It was always you!!!!! (Part 26)

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The nights falls and there comes a new day a new new start for everyone but the this new day was special for the most purest souls too i.e our twinj

Both were on the floor sleeping soundly kunj was half lying and sitting on the floor by taking the bedfoot’s support while twinkle was sleeping on kunj’s lap

It was not intentional both of them slept on the floor only but as u know opposites attract but they attract this much is surely a bliss too watch this is the attraction of trust and love which holds them together

The sunlight was making it hard for kunj to sleep while twinkle was all ok as twinkles back was facing the sunlight’s direction that’s the reason she was sleeping soundly

Kunj opened his eyes irritatingly he didn’t wanted to get up now as he slept late last night . Somehow he managed to open his eyes and looked around and he found himself in a not so familiar room then the reality hit him he was in hotel and last night was his “so called ” first night

He looked at the clock and saw it was 6 in the morning they still have one hour to check out from the hotel as he looked down realisation dawned him a cute and pretty who is supposed to be his wife is sleeping soundly on him without any tension

He just smiled at their proximity he knew that their relation is a bit diff .no not a bit different but very different from other relationships

His and twinkles relationship started with such hard and difficult situations that no one can imagine .He knew twinkle needs some space and time in order to adjust in this new relation and most imp to trust him

He knew that twinkle trust him but its just the farmhouse incident which refrains her from doing so and he can’t even blame her either because she is the one who was treated badly

He simply just adjusted himself a bit more so that he gains a perfect posture . twinkle was fully lying on him clutching his torso ever so tightly . there legs were entwined together while kunj was holding twinkle from her waist

He knew that if he will wake up twinkle she will not freak out of their proximity but will surely be embarrassed and its the least he want from her

He simply laid is hand on her head slowly patting her head .
” Twinkle “kunj whispered near to her ear . In reflex twinkle just stirred in her sleep with cute frown lines on her for head

Sleeping beauty kunj thought ” twinkle ” he again whispered this time twinkle just hummed in response with slightly opening her eyes “twinkle its 6 in the morning we have to check out at 8 ” said kunj .”we still have one hour kunj let me sleep plz and slept late too Ab tum bhi so jao”said twinkle sleepily and again hugging him

“Ok so jao but u have to get up at 7:30 ok “said kunj and smiled at her cute antics
” acha twinkle bas ek bar utho phir wapis so Jana abhi bed pe so jao “said kunj ” nhi this is more comfortable than bed ” said twinkle with her closed eyes kunj can’t help but smile

“Plz twinkle just for once ekbar khadi hoja plz “said kunj .twinkle huffed in response and lazily got up kunj too got up but couldn’t help but yelp inaudibly in pain he knew he was having cramps because of sleeping in a uncomfortable posture

Twinkle didn’t heard it kunj got up twinkle was still standing with her eyes slightly closed .kunj came near twinkle and called her name in reflex she just hugged him kunj just felt his body pain lessening up her touch was soothing and soft kunj again smiled and took her in his embrace he picked her up in bridal style and moved towards the bed
He gently laid her her and pulled the duvet over her providing her the comfort

He slightly touched her faced and admired her for being so cute he de attached his hand from her face not finding the touch anymore twinkle held his hand in reflex

” where are you going “asked twinkle with slightly open eyes ” m going to get freshen up “replied kunj ” are its only 5 abhi so jao come on yr today is really imp for us so we need a good sleep come here she said moving a bit away making a space for him to sleep .kunj can’t help but smile “but twinkle ” before he could complete twinkle pulled him over on the bed and he fall on the bed beside twinkle he looked at her in shock

“No but wut” said twinkle covering both them with duvet and snuggling closer to him and hugging him . kunj just smiled and he too hugged her back snuggling closer to her and closing his eyes


Well hii everyone I know m late as hell but can’t help m in 11 now so too much work
But there is a good news my vacations are starting from 7 so I will be free so I will post on regular basis???
Well my life isa mess right now but few thing held me all good
One is that sidhant liked my post on instagram and other one is music
Listen to attention by Charlie puth and therr ‘s nothing holding me back by Shawn mendes
U will love them
Despacito is quite famous so no need to mention it right
Listen to 2u by Justin beiber too
Now enough of my bakwss
I got 21 cmnts on my previous post wait not 21 its 16 Priya ke teen cmnts the and kuch cmnts repeated the
So m quite happy with the response I can’t expect more than this because I post too late and I write just shitty pieces of ffs
And none wants me to post “our delicate bond ”
Well good for me and u too coz u will not be bored and I will be free from writing
And now plz someone tell me what is this thinking combo wala chapter plz m getting hell confused plz help
And this chapter was written on a request I was not in mood but the owner of today
The birthday boy wanted me to post my ff so here it is
Today is rashi di sistas bday too .
Happy bday Isha
May god bless u
I know this epi was hell boring as it has nothing
Because twinj uthte and phirse so gye
Kunki mujhe bhi need ari hai so bbye gye do cmnt share your views
Criticism is accepted
Keep loving twinj and tu
Do post ffs and os
Do participate in the competition
Now a final good bye
Stay blessed
Ignore the typos I havnt re read it ?
Bulbul ?

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  1. SidMin23

    Nice and cute twinj moment.

  2. Nice episode…..

  3. Presha

    loved it..
    nd we wan u to post our delicate bond..

    1. Nishuu

      Awesome bulbul
      Loved it

  4. Nishuu

    Awesome bulbul
    Loved it

  5. Sohi

    Really very cute episode
    Yaar inlog ko dekh kar mujhe bhi neend aa rahi hai

    A sweet update
    Waiting for twinj to fell in love with each other

    Waiting for the next update
    Do continue

  6. It was amazing di?????
    Loved it to the core ?????
    Hope twinj fall in love soon
    I told you to post”our delicate bond”?
    Love u ❤❤❤❤
    Keep smiling ☺☺☺

  7. mindblowing.

  8. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome cute

  9. Paavu

    Madam tu kate nhi maha late hai par khush jr dia awsoo epi yrrr nd u knw wat main tere ff pdhte wakt yeh attention nd despacito hi sun rahi thi tepeat mode I love des

  10. Paavu

    Justin toh hai hi best I m d one teah haha well congooooo

  11. Vags

    Post our delicate bond too

  12. Baby

    bulbul u were amazing dear ♥
    as always lovely ♥
    wowowaaa jst osm ♥
    itna pyaaraa episode thaa….♥
    n whoo said we r nt missing dat ff of urs its jst dat u post did 1 also badiii mushkil se toh yaad hi nahi dila ya who wala 😛 🙂 😉
    srsly loved it……♥
    love u sooooooo mch it was really beautifull twinj were sooo cute…..♥♥♥
    uff twinkle ke dialogues hosh bhi the usko or kunj ki smile 🙂
    loved it ♥♥♥

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