It was always you !!!!! (Part 10)


Recap : kunj unconscious and tw takes his care

Kunj keeps on thinking when tw left the room
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He quickly freashn up and leaves downstairs wearing off green karta and silver pants
( yr today is their mehandi I know I knwo ki jyada jaldi hai but I don’t like to darg things )

He reach downstairs and saw the preparations were going on he take a look of the hall

It was a very very big hall decorated with golden and red curtains hanging in traditional style like the rooms of typical mehal type hope u guys understand
All the hall was divided into two parts one part is has a stage with some chairs for dance performances and on other part of hall their was red carpet and fountains and the ground was covered with cushions and pillows as big round shape hope u guys understand

And the entrance of the hall is a gallery where twinj separate pics were hanging
And the path was covered with rose petals

He smiles watching the decorations and leaves to help others

At around 5 : 00

The hall was filled with people dressed beautifully
On the side of stage our groom is helping the workers
It was hot so he has removed his shirt and full sweat expasing his six pack abs ( imagine guys how hot will he be looking hate main mar na jaun) and he was helping them backstage so guest were not their

Le comes their
Le: are putter wt are u doing leave all this na today is ur meahndi and u r sweating and working plz go and change
Ku: are ma its k and my mehandi so my responsibility to help them
Le: but putter tu change to kar le
Ku: ma Aap jaiye
He pushes her from back
Le: okk putter but get ready on time ok
Ku: han ma * smiles*

He was looking so hot and steamy with his wet hair due to sweat and sweating body with tiny droplets on his six pack abs

Tw was still in her normal wearing she was downstairs for water but something or we can say someone caught her attention

Yup yup kunj hi hai

Tw was awestruck to watch him like that her cheeks were turned from white to crimson red
She was blushing and admiring his perfect body
She was abt to go to kunj but something or we can say someone stopped her not by physical touch but by their presence

Guys Maya ofcourse
Ma: oh mY god kunj ur still working here look at ur face
She took her dupatta in her hands and wipes the sweat from his face
Ma: plz kunj for me go to ur room and change I will handle all this
Kunj tries to argue but put his kurta in his hands and pushes him from their

Tw who was day dreaming earlier was now cursing Maya
Tw: babajiiiii kya hai aapko han jab bhi main uuse bat karne ka try Marti hoon to yeh sab honjta hai or usne usko uske face pe touch kiya or usne kuch bhi ni bola or main hath lagaun to boltaa hai ki intentions kya hai kun babaji kun but koi ni aj meri mehandi or main use iski wjah se khrab hone ni de skti huh!!! And she leaves from their

The hall was looking beautiful with water fountains roses and tiny mirchi bulbs

It was not less than heaven

Our groom came in the hall looking handsome as ever so hot and cut at the same time
He was wearing a black half kurti with three buttons open and red pants

He was looking as handsome as always
After some time our bride comes dressed in a yellow and pink lehanga chloli with heavy embroidery
With a side tonged fish brade and heavy gold earrings
She was looking so so cute and beautiful

They all proceed towards the second part of hall
Where they have to sit down everybody got sitted twinj were facing each other and shares a cute sha chotu aa eyelock

Subhan Allah plays in BG

In din kabhi Jo tujh ko pukare
Meri nazar se tu jra hayye re
Aankhon se Teri kya kya chupa hai
Tujhko dikhaun main zra hayye re
Ok ankhi si dastan dastan …..
Kehne lgega ainna..
Subhanallah……..Jo ho RHA hai
Pehli dfa hai wlaaah
Aisa hua subhanallahhh Jo ho RHA hai
Pehli dfa hai wllah aisa hua

Houhuooo …….( still playing)

The designer girls started to apply mehandi on her hands
Its was design of Arabic and traditional work
On her palms her and kunj face were drawn beautifully
Everybody was busy in gossiping or clicking selfies

Just then
Abhi: attention everyone
As we all know that today is my best friends mehandi or aosa mauka phir kabhi nhi aaega so let’s do something rocking

He asked everybody to move towards other part of the hall
All guest got sitted and so our bride and groom
Just then lights go off and falls on three girls standing facing their back a

Just then music starts to play
Re lakh dhak lakh dhak
Jatni ke have bhav me teji
Re anpadh anpdh jat uthaye
Uske to nkhre ji
Wo likho padhi wo nak chdhi
Bas hukum chalye khadi khadi
Or jat khada deke
Bas hanji hanji hanji
Re lakh dakh lalh dakh
Jatni ke have bhav me teji

They are our three beautiful girls anika soumaya ishana
Just then our handsome hunks came out

And start dancing
Uski akhiyan English bolen
Meri anpdh akhiyan re
Baithe baithe bha gayi dekho
Dilko mere thagiyan re

Mere pass nikalke phir wo DJ se Jake boli
Bhaiya tu decide kariyo Ab beat chale ya goli

Baby ko base pasand hai
( they dance as same as in the song)

Jab wo bache mijhko iska face pasand hai
Babay ko base pasand hai

And their dance ended

All clapped for them

Now its turn of Maya chinki
They dance on high heels very nicely and in b/w abhay also joins them

Everybody clapped for them

All elders danced on London thumakda

Everybody was enjoying and now everybody gets up and started to dance in couples

Abhau and chinki pushed tw and ku on the centre of stage

( mehandi was only on her wrist palms were abt to gill up)

Zehnaseb from hassi to phasi plays in BG

Zehnaseb ..zehnaseb ……tijhe chahun be tahasha zehnaseb ….
Tere sang bete her lamhe pe humko naz hai
Tere sang Jo na bete uspe aitraz hai

Ku hand on her waist and tw hand carefully on his shuolder both started dancing on the flow
And song is still playing

Ku: waise aj tu theek Thai lag ri hai
Tw: wat do u mean by theek that
Ku: theek Thai ka MATLAB theek that hi hota hai
Tw: kunj sarna agar tareef ni kar sakte to mat bula karo ok
Ku: aacha ok hmmm aachi lag ri hai
Tw: kunj tumhe to compliment karna bhi nhi aata aise bolona ki tw u are looking awesome stunning beautiful ……
Ku: bas bas tu itni bhi kuch khas nhi ( shinchan ka dialogue )
Tw: waise tum bhi theek thak lag rhe hoho
Ku: r kidding me sab keh rhe hain ki main hot and handsome lag rga hoon including Maya ne bhi kha
Tw: bas bas jyada udo mat wo log pgl hain Jo tumhe hot smajhte hain including Maya mujhe to tum popat lal lgte ho
Ku: who the hell is popat lal
Tw: are popat kal from track mehta ka oltah chahsama
Ku: shut up tw main kha or wo kahn
Tw giggles
Till the end both crack jokes and dancing

Now the song ends and everybody is engaged in eating

Now almost the function ends and everybody retired to their rooms except chinki and tw
CH: pata hai tw AGR Teri mehandi ka rang dark hua to jiju tijhse bahut pyar karte hain
Tw: tab to rehe de ch he don’t love and me also then my hand will not have any darkness
Ch: dekh lenge

Break time
Dear imposter
If u are reading it then plz comment ok as I know that people like u don’t have emotions
The bad habit in a person is that the people judge others on their terms and conditions
Maybe u don’t want to do that but make sure that the words u chose will cost u in ur future
Everybody is not perfect and not even u ok
And this way of bashing writers creating misunderstanding b/w people is not right
Stop bashing plz keep a stable attitude ok firstly u were ur hater then shatakshi then foeverfan of twinj then aamu then lover plzzzz stop this and want to share ur feelings with anybody plz chose gud words or should I give u a dictionary hope u took my words seriously

Ch: pata hai kunj jiju or Maya ko school me ek sure pe crush tha
Tw( shocked) wt ………..who told u abt it
Ch: wwwo …. Abhy ji told me
Tw: abhay ji hmmmmmm she slightly nudged her something something
Ch: shut up tw I am serious he TLD me that
Tw: okkk hoga crush to kya
Ch : hmm acha theek hai main vhlti hoon sangeet ki preparations bhi karni hai so need to sleep bye
Tw: bye

Kunj or Maya na babji aosa mere sath hi kun
Or is kunj ne bhi mujhe nhi btaya
But koi ni abhi btati hoon ise

I get up and went towards bubbly and asked her abt kunj she simply told me that he is on terrace
I quickly went to terrace and saw him nowhere

She checks the whole terrace but he was nowhere but suddenly she hears someone humming a song

She went towards the voice and saw kunj at the back of the terrace
He was lying on floor watching the stars and humming a song

Baton me beaten kyi hain
Mujhse Jo maine khi hain
Tere kahe pe ruki hai …
Duniya meri humdum

Us rah pe tere dil ki sath sath chale hain hum
Tere nam pe meri zindagi likhdi mere humdum

Han dikha maine jeena kaise jeena
Han seekha maine
He notices tw staring at him he stops and gets up

Tw( annoyed) run kun gye gao na
Ku: nhi mera mtlb hai ki main nhi bata bas aise hi
Tw: itna bhav mat kaho ok * sitting beside him*
Or jahan take mujhe had hai ye to is game ke lyrics nhi hain
Ku: hhan ye maine compose liye hain
( yes guys this stanza is composed by me I don’t want to share it but Thought to share it and those who don’t believe it can search Google u will find nothing abt this particular stanza plz tell me if u liked it )

Tw: at tum compose bhi karte ho hidden talent han
Ku: nothing like that just a habit that’s it aacha leave all this why r u here
Tw: wo I just finding u so …..
Ku: okk

Their was a pin drop silence b/w them
Tw: wt were u doing here
Ku: wo I have a habiymt to look at stars and sing
Tw: okkk
Ku: do u have any habit ……umm just asking
Bcoz nobody knows that I sing except u so ….
Tw: ummmm yesss I paint
Ku: wt but u didn’t told me
Tw: wo its just a habit and I don’t like to showcase it
Ku: same case

Both smiles

Ku: aaj kitne mja aaya na
Tw: han acha kunj chinki ne bataya ki Maya tumhari teenage crush thi
Ku: …………….
Tw: Bolo na
Ku: han but it was just a teenage infatuation
So didnt bothered much abt it
Tw : oh okkk
Ku: waise do u have any crush type thing
Except UV
Tw: ummm yes
Their was a boy named rohan
I was in 10 at that time but on our result he went to US for further studies
Ku: oh sad ending
Tw: shut up ok
Ku smiles

Toota Jo kabhi Tara instrumental plays in BG

Both were talking and laughing
And tw was fast asleep so her head falls on his lap he smiles

He tries to make her up but to his surprise she gets up sits on his lap and sleeps hugging his chest like a new born baby

Ku was now all confused for what to do next
So he decided not to wake her up
He slowly gets up and lifted her up in bridal style and she was sleeping like a baby
She looks so angelic and cute he thought

He went in her room and placed her on the bed covered her with duvet and caress her hair

Jhalli hai puri ki puri siyyapa queen khin ki said kunj

And he leaves from their making sure she was comfortable

Both souls are feeling safe and calm but this is a new a start of tgier life or indication of a upcoming storm
Epi ends here guys hope u liked it

Precap: sangeet blast

Aacha guys my hand is fully fine and thanx for those who wished me and
One question
Should I rite the English translations
And a big wala sorry for grammatical mistakes baachi samajh ke maf kar do
And today it’s my 10 episode I can’t believe this so stay tuned

And keep loveing me my ff and others ff and all ff writers

Keep smiling
Love u all muaahhhhhb
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