Hey guys , its dolly back agaij to torture u all , sorry for not updating any ff’s last weekends ..I was very ill traveling in flight ….
Anyways this is my first try hope u all support , sorry if its not good but plz do read

My first one shot
So here I am posting ,

The story ,

Introduction ,
Main lead
Sanskar maheshwari : a good , kind hearted boy , but hates girls to the core maybe because he studied till 7th in boys school and thinks girls are cruel and bad …..never goes near them , but loves to do teasing and irritating girls main punishing and complaining them
Pet of teachers because of his excellence in studies , but also enemy of teachers because of his naughty character …….especially his pranks
A handsome hunk , hater of girls only for them but mad lovers of him ……..he only loves two women’s in his life , that’s his mother and his twin sister

Swara malhotra : cute , bubby , chubby girl , loves to be herself , a very caring natured and acts childish sometimes …..believes in lobe and reads many romantic novels …..maybe because she studied till 7th in a girls school , always researches about love ……she is madly waiting for her prince charming ….doesn’t know about boys character totally freaks out hearing them ……she is also good studies …..boys will go mad for her because of her beauty ……a bit sensitive and doesn’t keep anything in heart …shares everything with everyone (which is a big draw back)

Supportive character ,
Laksh khanna : best friend of sanskar …total opposite of sanskar , loves to flirt with girls , the joke boy of class or school ….he doesn’t care about anyone , not serious in studies …enjoys all the time but a intelligent fellow when it comes to planing a prank

Ragini maheswari : sister of sanskar maheshwari , acts very matured girl , a topper like his twin brother ….. a very carefree student loves to help students …..talks sweet ,everyone likes to talk as she is very friendly moreover a problem solver

So how Swara and sanskar will end up …..l

How will these Two meet ? Will they end up being a couple or not ?

To know the answers ….
Read the story

a grand mandap is shown ….everyone were roaming here and there …..as if a marriage is gonna happen ..
The groom is revealed to be doing all the pre marriage rituals
Shekar : mishti go and call Swara , its already late
Mishti nods and goes upstairs , she goes inside the rooms finds Swara no where
Mishti : Swara ! Swara !
Mishti gets tensed , suddenly her eyes falls on a paper
Mishti reads it
“Mom dad , I dotn have any other option ….I am not ready for it , u can’t force me in this ….I already said that , I AM ONLY HIS’S , , I am not ready to become someone else …somehow u both convinced me for the maariage but I can’t forget him so , I know he is not there in this world …so what’s the use of me being here , bye ! ”

Moshti breaks down and cries loud ……
Shekar and all comes up running , and were tensed seeing mishti
Shekar read the paper and gets angry ! He just bruns the paper !
Shekar (angrily) : how dare she took this step ! From now on I don’t have a daughter like her …my only daughter is dead
Misnti cries …
Shekar gives and shouts : the marriage is cancelled ..

Everyone were shocked

@ cliff
A girl is shown in a bridal attire standing near the cliff …..
Girl tears : I know u r not here because of me ….I was the one who was madly in love with u and acted like an mental …wish I didn’t meet u in my life but destiny brought us together and I ……I (she fumbles) I …..murdered u ….I killed u …..
She cries

its an board and bright day in elite school ….yes it was the start of new academic year …..on the school
Students were standing near the notice board and searching their sections of class ….there was very buzzing sound …

But even in that buzzing sound , when an handsome hunk stepped in , the girls were flat , they stood still like an statue
Yes its sanskar maheshwari and his sister ragini maheshwari

Laksh came behind
Laksh : I know , I know when a handsome hunk like me comes u all will go flat (he said with proud smile)
All the girls gave a disgusting look …..Laksh turns towards sanskar , who was signalling him to control his acting
Laksh (covering) : hi ma’am coming ….
Saying this he runs …everyone laughs …..
Sanskar (rude) : don’t laugh ….u all r looking like an ghosts while laughing …
Saying this he leaves making the girls embarressed but they took that as sweet words ….

At the time as soon as sanskar passes , a girl enters in high pony with a stylish look
Kavitha comes running
Kavitha (excited) : u know what Swara , sanskar said that we all look like an ghost while laughing ….(she said as of he has given her an kiss)
Swara gives a disgusted look
Swara : are u out of ur mind ! He insulted u all and u all r still smiling
Kavitha (excited) : I dont care about that , but he spoke na …that itself is enough
Swara rolls her eyes
Swara : everytime I hear the girls talking about sanskar , but the reality is , I never met sanskar …..
Kavitha chuckles
Kavitha : u will be the first and last person who didn’t see the hunk till now ….leave that sanskar is only mine now come we need to check the class sections I wish we both land in same class and sanskar also comes in same class
Swara (irritated) : this is called over confidence
Kavitha giggles and checks the notice board , soon comes with a crying face
Swara (giggling) : what happened ?
Kavitha : u r A sections and I am C section ….
Swara : awww ….thats y u r sad
Kavitha : come on …the main part is sanskar is in A section ur class
Swara widens her eyes
Kavitha : how lucky
Swara : shut up OK ……now come we r late
Kavitha makes a sad and upset face

@Swasan class (10th std)
Everyone enters and greets their friends .
Laksh : every time they put us in the same class na sanskar
Sanskar : why u don’t want to be with me
Laksh (fumbles) : no its not like that but …u never allow me to talk with girls or flirt with them that’s it
Sanskar : listen bro …I will u a free advice …girls will come and go ,they will not be there in need of time , that time a friend like me will only come and help
Laksh folds his Both hands
Laksh : ji swami vivekananda , thanks for ur advice but I dont need it ….
His gang members giggles

Swara who was reading THE DEVIL IN WINTER (a romantic novel)
Was dreaming about her prince charming , with closed eyes
Swara in mind : whom ever I meet first will be my first love and crush ….and he will be my prince charming ….

Laksh : sanskar come on yaar , u all r always making fun of me
Sanskar (laughing) : because u r our joker Laksh ..
Laksh gets angry , he pushes sanskar …..

That he falls on Swara bench table with thud , with which Swara opens her eyes with a jerk
Both look at each other

Laksh was shouting : omg ! Sanskar fell on a girls bench …
He shouts tot he entire school and the girls in other classes become mad after listening and were curiously waiting to know the girl (lol)

Both swasan composes
But Swara was continuously admiring sanskar …his look , his smile , his eyes , his hair etc (each and every part of sanskar )
Swara smiles in her mind : so he is my prince charming ……
She was so happy that immediately she marks the date in her diary and closes it writing “my first eye lock with my prince charming”
Sanskar who was noticing Swara was feeling weird but gave a cold look to her , but Swara just smiled
It didn’t affect sanskar …….he just left

@home (night)
Swara was again reading a love story novel ….suddenly she came to know about sanskar (she don’t know his name)
She took a paper and started sketching sanskar’s face ….(oops , I forgot to say that Swara is an awesome artist )
(Ishq bulavaa plays in BG)
after drawing Swara starts to imagine sanskar ……she saw him in real he was sitting on her bed
She goes towards him and smiles , he smiles back
She was about to touch , but he vanishes as soon she touches him
Swara hits her forehead with her hand

Soon after some days ,
Swara starts to follow sanskar , she took as sanskar’s address from attendance register , she took sanskar whatsapp number also

At mid night
She went to sanskar’s house without informing her parents
She climbed the pipe and went inside his room , she just was memerised seeing him ….he was sleeping like an child hugging his pillow
She went near him and touched his forehead lovingly and caresses it ….he smiles in sleeping Swara was awstuck …..

Soon she goes back home and marks it in her diary !

Days passes Swara started to visit sanskar’s house regularly (guys note : she doesn’t still know that his name is sanskar)
She couldnt stay without seeing sanskar , he became a dose for her
One fine day
Swara : dad why don’t we shift to auroville street (sanskar’s house street)
Shekar (confused) : why is that so
Swara : hmm because my friends all are there ….so
Shekar : I will see
Swara : what dad …if I want to go means , I will go ……no one can stop me (she said angrily)
Shekar calms her down and discusses with mishti

Soon they accept and buys a house opposite to sanskar ….Swara was extremely happy
Often she used to see sanskar doing exercise , but sanskar never saw her ……she started to dream about her and sanskar

Its been two years Swara was madly in love with sanskar and was following him ……now she stepped in 12th and it was about to get over

Soon the wait was over ,
Before boarding the bus
Kavitha : hmm not talking to me these days ….why is that so
Swara (blushes) : because I was busy admiring my prince charming !
Kavitha was happy
Kavitha : awww …my Swara is blushing …who is the lucky one
Swara points towards sanskar
Kavitha was shocked
Kavitha (shocked) : sanskar !
Swara was also shocked but composed
Swara : he is sanskar
Kavitha : haan yaar …but how can u love him , I mean does he love u back
Swara : yes
Kavitha was shocked and was broken but composed for her bff
Kavitha (faint smile) : I am very happy for u both
Swara (blushes) : thanks , so today evening come to my home for dinner
Kavitha sadly nods and leaves

That’s the day when Swara came to know that she was madly in love with the great sanskar maheshwari , the heartthrob of school
She marked it in the diary

Kavitha came to Swara house and was shocked knowing that she shifted near sanskar’s house
Kavitha opened the room door and was totally shocked seeing her room full of sanskar’s photo and walls were decorated with “I love u sanskar”
Swara hugs her
Swara : finally u came , here kavitha meet sanskar , sanskar she is kavitha
Swara points the chair , kavitha was confused ad she couldn’t see sanskar
Swara : array buddhu see sanskar is saying hi ….shake hands with him na
Kavitha again looks at the chair , she couldn’t see sanskar
Swara (angry) : kavitha sanskar is waiting to shake hands with u (turning to chair) u know what sanskar kavitha is one of the most fan of urs
Kavitha was total shocked and dilemma seeing Swara condition …she is hallucinating sanskar …..she is imaging sanskar …..she is covered with sanskar …..she is showing the sign of the mental disability people , kavitha was having tears seeing Swara talking to a chair ….

She just ran down , Swara was shocked and angry on kavitha …..
Kavitha didn’t say it to Shekar and mishti as she thought , they would break

A month passes away Swara was totally into the mental ability …her parents started to see the symptoms in her
So kavitha took a step

Kavitha called sanskar for private chat …
Sanskar didnt accept ….he avoided to talk with a girl …I mean kavitha but kavitha convinced so much
Sanskar : OK only 10mins not more than that !
Kavitha nodded both went and sat on the park bench ……
Kavitha : sanskar do u know Swara ?
Sanskar thinks
Sanskar : hmmm …ya the one who is next to my house
Kavitha : ya ….she ….she ..is madly in love with u
Sanskar seemed uninterested
Sanskar : not only her , everyone here are madly in love with me only ….
Kavitha : no sanskar u r not understanding I mean to say , OK wait …have u ever talked to Swara
Sanskar : no
Kavitha : have u ever visited her house
Sanskar : no
Kavitha : have u ever kissed her
Sanskar : what rubbish
Kavitha : tell answer me
Sanskar : no
Kavitha : but Swara is saying that u did all these things
Sanskar was shocked
Sanskar : what r u saying , she may be lieing , I can’t do this
Kavitha : no sanskar she isn’t lieing
Sanskar : then r u saying me …..I am the one who did all this
Kavitha : no
Sanskar : then
Kavitha : let me speak sanskar
Sanskar nods
Kavitha takes Swara diary and shows it sanskar
Kavitha : sanskar July 2nd 2014 Swara met u first time in the classroom , when u called in her bench (she shoes the date in her diary)
Sanskar thinks
Kavitha : that’s the starting day of swara’s hallucination and she built a imaginary character …she built u in her ….she started to be around u ….u were her dose …see this diary …she noted each and every date of the activity she did with u …I mean the imaginary charaacter of u (hallucination)

Sanskar was total shocked ….kavitha explains about Swara shifting house , night coming to see sanskar , her mental symptoms and all so far
Sanskar reads the diary and was total shocked …
Kavitha (tears) : sanskar Swara is affected because of u sanskar ……she is now totally mental disabled ……she lost her life sanskar …its after ur entry sanskar
Sanskar felt so bad for swara …..he was also broken
Sanskar : is there any solution ?
Kavitha : no sanskar ….her parents consulted with doctors but she is out of control …but one can help …..
Sanskar : who
Kavitha : its u sanskar …
Sanskar was shocked
Kavitha : yes only u can bring Swara from this thing
Sanskar : but how
Kavitha : just be with Swara was few days and betray her ….I know she will be broken but she will start to hate u …from that she will stop hallucinating u …..it will put a full stop to her imaginary character …only u can do …because she will obey u only ….will u do it for my friend (she said with folding hands)
Sanskar catches her hand …
Sanskar (tears) : I am ready ….only the causer could solve the problem ….
Kavitha was happy …

After an year they were in second year collage
Sanskar and Swara were lovers (sanskar is acting according to kavitha)
Sanskar saw how mad Swara was for him …he felt really bad ….

One day ,
Sanskar was standing in the stage
Sanskar : hello everyone this is sanskar maheshwari …so today I would like to show u my beautiful lover to u all ……
Swara was blushing
Sanskar : that’s
Swara smiles and stands up …
Sanskar shouts : kavitha , the lady love of my life !
Swara was shattered and heart broken , she saw kavitha going passing her and sanskar kissing her hand
Sanskar : she is my lover …my back bone who supports me in Every step

Swara shouts and cries : no sanskar u can’t betray me how dare u …..u …..kavitha ….
Sanskar was feeling bad same kavitha
Swara (cries) : samskar u can’t betray me ….sanskar u can’t ……I hate u …I hate u kavitha and sanskar ….I thought u were my best friend but u …..u betrayed me ….I hate u both …..
She started to cough ….blood starts to come …sankav were shocked …..
They go towards her ….

Swara stops them from touching her
Swara holding her mouth : I hate u sanskar ….don’t come near me …..u both are betrayers …sanskar I am madly in love with u sanskar ….u r my life sanskar …..we r made for each other sanskar …u can’t leabe me like this ….and kavitha u cheap u called me bff …this is what u show to ur bff snatching her love …..chiiiii

Swara can’t hold more seeing them ….she found a beer bottle …she breaks it and inserts into sanskar’s
All present there were shocked ……
Swara fainted ….
Kavitha shouts : sanskarrrrrrrrrrr !!!!!!!!

That’s it
After that Swara was taken to jail , she was kept under the medicinal basis …..she was in jail for 2 years ..
Soon came back …she forgot the past and tried to move on ….
Shekar and mishri forced and geared her up for the marriage …….Swara forgot about sanskar and all ….but she knew that she killed him

**************************FLASHBACK ENDS**********************

Swara cries ..
Swara ; I hate u sanskar …I hate u …..

“Still u hate me” a voice came from behind
Swara froze for a moment …she found the voice familiar …….she quickly turned around
She saw sanskar standing in front of her …her school days memories comes back …………she gets disheartened …
She faces the consequences …..the flashes come , she starts to feel dizzy !

Sanskar : its me Swara , ur sanskar
Swara (shocked) : how could u be alive ,,,,,I killed u !
Sasnkar : no Swara u didnt kill me …it was ur hallucination that day ..

that whole party was swara’s hallucination
While Swara , sanskar and kavitha were walking in garden talking
Kavitha : sanskar u know what ….I always want u to kiss my hand …will u do
Sanskar smiles , Swara gets angry
Sanskar kisses kavitha hand …in front of Swara

Swara starts to imagine everything …..she starts to like an mental
Sankav tried to control but all in vain …he didn’t broke a beer bottle instead her phone which was in her hand

But to bring Swara out of the mental things
Sanskar acted to dead in front of her ….kavitha informed Swara parents and they agreed to do the acting ..
Sanskar admitted Swara in a hospital ..due to Swara mental ability …swara was unconscious for 2 years ….through which kavitha and sanskar made a story of jail ..while their parents agreed !


Swara was shocked and stood numb …..she don’t know how to react …she came to know that she was mental these many years ….
She couosnt digest her past

Mishti , Shekar , Dp , ap , kavitha and sanskar were standing …..
They come forward

Swara shouts : no stop
All were shocked

Mishti : Swara

Swara : I said stop ….I know its my hallucination again …I am imaging u all …u all r not here …
Kavitha : no Swara this is reality
Swara : no kavitha this time I won’t fall in trap …I am clear now its hallucination …
Sanskar : Swara it me ….its me …..ur sanskar
Swara : no , u r not my sanskar …I killed him ….I killed him with my own hands ..I know …u imaginary people are fooling me
All were shocked …..
Shekar : no Swara …this is reality
Saying this he comes forward …Swara was about to trip
Shekar stops

Dp : Swara beta be a good girl , now come
Swara ; no uncle ……u r not real ..if I listen to u all again I will be a mental

All felt bad …
Swara : its better for m to die …..

She goes and jumps …….but in nick of time sanskar catches her hands

Sanskar (cries) : no Swara …u can’t leave sanskar …maybe I wasn’t true but my love for u was true

From the first sight only sanskar called for her …..her each and every moves his watched .
But never expected Swara to be mentally ill
Sanskar knows evrything before only ! ………

*****************flashback ends************
Swara smiles an cries : but u r late sanskar …u r late
Sanskar geta confused , he tries to pull her but no use
Swara : I am happy that am gonna die …don’t worry sanskar …we are made for each other , we r tied to spend 7 lives together ….its our destiny sanskar which was made by me ..I know I wasted my entire life …..but the more I wasted The more I enjoyed being with u ….
I love u sanskar ….

I AM ALWAYS YOURS …..no one can seperate me from u …….its a promised from me to meet u next generation

Saying this
Sanskar : no Swara , no ……

Swara leaves his hand smiling and falls …

Everyone cries …………………

Kavitha : sanskar Swara left us as , she left us ………
Everyone cries


Present ,

A boy wakes up sweating , he switches off the alarm …
The girls wakes up , the boy hug her very tightly ..
Boy : dont leave me Swara
Yes the girl is Swara
Swara (tensed) : what happened to u sanskar
Yes the boys is sanskar
Sanskar : I had a very bad dream , like yesterday ur father cancelled our marriage , u died …(he says everything)
Swara laughs …..
Swara : what an story ….sanskar
Sanskar (angrily) : is this a joke …
Swara controls her laughter
Swara : OK , nothing will happen like that now sleep
Sanskar : u with leave me na
Swara kisses his forehead
Swara ; never
Sanskar notices her
Sanskar : but the way u look hot (naughty)
Swara looks at her and covers herself with bed sheet and hits him playfully
Swara : stupid
Sanskar kisses her neck and her passionately showing his tense
He into her and they consummate their marriage

Yes its their first night (suhagraat)

The story was the dream of sanskar …what a great dream sanskar …wahhhhh !!!

Lol….I know plz don’t throw chappals ….and rotten eggs ….at me
Sorry for making u all sad ..this is my first one shot ever …I know there are many mistakes plz adjust ur kiddo

Thanks for reading ….plz drop ur comments …


I will update meri aasique on Saturday and a single rose on Sunday …..

With love ,
Esha (dolly)

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