I have always loved you!!!! Episode 4


Recap: Raj is all shocked to see the girl.

Seeing Raj girl removes earplugs from her ears (**so guys did you understand why she wasnot responding).

Girl: hey Mr.handsome (sidehugs him) how are you.

Raj still in shock looks at the girl as if she is some alien. He rubs his eyes twice to confirm if he was right.

Girl hits his arm playfully.
Raj: Is that you Tia.

Tia:No my ghost (hits him) Offcourse its me only.

Raj: What is this Tia you and Indian dress are you fine???(checks her forehead ) Fever toh hai nahin toh kahin bhoot toh nahin ghus gaya naa (pulls her ear and says ) hello hello bhootji bahar aa jayiya agar Tia ko pata chal gaya ki aapne usse Indian dress dalwayi thi toh she will murder an already dead person.

Tia:(embarrased) hits him ……shut up ok

Raj :(giggles and asks) By the way why are you wearing Indian dress today

Tia: you know naa mom and her rituals

Raj: Yaa yaa btw must say aunty is really intelligent otherwise who can make Ms. Tia Juneja wear Indian dress.( and laughs)

Tia hits him playfully.

Raj:waise I must say you have made a solid plan to surprise Adi on his birthday

Tia(tensed and thinks) Oh shits I even forgot that so called boyfriend’s birthday.

Raj sees her tensed and asks if everything was all right. Tia just gives him a fake smile.

Raj: aur haan how come you on scooty.

Tia: Woh actually dad took my car today so I brought scooty.(and still is tensed for forgetting Aditya’s birthday)
Then only she notices his car in middle
Tia: seems I have parked my scooty at someone else’s parking place.

Raj: Thank God you noticed.Btw no problem I will park somewhere else.

Tia: No need I will park it at other place, waise bhi my scooty would need less space than your car. Raj agrees and both park their vehicles and move towards college gates where they find Adi angry and Pankhuri standing like a statue lost in her own thoughts.

Tia goes and hugs Adi.

Tia: ( hugs him) Happy birthday babbey

Adi:(notices her in Anarkali suit and thinks to tease her) Now who are you???

Tia: (breaks the hug) And hits him playfully. You are so bad Adi I’m your girlfriend Tia, now you can’t even recognise me and pouts

Adi:( laughingly) off course baby I know I was just teasing you.

Pankhuri was watching all this with unshed tears.

Adi:(to Tia)thank you so much babe.
(and holds her from waist just to show Pankhuri ,looks straight into pankhuri’s eyes and says to Tia and Raj)let’s go we have no time to waste.

Pankhuri too keeps on looking into his eyes, they have a small eyelock which is broken when the trio start going inside. Pankhuri just stands there and see her love going away happily.
A tear escapes from her eye but before it could fall down a finger wipes them.
Pankhuri looks towards the person. It’s a girl. She is wearing a blue printed long skirt along with a lemon yellow top and printed scarf. Her hair are left open and she is looking damn beautiful with just a little eyemakeup and lipgloss.
Her face has a glow of happiness and her eyes show her naughtiness.
Girl:(showing the teardrop on her fingertip looks towards Pankhuri and raises her eyebrows) Who has so much guts to make my loveliest friend sad??

Pankhuri smiles seeing her and hugs her.

pankhuri:(hugging the girl) Hey Ms. Beauty missed you alot sis.

girl: ( Breaking the hug) missed you too dear but you tell me did he again say something to you I won’t leave him.

Pankhuri: comeon leave it naa yaar it’s all my fault I don’t know why even after his taunts I love him and he too was right he loves someone else and he thinks I am coming between them.

The girl consoles her as she knew she was saying truth only but she also knew that her friend loved that guy deep down from her heart and couldn’t see her sad.She just hugs her tightly to console her.
Pankhuri realises that she made her too sad she breaks the hug and to lighten the mood.
Pankhuri: (dramatically) leave that see my bestest childhood friend, I have come after such a long time and she is not even asking me how am I and how was my journey.(looking towards the girl)Ms.Avni Roy I didn’t expect this from you.You disappointed me alot today.(acts as wiping tears and sings) Dost dost naa raha ……

Avni smiles and hits her head playfully and says: Bas kar dramebaaz , kab sudhregi, sometimes you make me cry and at the same time you make me laugh.kab sudhregi

Pankhuri: (giggling) Never ever and starts singing hum to bhai jaise hain vaise rahenge……
avni smiles and joins her Chahe koi khush ho ya ho khafa hum toh bhai jaise hain vaise rahenge

laughing and smiling both move to their classes.

When they enter the class they see it decorated with baloons and ribbons and students standing in a group around a table. Pankhuri understands that it might be for Adi’s birthday while Avni looks confused.

They both move towards the group. And find a cake on the table on which it’s written Happy Birthday Jaan.

Avni asks whose birthday is it. Raj comes from behind.
Raj: My brother’s

Avni turns too see him and gets irked while he too stares her angrily.both have an angry eyelock.

Screen freezes at their angry faces.
So guys here is episode 4.How is it guys. Your comments are invited are you liking it or not.
And about the new character Tia juneja. The role will be played by akanksha juneja. She too belongs to a middle class family. Her father owns a shop. She is Aditya’s girlfriend. Aditya is loyal to her and thinks that he loves her ( But in actual its not love). She doesn’t love Adi but just faking to love him for some reasons which will be revealed later.

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