I have always loved you !!!! (Intro and promo)


Hey guys Mia here, I thought to give a small intro of the main characters of my ff:

Aditya kumar-Nakuul Mehta- a young dashing handsome hunk belongs to a middle class kumar family who own a small restaurant in mumbai. He loves his family alot.He is a genius in his studies and at playing basketball. All girls in the college are mad after him.

pankhuri deewan- Disha Parmaar-A young beautiful girl.She is a beauty with brain but her brain stops working when she sees Aditya kumar her long time love but one sided.She belongs to a rich family.Her dad is a businessman and she lost her mother when she was in 6th standard.She was really attached to her mother so after her death she got a bit lonely and became dull in her studies.She doesnot share a very good equation with her dad since he is not able to give much time to her and also for her brother.She is not very good at sports nor in studies but she studied hard and got good marks in 12th so that she can go in same college as Aditya.She tries to do everything that Aditya does.

Raj Gupta-Mishkit Verma- He is Aditya’s cousin and lost his dad at a very small age. His mother is a working woman and so he lives with kumar family only.He loves them alot.He is good at tennis and an average student in academics. All girls in the college admire him but he has feelings for his friend ‘sweety’ on a social networking site and they msg each other alot.

Avni Roy-kanchi singh-She is a sweet,bubbly girl and belongs to a middle class family. Her mother and pankhuri’s mother were fast friends so they are friends cum sisters and share everything with each other.She is good at tennis and a topper of the college. She just shares everything with Pankhuri. And doesnot want to fall on love with anyone by looking at her best friend’s situation.

Pankhuri who loves Aditya alot and even after belonging to such a rich family works in kumar’s restaurant as a part time employee just to stay near him and Aditya who gets irritated by her and already has a girlfriend.

Avni an intelligent girl who is sweet to everyone except Aditya and Raj and Raj who doesn’t like Avni at all rather has not talked to her ever and just thinks her to be a rude,arrogant girl.and also have feelings for his unknown friend sweety.

The story is about how pankhuri who is madly and deeply in love with Aditya will stop loving him and aditya who doesnot like her a bit will fall for her and win her love back and how the two disliking people Raj and Avni will come together and then what will happen of his sweety???
So how is my idea guys please do comment if i should continue or not.

Credit to: Mia

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  1. Kavina

    I loved it.

    1. Thank you Kavina

  2. Loved it!!! Plz continue

    1. Thank you shiny I will surely continue and thank you for supporting

  3. Simplesweety1

    Update Soon … Interesting FF … 🙂

  4. Thank you Simplesweety1
    Glad that you liked it

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