I have always loved you!!!! Episode 5


The episode starts with Avni and Raj having an angry eyelock. The eyelock is broken by Raj. Raj once glares at Pankhuri and then moves towards Avni and stands with his back towards her.

Raj:(to others) Guys some people can never be happy with whatever they have and so they try to spoil others happiness too. I am really astounded by such people’s capacity to cling onto others like parasites and spoil their happiness on their special days.(Avni fumes in anger as she knows he was pointing towards Pankhuri And she turns towards him and was about to speak but Pankhuri held her hand and stopped her through her eyes, Raj notices them through the corner of his eyes and is happy) btw leave all that why am I talking about them as you know today is Aditya’s birthday so lets make it a bit special with a small celebration planned by his girlfriend (looking towards Pankhuri) no no love ( Stressing on word love).
It’s a surprise for him so lets Wish him together.

Soon both Tia and Aditya come in class.

All together: HAPPY BIRTHDAY Aditya

Aditya gets surprised and thanks them all.

Then Aditya cuts the cake while others are clapping.

Aditya first feeds Tia and then Raj and they too feed him.
some guys were about to put cake on his face.
Aditya:no no guys please later on we are in college and moreover we will eat this cake first.

They do not agree but then Raj signals them something through his eyes and they agree.

Soon one by one everyone wishes him and feeds him.Then came Pankhuri’s turn. She takes cake in her hand and took it near his mouth to feed him.They looks into each others eyes and have an eyelock and as she is about to feed him he takes cake from her hands .
Aditya: Bas guys I had enough now you people eat now plz.
saying this he feeds the cake in his hand to Tia and looks towards Pankhuri.
pankhuri is disheartened but still puts on a smile and wishes him.
Pankhuri:( With a sad smile) Happy birthday Adi

Adi:(uninterestingly) thank you.

It was Avni’s turn, she looks at Raj who also looks towards her. She forwards her hand to Aditya.
Avni:(forwarding her hand and with fake smile) Happy Birthday Aditya.Many many happy returns of the day.
Aditya: (shakes hand) Thank you
he was turning towards Raj who was standing at his back when avni interepted.
Avni: btw Mr. Kumar ( Looking towards Raj ) Wishing someone on birthday increases his happiness and not spoils it. Afterall khushiyan baatne se hi Badhti hain.
Raj fumes in anger while Aditya looks at her confused.
Aditya:(confused) What??

Avni : (Smilingly) Nothing Mr.Kumar happy birthday once again and moves out of class with Pankhuri

Raj is still fuming in class and stamps his foot.
Aditya taps his shoulder.
Aditya:(raising eyebrows) What happened?
Raj:(smiles) Leave it naa yaar I will just come in a minute.
Aditya: ok

soon everyone leaves except Raj, Tia,Aditya and their some friends.

Raj from one of the corners and brought a box towards aditya.

Raj:( to everyone) Guys guys listen since we all have eaten the cake now its some makeup time afterall birthday without makeup is incomplete.So here it is.
He opens the box containing a creamy cake. All enjoyed by applying at each others face when peon comes.

Peon: (shocked looking at their cake filled faces) What is this? What are you guys doing?
Before he could speak further Raj takes a piece of leftover first cake and stuffs into his mouth and laughs as the peon is not able to speak anything.

Raj: Please kaka today is Aditya’s birthday so thhoda saa enjoyment to banta hi hai. He folds his hand like a child and make a puppy dog face.plzzzzzz

Peon:(smiles) Ok. Btw today’s lectures are cancelled due to some emergency so all of you can go to your home but after cleaning this mess.

All :(in excitement) Yeah

peon leaves while all of them remove the decorations and move towards home.
On road

Avni and Pankhuri had already left on their scooties.They were driving when they saw panipuri stall.

Pankhuri: Hey chal lets eat panipuri.

They both parked their scooties aside and ate panipuri.

Avni: So where now

Pankhuri: off course to your house yaar Yeh bhi koi puchhne ki baat hai, (serious tone) Afterall vaise bhi mere uss mansion mein koi hoga kahan, Mr. Deewan just has one child and that’s his work, and after mom to add to my loneliness he has sent bhai also to US For his studies.

Avni puts her hand on her shoulder to assure her.

Pankhuri: (smiling) Hey leave that lets go and ya before that to ice cream parlour afterall bhut din ho gaye tere paison se ice cream nahin khai

Avni: Nahin pehle ghar chalte hain naa vaise bhi then you will go to restaurant for work.

Pankhuri: No first ice cream then home. Chal thikk hai paise main de dungi ab to chal and giggles

Avni: U (and hits her playfully) ok but only on one condition that you will not take much time because I know you always say lets go to your place and then never come. Yaad bhi hai akhri baar kab ghar aayi thi.

Pankhuri: Haan offcourse Pure 1 saal pehle Main tujhse notes lene tere ghar aayi thi.

Avni(with fake anger) Tch …tch … Tch… Sharam toh aati nahin hai naa yeh btate huye.

Pankhuri: Arrey sharam …( Acts as if thinking something and then with innocent face) Whats that mujhe toh pata hi nahin hai.

Avni nodes her head unbelievingly and starts hitting her playfully

Pankhuri: Achha achha bas bas we are on road what will people think about you? They will say kitni jallad hai bichari cute c innocent c bachi ko kitna maar rahi hai. And laughs

Avni wides open her eyes and hits her again.

Avni:(unbelievingly)Cute aur innocent aur woh bhi tu God kya soch kar banaya hai aapne iss antique piece ko.

Pankhuri:( Jokingly) Off course logon ke baare mein soch kar

Avni: (confused)how

Pankhuri : (Giggles seeing her) Tell you at home pehle lets go and have ice cream and then to your house and Waise today I won’t go for work as dreamgirl called and informed me that like every year they are going for an outing today so restaurant will be closed.

Avni: Hmmm okk chalo
both went to ice cream parlour
At ice cream parlour
Both are about to enter when Avni bumped into someone and that someone is
is a child, actually our Aditya’s little brother Ayush.

Ayush: Uyiiii sorry
Avni and pankhuri look towards each other and smile.

Avni sits on her knees
avni: It’s ok btw I am sorry too
saying this she pulls his cheeks and they are about to leave when Avantika came there

Avantika: ( Hugs pankhuri and avni) Hey what are you two doing here and ( to avni) Aap toh itni busy rehti Hain that you don’t even come to meet me
(to pankhuri) And you didn’t even care to call me even once after going saying this she makes a cute fake angry face.

Avni and Pankhuri again smile and both hug her together

after breaking the hug both hold their ears and says sorry Dreamgirl

Avantika laughs seeing them and says : ok now as you both have come so join us

Pankhuri and Avni talk in eyes and want to say no

Avni: No no Dreamgirl we have some work we need to go back early

Avantika: So what come join us we wont stop you for much time and I also wanna talk to you both

Avni and pankhuri try to deny but Avantika convinces them And they move towards the table where others are sitting.
screen freezes on three of them going towards table.

guys pankhuri, avni and avantika too share a special bonding. She is just like a motherfigure to them and they openly shares everything with her except Pankhuri’s love life but Avantika knows about it (how you’ll know Later)
how was it. Do tell through your comments.

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  1. Nice episode ….. Must say u are best in writing ff

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  3. Again vry nice episode 🙂 loved avni ‘s rpl to Raj!!! Btw Raj r so annoying and Adi too!! And Avantika avni panku bonding z so sweet and lovely 🙂 vry nice epi 🙂
    Btw sorry for late comment!!!

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    I loved it

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