It was always you !!!!! (Part 2)

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii guys I know today I am a bit early but wt to do I am getting bored without my besties so u all are like my besties so I thought to write it and thankyou for your comments and mehak this is completely my idea and I liked the title very much so I used it and my friend had told me the ff story and if so our tell members had not read it so they will get to know
Now no more bakbak

Let’s proceed to the episode
Uv left tw room as soon as he can just then leela comes in her room with teary eyes

Tw was also crying
Le : I am sorry tw putter mainu maff kar de
Tw : no ma y are u asking sorry there is no need to say sorry its not your fault
Le : I know but I completely trusted kunj and he….
Tw : ma don’t talk abt him I just hate him
Le : putter I don’t know u might got hurt by listening to my words but I think that ku is innocent
Tw ( shocked ) no ma he is a BL**dy jerk who don’t know how to respect ladies
Le : ok ok calm down putter I had breaked your alliance with him ok
Tw : thanku ma
Le : u take rear and I should leave now
Tw : gd ngt ma
Le leaves from her room
Tw thinks
Is kunj really innocent is he not a rapist oh babji help me to come out from this situation
Just then her phone beeps
She thinks that it was message of ku who was asking for sorry but it was of uv who told her to be calm

She thinks
Y I am thinking abt that idiot I should sleep now

And she doze off

Same ngt in srana mansion
Mn: ku u should ask for sorry from leela ji and from tw
Ku : no I will not ask for sorry from that tw
Usha : yes he is right ku u should be with alisha
Ku : not at all for one second I can ask sorry from tw but not from her she is so greedy for money I can’t marry her
Mn: its final now you will ask sorry from them
Ku( angrily) ok
And he left for his room
Next morning

Sarnas went for tanejas and kunj ask sorry from leela
Le : no ku even I am sorry that time I didn’t trusted u but I am sure u are innocent
Ku: thankyou ma for trusting me
Le : now this marriage will happen
Ku: but I am not ready as she will not agree

A voice from back
I am not ready for this marriage
Yes that was tw

Ku: than ok ma don’t force her for marriage
Le : but tw
Tw rushed to her room
Le: don’t worry I will ask from her for only once than I will tell u the answers
Sarnas leaves
In tw room
Ye sarna samjhta kha hai aapne Aap ko har bar badam banane ki koshish karta hai bday aaya mana karne wala
Just then she hears a phone beep she again thought that it was of ku but this time it was from a unknown no.

It was written
Tw uv is committing suicide plz come fast to xyz place

She panicked and ran from there
She reaches the place and found nobody just then she hears a whistle the same like in tei

Tw : uv
Uv : see guys I told u that my Jan loves me so much that she will come running for my life sake
Tw ( hell angry ) are u mad uv have u lost it han this is not a joke ok
Uv : relax baby aacha I ams sorry but if u are here than let us be married for our whole life
Tw : no uv firstly I have to ask from ma
Uv : ma ma ma enough tw ( twisting her wrist )
Marry me ok or wait is it ma or that sarna is close to ur heart
Tw ( crying in pain ) plz leave me uv its hurting plz
Uv ( leaves her ) ok fine than u don’t love me na
Tw : no uv I love u from 7 years I am in love with u how can u leave me like that
Suddenly a clapping sound is heard
Guys it is leela
Le : wah putter wah
Tw ( shocked ) ma!!!!!!!!!
Le : I am so proud of u tw today u proved that my style of raising u was completely wrong u loved my enemies son han how can u u didn’t even think abt me for once han
Tw : begging ) I am sorry ma plz forgive me
Uv : are tw to kun rahi hai akhir him dono 7 sal se ek sath hain to maine socha shaadi ki formality bhi karlete hain wrna pati patni ka rishta to hum are beech abhi bhi hai right tw
Tw ( more shocked ) uv just shut ( towards leela ) ma he is just feeling all this to influence u and I have not crossed my limits as I know that after marriage …….
Le : marriage ?? Han marriage how can u think that I will make u marry with him
Uv : leave her tw come with me
Tw : leave me toady I came to know ur true face
Le : form today u are not my daughter ( it echo’s )
Leela leaves from their with crying tw with her
Uv smirks
I destroyed u tw taneja yes
And laughes evily

Taneja mansion
Le has closed her rooms door and tw is sitting and crying outside begging her to open the door
And she cries tger only
Just then she wipes her tears and went to her room. And doze off while crying

Next morning she opened her room and went towards leela room
She happy that her mother had opened the door

Leela was talking to wave guru ji
And tw saw her
Le : hey babaji is kudi nu main kese samjhaun ye pyar nahi bachpna hai iska kaise samjhaun ise ki wo uv iske lyak nahi hai wo iski zindagi Barbad kar dega plzz use thodi akkal dijiye main janti hoon ki wo ku se oyar ni akrti but main janti hoon ki ku innocent hai per USSR kaise samjhaun
And she weeps

Tw gets hurt bcoz her mother. Was crying beciz of her she went towards Ber and said I am ready for marriage and went away

Le was shocked happy and ask wt not she thanked babji

Tw changed and went to a park which she used to visit when ever she was sad

All leelaa talk abt ku were roaming in her mind
Tw : is ma correct is ku innocent
But Jo bhi hai kam se kam mujhe uv ka asli cehra to dikha and started to cry

Just then somebody kept a hand on her shoulder by sitting beside her
On the bench
She looks up and was shocked it was

Kunj yr common guys itni bhi buried ni hoon main

Tw started to cry again ku somehow managed to speak
Ku : umm y are u crrryyying tw

Tw : ma knows everything

Now this was too much for her she quickly hugged him and started to cry hard Hus shirt was all wet

Ku understands wt she was talking abt and he slowly speaks
Ku : I know tw that u hate me and thinks that I am a womaniser but as a friend can I talk to leela ma if u agrees
Tw breaks the hug and looked straight into his eyes
They have eyelock full of pain love and at not but it was suddenly broke by tw when she saw kunj lying on ground with a pool of blood

It was uv who shoted him with gun
Tw was shocked that the person who was just sitting beside her as her support is now lying on floor becoz of her phsycho lover

Uv has shoted kunj on his left arm

Uv held tw wrist and And speaks

Uv : how dare he touch u I am only having the right to touch now come with me
Tw : leave my hand uv have have to take him to hospital
Uv : oh now tw taneja changed her lover
Tw : just shut up and leave me
Uv : no
Just then tw bites his hand and said don’t u dare to touch me again and stay away fro. Me and kunj

And she quickly ran towards ku

To be continued

Hi guys so how’s it
Bad na I know that some of u will be thinking that it is copy from India forums but this is completely mine and my friends idea I will ask her that has she read it from their

And tell me that u liked it or not through

Off course comments yr at else and how many of u wanted to know my name tell me I will reveal it in the next epi

And do tell me at u want next ok
Bye stay tuned with me for more updates the more the comments the more. I will write

And by reading your ffs I have stated to blaber so much and sorry for not mentioning shtakshi ff in my ff and many more ffs sorry guys

And my vacations soon gonna start so I will update regularly

Bye comment and stay blessed and EID Mubarak tto all my lovely friends
Bye stay blessed

And be happy


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