It was always you !!!!! (Part 17)


Heya guys kaise ho sab I know main to bahut buri hun..but main kya karun tum sab bahut kam cmnt karte ho so mera mood waise hi off ho jata hai..
Aj bak bak nhi karungi ..kunki I think u guys don’t like aj directly epi ki taraf lekim a big thanx who cmnted on my promo …
Bus aapne 3mins mujhe dedo mujhe kuch kehna hai …
Happy birthday to u …
Happy birthday to u…
Happy birthday happy birthday ..
Happy birthday to u………
May god bleSS u may god bless u ..
May gooooooodddd…bless u may god bless u….
Ab sab soch rhe honge ki kon hai jisko main wish kar rhi hun…
Meri rudi ko urff hum sab ki Kruti ko..
Main thodi late latif hun isliye late likha rhi hun sorry nhi bolungi kunki u know ur brownie is very lazy…
May god bless u my rudi .u r my besttest di who cares for me love me make me laugh with her jokes ..simply to say is that I love u my rudi ..and I don’t wanna loose u ever in my life..
Sorry AGR senti kr diya ho to ..
Ab CHLO sidha epi ki taraf…
Use oehle quick precap:twinj weeding preparations and a shock..

Kunj PoV.
All were smiling as now its was tw turn to come downstairs..I was also somewhere eager to see her ..but just then anika came running with a tensed face I sensed something is wrong my heart was doing summersaults I was just hoping ke she said something ok not bad coz I can’t bear anything wrong now..
Ani came running and panting heavily..
And then she speaks the most shocking words I felt my whole world crashing down I was numb for few seconds..ani said -tw is not in her room..and there is a letter there . I was shocked would have been a understatement…I was literally tensed because all tw was not here and we don’t know anything abt her.whereabouts…anika gave me the letter I tool the letter with shivering hands..while I was taking letter from ankia my buddies and leela ma asked the guests to leave from here..I take a look at the letter..I was shocked to see wt was written there ..
I know my this letter will break your hearts but I don’t have any option ma I don’t want to marry kunj and I can’t forget UV so I am leaving this place with UV..I am sorry for hurting u all I know ma and kunj and others would be hurt but if u can then plz forgive ..I am going with UV..
Love from ur twinkle..
I was shocked to hell I was unable to grasp wt is happening with me few mins ago I was happy as I am going to get married but now I am standing here helplessly with this piece of paper with some lame excuses from tw ..shivay shakes me to bring me back in the real world every body read the letter .and everybody was completely shocked and angry..leela ma was crying uncontrollably Raman mamu was trying to handle her ..badi ma cursing tw on her character while bade papa seemed to be biddies were trying to console all of them..when I read the letter firstly I was angry and hurt on this act of tw but later reality hit me tw hates UV and she had told me earlier also that she is feeling that UV will do something…now everything was crystal clear for me that UV have KIDNAPPED tw..and I have to save her at any cost…

UV have kidnapped tw I said and everybody looked at me shocked..this is not tw writing tw hate uv to hell and she can’t do this ..we have to find her said a determined me I was know eager to find tw coz I only want her safety i know can stoop so low that we can’t even imagine..I have to save tw ..Ihurridly reached her room and saw the window of the room open.and a price of clothing was hanging there I understood uv plan he is such a bastard thought I. I scanned the while room..and found her scattered bangles and accessories here and there I can imagine how much she had been struggled to get rid of him…I came out from her room and proceeded towards the hall I came towards a crying and fully broken leela ma .putter save my tw I beg u plz save her said leela ma crying .I felt so bad on vulnerable condition but I somehow gathered some courage and said don’t worry ma I will find her she will be back soon…I bid a bye to everybody and proceed towards the entrance.. But stopped by my besties..they all wanted to accompany me and I agreed coz I also need a support system to fight with this problem..we all proceeded and went inside rudi’s jeep I was sitting with dev in the front and shiomru were at back…
I was thinking ke where did uv had taken tw..think kunj think…
Om:kunj did tw ever tell u abt any particular place where there is chances of tw being there…
I was thinking remembering all my fights with uv ..
Uv is diff kind of person he likes to do things diff. Once we fought in ring on the end skirts of Amritsar..and its was like a old storehouse…said I to everybody ….yes yes yes said an excited rudra wt happemed rudra..asked shivay…I know where might uv have taken tw ….I was filled with happiness ..I asked him to tell faster…as every single second is precious…,as u told ke uv is bit tedha so might have taken her to that goddown only because nobody visits that place and it is in the outskirts of Amritsar also but to confirm it plz trace uv phone and check the location it shows..I did wt rudi said he has not that dumb brain thought I…I checked it and it showed that place only now I was determined that I will get tw soon and will beat that uv to hell…
End of kunj POV
( guys mera pehla fully fledged POV btana zarur kasomething…A dark room is shown
Someone is tied with a chair in a bridal dress…with messed up hair and messed mascara …her face is shown she is our tw
But at is she doing here
Confusion hai age solution hai
Suddenly someone came from a door it looks like a cottage door

Person: finally baby aj tu meri ho jaegi ( finally baby u r going to be mine) from now u will be mine only mine ..
Today I am so happy …I just wanna make u mine
And he smirks
Tw: just shut up don’t u dare UV came near me or else he will destroy u
Kunj will never leave u and I am only his
UV: kunj kunj kunj !!!!!!! Bas( enough) hogya
Today ur so called looser fiance can’t save u from me
And its my promise to u babydoll
Till then wait for our marriage I will come in just few mins

Uv leaves
Tw:(crying) babaji plz help me and kunj to get rid of this uv plz babji do something…
Screen freezes on tw crying face and kunj determined face with uv wicked smile wala face in b/w them…
So guys kaisa LGA epi..mai bimar hun sach me jhut nhi bol rhi…sach me bimar hun or ye epi sirf or sirf maine meri rudi yani ke Kruti di ke liye likha hai..I don’t know Aap sab ko aacha lagega ya nhi but I have tried my best to reach up to ur expectations…if guys want any change them do tell me..and CHIKU-i know I am very bad coz first time u asked something from me and I am unable to give it to u..I will surely write the epilogue but first let me get well na then I will be able to do it…
Guys I know many of don’t remember my first ff..-THAT’S WHY I LOVE YOU…
But meri Chiku ko yad tha..if any of u guys remember and want a epilogue of it then do tell me I will try to post it asap..and for today’s epi I just hope ke u guys like it ..*finger crossed*…
I am soorrrryy for the writers for not cnnting on ur ffs..but kya Karun guys main aajkal bahut busy hun declamations speeches Olympiads..competitions etc etc..plz forgive me and if any silent reader is there then pl do cmnt I will be more than happy plz guys I need at least more than 15 cmnts plz na guys..
Dharti nisha sujina asha where are u guys u were my regular cmnters and PURNIMA AGGARWAL di why r u not cmnting I saw ur cmnts on very ff but not on mine is my ff that bad..
But koi na plz cmnt kr.dena kabhi bhi aacha LGA ho to ..
Bbye love u all take care

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  1. Oh ho mere Vanu Too good the episode was full of suspense 🙂 Post soon 🙂

  2. Adya

    Aa Gyi tu hnn ????? Sirf muahhh bol kr bhag Gyi thi…..beside fabuloussss episode…..sooo cute… was superb…
    Really….loved it…..
    Love u darling…
    Os post Kiya h… jaa padh..

  3. Yogs

    Waiting for nest epi pls post asap

  4. Zuha Fatima

    Bulbul…..Bulbul…..Bulbul….You rocked it Mah girl!! I really liked the way you described the circumstances 🙂 Also about your other FF so I have never read it so it will be good of you give me a short summary or overview of it 🙂 Anyways get well soon mera bacha [I know u are elder than me but still 😉 ] and jaldi se sahi ho jao 🙂 Get well soon 🙂 Loads of Love ♡♡♡♡

    Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂

  5. Sohi

    Happy to see you back the episode was good kunj’s pov was nicely written do continue and ya get well soon

  6. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing shocking epi…

  7. Bulbul ur making it interesting day by day amazing episode loved it

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    Lots of luv,

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    Awesome amazing kunj’s POV was superb plsss asap

  11. Kruti

    Brownie…ab mai kuch nahi bolungi coz I guess maine kuch zyada hi suna diya tumko
    Thank u for such cuteeeee belated wishes….B’day pe toh sab wishe karte hain lekin belayed wishes r more spcl ones……nd I too hope I stay by ur side forever…..Love u soooooo much???

    And d epi was seriously amazing….just hoping Twinkle jaldi mil jaye…*fingerscrossed*

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    Twinkle ko kunj jaldi dhoondh leeeeee.
    I am waiting for next episode
    Jaldi post karna
    Love u?

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  14. Hey u!!! Stupid girl don’t u dare to say anything wrong abt my bulbul my cutie pie… Shut up!!! Yaar kitna bura bolegi apne bareme aur apne writting skills ke bareme… U knw u r a fabulous writter… I love u and u’r ff from the core of my heart… Nd abt the epi it was just mmmuuaaahhh!!! Loved it… Nd the pov was too good… Nd yeah i remember u’r first ff that’s why i love u… Nd yeah i also want a epilogue… Chalo abhi… Get well soon… Take care… Love cutie pie… Bye…

  15. Kritika14

    It was soo good! The way you described everything was soo good! Hope you write the next part soon! Also, take care of yourself. Lovess! xx ?

  16. Hayeee bulbul! it was amazing awesome fantastic socking epi….. I just loved it…… kya suspence dala hai yarrr….. ab jaldi se mere twinj ko mila de…. ok??? waise kunj ka pov achha tha….. really tu to tallent ka bhandar nikli

    Hawwww ye to galat baat hai ise sirf kruti ke liye post kiya mere liye nahin….. I’m not ur di…. haan??? jao katti……

    Hehehe… just kidding yarrr I know u love me so much…. well I’m really sorry for not messesing u…. actually…. chal messege karke bataungi…. ok?? but pls gussa mat hona plsssss

    Chal byeee aur jaldi theek ho ja bcz I don’t like bimari…… post next soon.
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    jaldi post karna asap..okay byee… bye kyun abhi hi hum char kar rahen hain…hehehe…

    love you

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  20. Shubhangi

    Not only kunj I was also waiting for twinkle, that blo*dy little Prev…he kidnapped her how dare he, chodo kuch jyada hi Bhawnao mein beh gayi main toh, ur sick? U can write later but health is important and I do like ur bak bak I already said right it’s the best part of each of ur episode and at last I’ll say what is the actual topic u did rocked and when kunj read that letter that part just cracked me up, seriously. Jai mata twistarani ki

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    Tooooooooooooooooo good yaar loooooooved it to the utmost
    Super super super super

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