It was always you !!!!! (Part 1)


Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii guys jyada lamba ho gya na sorry but kaya karoon late hoon I know but aaj apna purana ghisa pita ff ni lagi hoon or nahi koi is ya ss lagi hoon aaj main aaj hoon ek nayi ops poorani but nayi confusing na I will clear your confusion as we all know that we all are blessed with so nice ideas of ffs and diff. Stories such as

Tashan e deewngi to tashan e ishq
Tashan e ishq to sadda love
This is the felling which sinks in
I am a devil of my angel
Unconditional love
Our intense love
Two shades
Buddhu aa mann
Vamp diary
That’s why I love you ( mera wala)
Twinj a tale of love
Tashan e ishq when friendship tuns to love
Ishq ka juoon
Twinj : undercover
I can’t stop loving you
Tashan e ishq intense love

Sorry if I have skipped ones my intention was not to hurt you all and plzz tell me in ur comments

So now coming on my story so guys I am going to end my ff within 1 or 2 episode s and a new freshem fresh again sorry new but old story is roaming in my mind so it will be based upon our actual tashan e ishq so far story

Let me clear the confusion
I am going to rewrite the story with my twist and turns and new plots

I hope their is no need of intro and a big wala
NOTE: this is a twinj ff and only of sid not anybody else ok

So a quick glance of story which I have changed that is kunj is not son manohar and usha he is a orphan that means manohar has two brothers one that is kunjs dad who had died and other is surjeet who will come later
Tw is the same in love with UV for just few episodes
Kunj has its own company rather than sarna company
Manohar has raised kunj and as a result ku cares for him so much but he don’t cared abt him and usha is also the same they hate him and use him

An and is + ve and cherry and surjeet tauji are + ve

UV is – ve and Anita the same
And rt is also the same – ve
Mahi is …………………….
i will reveal it later

So my story needs a base so it will start from the farmhouse incident I hope you guys remember so let’s start

A scary night in a farmhouse a man is trying to help the girl who is lying unconscious on the ground she is not in her senses he sensed that something have wrong happened with her so he tries to cover her with his shirt but suddenly happens the unexpected
The lonely house is covered with so much noises the notices of rpeoters of family members and some strangers
The man became happy to see his family members
Man: finally you all can…………..
A tachaakkkkkk
Yes the man got a slap
From a lady the lady is nomeother than leela taneja
Le: how can you stoop so low han y did u do all this kunj why

So the man is kunj

Ku: aunty u are misunderstanding me
I am not at fualt
Le : just shut up
Suddenly the unconscious girl start to gain her senses
Ku: aunty now she will tell u the truth
Le shakes the girl the girl conscious and understood the whole situation and her tears were not stopping

Ku: tell everybody the truth tw

So the girl is our tw
Tw : I hate u ku y didi u do this to me y
Ku : wt are u saying !!!!????
Tw : you raped me I just hate you

Now everybody had started accusing him but he kept on pleeding but no one listens to him even his family
Not even a single person

Reporter 1 : Mr. Mnohar sarna your son has done such a big sin at you want to say
Rep 2 : your son is a rapist
Rep3 : your son ………
They kept on saying

Mn: enough !!!!!!!!! Let me make one thing clear to u he is not my son
It echo’s

Ku was more heartbroken by listening this

Le: mn ji u hided such a big thing from us how can u
Mn: I am sorry le ji but I have raised him like my own child but today I am ashamed to him as my son

Mn : today he proved that he son the son of his BL**dy father he himself was a womaniser but today he proved that he is his son
Ku: enough!!!!!!!! Not a single word agianstmy dad he was not a womaniser

Mn: just shut up
Tw : oho Mr . kunj sarna now you are so much angery and possessive abt ur dads respect but when you did all this with me where was your respect han ……
Uncle is right you are truely a womaniser like your BL**dy dad

Ku : just shut up
His much you know abt my dad to talk ant him like that han I can bear any pain Amy thing but not a single word against my parents

Composing himself
I am done with u all this is my last time explanation that I have done nothing with tw and I know this explanation will not effect u but still I have not done anything

And he stormed out
Tw was somewhere convinced with his explanation but present situation was not allowing her yo accept it

Same night in taneja mansion
Le : mn ji I am sry but thus marriage can’t happen
Mn tried to convince her but at last she refuses and sarnas went from there
Same night in tw room
Tw was crying in her room all the explanations given to her by him was roaming in her mind

Y did u all this ku y
But suddenly uv enters in her through window

Iv : tw is it true wtever is on news
Tw : yyyy ….eesseess
Uv : I will kill that BL**dy idiot
How dare he touch u
Tw : calm uv now no marriage will happen
Uv : but
Suddenly they hear footsteps
Uv bid bye and goes from their

So guys how’s it
Bad na
Read plzz and

Don’t forgot to comment plz
Now it is Borring but later it will
Be more than interesting
Bye and comment

Credit to: bulbul

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  1. Rashiverma2199

    Wow…..bulbul it was awesome….

  2. Sameera

    It’s nice bulbul

  3. Sayeeda

    Bad…plzzz haan …it’s awesome…. too good…isii bahane tei ke purane din wapas yaad ajayenge…..
    Loved it….toooooooo goooodddd …
    Seriously I can’t wait for next one…. post soon…..
    All the best for it …Bulbul raani…

  4. Jiya_Ani

    Muaaah..bulbul…kya bolo..I mean likhi…seriously amazing dear…loved it from the core…and ek baat batau bura mat manna..aur reply honestly Dena main bhi bura nahi manungi…do you read my ff – Yehi hai ishq and Our Love Story?… Chalo chaddo…well I think that its all done by UV..after all he is shown even in tei…sad for he is not wrong so truth will come out soon…

    And don’t dare to say it boring or baad…otherwise dundon se peetungi…samjhi…

    Loved it…??

  5. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing epi…..

  6. Hey..!!great start.. Do you write in other sites..?

  7. Thankyou so so so so so much guys loveley I read your ff yeh hai ishq from epi 1 to 30 and sayeeda thanx for such an lovely comment and priya ibwrite in tpk site

  8. SidMin

    Thank you so much for writing the name of my ff s a good one
    The episode was too good Poor Kunj …..Twinkle believes him

  9. Isn’t it the story written by joe10 in India forums
    Well that was never continued
    So hope you’ll finish it
    All the best

  10. Angita

    Loved is an amazing start

  11. hey bulbul yr amazing dare u 2 say it bad agn i hp sidmin ll soon unite yr luvd it pls continue give a small recap n yah a bit long episodes dear amazing pls pos nxt asap luv u

  12. Mehak sorry but this is my own idea and sorry if u are hurt

  13. Nice epi

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