I have always loved you!!!! Episode 3


Hello guys, sorry for not posting yesterday but I had some important work.
Here is the next episode.

Recap: A girl covers Aditya’s eyes with her hands while Aditya smiles and in parking lot a girl parks her scooty at the place where Raj was going to park his car and Raj gets angry.

Near the college gate:
A girl comes from behind and covers Aditya’s eyes With her hands while Aditya smiles. The girl is wearing a brown pallazo with a printed light brown and coffee colour crop top.
She has big deep brown eyes looking perfect with a little kajal, her pink rosy lips with a little lipgloss and the smile on her lips could make anyone go crazy.Her long hair were tied in a french braid and her face just showed innocence. Any guy would have fallen for her.Aditya touched her hands lovingly

Aditya:(smiling and touching her hands) Arrey Tia what is this new way of wishing me now remove your ha….. (turns around by holding the girl’s hands and is shocked)

By seeing each other the expressions on both their faces changes. Girl looks disappointed while Aditya seems to be shocked.He at once left girl’s hands.

Girl:(with disappointment and hurt) I’m not Tia Adi I’m… I’m Pankhu..(is cut off by Adi)

Aditya:(in angry tone) And you can’t be her too why don’t you understand it once Pankhuri just stay away from me. (yes the girl is PANKHURI). And how many times should I tell you that it’s Aditya not Adi. Adi is only for the ones I love. Why can’t you see I already love someone else haan

Pankhuri looks towards him with hurtful eyes

Pankhuri: (hurt and in her mind) I know Adi that you don’t love me but I do and that too unconditionally and no matter how much you say me to stay away from you but still I can’t stop my heart from loving you. I am helpless, my mind stops working when I see you, my eyes always search for you, my ears automatically starts hearing when it’s something about you, my feet automatically start making their way towards you when I see you. I know that you love someone else Adi but I too can’t help myself. I can’t keep myself away from you Adi.
In parking lot:
Raj steps out of the car angrily and moves towards the girl.
The girl’s face is covered with a scarf and she is wearing summercoat , gloves and sunglasses.
Raj angrily moves towards the girl while she is removing her helmet.

Raj: (angrily) Hey you
Girl: (Doesn’t reply)……
Raj: hey you I’m talking to you
Girl:(still no response rather busy in removing her summercoat)

Students in the parking lot started looking at him

Raj:(now even more angry) oh hello I’m calling you and you are not even responding and what do you think of yourself haan you are not a queen

Girl is still busy in removing her scarf and all and Seeing her not paying attention to him and moreover students in the parking lot were looking at him as if he was some ghost. He gets even more furious.He just holds her arm tightly and turns her around to face him.She is wearing yellow anarkali suit and has left her hair open and is having a little makeup. He gets a bit shocked to see her.

screen freezes on the shocked face of Raj.

so guys whom do you think the girl would be. Keep guessing.
And please tell how was the episode – You liked it or not.

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  1. Hello. Nice concept with lovely pairs Raj avni and adi panku….. well, guess that would be Avni?

  2. Mia

    Thank you I’m glad that you liked it and about the person you will know.

  3. Simplesweety1

    loved it! 🙂

  4. Mia

    Thank you, glad that you liked it

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