It was always you!!!!! (Part 21)


Hi guys let’s start thanx for ur cmnts atleast this time I got 16
I m ok not happy

So let’s start
Twinj were in car went to hotel paradise for there first night *ahem ahem* twinj reached their hotel ({yes their hotel )}
They went to the reception and took the keys and departed for THEIR room .Kunj inserted the keys in the lock and entered the room and was shocked to see the decor as it was a complete complete first night set up candles rosepetals scattered here and there for decorative purpose with the big round bed covered with flower petals kunj gulped at the scene infront of him and glued to his place and here tw was fuming as she was wearing a heavy lehanga and was very tired .kunj Ab tumhe kya hogya chip chap same se hATO yr I need to go na leave said a irritated twinkle . She pushed him aside and entered the room and was completely shocked she scanned the whole room and then looked at kunj .kunj also cane inside the room
Bothe were feeling awkward in the ambience
Tw : umm I need to go and change
And she hurriedly took her clothes kept for her in the room ( salwar suit ) and left for washroom
Here kunj was alone in the room he hurriedly removed the petals from bed and all that awkward stuff
After some time twinkle came out in a simple sky blue salwar suit with no make up or jewellery looking sho cute
She looked at kunj and them at the whole room but kunj quietly went inside the washroom to freashen up
Here twinkle was packing her lehanga in her suitcase when kunj came out of washroom in a white kurta paijama
Looking so handsome
Ku : umm so ..
Tw : wt so so come to the point
Ku: are I mean to say ke …
Tw : let me clear one thing to u Mr sarna ke I m Punjabi pataka beauty with brain or ye tum bhi jante ho or main bhi ki hamare beech koi bhi husband biwi wala relation nhi hai so don’t expect anything from me
Ku: wah wah jaise main to Mara jara hun tere se chipakne ke liye han main ye bol RHA tha ki meri poori family or Teri family ke samne hum aache husband wife banks rhenge is it ok
Tw: han han theek hai bde aaeye sadu sarna kahin ke
Ku: kya bola tune sadu sarna to tu tu siyappa queen han siyappa queen hai tu
Tw : haww2wwwwwww u called me siyappa queen I will kill u
Ku : dum hai to pkd ke dikha
And by this kunj started to run here and there tw running behind him as the room was a suit so it was really very big
Tw throw cushions at him but he dodge them but instead he threw them on her but she also escaped she took a big pillow and run behind him ( sajna ve plays )
Kunj jumps on bed and twinkle being twinkle also jumped behind him and started to hit him with pillow kunj after eating two three shots from his sherni he also took a pillow and both engaged into a pillow fight all the feathers from pillow came out and filled the whole bed and air with some on twinj suddenly twinkle leg got twisted and she got disbalance and in order to protect her from falling she held kunj and both ended up falling on the bed with feathers all over . twinkle on top of kunj
{♥sajna ve plays ♥}
Both shares a romantic eyelock
Sajna naaaaaaa ve sajna vee ..
Sajna aaaaa ve aaja ve sajna han han…..
Aja ve sajna ruh main shamil tujhe kr lun zindagi mistake ran se main hasil tujhe kr lun
Ishq ke noor ko aankhon main aa bhr lun tere liye main zag chad dun …….

Bothe were deeply engrossed in their eyelock but it was broken by a knock at the door
Both breaks the eyelock twinkle slowly gets up and later kunj also he hurriedly went to open the door while twinkle composed herself
Kunj opened the door and a waiter was their with a bottle of champaign in his trolley with two glasses decorated beautifully
Ku : yes …
Waiter : Mr sarna this for u and Mrs sarna from us
Ku smiles and took the bottle and glasses bid bye to the waiter
And closed the door
Ku: lo ji Ab Mrs sarna ke liye champaign bhi aagyi ( sarcastically )
Tw : wait wait wait wt u said Mrs sarna common I m not Mrs sarna sarna ok I m twinkle taneja get that
Ku : you was taneja now u r sarna get that
Tw: oh really main nhi manti ke main twinkle sarna hun main sirf or sirf twinkle taneja thi hun or rahungi
Ku: wo aane wala wqt hi batayega
Suddenly kunj phone beeped he checked it and was a bit tensed and started to leave
Tw : Ab kahan ja rhe ho koi problem hai Kay
Ku : nhi wo ek urgent kam hai ek ghante main aa jaunga main
Tw: hmm ok
Kunj opened the door and stepped out but again turned and said .
Tu hamesha ke liye twinkle kunj sarna ban chuki and or Ab tera kuch nhi ho Sakta ( dramatically )
Tw : uuuuuu…she proceed to scold him but kunj laughed and closed the door and escaped
Tw frowned but later smiled
Pgl kahin ka sadu sarna hmphhh bday aaya but Jo bhi hai thoda bahut cute hain
So sorry for short epi but have to go now
Do cmnt guys it means a lot

Precap : rat abhi Baki hai mere dost

Thanx to all who cmnted on my last epi love u guys muaahhh

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  1. SidMin

    Hay mere Vanu I loved the episode 🙂
    TEI ke thode yaad dila de
    I am in love with your ff 🙂
    Love you 🙂
    Take care 🙂

  2. Jiya_Ani

    i love you tooooooooooo

  3. Ayu

    Hey bulbul! Ok mujhe pta hai ki mujhe joote padne wale hai…maine itne time se comment ni kiya! Uske liye…i am sorry dear!!! So sorry!
    Par this epi though!!! Mind blowing! Awesome! Cont soon?❤️

  4. Hey bulbul…this just awesome… M filling like seeing tei again… Thanks 4 it….and love this epi very much….
    Plzzzz post next epi soon…
    Keep smiling…
    With love….

  5. Simiyy

    It was really good
    Post the next one soon
    Loads of love ?

  6. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute funny epi

  7. Adya

    Hey Ranu… My darling !
    The episode was sooo cute…. I mean just soo cute…
    I love it yrr…plzz post the soonest.
    Loads of love..

  8. SidMin23

    It was awesome and it made me Eemian of tei day where twinkle fight that she don’t want Saran tag missing them and today SidMin post pic and their is SidMin iv coming up soon.

  9. SidMinTwiNj

    Hey chulbul
    Amazing epi… That surname part reminded me of tei… How I miss those blissful days?? chulbul I have a doubt do TwiNj love each other or not?

    Love you?

  10. Roshini125

    So cute waiting fr next

  11. RUTU.....

    Episode was really nice good or what can I say really loved it ???

  12. Chiku

    Hey bulbul!! It’s awesome ????
    Ginally tujhe akal aai and u posted it
    Psot soon

  13. Zuha Fatima

    Hey meri chidia,
    How are you? Hope doing well! Anyway this episode was amazingly epic. It made me remind of Tashan-e-Ishq. Yaar…seriously missing Twinj. Acha ab jaldi se post kar de na. Love u!

  14. Ramya

    Bulbul amazing loved it
    Twinj scenes r tooo cute
    Loads of love keep smiling

  15. Kruti

    Brownie that was shoooooo cute…..TEI ki yad agai ??……raat ko jaldi pura karo
    Continue soon

    Love u loads?

  16. Aanya_pandey

    Bulbul… That ws amazing.. will b waiting to know wat happens next

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    Wow awesomee?? loved it.. made me remember tei ?? missing it so much ??.. do post soon ?

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