FOR YOU? ALWAYS (part 11) An Ishqbazz FF


Two weeks passed and things were getting better on Anika’s side. She was now talking more confidently, Rudra would always be around her trying to make her happy. Pinky and Jhanvi took her to shopping for two times and also bought clothes for her. Om would visit her every evening and they would have tea together. Gauri was obviously staying with her as much as she could. Living with dadi was so soothing and calming because dadi was treating her like her own daughter but the best thing which happened was that she and Shivay were now on the track of their old friendship, they would talk allot, would share stuff with each other, and Anika was getting back to normal. “Anika” she heard Tej’s voice when she was talking to dadi in the garden. She turned her head and saw Tej coming towards her with few papers in his hand. He came to her and handed those papers to her. Now he too was sitting in the garden with Dadi and started pouring tea in his cup. Anika saw her name on the papers and looked at Tej with confused expressions.

ANIKA: Tej uncle what is this?
TEJ: You have been hired (He saw more confusion on her face and by smiling he signaled her to sit down) Look… I am getting old now, but still handsome I am (he said it with a wink) so yeah! Now that Shivay is taking care of all the business I have decided to do some social work. You remember Gauri came to that orphanage? It was also a part of this new welfare project me and Shakti have started. We will be supporting many schools and orphanages and I want you to handle the responsibilities of this orphanage.

ANIKA: But Tej uncle its a huge responsibility (she was looking at the papers again and again, her salary was too high and she doesn’t have any experience about this job as well. Why this family is so good? Sometimes she feels so small in front of them)
TEJ: O please …. I know you will handle this perfectly and Gauri will help you in this. Shiavay also went to that orphanage a week ago I guess. It’s a simple job you just have to keep and eye on everything that’s it.

She was about to say something but before she could open her mouth Tej stood up and said “I wont take no as an answer, I am a business man Anika. I never go for a loss and you are a very talented person, that I know so just accept this” Anika had no other option left, she cannot refuse these people an finally she nodded her head in yes. “Good girl and secondly I want you to visit the orphanage today if it is okay? Since Shivay is busy with the meeting today so the driver will take you there” he went into his car and left for his office.

ANIKA: Dadi why you guyz are so good? (she asked with teary eyes. Dadi laughed and hugged her back)
DADI: Its because you are good.

Anika entered the orphanage and that small girl came running towards her. she was wearing a fancy white frock and her shoes were quiet expensive looking. Anika picked her in her arms and kissed both her cheeks. “Hare you come dear” it was Mother Ria who came to greet her. Anika hugged her and cried, this women owes her big times. Mother Ria took Anika inside and Anika saw something on her face today, her face was sparkling with joy. When Anika entered the building she got shocked because it was not the same building she use to live in, it was different, it was… it was beautiful. She opened her mouth in amazement because the building was big and some construction was also happening on the back side, the classrooms were fully painted and were equipped with modern technology. Each kid was wearing best clothes, she felt like she is in the best school of the city. “Mother.. what?” she couldn’t find the words. “God bless that child” mother Ria said as she entered with Anika in her office. “who are you talking about mother?” Anika could not imagine that few weeks ago she left this orphanage in the form of a broken falling disaster and now its like a whole new world.

MOTHER RIA: Shivay! He came hare two weeks ago and visited our orphanage. From the next hour of his arrival he started working for the betterment of this orphanage, he appointed world best teachers for these kids, each and every facility in this orphanage are now of excellent level. That child truly is an angel. (Anika just stood there wondering what kind of person he is? How can someone be so good? Few years ago she thought that there is no good left in this world but then she met these people, this amazing family and specially this amazing friend)

Anika was so happy when she saw each and every thing, in fact she had never felt so happy in her whole life. She wanted to see him so badly, silent prayers were coming out of her heart for this guy. She was broken, devastated, shattered but this man came forward and gave her his hand, in the world of hopelessness he appeared like a moon for her. after what Daksh did to her she thought that se would never smile again but now standing in this building she couldn’t stop herself from smiling. He was trying so hard to make her happy and normal and Anika was smiling on the fact that probably he succeeded In his task. She wanted to yell out in front of world that this is what friend ship is. She was feeling proud on him. Definitely she was the luckiest girl in the world to have a friend like him. He truly was the great wall of Shivay because he supported her and strengthen her. There were so many kids in this school and every one has a smile on its face. These kids were given special presents from him. Anika couldn’t wait to go home and see him, her helper, her counselor, her healer, her best friend Shivay.

Shivay was standing in his room and he was again talking on the phone when he heard a knock on his door. He doesn’t like to be disturbed in his work so he didn’t answered back. Few seconds passed and again there was knocking on the door, irritatingly he answered back “who is it” she opened the door a little and popped her head inside. Shivay saw her and disconnected the call “Anika! I am sorry, I thought it was some servant, come in” Anika came inside and Shivay became worried because her eyes were watery. “An..Anika! what happened? Why are crying?” he came closer to her but maintained a distance because he knew that she was still afraid of someone’s touch. Anika kept looking at him and tears were rolling down from her eyes. With every tear Shivay was getting more restless, tears in her eyes was the most painful sight for him. “Anika what happened please tell me? did someone said anything to you? Tell me who is it? Different thoughts were attacking his mind, why is she crying?

SHIVAY: Anika tell m….
He was in the middle of the sentence when she came forward and hugged him tight. Her hands were pressed against his back and her face was right on his heart. Shivay stood there in shock, how much he longed for this hug but her tears were making him restless. He hesitantly placed his one hand on her shoulder and other on her head. “I am so proud of you Shivay” she said this while hugging him.

SHIVAY: Anika what do mean? I seriously cant understand anything.
ANIKA: I went to orphanage today and…. You, you..(she was finding words to say) you are such a billu! (she hugged him even more tight, Shivay was feeling the wetness of tears on his chest) I don’t know how to thank you… I am so happy Shivay, I am so happy that I have a friend like you, (she wanted him to know that he is a great guy, that he is not only a big businessman, in fact is also a big person)

SHIVAY: Shssshhhh…. (He encircled his one arm around her waist and with other hand he was stroking her hair, this stupid GIR; was crying when she is happy) I did this to make you happy not to make you cry. Look Anika! (He cupped her face in his hand) Today I want something from you.
Anika was sobbing and he was gently wiping her tears while cupping her face. What can he ask for? But whatever he will ask for she will definitely give that to him, after all he was the person who dragged her out of the disaster.

“What” she asked him, her hands were still behind his back. Today she was not afraid of him because she new that in front of her, her protector was standing, who will always be with her and who can do nothing to hurt her. Shivay moved his hand near her lips. She widened her eyes for a second and then with his index finger and his thumb he lifted the corners of her lips upward. “I want a constant smile on your face. Can you give me that?” he really wanted this, he really wants to see her smiling every day. Anika couldn’t control her tears again.

“No not again” Shivay said this in a irritating tone and then Anika again hugged him. “These are tears of happiness Shivay, today after a long time I feel protected, calm and happy” Shivay again encircled his arms around her. today he found her friend back. Maybe God was with him this time. “Okay now stop this, Look what you have done” he showed her the area of his shirt which was wet due to her tears. Anika first look at him then she turned back and held a glass of water in her hand “My be this will help to remove the stain” she went near him and he almost ran away from her “Not this time Panika” within no seconds he was out of the room and Anika couldn’t control herself from laughing and after some seconds she also went behind him.

Anika was sleeping when she heard a whisper. She suddenly opened her eyes and saw Dadi sleeping near her peacefully. Again she heard a whisper, the sound was coming behind the curtains. It was 12 in the night and she felt scared. Who can it be? And what is he saying? “Anika” the voice came again but this time it was a little clearer. Normally she would have freaked out but this voice was familiar. “No no Anika. it can be a thief” she told herself. Now she was sitting straight on the bed, totally alarmed. She was a little afraid and just when she was going to wake up dadi she sensed a strong hand covering her mouth, not to let her say anything and with other hand someone dragged her behind the curtains.

It was so sudden that Anika couldn’t say anything. She closed her eyes tightly and a shivering fear ran down her body. “Hey! Its me… open your eyes” he whispered to her. she opened her eyes and saw him standing close to her. his hand was on her mouth and with his other hand he was holding both her hands on her back. His blue orbs were staring at her in the dark. What is he doing at this time and why did he dragged her behind the curtains? Anika tried to say something but only weird sounds came out. “What are you saying? Cant you say it properly?” Shivay said as he lifted up his eyebrow. Anika looked at him with angry eyes. “Oh I am sorry” he realized his mistake and removed his hand from her face but her hands were still caught behind.
ANIKA: Shivay! What do you think you are doing? (she said it in a whisper because Dadi was asleep)

SHIVAY: I called you but you didn’t answer, so I decided to wake you up myself. (he saying this very casually)
ANIKA: So this is how you wake up people? By giving them heart attack? (she was a little mad at him, cant he do anything without showing his style)
SHIVAY: No! these services are specially for you (he smiled and gently released her hands)
ANIKA: May I know why?

Shivay didn’t answer her, in fact he gestured her to go outside and when both of them were about to go they realized that Dadi has wake up a little due to their discussion. They again went behind the curtains and this time Anika hit her back with him and Shivay placed his one hand on her belly and other on her shoulder. She was looking at Dadi from a slight parting of the curtains. However Shivay was lost in her presence. She was so close to him. He could smell the sweet fragrance, her hairs were touching his face. He felt himself loosing in her. this girl will make him go mad one day, only her little closeness was enough to paralyze him. He took of her hair strands off his face and in this sudden action Anika noticed their awkward position.

She could hear his breathing near her ear. After that incident she was afraid of every closeness but this moment was different, he was close to her, a little more than a friend but instead of being uncomfortable or afraid she felt safe and comfortable. She turned her head backward and their noses almost touched. Her eyes are so beautiful, her hair are so shiny, her nose is proud and straight and her lips are so…Shivay jerked these thoughts as Anika immediately went away. She was now looking everywhere instead of him. Shivay found himself a total idiot at that time. What was the point of being so close to her? doesn’t he knew that she was not comfortable with this. They both stood there awkwardly and to break the silence Shivay said “Sh..shall we go outside?” she nodded in yes and they both went outside.

“DADI’S BITYHDAY SURPRISE” Rudra wrote this on the white board. And the rest of the family was standing there obediently.
RUDRA: We are doing this meeting at night because it is the only time when dadi is asleep otherwise in the day she is almost everywhere… and I wonder how? (he made a weird confused face and scratched his head)
OMKARA: Rudra… focus
RUDRA: OH.. yeah! So tomorrow is her birthday and I am going to assign everyone your duties and no one will refuse because its Rudra Singh Oboroi’s orders.
SHIVAY: Really? (he asked by lifting his eyebrow)

RUDRA: I mean its my request please..(he made his puppy face) So…Pinky anty and mom will be in charge of the food and catering, Shakti uncle and barre papa will be in charge of inviting guests, O and Gauri Bhabhi will take care of the gifts and Shivay bhaiya and Anika didi will take care of the decorations. Is it clear? (he stood on the table in front of him)
TEJ: And what are you going to do? Flirting with female waitresses? (he winked at Jhanvi who gave him a death glare)
RUDRA: HAHA! So funny (he let out a fake laugh) I will keep dadi busy, so that she will remain unaware of our surprise. So everyone! Lets start our work, we will make her birthday special.

Shivay and Anika busy in decorations, Omakara teases Gauri and Shivay saw a bad dream

Thankyou people for your support, much appreciated. Some of your comments are so sweet, they literally made my day. So happy to be part of this family. please say everything which you like about this episode or anything which bothers you. I am hare to accept every criticism. Do comment, cz then I have a better idea about my story and do share your reviews.

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