It was always you !!!!! (Part 19) (for nacheez nd chikki)


Heya guys kaise ho sab log maja ma na I know ke maje main hi honge but main nhi hun yr mere kuch tu friends ko pata hai ki mujhe kya hua hai or mujhe to phone ko hath lagane take ki instruction mili hai but kya karun mai to hun hi adat se majborr yr but dekho main kitni buri hun na yr dekho ek to main bimar uper se meri chikki ka bday tha whatsapp OE chat ke lalava uske liye kuch bhi nhi kr paaaiii main or uper se meri nacheez Ab jab fit and fine hai to iska bday hai or main usko bhi bas chikki ki tarah whatsapp pe hi congratulate kr pai per in do kash chaksiyaton ko dhyanpoorvk or sarvajanik tarike se bdhai deni padti hai yr sorry for this sudh Hindi but main aisi hi hun jhalli si yr …
Happy birth day to u both
Happy birth day to u both
Happy birthday happy birthday happy birthday to u ……
Muaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh yr may god showers all love u on both or main tum logon ko iase hi tang krti rahungi till I m alive …..
Chlo to Ab epi bhi padha le back back hi thodi krni hai yr but its not bakbak actually its infact my sorry apology for not posting soon yr so sorry guys and Aksa yr tujhe bat krke mja aagya we r so similar Dono pgl and most imp both r twinj lovers ..u made me laugh and smile when I was getting bored in hospital during my treatment but yr I loved talking with u muaaahhhh…
So let’s start epi but a quick recap
Tw ko UV utha ke lejaing phir kunj aaing dishum dishum hoing kunj bacahing tw …
Hope Aap sab wayaktiyon ko meri bhasha ko smjhne main koi kasht nhi hua ho…..
So let’s start.
Kunj picked up tw in bridal style as she was lil bit weak ciz of Aap that stuff that’s just happened ruomshidev (rudra om shivay dev) joined twinj when kunj was going towards the exit …just then shi speak up is tw fine kunj is she injured asked a concerned shivay kunj just smiled and said she is fine though a lil bit weak coz of All this drama but soon she will be fine ..
After some time they reached near jeep dev sat on the driver seat while shivay and om had to leave in car coz of some office issues and rudra sat with dev in front
Kunj sat at the backside of jeep with tw in his arms cuddling like a small baby who is afraid that she might get lost if she didn’t hold tight ..
Kunj didn’t do anything he just went with the flow he sat in the jeep in that way only with twin his lap her arms wrapped around his neck face Nuzzled in his chest while kunj was holding her tightly yet softly for her comfort …they started the jeep after a gud journey or 2 hours everybody finally reached the hotel everybody in the hotel except few were eagerly waiting twinj and others to come leela was the first one to attended them but the scene in front of her shocked her a bit tw was in kunj arms
Two thoughts crossed leela mind first is she fine or not
Le: putter tw usko kya hogya hai ye Uth kun ni rhi hai putter ( son why is she not waking up plz tell na )
Kunj: (calmy) shh maaa don’t worry she is just weak so she is sleeping nothing else let her sleep she is just tired …
Le(relaxed with tears) : thankgod puuter she is fine waheguru ji da shukra hai u guys and tw is safe and still the time is left of muhurat so u can go and have some rest till we will do the preparations asap so plz kunj go
Ku: ok maa as u say ur wish my command( dekh le aishu tera ss mujhe still yad hai yr I miss it )
Kunj take tw to the room he layer her on the bed quietly and started to go but tw was tw she was adamant to leave kunj ,kunj was having hard time to get rid from her grip so he slowly blew air on her face and as a result she left his hand ( guys my di do this with me coz I have habit to sleep clutching something in my hand so she does this while I m sleeping)

Kunj smiles and covered her with a blanket and he went to the couch to have some rest asbhe was also tired ..he laid on the couch half lyingly and closed his eyes …
After gud 1½hours tw woke up from her beauty sleep she examined. Her surrounding and realised that she is in her room and saw kunj sleeping on the couch half lyingly she adjusts herself on the bed ..
She sat up and thinks ..

I m here in the room yr how to forget ke before some hours I was in a godown tied and crying for my freedom from that UV if I just imagine na ke kunj hadn’t come on right time then I have surely died a that time I had loosed all hopes that anybody will find me coz the plan that he had made was so strong I was doubtful but kunj proved me worng he fulfilled his duty and his promise that he had made to ma ..and he is also lil bit injured my those fights I feel bad for him …while I was thinking all this anika came in my room giving breaks to my dimagi ghoras
Tw ends
Ani:u r fine na tw … let’s get ready tw ..
Kunj woke up by hearing their convo ..
Tw: yes m fine will come in few mins .u go ..
Anika leaves kunj gets up
Tw : ummmm thankyou so much kunj AGR tum nhi hote to oat nhi kya ho jata thanx a lot …
Ku: wait wait kya bola tumne wait m I hearing it correct the great tw taneja soon going to be sarna is asking forgiveness from me
Wow Congo yr
Tw: just shut up u boring sarna jab dekho majak be serious sometimes and now m leaving bbye ( showing her full attitude )
Ku: okk Ab mere pe un bhdko MT ok main bhi Zara hun
( he started to leave but stops near the doorstep and turns back)
Ku: waise u r ok na I mean u r fine right ..
Tw smiles and said
Yes m fine and again thanx if u don’t highlight it …
Ku: ya ya ( and leaves )
Tw smiles

Tw: jhalla kahin ka bewakoof sarna kahin ka per Jo bhi hai caring hai yr caring is wt I like …the most
Wait stop ur nonsense tw go and get ready …
Epi ends here …

I know ke short se bhi short tha but Aap logon ko jyada torture nhin kr skti main or jyada likha bhi nhi jata mujhse ..bas aj ke liye itna hi aacha to him cjlte hain Ab phir PRA nhi kab milenge shayd or kaisi ke bday per ..
Or han AGR 23 se jyada cmnts nhi diye na to main or late post karungi or late aaungi or phir short short epi dungi bolo aise cahte ho nhi na kuch to chate bhi honge but still cmnt do wrna baba ji ka thullu milega sabko bbye …
Itna likha koi halwa nhi hai yr meri majburi samjho or cmnt karo plz ..
Love u guys and happy belated bday Krystal girl may god bless u dear muaahhh …
Love u guys loads
And han silent readers cmnt kr dena
Priya23 fathima manvi glad to know ke I have silent readers also yr love u guys muaahhh
Bbye guys stay blessed and han gud not bahut likh liya maine rat ke 1 baje RHA hai bbye mujhe ullu ni bnna to stay wake at night
Kabse bye bol rhi hun but abhi take nhi bola to Ab final bbye ..?????
6606 words mind my words

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  1. Simiyy

    Hey Ranabulbul
    i really enjoyed it
    please try to post soon

  2. SidMin23

    Episode was good

  3. Ramya

    Hey bulbul dis isn’t fair yaar pehle hi late aur uper se short episode but I loved it I loved twinj scenes dey r super lovely plsss asap

  4. Chiku

    Woaaah its lovely ? loved it????????so cute
    Thank uuuuu sooo much birdy for posting it on my bday. Thank u sooooo much???????????
    Plz post mext soon
    Love u??

  5. SidMin

    Loved it ?
    Twinj talks were so cute and your habbit to hold someones hand and sleep is so sweet
    Love you my Vanu missing you a lot
    Post soon for me pls ……
    Love you take care ❤?

  6. Jiya_Ani

    You know what …I am not talking to you at all!….kya hua tha?…I had no idea..Hospital!!!… What were you doing there haan!!?…

    Itna gussa aa raha hai na mujhe…ek toh ..pata nahi kya hua hai..bad u are unwell and posting… and ..apne ff ko torture kaha…!!!
    I am seriously not talking to you…and dare you post before getting completely fine.. GET THAT!!


    Vaise ek last baat…U have a habit like me..sleeping while clutching something and nuzzling my head in it..that why I always have my pink bunny with me …what to do I love Bunny.. (Sid bhi and mine too..?)

    But remember… I am still not in mood to ….

  7. Aanya_pandey

    Aaww so cute yrr.. jst loved it n d qag kunj cared fr twinkle.. wooowwww??
    Mind blowing episode?

  8. Kritika14

    It was so cute and amazing! Loved it! Post soon! x

  9. Kruti

    Brownie d epi was short but cute…..loved it
    Continue soon

    Love u??

  10. Hey chulbul
    Wat a lovely and cute episode…

    Sorry for commenting late was not feeling well…

    #love ???

  11. Hi Bulbul my maina, how are you…. waise I’m very angry with you… you are ill aur mujhe bataya bhi nahin… upar se hospital mein… koi serious baat toh nahin hai… well I’m really very sorry for commenting late…. actually main bhi bimar hun aur uspar se lots of work…. so very busy…soooorrrryyy

    Well episode was sooooo sweet n cute… loved twinjs scene n dialoge…. aur ye dhamki kyun deti rehti hai ab jaldi post kar warna next time comment nahin karungi… samjhi?…waise you also not read my ff n cmnt on it… three epi post kar chuki hun tabse… lekin tu toh mujhe pura bhool gayi…. well I miss you yar… come soon with next epi…

    Love you… n get well soon


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