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Hey guys I’m back with my new episode. Sorry guys couldn’t reply to your comments but thank you very very very much for your support and here is the next episode. Hope you all would like it.

So here you go:
Recap: Pankhuri and a man shocked to see each other.

Episode starts at garden side where Pankhuri and that man are standing.
The man goes towards Pankhuri and seeing her in her uniform understood that she worked there.

Man: (anger seen on his face) What are you doing here Pankhuri?

Pankhuri:(a bit afraid but composes herself and again says with a smile) Sir your order has been served. You can have it.
She turns to leave but the man held her arm and turned her.
Man: I’m asking you Pankhuri what are you doing here?

Pankhuri:(sarcastically) Well Mr. Deewan (Yes the man is MR. DEEWAN )wearing an employee uniform ofcourse I’m not here to sing. I am working here.

Mr. Deewan : (shocked) What? But why? If you want money you can take it from the office naa. Its all your money only.

Pankhuri: Plz Mr Deewan firstly it’s your money not mine and it would be better if you talk about it at home only. Please don’t create mess at my workplace. And your order is there on table so please have it.

Mr. Deewan: Fine I’ll have my food and then I would only leave with you so just get ready to go home. I want my answers.

Pankhuri:(determined) I’m not going anywhere till 7:00 after that ask me whatever you want.

Mr. Deewan: Fine I will wait for you here only.
Saying this both went inside the restaurant and finally left at 7:00.
There was a complete silence during the journey back home. Niether Mr. Deewan spoke nor did Pankhuri.

At Deewan mansion

Mr. Deewan and Pankhuri went inside the house .

Mr. Deewan:(lovingly) I am waiting for your answer beta, plz tell me why are you working there, do you need money or something else? Just tell me I will buy it to you.

Pankhuri:(rudely) stop trying to make relations again Mr. Deewan. Both of us know very well what worth I have in your life. I lost my dad when after mom’s death you threw away all her things out and did not keep any photo of her. And about thing I want then I want some peace and love from those who actually love me. After mom’s death bhai always used to console me, love me but you …. you sent him away from me in the name of studies. You became busy in your business and never Paid attention on me. You were only reminded of your daughter when Principal called you in school or when I got less marks. You know Mr. Deewan why I love mom so much because she loved me too she had full faith over me just by looking at me she could make out that something is disturbing me. For her my happiness and me as a human mattered more than my mischieves and my grades.

Mr. Deewan:(with tears in his eyes) I too love you beta

Pankhuri:(showing him her hand to stop) please Mr. Deewan Please, love is not spoken in words it’s just expressed…… expressed through actions and after mom’s death (choking) I….I needed my dad who was more a friend to me than anyone else but you …. what you did ….haan …… you just forgot that you have two children too. You have all your attention to work and then to rub salt on my wounds you even sent bhai away, bhai has not even talked to us well after that.(cries vigorously and falls on her knees) and I don’t like loneliness Mr. Deewan so I work there. I feel happy when I’m surrounded by those people Mr. Deewan. I forget my loneliness for sometime atleast. I forget that I don’t have my family along me.
She gets up and runs to her room crying while Mr. Deewan just couldnot understand what to do.

Mr. Deewan goes to his room and sits on bed with tears of pain flowing from his eyes. His mind was lost in the memories of little innocent Pankhuri, how she used to love him, how she used to care for him when she was small and then he remembers the incidents after his wife’s death that how with a little distance it started and now finally he has lost her. His eyes go on a photoframe of Pankhuri. He wipes his tears and with lots of love and affection he picks her photpframe. He caresses her face with his hand lovingly while tears again find their way through his eyes.

Mr. Deewan: (weeping) I’m sorry beta I’m really sorry. I could not be with you when you needed me. I’m sorry beta but I was broken….broken after her betrayal…. after she left us and to forget my pain I submerged myself in my work so that I don’t remember her. I didn’t come to you beta because I knew….I knew I won’t be able to control myself beta I won’t be able to keep the truth. And when that truth had broken me so much how could I see you in pain. And I threw away all her things because they reminded me of her betrayal beta. I’m sorry really very sorry.
He cries vigorously and hugs that photoframe as if it was his daughter, the daughter whom he loved more than his life but kept her away to keep her away from pain.

He took out a photo album and start remincing their moments.

On the otherside in Pankhuri’s room scene was same. She was sitting on floor with bed’s support and tears were flowing through her closed eyes as she was remembering her happy moments with her dad- Mr. Deewan and her brother when she was small. How on her birthday her brother gifted her guitar because she liked it alot, how everyday Mr. Deewan used to teach her guitar, how they used to feed each other, play with each other, how she used to kiss both her parents before leaving for school. She gets up and opens a closet where guitar was kept the same gifted to her by her brother. She touches it lovingly. Her eyes go on a wooden box. She takes the box and opens the box sitting on bed. She finds a scrap book in it on which its written :MY FAMILY. She touches it lovingly with tears of pain in her eyes and opens it. It had all the pictures of her family. She smiles remincing their moments.

Tum ho toh lagta hai main hoon
Na ho toh lagta hai kyun hoon
Tum ho toh udta hai mann ye
Na ho toh thehra sa hai kyun
Ho sake toh rehna tum saath mere
Ho bure ya achhe halaat mere
Zindagi bhar rehna tum saath mere
Ho bure ya achhe halaat mere
Saath mere.. o..
Saath mere.. saath mere..
plays in background.(tum ho toh song by shaan)

Suddenly her eyes stop on a photo of her with her brother and father. Old memories start coming to her mind.

A big mansion is shown, its DEEWAN MANSION. A car stops infront of it and Mr. Deewan comes out of it. He goes inside the house and sees that lights are off. He called everyone but noone responded. Then finally when be switched on the light he was shocked cum surprised to see the living room decorated with balloons and paper frills. There was a casio kept at one side and inplace of sofa there was dining table.Then Mrs. Deewan came there.
Mrs. Deewan : Surprise
Mr. Deewan : But for what I mean, today is neither my birthday nor my anniversary, then
Mrs. Deewan: (giggling )well today your darling princess wants to celebrate fathers day because she loves you alot.
Mr. Deewan: (raising his eyebrows) Really.

From back there came the two naughty kids:pankhuri and Ayaan
Pankhuri and Ayaan signal something to each other. Ayaan went towards casio and starts playing it while Pankhuri makes Mr. Deewan and Mrs. Deewan sit on a chair and then moved towards Ayaan.She starts singing in her cute, melodious voice (oh I love you daddy song from movie Akele hum akele tum)

Akele hum akele tum
Jo hum tum sang hain to phir kya
Tu mera dil tu meri jaan
Oh! I love you daddy

(pankhuri shows through her hands and points towards her heart and then she sits on his lap and hugs him while Mr. Deewan hugs her back tightly and lovingly. He was overwhelmed to see her love and tears of happiness rolls down his eyes. Pankhuri feels him crying and breaks the hug.)
Tu masoom, tu shaitaan
But you love me daddy

(Still sitting in his lap she wipes his tears and signals him not to cry, She pulls his cheeks lovingly (to indicate tu masoom, tu shaitaan) and then opens her arms for a hug while Mr. Deewan again hugs her. She stops singing and says him we love you alot daddy)

Now Ayaan continues while playing casio:

Tu mera dil tu meri jaan
Oh! I love you daddy

(Pankhuri and Mr. Deewan break the hug and looks towards Ayaan. They smiled and went towards him, Mr. Deewan sits on his knees waiting for his dear son to finish the song and Pankhuri was standing smiling at both)
Tu masoom, tu shaitaan
But you love me daddy

(Singing this Ayaan stops and hugs his dad tightly and says I love you dad)

They were disturbed by little Pankhuri who came from behind and tapped Ayaan’s shoulder and says: Bas bhai dekho bichare papa ko toh apne pichka diya.
Ayaan looks at her with anger.
Pankhuri: Ok ok thhik hai sorry now lets give this.
Pankhuri takes a card from behind and both the kids gave it to their father. Mr. Deewan opens the card and reads it and was overwhelmed seeing his children’s love towards him and how they thanked him in card for working day and night for them and not complaining. He just hugs them both tightly while they do the same.

Mrs. Deewan who was laughing and adoring their bond all the while says them smile and clicks their photo.They had some family time.
Flashback ends

A smile came on the faces of sleeping Pankhuri and Mr. Deewan who had dossed off remincing all this.

Screen freezes on their smiling faces.


How was the episode plz do comment how is it and I’m really really really very sorry for being late.

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