It was always you !!!!! (Part 20) for Shreyu


Hi guys so let’s start the epi
Recap:twinj coming back home and twinj little nokh jhok
So lets start off
As soon as kunj leave the room twinkle hurriedly took her new bridal attire and rushed to washroom to get ready .while on the other side kunj reached his room with a little smile on his face he opened his door knob and entered the room he also selected his sherwani and went to bathroom to get ready ..
After ½hour
The mandap was decorated like a beautiful bride the whole scenario was a bliss to watch everybody whom faces were dull before were now glowing like anything everybody was happy

Just then our dulha came dressed in creem coloured sherwani with light brown turban with a broach on his turban looking so hot and handsome for whom any girl can fall for
He came down took blessings of leela first but this thing irritated usha ( his chachi u guys might have forgot but in my ff kunj parents died when he was small and usha and manohar don’t consider him as their son)
But she faked a smile and when kunj come to take her blessings she just blessed him with a fake smile ..kunj made to sit in the mandap and pandit was in chanting some mantras kunj was doing some rituals ..
After 15 mins the groom rituals are over now its time to call the bride
Just then the whole room went dark and spotlight falls on tw standing on the staircase accompanied by anika soumaya ishana dressed in a beautiful pink and baby pink lehanga looking so angelic with heavy jewellery and light makeup completely looking like angel from heaven

Kunj eyes met tw eyes like sparkles flew for them kunj was awestruck to saw her looking so beautiful while tw was mesmerised by kunj’s looks she was impressed by his body figure and his dressing sense
Slowly tw started to come down ( wind starts to blow slowly )

Hum tere bin Ab rehe nhi skte
Tere bina kya wajood mera

Hum tere bin Ab rehe nhi skte
Tere bina kya wajood mera

Tujhe juda AGR ho jaenge to khud se hi jaengi juda ……………

Kunki tum ho bas tum hi ho zindagi Ab tum hi ho chain n bhi mera dard bhi meri aashiqui bas tum hi ho
{All the while kunj was adoring tw and same goes with tw twinj were engrossed in admiring each other with eyelocks )

Tera mera rishta hai kaisa ok pal door gwara nhi tere liye hr roz hain jeete
Tujho diya mera wqt sabhi ..

{Tw sits beside kunj and pandit uncle started to enchant some mantras )

Koi lamha mera na ho tere bina had sans pe nam tera …………….hmmmmm

Kunki tum hi ho bas tum hi ho zindagi bas tum hi ho oooo chain n bhi mera dard bhi meri aashqui Ab tum hi ho

{Pandit uncle asks twinj to stand up and take holy seven vows promising each other to never leave each others side }

Tere liye hi jiya main tujhko Jo un dediya hai Teri wafa ne mujhko sambhala share gamo ko dil se nikala

{Twinj completed their vows now pandit uncle asks kunj to fill twinkles hairline with holy vermilion kunj do so )

{Tere sath mera hai naseeb juda tujhe pake adhoora na RHA

{Kunj was asked to tie the holy thread that is maglasutra around tw neck and kunj do so}

Kunki tum hi ho bas tum ho zindagi bas tum hi ho oooo chain n bhi mera dard bhi meri aashqui Ab tum hi ho

By this twinj finally got married both descended down from the mandap and went towards the elders to take blessings from them firstly they touched leela feet she blesses both of them Then they take blessings from other people
Now the flooded part (vidai part)

Tw was all silent now crying just silent leela came and handed her some fulgis in a big plate and asked her throw them back but not turn back
Tw took the fulgis and throw them backward and leela catches them in her pallu of her sari leela was crying everybody was except tw
Tw was done with the fulgis leela came in front of her and asked – putter u r all right na .Ma will u forget me after my marriage -asked a numb tw. leela tightly embraced her in her tight motherly hug tw started to cry miserably she was just crying and hugging her mother not letting her go away from her and now leela broke the hug and cupped her face -putter ek ma aapne bachon ko kabhi nhi bhul skti tere wajh se mujhe jeene ki wajah milu putter tere liye main aj zinda hun tu duniya hai meri per putter sasural main zaker kabhi bhi mujhe sharminda na krna meri laz Ab tere hath main hai . Twinkle nods cryingly and again hug her ( sad tune plays );all the while kunj was just adoring this mother daughter relation and motherly love which he was deprived off and he was also teary eyed

Twinkle and leela broke the hug took twinkles hand and proceed towards kunj and handed him her hand in his hand
And said puuter twinkle Ab Teri zimmedari hai iska sath kabhi na chodna thodi jhalli hai per dil ki saf hai plz puuter hamesha kush rehna tum Dono may god bless u both
And she hug both of them
Kunj: don’t worry ma is siyappa queen ko main zindagi bher zhelne ke liye ready hun and winks at tw
Tw frowns cryingly

Leela playfully hits his arm and said hat badmash
Now twinj proceed towards their car after greeting with everybody
Twinj sit in the car at the back seat and drove off
# in car
Tw was just weeping and crying while kunj was just sitting he forwarded her his hanky tw look at him he looks here and there umm wo tumhari nak behne ri hai (funny tune plays ) tw took the hanky she first clear her tears and then ( u guys might have guessed)
And she forwarded the hanky back to him
Ku made a disgusted face tw are u mad aise nak kon saf karta hai han said he aise tw taneja krti hai bas mil gayi khushi – said a irritated tw correction plz twinkle kunj sarna not taneja -said kunj I am and will be taneja ok and shows him tashan wo to waqt hi batayega said kunj and shows tashan and both looks outside the window respectively

I’m sorry for a short epi but I m not in a condition to write more and health issues r not letting me to do that also I didn’t done any back back today if u liked today epi plz do cmnt becoz only they help me in this tough time

Only 10 cmnts straight from 25 I know I write bad but this much bad but its ok no offences guys keep reading keep cmnting on my and other ffs also
And this is specially for my ani aka lovely aka jiya ani aka shreyu aka lovie as ani
Happy bday dear
Usse jyada main nhi likha paungi but I want to write more but kya karun majboor hun and sorry to wish u late
Hope u had enjoyed ur day
And mujhe mat kr de na plz may be main akhiri bar Aap sab se epi ke through communicate kr rhi hun may be bbye guys


precap : twinj first night may be coz I may not post from now on

So, guys.
Bulbul has network problem, so I’m posting her update on her behalf.
Now,Self_promotion……Do read AS LONG AS YOU LOVE ME and THIS LOVE IS DIFFICULT, by Me..:P

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  1. Zuha Fatima

    Hey Meeta + Bulbul,
    Meeta thanks for posting on Bulbul’s behalf.

    Bulbul, where are you lost dear? Your zuhu is missing you 🙁 Please jaldi se waapis aa jao na! Love u!

    Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂

  2. Chiku

    Awesome ??!!! Continue soon

  3. Sohi

    Awesome yaar their tashan was good
    One thing I found funny in this episode was you calling (pundit uncle) ?
    Plz post next episode soon don’t take that you write bad please

  4. SidMin

    Loved it Vanu what happened to you ???? All right na ?
    I Loved the napkin part and Twinj marriage happened 🙂 I am so happy 🙂
    Love you 🙂

  5. SidVee_Yashvee

    Hey Bulbul, sorry for not commenting on ur previous few episodes.. was a lil bit busy but I’ve read ur episodes.. all were amazing 🙂 loved it ❤

  6. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous

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    Amazing episode dearieee.. hope to see next update soon

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    I really enjoyed it
    Please post soon
    Meeta post your ff soon too

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    Awesome episode loved it
    Loads of love keep smiling

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    Amazing epi brownie….loved that handkie wala part….Take care nd continue soon

    Love u ??

  11. SidMinTwiNj

    Hey chulbul amazing epi… Loved each and every bit of it… U called pandit pandit uncle LOL… That hanky part is so funny??? chulbul plz don’t end nah… Dekh u told me to post SidMin TwiNj pics on insta and I did so now its ur turn plz don’t end it or after ending this do come up with new ff apni Di k liye plzz…

    Love you re??

  12. Twinjfan.tamanna

    Hey Chulbul,
    tu kyun hame hamesha dukh dethi hai yaar.. be happy… sab ka haal yahi hai no worries bestie… tu bohot acchi writer and I love your writing… todays epi was described beautifully… I loved it… u nailed it yaar
    post soon

    with love,
    ur Aishu…

  13. Jiya_Ani

    Hayeee….thank u soooo much my nightingale.,u r the only one jisne mere liye kuch likha..thnks warna I thought people forgot me yaar ??
    Thank you thank youThank you thank you sooooooo much..?
    And ab main gussa nahi bad…jaldi se theek ho jao naa…take care yaar..don’t stress…much aur din post nahi karogi toh ham sab tumhe kha nahi jayenge…

    Well that hanky incident reminded me of Tei..?

    Thanks again…

    Love ya

  14. Adya

    Ranu…. awww that was soon cute ! … I love it yrrr..
    I loved each nd every bit of it yrr… that was beautifully described… it was funny yrr..
    Meeta di thnx for posting on her behalf !
    Post soon…
    Love you !

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