It was always you!!!!! (Part 24)

Twinkle was now confused as kunj was not here so she thought why not to roam in the hotel as it was night so she decided that she will go in garden of the hotel to have some fresh air as she really needed it as because of the chaos that have happened in her life in the past few hours her name changed ,her family changed ,her own set of people changed in short her world or her life went up side down
She adjusted herself on the mirror brushed few strands of her hairs and stepped out from the room locking it and going away to the garden area

Kunj went to the backside area of the hotel where a man in black suit came and stood in front of him they both shakes their hands and started discussing about something serious kunj was really looking tensed about the information her got from the person he facial expressions shows worry confusion and sadness after an hour or so he again shakes hands with the person and left from there

Meanwhile in the park twinkle was just sitting and staring at the sky which was now full of black clouds no stars no moon no light no nothing just like her life she didn’t knew if this marriage will work or not .She also didn’t knew that will be able to do anything to make this relationship work she didn’t knew how she will adjust in this new family and new people especially kunj she knew he is not bad but the farmhouse incident still haunts her she can’t understand if it was kunj or not one side of her heart says that it was not him but her eyes betrays her every time she clearly saw his jacket and when she accused him he was all quite ……
She didn’t knew when the tears started flowing from her petal shaped eyes she wiped them and again drifted to some deep thinking in search of some peace after some time she got up and went inside the hotel as it was getting cold outside she entered in her room and thought to listen to music to calm her senses she quickly searched for headphones and to her luck she found a pair of one headphones she quickly attached them with her phone and played Justin bieber’s cold water to sooth her senses

Here kunj was back in the hotel and was heading towards his room no.he didn’t knew what he will do after this information he had got but he knew one thing that he need to share it with twinkle asap as her yes or no will effect his decision a lot

He stood infront of his room and tried to open the door he tried many times but he didn’t got any answer he banged the door twice or thrice he even called her name but he didn’t got any response
He was getting angry now how could she punish him like this

A waiter after his room service work in other room aw kunj banging the door he new that the door he was banging was reserved for new wedded vvip’s but he was new in the hotel so didn’t knew who the couple was he quickly informed the authorities about this and soon kunj was encircled by the manager of hotel and two guards
The manager asked his problem but kunj was least concerned about this now he was panicking becoz twinkle is not opening the door and he can’t do anything and he is afraid of the consequences of leaving her alone when UV is all free roaming here and there

The authorities tried their best to stop him from creating any chaos but he was not in mood to listen anything the authorities called the police and soon they reached they got the hold of kunj’s hand and started dragging him with them kunj pleased to him go but they just dragged him they were in the Looby no one was there except the manager two guards two constables and the inspector himself

“He is the same kunj sarna right who was accused of molesting a girl few Day’s back ” murmured a constable to the other one and the murmur was not at all a murmur it was quite audible to everyone present there specially kunj
The dreadful incidents of that night came flowing like a river in his eyes which made him completely numb that much numb to respond to anything

The inspector gave a stern look to the constable a

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