I have always loved you!!!! Episode 8


Episode 8

The episode starts in college next morning. It’s sports club day (whatever game/sport students have chosen they have to practice it.)

In practice hall:

There are nearly 7-8 table tennis tables and all the students are in their sports uniform and playing while some are just watching and waiting for their turn.

At one of the tables a guy is playing. He is looking decent and dashing in his uniform. He is playing very well, with his focus only on the ball. While he is playing some girls standing near start gossiping about him.

Girl 1: Ohhhhh…..how handsome he is and moreover playing so well. I am really gonna go mad for him one day.
Girl 2: (dreaming) You are saying you gonna go mad, I have already gone mad for him
Girl 3: Hey you two don’t you have shame we come here for practice and dare not talk about my Raj, he is just mine understand.

While girls are gossiping, hearing them a smirk comes on Raj’s face while someone else is getting irritated by all this. That someone is a girl. She is standing just at the next table and is not able to concentrate. She stops playing.
Girl: ( Almost shouting at the gossiping girls) Hey you can’t you stop fantisising and if you want to also you can do it outside I’m not able to concentrate.

Raj: (smirking) Someone is jealous haa

Girl: (glares at him and spoke so that it’s audible to Raj) Huh… I don’t know why people can’t understand once. (announces)Please if anyone wants to fantisice they can do it outside others are here to practice and please let them do that.
The girl just glares at him once again and then starts practicing.

She was playing really well, a good competition to Raj.
From back coach says: Avni please come here.
The girl turns and is Avni.
Avni: okk sir. She goes to coach and asks : Yes sir.
Coach: Avni tennis competition is going to to be held at xyz College of Andheri and 15 Colleges from all Over Mumbai are going to participate. I want our college to win and from girls you are selected I want names of 5 more Students so I am giving you the duty to select 10 and out of them I will select 5 and one more thing students will have to stay there only for 5 days please inform them.
Avni: Ok sir . She goes and announces about this to all students and also tell them about selections to be held next day.

Scene shifts to Basketball court where a girl is trying to put the ball in basket but can’t. Some boys standing at a side pass comments: hey agar ho nahin raha to hum sikhayein may be we’ll teach you better and laughs.

Girl ignores and continues her practice. Boys keep on passing comments. The girl gets irked now.
She turns( Is none other than Pankhuri) and just throws the ball towards the leader of those boys and it hits his face. The boys get shocked while Pankhuri moves towards them.

Pankhuri:(innocently) Oops sorry I thought by throwing the ball this side it will go in basket but look it hit my pyaare se bhole se (in rhythm) bhaiya’s face.
The guy’s face showed his anger afterall first she hit him and now calling pyaare se bhole se bhaiya .

pankhuri just took the ball and started saying to ball: Huh… Tum bhi naa before hitting atleast check if the person is worthed to be hit by you.
Guy gets angry and shouts while raising his hand: How dare you

Pankhuri held his wrist and says in a calm tone: arrey bhaiya why are you getting angry ( and jerks his hand off now angry) and don’t you dare shout because I can shout 3 Times louder than you. (showing finger) And next time don’t you dare pass comments on any girl. Iss baar sirf muh par halki si lagi hai next time muh tod dungi remember that and haath uthhane ka sochna bhi mat I will cut it into pieces.
She goes from there angrily.

Someone was seeing all this angrily and when Pankhuri left he goes towards those boys and punches one of them.
Leader gets angry and holds his collar.
Aditya: (frees himself)arrey was telling ki (gritting his teeth) kaise woh tumhara muh todegi (angrily) Iss baar sirf samjha raha hun next time agar uske aas paas bhi dikhe then woh to tumhara muh baad mein todegi main tumhari Taangein (legs) pehle todunga. (showing finger) Remember that. (Pankhuri doesn’t notice them and just is practicing)

He turns and his face is shown, he is Aditya.He too goes away from there. He angrily goes towards Pankhuri and says: Jab khelna nahin aata then why did you choose this club haan??
Pankhuri didn’t say anything and just kept on practicing. Adi angrily held her arm and turns her. They both have an eyelock.

Tu jogi teri joganiya main joganiya
Tu jogi teri joganiya main joganiya plays as a background tune.

Pankhuri just frees herself and goes away while Adi in anger just throws the ball and puts it in basket and he too goes away in other direction.

Tu jogi teri joganiya main joganiya again plays in background.
In girls locker room

Pankhuri is keeping her things when two girls come from behind. It’s Tia along with her friend.

Tia: (from back of Pankhuri and to her friend) Tch….tch…(singing) dost dost naa raha pyaar pyaar naa raha. ( goes near Pankhuri and stands infront of her) You know saira ( The other girl) someone was really proud of her friends and now look those friends have only left her and not only that even the love of her life does not love her, hey no he actually hates her and loves me. (she smirks while Pankhuri clenched her fist in anger and Saira is just Smiling) So Ms. PANKHURI DEEWAN what would you like to say now about your friends and smirks.

Pankhuri:( Takes a deep breath Smiles and calmly) You know you are right many things have changed now ,I don’t have friends nor my love but one thing can never change.
Tia looks at her confused.

Pankhuri:(now smirking) Off course your jealousy. And I don’t think that there is need of any friends when I alone am enough to make you jealous and for your kind information I still have friends.

Tia gets shocked and angry at such a reversal of her move. She couldn’t speak anything and Pankhuri while going looks at Saira and without turning says: Btw from where do you get new new chamchis ( She pats Saira’s cheeks and continue in a dramatic way) Thank God uncle doesn’t own a business of utensils otherwise he would have faced losses everyday afterall half of the spoons (chamchis) You would have brought in school.
Saying this she winks at Tia and leaves while Tia stamps hef foot in anger.

In classroom

All are sitting AdiRaj together and AvnKhuri together.
Professor comes and starts teaching.
He asks some question on which only Adi raised hand and answered it correctly.
Pankhuri starts clapping and tells others also to clap.

College gets over like that and all move towards their home.
On road

Avni and Pankhuri are going in Pankhuri’s car.

Pankhuri tells her everything about ground incident except about Aditya and Avni just laughs it off hearing what her friend did to the guy.

After some time
Avni:(Thinking something) Pankhuri you know yesterday night he called me after such a long time.

Pankhuri:(happy n excited) Really (stopping the car at a side) How is he? He might have grown so tall na. And is he still intelligent like before??ok leave all that (naughtily) ladki wadki mili kya koi uss idiot ko (did he get any girl)and winks

Avni: Arrey arrey stop meri aeroplane zara saans to lele. Batati hun batati hun pehle chal to sahi.

Pankhuri:( making faces) Till you don’t tell I won’t start so choice is yours.

Pankhuri crosses her arms around her chest and starts looking forward while Avni keeps on smiling looking at her.

Avni: okk fine since you do not seem to start your car I’m getting late so I will take an auto from here.Bye c u tomorrow

saying this Avni starts to leave but Pankhuri stops her.

Pankhuri: Huh……ok meri maa lets go

Pankhuri makes faces and starts the car and they leave towards their home.

After sometime of silence

Pankhuri: I’m still waiting.
Avni: Ok fine telling, He is fine and Ranveer shared his photos yesterday. You are right he has grown really taller but dimaag abhi bhi utna hi hai, that idiot has not even talked with me once from past 2 years. Idiot

Pankhuri: Hey don’t you dare call him like that

Avni laughs and asks: And why so

Pankhuri: Because only I can tell him the truth naa. And winks at her again and both starts laughing.

Avni: And about girl I don’t know he didn’t tell me.
At kumar’s restaurant

The restaurant was full. People were sitting and eating while employees were serving. Employees took order and gave them to Harish who was sitting at counter and continuously calling his cooks for giving them orders while Avantika was sitting along with Ayush and making him do his homework. Pankhuri was also working continuously – Taking orders, serving orders. ( The restaurant had 3 separate staffs – One for order and serving, one for picking utensils and cleaning tables and last for washing utensils and handing over the orders to serving staff.)

An employee: Hey pankhu could you please call that man sitting on table no. 11. His order is ready and he told me to call him when I serve it. But I have to serve at other table too.

Pankhuri: (smiling) No problem, where is he?

Employee: garden side he went to take a call.

Pankhuri : ok

She starts going towards garden.

In garden

A man in his mid fifties is seen standing and talking on phone.
His back is shown.

Man: No no Mr. Mehta I want the deal do whatever you want and cuts the call.

Pankhuri comes there and from back in a happy tone says: Excuse me Sir your order is ready.

Man turns and both Pankhuri and the man are shocked to see each other.


So who is the man ? And why are both Pankhuri and man shocked to see each other??
About whom were Pankhuri and Avni talking about? And what relation they have with him?
So many questions and just one answer and that’s you will know in further episodes. Till then keep thinking.
sorry for the late episode guys but had a really important assignment to complete. I’m really very sorry and now I would be able to update only on weekends. Sorry for being late but I’ll try to post 3-4 episodes together at weekends. Now about this episode do comment to tell how was it.


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    Loved It! But Please Thhoda Jaldi Update Karne Ki Koshish Karna … Coz … Agar Mein Koi Bhi FF Thode Time Baad Padhhu Toh I Forget Everything! Lol .. Hehe!

  2. Kavina

    Loved it

  3. Bahut acha hai…seriously u left us with lot of ques…i want ans soon…soo plzz update soo…its a nice ff

  4. Bahut acha hai…seriously u left us with lot of ques…i want ans soon as i cant bare suspence ???..soo plzz update soo…its a nice ff…will b waiting to read next epi

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