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A bright sunny morning that gave way to positivity. Birds chirping. Butterflies fluttering. Traffic on the Mumbai roads was not something unusual for Radhika to visualise. All she could remember was Arjun, with whom she had broken up five years ago. None knew the reason. But her decision had left everyone shaken. They had been engaged for just a few hours and she came up with the decision of calling it off. Her parents Mala and Dilip had to support her as she was their only princess after their elder son Ankush, who had lost his life during his duty. He was a General in the Indian Army. She never told anyone the reason of breaking the engagement. None bothered to. Even Arjun’s parents let go. They knew Radhika well, well enough to judge her decision and threw their son out, blaming him for the chaos and ruckus he had created in the lives of both the families.

Letting out a sigh she came out of her memories and drew herself into work. Of whatever had happened and the time that had passed, she loved Arjun. Her love for him never decreased. But the betrayal, the snub behind her back was something that she could never forget. It was the happiest day of her life. She was engaged to the man…

Her man…

The love of her life…

She was loitering around the corridors of the humongous and magnificent palace that was decorated beautifully for their engagement. She stopped when she head voices. Her friend Sam asked her not to go further, but she did. The sight infront of her sucked the life out of her. Broke her inside out. Her eyes blurred and the painful squeak she let out unknowingly grabbed their attention. Arjun’s eyes widened and saw her running back into the hall. Her decision to break the engagement did shock everyone and Arjun tried to give an explanation, but none paid heed. All they could see was Radhika’s tears and she sticking firm to her decision. Still she could remember his hurt and pained eyes.

Did he ever deserve a chance for explanation?

Radhika was a Journalist in one of the leading news channels. Her articles, her interviews, her reporting skills on TV fascinated everyone. Including the maniac twins Jai and Saral. They were just too obsessed with her. Since years. Ever since Radhika had stepped into journalism and shown herself on TV, the brothers had grown insane of her beauty, her charm, her body, her lips. Last but not the least, those big brown kohl filled doe eyes.

Radhika had drowned herself so much into work in the past five years that the channel soared high with fame and stood at the top for the past four years. Her present workaholic nature frightened everyone. She had been working a lot. Her face pale. She hardly cared for her looks and dressing. There was no reason. She dressed up for Arjun just to grab his attention and to get a smile. That smile of his that made her go jelly and which was meant only for her. And a few compliments of course. His lines of poetry that defined her beauty. He was her boss. Was love at first sight for the both of them. But confessed only after the two stubborn heads were given a push by their best friends Neil and Sam. But he quit once the engagement was called off.

On the other side, a man seated in a dark room let out a painful sigh as his eyes welled up.

“Radhika” were the only words that escaped his lips.

He buried his face in his palms as the pain he was carrying was too much to carry and handle. He had to let go.

But where?


It hurt him a lot to lose the only woman he loved. He was not given a chance to explain. Not even his parents supported him. He was guilty. He shouldn’t have done it, but he did. For her. His Radhika. For a better future that had them together. But one thing made him feel bad. She lost Sam. Her best friend. When she had found out the reason behind what had happened which Radhika didn’t know, Sam left her all alone and came with Neil, who loved Sam and was his best friend. He had Neil and Sam. But his Radhika had no one. He sighed at whatever had happened. He had done it for her. For her safety. To get her away from the crazy Saral, who had no guilt of killing his own twin in obsession for Radhika. Radhika had complained a number of times to him about Saral and Jai. His numerous waring didn’t work on any of the brothers. The news of Jai’s death sent chills through everyone’s spine. Saral did decide to back off. But who knew it’d be fake. A show.

Arjun had been in Mumbai all long. But was visible to no one. Neil had informed everyone that Arjun had shifted to London. He had track of Radhika’s activities and safety. He worked for the same news agency. His resignation was fake. The place taken over him was a dummy boss. But was a senior and renown journalist.

“Enough bro” came a voice and pushed away the dark curtains.

“Neil!! How many times have I told you not to do that?” he snapped as anger took over.

“Chill it dude” Sam scowled as she placed a cappuccino in front of him.

“Sam you need to go back to Radhika” he sighed.

“You tell her everything. I’ll leave” she snapped as she crossed her arms.

“Yes Arjun, go tell her. Tell her everything” Neil sighed.

“She doesn’t even want to look at my face” he sighed.

“No silly. She yearns for you. Loves you so much” Tell her once. Everything will be alright. She will come back to you” Neil smiled.

“Do you remember what she called me Neil? She called me betrayer. A traitor. A backstabber. You expect me to go and stand in front of her?” he sighed as his eyes clearly reflected how hurt he was.

“You should have told her long ago” Neil sighed.

“No one knew that Saral would come there” he sighed.

“Now tell her. It’s not too late Arjun” Sam said.

“I need some air” he let out a breath as he walked out of his apartment grabbing his car keys.

Pulling his Jaguar out of the parking, he drove to the nearest cafe. The cafe that held a lot of memories. He with Radhika. Throughout the period they had dated, that cafe always remained Radhika’s choice. Ajun parked his car and was at the entrance, he hit someone. A painful groan escaped her lips. He looked down to met her eyes. His breath caught in his throat.

It was her. His Radhika.

After five long years he had got a glimpse of her. Radhika was so happy to see him. Her lips involuntarily twitched to a smile. Arjun too smiled a little. Her eyes which was the most beautiful thing that defined her beauty had lost it’s shine. Makeup not the way it used to be. But still she carried herself beautifully.

“Arjun” she whispered.

It felt so good to hear his name slip from her lips again. The way she said it put him on cloud nine. It was like he was named Arjun just for her. To hear her say his name beautifully. He looked at her as pain struck him hard in his chest. Arjun turned his face away as the painful memory struck him. Radhika’s eyes filled as he turned away. Both of them remembered the same thing… the night of the engagement. The last time they had been happy with each other. Their last meeting.

******************************************** FIVE YEARS AGO*******************************************

It was the happiest day. Arjun had proposed Radhika for marriage. She had happily accepted.

“So.. anything else?” she asked him mischievously as she played with his collar.

“Means wedding? For that we need to get engaged first’ he pouted.

“You’re so boring and unromantic” she pouted.

He couldn’t help but let out a chuckle. She looked so pretty. Those pouty plump red lips drove him insane. He smiled and pecked her lip. She pulled him to her and kissed him hard and bit his lower lip hard as she was too annoyed with him. Arjun groaned into her lips as his fingers bit into her waist. He too bit her lip and tore her top. Hr pulled away instantly and buried his face in the crook of her neck.

“So wifey, how was that?” he smirked.

“More. Please” she whined.

“We don’t have to do this if you’re not ready. Can go for it after our wedding too” he whispered as he licked her collarbone.

“I wouldn’t be holding on to you if it was so” she smirked as she ruffled his hair.

“I love you” he pecked her lip.

“Love you too” she smiled.

“Take me. Make me yours” she whispered as she fluttered her lashes.

“Your wish. My command” he smiled.

He lifted her up his arms and walked towards her bedroom and placed her on her bed and came on top of her ripping her clothes off. He yanked his clothes off and came back to her relishing every single part of her. He then entered her making her his by breaking the last barrier that had them separated. They made love to their heart’s content. Arjun pulled Radhika to him and kissed her hard as if his life depended on it.

“Now who’s boring and unromantic?” he asked mischievously.

“You” she smirked.

“Really?” he cocked his eyebrow.

“Well a little” she smiled.

He pulled her to his chest “stay with me. Always. Never ever leave me” he whispered.

“Always. And that’s a promise” she smiled as she placed her fingers at his wild beating heart and placed a soft kiss there.

He pulled her again for a head spinning kiss and let go of her as she was already too tired of his endless display of love to her. She snuggled closer to him and her head placed on his chest. He found peace only in her. She was his.


“Love you forever my doll” he whispered as he kissed the top of her head.

He kept watching her calm sleeping face drifted to sleep watching his lady love. A month later was the day of engagement. Every corner of the palace was filled with light and most importantly.. HAPPINESS. The palace belonged to Arjun’s grand dad. Saral had been on Arjun’s nerves ever since he had heard of their engagement. Arjun just ignored him as he was worthless. What was the use talking to a person who had killed his own twin for the obsession he had on a girl.

“Radhika” Arjun called out from the balcony of her room.

“What are you doing here?” she hissed.

“How can I stay without seeing my wife?” he pouted.

“Would be wife” she corrected him.

“Whatever. You’re mine” he whispered as he pulled her closer to him.

“That I am” she smiled.

“Now go” she pushed him away.

“One kiss” he pouted.

“Kiss after engagement. I don’t want my makeup, lipstick and hair spoilt”

“One peck. Please” he pouted.

She pecked his lip “done. Now go” she pushed him.

“Jeez woman I’m going” he scowled and left.

Radhika laughed at his childishness and shook her head vigorously. Whatever it was, she loved him and always will. She quickly went to the dressing table and did a little touch up and corrected her lipstick before anyone else could notice

“Shall we move if you’re done meeting your boyfriend?” Sam asked.

“What?!” she gasped.

“I was the one who sent him to your room. He was pleading like a puppy. Was so cute. So, I let him in” she smiled.

“You did? Good thing you did” she smiled.

“Now shall we move. The special woman is needed down on stage. Now be a good girl and blush” Sam teased.

“You too? Why? If I don’t blush does it mean I’m not a good girl?” she pouted.

“You look prettier” smiled Neil.

“Uff… you people” she sighed and walked out Sam and Neil following behind.

Arjun was smiling wide seeing her. Just one step left to maker her his officially. Wedding. This engagement will seal almost the whole. Wedding will make them one forever. But little did he know that this happiness of his wasn’t going to last for long. The ring ceremony went on well. Arjun slipped in a blue solitaire diamond ring on her finger and for him it was a plain platinum band with a small diamond. He was walking around the pool with a smile on his face and saw a silhouette. His smile dropped instantly and walked towards it. The person had his back to him. Arjun pulled him to face him and the person he saw in front of him shocked him. It was Saral with a huge evil smirk on his face.

“What are you doing here?” Arjun hissed angrily.

“Was watching my Radhu through her window?” he smirked.

“What?!” Arjun gasped.

“You wanna see?” he smirked showing his mobile.

Arjun snatched it from him and saw the video of Radhika changing to her engagement attire. Arjun looked up the room. The curtains were shut. Saral had pushed off the curtains to see her. His blood boiled. Saral smirked seeing the reaction on Arjun’s face.

“Man I love the mole on her tailbone and the one between her cleavage. Exact symmetry. Wow” Sarl blew out a breath.

He glared at him angrily. Saral smirked seeing the fire in him.

“Come on Arjun. We’re men. I know you enjoyed the video as much as I did” he smirked.

“I would love to post on the internet. Will be a hit. Her luscious body will make men drool” he spoke in a dreamy tone.

That was enough. He couldn’t stand a word against his Radhika. This douche had the gut to take her video and tell him that he was going to upload it on net. How could he eye his Radhika that way? He loved her with all his heart. Arjun too out his memory card from the phone and ripped it to itty bitty bits. He smashed the phone, breaking it into pieces. Saral smirked.

“Do you think this will stop me?” he smirked.

“What do you want?” Arjun asked in an exasperated tone.

On the other side, Neil and Sam heard to everything. Man this was going out of hand. They saw Radhika walking there with a smile and dreamy eyes. They didn’t want her happiness to vanish.

“Sam go to Radhika” he whispered.

Sam nodded and left. She went to Radhika and blocked her path.

“What Sam?” she asked.

“Why here? Let’s go the other side. It’s too dark” Sam gave a lame explanation.

“Are you alright? Are you drunk?” Radhika looked deep into her eyes.

She didn’t seem drunk. She was fine. Radhika walked past her and went forward.

“Radz.. Radz” she called out.

No use. She kept walking without paying heed.

“I want her. Simple” Saral smirked.

“NEVER!!” he growled.

Radhika heard this and walked towards the voices. She saw Saral and Arjun together. Her eyes welled up. Arjun was with him? Her Arjun?!

“Then pay me 50 lakhs. I’ll let go” Saral smirked.

“I’ll give you a crore. Now leave” he hissed.

Saral saw Radhika standing and watching them. He smirked. He smiled and Arjun found it strange. Saral pulled Arjun in a big hug and smiled as he patted his back.

“Oh Arjun I’m so happy. Thank you so much” he said loud so that Radhika could hear.

Radhika just couldn’t take it. Her love.. Her beloved with the man who was obsessed with her. The man who had killed his brother mercilessly. Sam had come running to her by then. Neil watched everything shocked. This was not good.

So not good.

Radhika let out a painful squeal and covered her mouth to stop the further loud sobs and squeals. Arjun who heard the squeal pulled away and turned to see a tearful Radhika. He went towards her but she backed off and ran towards the hall. Such a misunderstanding. He raked his fingers through his dark hair as he turned around to eye Saral who was enjoying the moment smirking.

He gripped his collar “I’II see you later” he hissed as he pushed him off and ran behind Radhika with Sam and Neil behind him.

When he entered, the words he heard left him broken.

“Maa, papa.. I want to break this engagement” she cried.

“Why?” Dilip sked.

She turned around and saw Arjun “ him” she hissed in between her tears as she pointed to him.

“What?” Mona, Arjun’s mother gasped.

“You betrayed me. Traitor” she hissed as she gripped his collar and cried.

“Radhika let him explain” Sam said.

“Oh. so even you’re with him this. Wow” she mocked.

“Radhika!!” Neil raised his voice.

“How could you do this to me? Why Arjun why?” she cried.

“Radhika listen to me” he pleaded.

“Nothing doing. Get out Arjun” screamed Mona.

“Mom please” he pleaded.

“He was with Saral” she cried.

“Him?” Mala gasped.

“This engagement is called off” snapped Dilip.

“Uncle listen to him once. He deserves a chance to explain” Sam said.

“You’re his friend or my daughter’s?” Dilip snapped.

“Both” Sam snapped back.

Radhika removed the rind and threw it at him crying bitterly. Arjun just walked out with a sad face picking up the ring clutching it close to his heart. Neil glared at everyone angrily. He pulled Sam along with him and Radhika crouched down crying hard. Arjun had a tough time coping up and to digest what had happened. She broke her promise. He had loved her so much. But she destroyed him. He could never eye any other woman now. He was hers. And she.. his.


Both of them snapped out of the memory and looked at each other with tears. He walked out without looking back at her. When did he return from London? Radhika crashed down the cushioned chair by her and cried watching him retreat. She still loved him. She wanted him to pull her to his hard warm chest and kiss her hard. But it didn’t happen. He had changed a lot. He was lean. Looked pale. Stubble that had grown longer which she hated. His eyes.. Still held love her. It was only her.


Weeks passed and they yearned for each other’s presence. Arjun could take it no more. Neil and sam came to know of his sudden and unexpected encounter with Radhika. Arjun had decided to move to London for good. Forever.

“Arjun are you sure?” Sam asked.

“Yes” he sighed.

“Arjun talk to her once. She needs to know” Neil sighed.

“I can’t face her Neil” he sighed.

“Fine” neil snapped angrily and walked out.

Sam frowned and walked out behind stomping her foot. Arjun sighed. He didn’t have the guts. He didn’t want her rejecting him again even after telling her everything. He’d die a thousand deaths than hearing those awful words.

“Radhika, Arjun is leaving to London forever” snapped Neil as he walked in.

“What?!” Radhika gasped.

“Yes. Please.. It’s only you who can stop him” Sam pleaded.

“He betrayed my daughter” Dilip snapped.

“He never did” Sam snapped back.

“Go talk to him Radhika. He’s suffering without a fault” Neil whispered.

“I won’t let him go” rahika said as she ran out wiping her tears.

Sam and Neil smiled.

“Arjun please don’t go” Radhika cried as she hugged him tight from behind.

“Let me go. Why are you talking to a traitor wasting your time?” he hissed.

He pulled away and turned around to face her. Her eyes red. Nose and cheeks in a deep shade of red. He just wanted to kiss those tears away and kiss her soft juicy lips hard. But he pulled away. Her words echoed in his ears. Radhika saw his finger. He still had his engagement ring on his finger. She cried more as she remembered throwing her ring at him. She brought his left hand up and kissed his ring loaded finger. He felt a rush of adrenaline rush up south.

“Arjun I love you. Please” she cried.

“Bye” he snapped as he walked out pulling his luggage.

“Arjun” she called out. But he had already walked out.

She went to his room and sat on his bed and picked up his pillow bringing it close to her face and inhaling his scent. She spotted his diary. She picked it up and opened it. It had her picture and below it was the engagement ring that was taped to the thick paper. She clutched the soft brown leather coated diary to her chest. She opened it and went on reading. It was all about her. It had a picture relating to every incident. Their first meet at office. She was in a peach off shoulder dress with minimal makeup and he in a black and white suit. Her picture stuck to it. Next was their first coffee date. Picture of it too. His every single moment in life had her. There was not a single page without the mention of “Radhika”. Their every single moment together. He was so incomplete without her. His happiest day was when he had proposed her and when they had given their virginities to each other, taking their relationship to the next level. There was a quote in the end that said in bold letters..


There was a selfie of her sleeping and his lips lingering on her forehead. She turned the page and it was the best. Engagement. Both of them smiling wide and looking deep into each other’s eyes. She then read everything. How Saral had blackmailed arjun and her video and Saral hugging him to create a misunderstanding between them. She calling him all those words. She felt so guilty. She wanted earth to open and swallow her up. She regretted for not giving him a chance. He was not at fault at all. She had broken her promise of not staying by his side. She wiped her tears and called him. His number was off. She called the airport to enquire about the flight, but it had already taken off. She couldn’t stop him. She walked back home like a zombie with the diary in her hand. Sam and Neil pitied her state. She was not able to stop him. But they knew that Arjun can never stay away from her. Radhika sat down and surfed channels. She stopped at the news channel. It was a flight crashing into the ocean. A flight that had taken off from Mumbai 45 minutes ago. Neil panicked. No survivors.

“That was the flight Arjun had boarded” Neil gasped.

That was what was needed to get Radhika go giddy. Her eyelids dropped. She was being engulfed in darkness. Doctors had informed of Radhika slipping into coma due to the shock she was unable to bear and it would be hard to retrieve her back.The news of Arjun’s death had shocked everyone. They were guilty of judging him wrong.

Just then Neil’s phone buzzed. He looked amazed at the name of the caller.

“Arjun’ Neil cried out happily.

Everyone’s heads snapped to Neil. They all heaved a sigh of relief. They had hope that Radhika could be saved.

“Where are you all? I came home, but found none” he said.

“How are you calling me? Didn’t you board the flight?” Neil asked still confused.

“I was about to. But I can’t stay away from Radhika, so I walked out” he replied.

“Thank God” Neil heaved a sigh of relief.

“That plane crashed into the sea. No survivors. We thought we lost you” Neil whispered.

“Good thing I didn’t” he chuckled “where are you all now?” he asked.

“Come to City Hospital” Neil said.

“Everything alright?” he sounded worried.

“Just come” Neil snapped and hung up on the phone.

Arjun got frightened and sped towards the hospital, breaking all the speed laws. He was not having positive vibes. He wished for his Radhika’s safety. He ran in and found Neil and Sam with his and Radhika’s family outside. His eyes searched for her, but she was not there. He panicked.

“Where is Radhika?” he whispered.

“Arjun we’re so sorry” his mom whispered.

“That’s alright. Where is she?” he asked.

Mona quietly pointed to the door in front of her. Arjun looked shocked and ran in. He saw her on hospital bed with tubes attached and doctors checking her.

“What happened to her?” he asked.

“She slipped into coma. Got a shock of losing someone too close” replied the doctor as he walked out patting his shoulder.

Arjun walked to her and sat next to her hugging her close to him. He saw his diary and the ring placed on the table nearby. He cried holding her tight.

“Radhika please wake up. For me. Please. I love you” he whispered as he kissed her forehead deep.

He kept chanting her name and “I love you” for god knows how long and he felt her head move little.

“Radhika” he whispered.

He found her eyeballs moving through her closed eyelids and her fingers trembling. He pecked her forehead and kept watching her. A lone tear escaped through her closed eye.

“Please wake up. Please” he whispered as he brushed off the tears.

She finally opened her eyes and looked deep into his eyes. He let out a chuckle and hugged her tight. Her face found the right place in his chest. It belonged her. No one else. She placed a kiss there as she inhaled his scent deep.

“I love you. Do you still love me?” she whispered.

“I have always loved you and will always” he replied with his chin on her head.

She detached her head from his chest and pulled her to him kissing him hard. Arjun gripped her hair tilting her head deepening the kiss. He let go of her when she was breathless and they heard giggles.

“I guess we should leave” Neil smirked as he pulled Sam to him.

“Guess so” she smiled and pecked his lip.

“Will you please do the honour of finding a finger for this ring?” she pouted.

“I already found a finger and I’m going to her” he smirked.

“Oh really? Who?” she cocked up an eyebrow.

“You” he smiled and pulled her nose.

“Well what are you waiting for?” she let out an annoyed sigh.

He grabbed her hand and slipped the ring in her finger. She hugged him tight burying her face deep in his chest.

“I love you. I promise I’ll never let you go” she whispered.

“Love you too” he smiled on top of her head.

Done done done… hope you all liked it.. tata babaye.. love you all loads.. tc.. keep smiling.. bear hugs to all of you ??

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      Awww my baby!! Hehe it just happens.. you know me… My head is never in one place.. Hehe.. hate Saral.. he’s meant to be hated.. Lol ardhika are the mains.. I can’t even pull a strand of their hair.. it happens in love baccha.. tests of tests… Arjun is Arjun.. Hehe

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    1. Shree

      Hehehe maa… I make ppl hate Saral so much.. he’s already Hated and I do extra buildup.. Hehe.. it’s all in the game.. it happens at times that you can’t digest certain things and you feel they don’t deserve a chance..

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      Thank you so much ka!! Saral aah naa Chuck out paniten.. romba torture panan.. adhunala direct exit.. yes ardhika are meant to be together forever.. diary was something important for this story.. the bolds.. are the words that every woman Looks for from her man..

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    Amazinggggggg wonderful fatntastic. Everythng u write comes out to be marvellous. Idk hw u manage to do that. I am reallyyyyyyyyyyyy overjoyed wth tis one shot and di i was feeling so bad fr arjun. He had to bear so much pain. I am angry on radhika. Hw cld she give him so much of pain? And y didn’t she give him a chance to explain and arjun’s own parents supported him? Very bad. Bt loved nesam fr supporting arjun. Whenever u post an os give ne the link r name. I generally dnt search fr new ffs r oneshots. I nly search fr the pnes i read so. Accidentally i saw tis and am glad that i did. Plz be bck wth manamrziyan a new story update.

    Love u❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. Shree

      Vaaaiiisshhhuuuu!! You little cutie!! Me and marvelous?! Lol ya.. kk..

      It happens.. sometimes situations and time don’t favour you.. Radhika was too broken.. Arjun had to suffer without a fault.. but his patience hit him his Radhika back..

      Yeah sure.. I’ll send the doc to you.. no need to worry.. I’ll update that soon baby

      Love you too ??

  16. Shreeeeeee. ..muaaaaahhhhhh. …this was mind blowing. ..very heart touching n emotional beautiful os….I loved it to the coreeeee….one misunderstanding created a big chaos n disaster in between two souls. ..who were unbreakable, deeply in love with each other….so awesoooooome. ..very lovely narration. ..shree u made me cry when I read arjun’s flight crashed n rads went in coma…but made me smile with her gaining conscious. ….it was really superbbbb. ..keep it up honeyyy. Love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug my sweeeeeetheart darling shree…take care of your health my dear friend. ….it missed you sooooo muchhhhh ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ 😉

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