FOR YOU? ALWAYS (part 10) An Ishqbazz FF


Gauri almost jumped from the bed because Om was sneezing like a dinosaur. “Om are you okay?” she came towards him, who was cupping his nose to avoid another sneeze. His face was red and his eyes were teary. Gauri sat next to him and placed him palm on his forehead. “O no Om, you have fever” she said worryingly. Omkara looked at her innocently and he opened his mouth to say something…
OMKARA: Gauri.. actually I wan….ACHIIIIII..!”
Gauri just looked at him and nodded her disgustingly. What was the point of drenching himself in the rain when he new that he catches cold easily. Some times he acts like a small stubborn kid. She wanted to scold him but his condition was miserable at that time. He couldn’t even complete a sentence properly without sneezing.
GAYRI: Om just wait, I will get the medicines.
She was leaving the room when she saw Rudra coming towards their room. “I heard some terrible sounds from your room and they were loud enough to wake me up, What’s going on bhabi” he was rubbing his sleepy eyes with both hands. “Actually Om is not well, so…..” she turned back and saw her husband sitting on the bed by folding his legs and grabbing some tissue papers in his hand. Then she left to take medicines.
RUDRA: People are trying to sleep hare mister long hair alien! And you are producing horrible sounds hare. (Rudra went near him and almost fell on the bad next to Om. Om looked at him irritatingly, he was feeling worse and this guy will eat his mind without any reason) Tell me na O? Why are you sneezing like a dragon? (He asked with full innocence and Om felt like throwing him out of the room)

OMKARA: Rudra! Not now. I am not welllll…..ACHIIIIIIIIIIIIII…!
Rudra opened his eyes wide and he started laughing, “O if you continue sneezing like this, then you are going to blow up the whole mansion”
OMKARA: Rudra, please stop eating my mind.
But he was also Rudra Singh Oboroi, how can he miss this golden chance to irritate Omkara. “O I have heard from dadi that when someone is suffering from fever, you should smell them your shoes”
OMKARA: What kind of stupid remedy is this? (Omkara was saying this in anger but Rudra picked up his shoe and went near Omkara). “Rudra! Are you mad? Stop it” (but he was dedicated to his act). “Rudra I will kill you” (Omkara was shouting and Rudra was now on bed and was almost falling on him with a shoe in his hand).
RUDRA: Remember when I got a pimple? You took my picture and send those to all my girlfriends. I am just returning the favor. (He said smiling evilly)
OMKARA: Rudra you have to pay for this…
Shivay also heard the noises and he entered the room. Rudra was falling on Om and Om was trying to protect himself with the help of a pillow. “Guyz! I know we are close to each other….but this close? I am afraid things will go a little too far” He said this with a mocking smile on his face.
OMKARA: Shivay take this psycho away from me

Shivay held Rudra by the collar and dragged him upward “I believe you have an exam tomorrow, han?”
RUDRA: Bhaiya! I was just helping O, that’s it and secondly how will I study when this person will keep sneezing like a giant machine gun.
Shivay laughed on this comment but he Saw Om looking towards him dead seriously so he composed his expressions, “Uhm..uhm..Rudra stop irritating Om. Cant you see he is not well”
“OK” Rudra sat properly and obeyed his orders like a student. Shivay was checking his fever by placing his hand on Omkara’s forehead and neck. Just then Gauri came there with a box of medicines and cup of tea. “Om immediately have it, Its herbal tea” She sat herself next to Om and started taking out medicines. Shivay saw concern and worry in her eyes and this made him happy.
Omkara had his medicines and Gauri came forward and sat near him. She placed both her hands on his forehead and start pressing it with her small hands. Om felt a wave of ease and comfort when her soft cold hands touched his burning forehead but he didn’t wanted her to get this much bothered. “I am okay Gauri” he said in very low voice but she signaled him to keep quite by putting her finger on her lips. Om just kept looking towards her. Shivay signaled Rudra to get up and leave. He was getting worry for his brother but now he was satisfied that Gauri will take care of him properly. Without saying a word they two sneaked out of the room leaving those to stare at each other. “At least one of us has found his perfect match” Rudra said to Shivay when they both were leaving the room.
Omkara was looking at her in a way as if she was a magic. Her big eyes were twinkling like small flames. He could saw worry in her face. Her hands were still on his forehead and Omkara felt himself drowning in an unknown river. She was so mesmerizing, so innocent. He was felling light and dizzy. Because of the medicines he was traveling into a senseless world. Nothing was now bothering him, not the fever, nor the sneezing. The only thing which was making sense at that time was this beautiful lady sitting in front of him, looking at him with concerned eyes. He slowly brought his hand on her hand and held it. She stopped at looked at him confused. Omkara got near to her and held her other hand as well. Her cold hands in his strong warm hands. Om was not in his senses, he in another dream world where only she existed. Cold wind was blowing from the nearby window and both shivered a little on that. Omkara placed her one hand slowly on his chest, right where she could feel his heartbeat and he placed her other hand on the back of his neck. Gauri wanted to say something to him. What is he doing? Why is he doing this? This is not friendship but words were stuck in her throat. She felt a blockage in her throat. She was thinking all those things when she felt a pair of warn hands on her waist. She looked down and towards his hands which were encircling her and just the Om pushed her towards him. She landed on her chest and her heart beat increased. She could also feel his heartbeat under her hand. It was the first time that they both were so close to each other. So close that they could feel each other breaths on their faces. Her face was glowing in the dark, her eyes were widened by this sudden alien feeling. She held his shirt tight in her fist when she saw him closer to her face. A small amount of fear was visible on her face. She got hold on his hair tightly on the back of his neck. “OM” This was the only word she could have said and that was also in a form of whisper. She tried to say something else but her mind got blank, she couldn’t find any words, her mind was saying only one thing “do you get this feeling?, do you know what is happening to you?” so many thoughts at one time and so many feelings at one time. Omkara bend his head nearer and now they were almost an inch away. Gauri opened her mouth to say something but then closed it again. This time he came close enough and placed his lips on her nose. It was a sudden act and she was jut shocked. She could feel the heat oozing from him due to the fever. Omkara then turned his face and came near her ear, “You know that…I…” she closed her eyes and then she felt some wait on her shoulder. He has placed his head on her shoulder and his breath was burning her neck. Hesitantly she shook his shoulder and found out that he was In a deep slumber. She slowly lifted up his head and with care, placed him on the pillow. Her one hand was still under his neck, she slowly removed her hand and unknowingly dragged her hand on the side of his face. He was asleep but now Gauri was totally awake. She went up from the bed, sat on the nearby couch and by putting the blanket on herself she closed her eyes and tried to think of something else. She was trying to divert her mind by shutting her eyes and thinking other things but her heart was saying something else, something very clear, something she was denying.

Shivay was passing by his room when he saw the lights on. It was almost 2 in the night. He walked in slowly by knocking on the door “You don’t have to knock on your own room” She said to him and then started putting her things in the bag. She was packing her stuff. Shiavy felt a wave of tension in his body. Is she leaving? No this cant happen. I cant lose her again. His eyes were fearful. “A..Anika! what are you doing” he tried to hide his fear. “I am leaving” She said it casually and again started packing. How can she be so normal and easy and how can she leave him like this? Without informing him. He felt anger inside him. By clenching his fists he came towards her, held her by her elbow and almost pushed her towards him. Anika was not prepared for this so she just shut her eyes and stumbled. Shivay felt bad by looking at her frightened but his anger was his weak point and right now it was dominating him. With a sudden jerk and almost crushing his teeth he said “With whom permission you are leaving” his each word was strong and slow. “But Shivay I cant stay hare for my whole life” she said in very low voice but this time Shivay pulled her close to him “I said who gave you the permission?” his face was burning and his eyes were getting dark blue. “Da..Dadi” she said stammering. Shivay widened his eyes in shock. How can dadi say this without informing or talking to him. His thoughts were interrupted when he heard her saying more “Actually I asked Dadi that can I stay with her in her room? And she said yes. That’s why I am packing my stuff from this room. How long can I stay hare in your room?” Shivay felt relief in his body. He got so afraid. The fear of loosing her was enough to give him a heart attack. He felt guilty. Why his temperament is so short. Without knowing anything properly he was being rude to her. He slowly released his hand and Anika walked a step back. “I.. I am sorr…sorry Anika. I thought you were leaving this house” Anika fell silent on his concern. Obviously she was not going to stay hare for whole life. She is a guest and guests leave but the way Shivay behaved alarmed her.
ANIKA: Its Okay Shivay! You just misunderstood the situation, that’s it. (She felt silent the and looked at him. Can someone find a better friend then him. How can she be so lucky)
Shivay insisted her to stay in his room as long as she wants but she refused. Obviously she would be more comfortable with dadi. He then started helping her with the packing and between this he was talking to her about the picnic and chopper adventure and to his amazement she was answering back normally. Giving him long answers, ice was breaking a little. At least the silent Anika was not there anymore. After she was left towards dadi’s room Shivay came back to his empty room. He looked at his room in detail. Everything was his and was at his place with perfection but he felt a quiet emptiness in his room. His room was lit up with her presence. He could still feel her in his room, her smell was there. Shivay walked forward and sat on the bed. For past few days she was living hare in his room, on his bed. How beautiful is this. He laid back and covered himself with the blanket. He could feel her strongly but at the same time he was feeling empty. Its funny that they both were living in the same house and he just saw her few minutes ago but he started missing her badly. How crazy this love is. He placed his arm on her eyes and tried to sleep. Only one image appeared before his closed eyes. She running towards him in rain and saying than you loudly. “What have you done to me Anika” he whispered to himself and then slowly went to sleep.

By following his daily routine he got ready and went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for everyone. Usually the kitchen is always empty with one or two servants arranging things but today when he entered the kitchen there was a whole bunch of people there. “O MY MATA Mummy g, how am I goings to mix these things with my hands” Pinky was concerned about her pedicure. Shivay noticed that all the women of the house were there. “Hellow! Beautiful ladies” he came into the kitchen and kissed Dadi on the forehead. Anika and Gauri were discussing something.
JHANVI: Shivay! Hi and go out
SHIVAY: What? (what kind of morning greeting was this? He thought)
JHANVI: I mean today it’s a no men day in the kitchen. We heard you and Rudra talking that day in the picnic that we ladies don’t have any idea about cooking.
PINKY: So today we are going to prove you boys wrong.
GAURI: Yes barray bhaiya! We are hare for every women’s right. (She held the spatula in her hand like a sword)
Shivay wanted to laugh out loud but he controlled himself. One thing was obvious that in this mansion it was only men who can cook and it’s a fair truth. But okay lets see what these ladies are capable of. He was about to go when he saw her making weird faces. “Anika” he went towards her she saw him for a second, gave him a small smile and then shifted her focus on the plate of pealed potatoes in front of her. “Are you going to mash them?” he came in front of her
ANIKA: Yes I am making mash potatoes.
Shivay was impressed by her confidence although he knew that she knows nothing about food and the way she was looking at the potatoes proves that she has no idea how to deal with them.
SHIVAY: May I dare to ask that how are you going to make them, I mean we both know that you are pathetic in cooking. (He was enjoying her angry expressions)
ANIKA: I know how to cook (She said it with a smirk and Shivay found her so adorable)
SHIVAY: OK… Then lets see (Now this was getting exciting for him)
Anika gave him a glare and then took a knife and almost attacked the potatoes with it. “Wha…what? I mean, what are you doing? Are you mashing them or killing them? He couldn’t control himself, she was being brutal with the food. But Anika continued her battle with the potatoes. “Shivay don’t irritate me. I am vary busy” she said without looking at him.
SHIVAY: ANIKA! Stop this… I cant see this anymore. These are small voiceless potatoes. Have some mercy on them. (He knew that he was being irritating but he couldn’t stop himself)
ANIKA: I know na what I am doing.
SHIVAY: No! no you don’t, look at the way you are…. I mean it is so basic
He couldn’t complete his line because a glass full water was being poured on him. He closed his eyes and droplets were dripping from his face. His mouth was opened due to sudden shock and he moved his hand to his face to wipe the water and then moved his hand back to his hair. He was not the only one who got shocked, everyone else in the kitchen was also looking at him with open mouths. “f**k the wuck” he said by looking at her who was smiling back at him. “I told you not to irritate me” she said and went back to her work casually. “Shivay! Teri to early mornings main hi O MY MATA ho gai” Pinky and Jhanvi were laughing. Dadi was also amused while Gauri was still in shock, she cannot imagine anyone brave enough to pour water on this person but Anika was definitely different. There is a reason that Shivay is madly in love with her. she clapped her hands together and said” Wow Anika! you so dabang” Anika smiled back at her. she didn’t wanted to do this, it just came out. Four years ago it was like a normal thing to her, whenever she would be angry with him, she would pour a glass of water on him. She felt that maybe things are getting back to normal perhaps. Shivay was shocked but deep inside he knew that he was so happy. Today he saw o glimpse of his old Anika, his bold, confident, dabang, khirkitor Anika.
DADI: Are you planning to stay hare for the whole day like this? (dadi controlled her laughter)
SHIVAY: Ye..s…I mean NO, I SHOULD CHANGE…I must leave, I should go, I (and with that he left the kitchen and while leaving he heard a roar of laughter coming out of the kitchen, obviously all of them were controlling their laughter in front of him)
He was changing again in his room when police commissioner called. H held out his phone in his one hand and with other hand he was buttoning his shirt. “What do you mean that you couldn’t find him? I want that man, dead or alive. You understand?)” he was almost yelling in the phone. After disconnecting the phone he threw it away with all his force and the poor cellphone got divided into pieces. He who was feeling very happy this morning was now burning with anger. Anika’s miserable face again came in front of his eyes, her pain, her defeat, her helplessness…. He couldn’t bear it. He is definitely trying to make things better for her in the future but that doesn’t mean that he can forget what happened to her in the past. This man will have to pay for his deeds, Shivay Singh Oboroi will not leave him so easily. He harmed the most important person of his life, the love of hos life, his Anika. how can he leave him so easily. “I will find you Daksh Khuranna and that day will be the last day of your life” he said this by clenching his fists.

Dadi’s birthday surprise and Anika in the orphanage…..

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