood and his left arm is fractured
And he kept on chanting ur name
Tw : can I meet him
Doc : yes but once a person
Tw : ok doc

Tw entered kunjs room and tears started to flow from her eyes
Sajna ve plays in BG
She remembers when ku told her he is not guilty and when he pacifies her in the park
And smile captured her lips
But this smile was not permanent she remembers in pool of blood just becoz of her she was so so much guilty
She saw kunj sleeping peacefully on his bed

She sat on a stool beside him and moved her hand on his forehead due to her touch he woke up
Ku : tww…inkle
Tw : shhhh don’t move ok I am here na
I am sorry kunj it is all happening becoz of me I was so dumb to understand that uv was just pretending to love me and my this – point make u in this condition I am sorry plz forgive me
Ku: tw its ok
Tw : how can u become so nice sadu sarna
Ku: becoz u are a siyappa queen
And both laughs

Just then usha enters
Us: kunj u r ok na I don’t know y ur bdepapa chose her for u she is just a problem creator

K was abt to speak but tw held his hand and gestures him to be quite

Then the doc enters
Doc : how are u feeling Mr. Sarna
Ku : better docdoc
And thanku
Doc : are don’t thank me Mr. Sarna all thanks goes to ur fiancee who take u here on correct time

Ku eyes tw lovingly
Doc : Mr .sarna u will be discharged after one day till then only one person can stay
And the doc leaves
Now tw gets up and starts to leave just then ku catches her hand she suddenly current passing through her body

Ku: tw will stay with me
Usha : but let me
Ku: I told u na
Usha : ok fine
And leaves

Ku: are u comfortable in staying here
Tw : yes
Ku: thanku
Tw : why
Ku: coz u saved my life that’s y
Tw : u don’t need to be thanku it was my duty
Ku: and sorry
Tw : and now sorry for wt
Ku: woh actually jab uv tujhe whan se le gya to mujhe LGA ki tu bhi usje sath Chali gayi hai
Tw : are no problem I have done so many mistakes that everybody will think like this
Ku: look tw I am really sorry at that point my condition was not like a simple person but I didn’t wanted to hurt u

He wiped her tears with his right hand

Tw eyes him lovingly and sajna ve plays in BG
Tw : aacha baba ok tumpe itne senti baaten aachi ni lagti sadu sarna
Ku: han han theek hai siyappa queen

Tw gave kunj his medicines and he slept
Tw thinks

Babaji he looks so so cute while sleeping wait a min wt I just said cute wo this sadu sarna but Jo bhi hai cute to lag RHA hai
Babaji per ek baat pe abhi bhi doubt hai ki us RAat mere sath kunj ne kuch galat kiya tha
Chahe Jo bhi ho kunj ki is halat ki zimedar main hi hoon an main try karoongi ki wo mere or uv ke breakup wali bat per yakin ker le

She gets up from her seat and kissed kunj right cheek
And sleeps on the couch and kunj and tw both slept with a peaceful and cute smile on their faces

Next day kunj woke up and saw tw sleeping like a baby he gets up from his seat and goes towards tw and slightly shakes her
Ku: get up tw
Get up

Tw : some do na kunj
Ku: are yr ye ladki sach me siyappa queen hai agar koi aa gya to phir mere pe gussa shona shuru ho jaegi
Tw wake up yr plz ( thinks for sometime ) mm aaaaaa tw its paining aaaa

Tw gets up with a jerk

At happened ku ur hand is paining wait let me call the doc who told u to get up from bed han

Ku: relax siyappa queen their is no pain it was a prank
Tw : u !!!!!! Unknowingly hits him on his fractured arm
Ku: aao tw an sach main mar degi kha
Tw : ( guilty) I am sorry kunj plz maff akr do I am really a siyappa queen
Ku: its ok

Ku gets discharged from hospital and went to his home
He entered sarna mansion and saw leela and other family members waiting for him

He greeted everyone
Usha : I have a surprise for u go check in ur room
Ku: surprise and that too for me
Usha : yes go and check

Tw helped kunj to open his room it was all dark
Before tw could switch on the lights the gets switched on

And the next moment she saw was a bit shocking for her

Ku has hugging a girl and saying finally u came back
Tw felt a bit jealous
Girl : y would I not come han
Ku : finally Maya u came yr I was feeling so lonely and u came this is the best ever surprise for me
Maya : I know ku and missed u too
Both break the hug
Maya asked ku abt the fracture he says that it is just a accident she said take care of ur self ku said if u are here than y would I take care of myself maya rolls her eyes and she spots tw

Maya : who is she
Ku: she is tw my…………………….
Tw : would be wife
Ku is shocked happy confused and at not
Ku: yyyess
And tw she is my best friend maya
And to put salt on her new wounds he pulled her cheeks

Tw felt like killing that girl.
Mya : waise I must say ur choice is very good
Ku: baachpan se
Maya : ya ya
Ku : aacha tw u should leave now everybody will be waiting for u
Tw : hmmm
The bids bye to them but she stopped on the entrance of room saw kunj laughing and paying with her she felt so so jealous

Badi aai maya maya nahi dayan kaise chipak chipak ke baat kar rahi hai sharam nam ki koi bhi cheez nahi hai is me badi aao best friend kahi ki
And she leaves from their

***********to be continued************

Hey guys his was it
Ya I know it was bad and my ffs is so boring but wt to do
My brain is not working properly coz I am I’ll from two days but I felt like writing today u guys will be bored during reading my ff as I know that writing is not my cup of tea

Plz guys if u guys hate my ff or loved it plz comment and let me know bcoz u all are my inspiration so plzz comment and and criticism is welcomed without abusement

So stay blessed and be happy and my real name is V…….
Fill in the dots it is from V

Credit to: bulbul

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